10 Replies to “Brown Lives Don’t Matter”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Robert. Dave Rubin, not only, has a unique perspective on the actions of the leftist mob (having at one time been a member of sorts) , but he understands that when you interview someone, you don’t interrupt them every 3 seconds.

    It’s good to see parties that don’t bow to the mob mentality. This restaurant owner seems to have her head on straight. She didn’t back down…and prior to that, made an effort to keep in touch with her clientele. That goes a long way in providing “free” advertising, especially in the food business which is a word of mouth vocation. I, also, support her philosophy, which usually gets someone in trouble. It’s a private business, and therefore, should be free to higher whomever she wishes for whatever reason. She chose to have an all female cooking staff, which happens to be Mexican in ancestry. That wouldn’t fly if some private business owner decided that he would only have anglo, male chefs in his kitchen….but it should. A private business is just that…private. Interesting when you think about it…white privilege? Not so much in this type situation. Latina privilege? Well, in this specific example, some would think so. But, they would be confusing the issue with freedoms and capitalism and private ownership.

    1. Orson: BLM and Antifa “Cultural Revolution Army” want to take away our Freedoms and make Capitalism and Private Ownership theirs they don’t like the fact you worked to make money and own things. These special interest groups are LAZY people and don’t work they live off other people that have made a life for themselves. These special interest groups only like to destroy what you have take it then make you hang your head saying sorry!! This is what what Mao did in China and Mao killed his own people as other leaders have done in China. We as Canadians and American need to take back our country back get rid of governments that are trying to turn both these countries into a Communist Country.

  2. “Nice (insert business name here) ________ you have there, it would be a shame if anything happened to it.
    How much support for our Marxist BLM terrorism can we expect from you today?”

    Shakedown, pure and simple.

  3. Yup, “shakedown”… “extortion” a tactic that’s as old as the hills from the players involved in company takeovers right down to the schoolyard bully wanting lunch money from the nerd.
    The solution hasn’t changed much either.

  4. I have a bit of experience in this realm. While I don’t own a restaurant, I do own a rather successful business. One of the best (and arguably the worst) things I did involves a local advertisement I put in a newspaper about a year and a half ago. I, specifically, noted that I do not hire, support or condone illegal immigrants in my business and refuse to pursue cheaper labor costs through this illegal practice, unlike some of my competitors. I didn’t name the specific competitors that participate in this practice, but it put the right people on the defensive and forced them to either stay silent (continuing the practice) or verbally point out that they don’t practice it either. Process of elimination would tell the interested consumer which was which.

    The good: My new client base pretty much exploded over the next few months. While this new clientele never singled out the reason for showing up on my doorstep (and I never asked). It seemed pretty obvious what got their attention. Of course, we do good work at a reasonable price as well.

    The bad: I was immediately chastised by various pro-immigration attorneys (read: representation of illegal immigrants and pro-active rights organizations). I was threatened with lawsuits. I received a number of telephone calls that can only be described as colorful. I refuse to call them threatening. I had various people explore the woods around my residence and office building (which has go pro alarm cameras strategically placed). I, also, have a couple black labs who are very protective of their “master” and absolutely invisible at night when they go out to say hello to the rabbits or unwanted visitors (which they did more than once). I was accused of racism, xenophobia and lots of other isms, -obias and the like in various letters to the editor. I even had someone call the police on me relative to that advertisement and try to report it as a crime. That turned out to be the silent owner of one of my competitors who didn’t understand that the police chief at the time was a relative of mine (that’s a shame).

    My point is this. NEVER APOLOGIZE…EVER when you are right and standing up for your principles. Do not treat these people like peers. Ignore them. Laugh at them. Give them a nice smile and a wave, while going about your business.

    Personally, I’m a shit stirrer. I didn’t need to put that in my advertisement. But, I did it because a part of me knew how it would be received, and by whom. It’s time to stand up and take away any of the falsely generated credibility from the cancel culture. In fact, the very fact that we give them a name (cancel culture) affords way too much gravitas and credibility in it’s own right. They are self-absorbed, disaffected, self-important busybodies. Most don’t stand for anything at all specifically. They mostly participate to give themselves meaning and a false sense of importance. They go about their scalp collecting and keep score. Somehow they equivocate this to success and power. But, that power is only afforded if you allow it. Sure, there are a handful of organizers with the Utopian Marxist views. But, for the most part it is about personal self-worth and gratification in an empty, unsuccessful, self-inflicted life.

    I kind of like poking that bear cage with a stick. I think a lot more people need to start doing that.

    (ok, getting off the soap box) 😀