33 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars”

  1. Those smug assholes who think they are saving the planet by driving an electric vehicle are the most despicable people in the world.
    Windmills are another huge lie.

    1. I disagree. The most despicable people are the members of the organizations that deceived them.

  2. Yes, I read that article. What a sad bunch of evil fools who think that they can live without fuel to run all the things we are now dependent on. Children are just more type of fuel to be used up and thrown away. The evil cannot be underestimated.

  3. Try telling a greenie that they are helping enslave children in Africa, kill off bats, birds and butterflies, and cause more greenhouse gases than you save in cement, and be ready for a fight. I am currently talking to someone who thinks we can fix all our dependence on fossil fuels by using waste oil. When I pointed out we simply don’t produce enough waste oil I get back “technology will fix it”. Honestly when is this scam going to finally be laid to rest? What ever happened to basic concepts like conservation of energy and elementary math skills? Technology cannot produce more energy out of a limited resource. It’s not magic.

      1. The online Daily Mail had an article about this in October, or November, 2017. It is NOT new news but it is, finally, getting more coverage. But, the greenies who buy EV’s, usually with MASSIVE taxpayer subsidies, will NOT stop buying EV’S. After all, THEY ARE SAVING THE PLANET.

      2. A little tongue and cheek with Blood Diamond savior and global enviro-activist Leonardo DiCaprio promoting his Blood Battery Sequel.

        I thought it was a good Juxtapose, but maybe it was just me seeing the hypocrisy & humor………………

        1. Here’s a juxtapose … poor African children conscripted to cobalt mines for meager incomes … with … Tesla stock price crossing $1,000.00/share … making it the most valuable auto company in the world. Musk receives a total of $750B equity package for pushing Tesla’s value over $100B

          Funny thing … I’ve not heard a single leftie, greenie, mention “income inequality”?

          1. Don’t be homophobic!
            Otherwise it’s simply Liberal digital slavery while working from home, “the new normal”.

  4. 75 to 90 gallons of oil in the gears of a average windmill. blades shipped by diesel trucks and bunker boats from Brazil, turbines from Germany, bunker and diesel used in shipping, steel from Japan or China shipped on the boats and hauled inland with diesel trucks, 250 tonnes of concrete in the big ones hauled with diesel cement trucks, rebar in the concrete, a spiderweb of access roads covering farm or pasture land. Oh these greenies are all as smart as that Sandra Ocasio or AOC as the media made her into. The media is the most destructive force on the planet, with only telling daily lies to the stupid and gullible as their weapon, with stupid politicians as their accomplices.

    1. Sadly … it appears to be working. Coupled with the dumbing-down of the American public (UNIONISTA) school system … our country has become a Nation of Numbskulls.

  5. They don’t care, FYI.

    It was never about the environment.
    It was never about polar bears.
    It was never about reefs.
    It was never about saving the earth.
    It was never about saving lives.

  6. Yesterday, the SJWs were out carping and scolding those who were celebrating the fourth. I wonder where is the outrage directed against their globalist masters who entice them into buying all their household junk made by coerced labor in the third world. Wink, wink, nod, nod. How are they so different from the people who bought cotton from the south 200 years ago?

  7. Abusing children is fine with liberals if they feel it’s for a noble liberal cause.

    Rotherham proved that liberals really don’t care about child sexual abuse, massive Muslim immigration is more important to liberals than sex abuse and beatings of children.

    It is hard to think of anything more despicable than that, but it’s the liberal way.

    1. Not to mention that we have far better uses for that cobalt than sparky cars.

      The salted nukes that will ensure that the future nuclear war with China stays won, with the ruined anthills of developed China remaining highly radioactive for generations to come, won’t build themselves.

      The Chinese don’t give a damn about poor black children either, whom they regard as little better than apes. (Their attitude towards blacks is refreshingly rational that way.) They care about defeating the blue-eyed devils in war and wiping the peoples of the Western world from the face of the earth.

      Me, I’m done shedding tears for breeds of humanity who would not be grateful for my charity in any case. I do care about who will be able to rely on Africa’s valuable resources when the Third World War breaks out, the West or China.

      By all means, tear down the statues of Lincoln. Replace them with King Leopold, the man whose approach to Africa—a goldmine that any western nation should have done anything possible to exploit for the betterment of the homeland—should have been a model to all who came after him.

      (The only real objection to King Leopold’s management of the Congo was that he was getting rich, Belgians were enjoying improved living standards, and London and Paris bankers weren’t getting their cut.)

  8. Let’s build an Elon Musk statue, invite the media to its unveiling then tear it down immediately citing his Cobalt-mining, black- children slave ownership.

    One of my teenage kids told me that Colonel Sanders was a slave owner. I informed them that slavery was abolished in the 1860s not the 1960s. Maybe they are right. Maybe he owned a cobalt mine.

    1. Paul, given the leftards teaching the kids these days, your kid’s comment on Col. Sanders having been a slave owner is not surprising. Leftards never let truth interfere with their diatribe. I’m sure the Colonel would have been more than a little insulted had I accused him of that when I met him in Toronto in the early ’60s.

  9. Tons more cobalt is used for SS cutting tools around the globe daily.
    This should not distract from the fact that Elon Musk is a completely morally corrupt crook.

  10. It must be true. You heard it from the UN and was backed by the MSN. How could it not be true when these stellar groups say it’s so.

  11. It’s only 20% of cobalt that comes from artisanal miners, the 80% comes from proper mines.

  12. What would those Congolese children be doing INSTEAD of mining cobalt? Did anyone ask themselves that? How would they even eat?

    That said, the Congo is where Ebola outbreaks usually occur. They eat bats and monkeys and they even eat Pygmies there.
    These people have seriously low IQs. At least they have jobs.

      1. Look, Asshole. I asked the question, “What would those Congolese children be doing INSTEAD of mining cobalt?”
        If you think I’m just rationalizing slavery, then what is your answer to that question?

        1. Wow, check your Proctophobia!!!!

          Of course the little Congolese Youth would be out trying to make hip-pop and rap albums instead.

          1. They’d be starving to death instead, that’s what. The children are not slaves, they are working in unofficial “artisanal” mines.
            Artisanal mines account for 20% of the cobalt mined in the Congo.(up 5% from 2017)
            The Democratic Republic of Congo has the 2nd worst starvation crisis situation in the world after Yemen.

        2. Why do you insist on more Congolese? Why do you insist on more Nigerians, Kenyans, Somalians?
          You cannot simultaneously want more of them and bemoan them walking across every European and now North American border into the Western countries to start machete hacking wars in the streets of Paris and London.
          Make up your minds! You cannot have it both ways.
          Conservative must never play the “poor, oppressed Africans” or “poor, oppressed Muslims” cards. You simply can’t!
          You are either Okay with uncontrollable immigration and displacement of whites, or you are Okay with with mass starvation in Africa and Asia. You have to choose, and you cannot choose both.

          1. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a Christian majority nation. Yes they are negros. No they are not ” walking across every European and now North American border into the Western countries to start machete hacking wars in the streets of Paris and London.”

            Geeze! Why don’t you locate a computer and do some research before you display your bottomless ignorance to the world?