15 Replies to “Art Of The Deal”

  1. It’s a standard uber socialist concept….I choose to let my city be looted and burned by ordering the police to operate hands off and….. and in standard socialist world view….someone else gets to pay for my ideological criminal negligence and encouragement of that violence.
    That’s a Canadian thing, the Don is having none of it.

  2. Gee,Burn Loot Murder has consequences?
    What does the Fed mean,we can’t burn down our homes and businesses and demand someone else pay to rebuild them?
    So now the taxpayers of these Demon Rat infested enclaves now have to pay for the fine work of their oath breaking elected scum..
    Har har har.

  3. Trump you magnificent bastard!

    Vote like a commie…live like a commie. Time for libs to learn to change their own diapers. Hahaha. Now someone do canuckistan.

  4. Warrant Served On St. Louis Couple Who Defended Private Property, Rifle Confiscated!

    “…the St. Louis couple who recently defended their home when a large (left wing) mob of angry demonstrators allegedly trespassed onto their private property” ” “We were threatened with our lives, threatened with the house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. ”

    “St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, a Democrat, claimed that the McCloskey’s defending their private property was a “violent assault” and that authorities “will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable.””

    “Albert Watkins, the McCloskeys’ attorney, told Fox News that “If Kimberly Gardner wants to press charges against two attorneys who are protecting their home and their family and themselves on their own property, I will tell you that it will be nothing short of the proverbial cluster f***.””


    Short Fox interview is worth a watch:

    My 16 year-old son showed me this one.

    1. Dhimicrats, always willing to sacrifice civilized people protecting themselves to appease a feral mob. Revolting.

    2. Tucker Carlson is right on that couple, why isn’t the Republican Governor doing anything? Seems to me he should at least be protecting them until they get their guns back.

  5. The democrat approach is the same one they have been using since the Vietnam war.
    Impose rules on the peace keepers until they surrender. The caveat being that these rules are never imposed on the s..t disturbers.

  6. It is interesting that CA & NY lock downs are not damaging the Stock Market… It maybe that they are HIGH maintenance and the USA is better if we ignore them… Let them burn down & loot 24/7 @ some point they will realize nobody cares…..Then WALL THEM IN…

  7. Well even though Trump is obviously a blithering idiot(well not obvious to knuckleheads), in this case I have no sympathy for the city government. One of the very few cases where Trump did something suitable.

    1. Having billions in the bank account is a sure sign you dealing with and idiot. A doctor of social sciences traveling in economy class been ask to help the plumber in first class with a medical issue and the doctor has to explain he has a doctored in social science not medicine, that how you identify the real smart members of our society.