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      1. Well that pathologist certainly set the cat among the pigeons; he surely will be cancelled. I don’t know of the truth or not of his statements but is the WHO really getting involved in how deaths are reported? I think it’s time to abolish the WHO.

      2. That off-guardian article was “interesting”.

        “A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent.

        Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

        Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.

        He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.”

        As were the comments;

        “So the alternative is to knock a little grey matter sideways and slip a chip into a human head.The sales pitch will tap into our fear.Our new default state.It will say the crippled shall walk; the blind mat see; the comatose may become the president of America and so on.Welcome to transhumanism.

        Gates invests big money into Harvard’s Charles Lieber’s nano technology. Bill Gates invests heavily into Elon Musk’s ‘neuralink’ which does the same. Bill Gates invests heavily into Imperial College London to invent stats to make covid 19 look like a nuclear attack.Bill gates creates a tracking chip( tattoo).Bill Gates says we need a vaccine for the world.This is why we have the covid 19 drill.This is the ultimate priming exercise.

        Politicians have taken a back seat to the software digital technocrats. To combat a virus ? That’s utter crap.This is all about ushering in the digital future.Digital ID tracking, digital money, and digital creatures that once had free will and self awareness but had it removed by needle and poison.

        Men became Gods.What the God fearing credit God with has been done by men now.They have harnessed the elements and now the people.Note( google it) that Bill Gates had his famous ”good club” meeting many moons ago.Him and his fellow nihilists decided that the way forward was to depopulate through the needle and control whoever is spared.And that the obstacle he anticipated was ‘religious’ objection.And this was to be ignored. As billionaires they had the right to ignore it as well as any God or anyone’s faith.Lucifer gave them that right- they think.”

    1. I sure hope someone gets in contact with the hundreds of doctors who used HCQ successfully and point out the error of their ways.

  1. Levy at the Toronto Sun website reports on the 200 or so protestors that blocked a Toronto street protesting against Israel and Jews. Usual crowd of muslims, university students, and Black Lives Matter. BLM joined the protest because they stated they have common goals with muslim hatred towards Jews. Levy was told she could not cover the demonstration on the street, but a police officer came to her aid.

  2. The new Legal Standard is that there is no Legal Standard for Social (SJW) Group Political Accusations….Guilty unless proven Innocence… Slander & Libel do not exist for SJW…Vigilante social Justice calls for a Vigilante response.. (lawyers ague that Social Political opinion trumps the law) The (House) Trump impeachment was not a legal construct.. it was a political expression by Hearsay testimony & babble……

    Several Navy Seal teams sent into Chicago to arrest the Mayor & Police for Genocide….That should start a return to sanity, …. or/and fill some body bags with gang bangers.

    1. I watched it earlier this evening. My only criticism was that she didn’t say anything that one could have learned from the documentary produced by The Ephoch Times earlier this year.

  3. A video providing evidence from Ukrainians about the Biden, bribery, corruption and kick backs. I am not sure how long this has been out there, but it does not seem to be being covered by MSM. I am not particularly surprised by this- if they can keep Dem corruption hidden, they do, but I think it is indicative of how much Americans have been betrayed. Trump won’t win with such rampant dishonesty — and the country will lose as well if Biden gets in:

  4. Not happy with our Sask Premier a departing MLA states All lives matter in his departing speech ,of course this may have hurt somebody’s feelings so apologies and the certainty that these words don’t reflect the sask party’s views are spewing out of the premier.I am reminded of the saying seen on SDA Pleasing your enemies does not make them your friends

  5. Message from Andrew Scheer today saying Trudeau must account for all his spending. Yes, great idea but who is going to force him to, Parliament is shut down until he’s damned well ready to get back to democracy.

  6. According to Post Millennial the only person arrested at the anti Israel, anti Jew rally in Toronto was a counter protester who shouted Muhammad raped children. I guess that goes against the blasphemy laws in Islamic Toronto.

  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/wexit-canada-separation-conservatives-1.5638244

    Of course the West votes for conservatives.
    The conservative West builds things, creates wealth and doesn’t steal from the other provinces like the East feels it is entitled to do thru a corrupt federal govt.
    As to the low support for Western independence, it still has not dawned on some Westerners that their kids will be moving away for better jobs and futures. The kids will not stay here when the teeny boppers in Ottawa plays checkers with their lives like they do now.
    Anybody care to explain why Quebec and the 4 western provinces both had the same population (about 6.3 mil each) in 1976, and now WestCan has about 11 mil people whereas Quebec only has 8.4 mil people?
    How big and clear does an example of social engineering does it take to make people realize that when Trudeau2 says Canada has no culture, he is talking about the ROC only?

    Liberal communists dominate the East because they lie, cheat and steal from honest tax payers to finance their unicorn fart dreams.

    The only thing missing is a western leader with the proverbial ‘ fire in the belly’ and this farcical post national state of Canada will be history.

    We NEED a new country.

    1. The quality of the comments on the CBC site are appalling.
      These same people seem to think,they are in a position to Lord it over the West,who apparently are the new slave people of choice..
      What do we pay taxes for?
      Cause we are getting little of value for the stolen return on our labour.

      It must be for that “Free” healthcare that is in such a pitiful state we cannot risk a minor pandemic.
      CBC prattles on,mocking Western Independence as a threat to a conservative majority..Disconnect barely covers it.
      Notably absent is any case for Canada’s continued existence.
      The debt bomb will be appropriately fudged this coming “fiscal update” and all the Government funded News Media,AKA, civil servants will assure us how well off we are..Why soon we will all be gazzillionaires,Trudeau Bucks as valuable as Zimbabwe Dollars.

      Given we now have to rebuild from a position of staggering indebtedness,what better time to split?
      The productive might survive,if we drop the parasites.
      I will not contribute one hour to rebuilding The Confederated Kleptocracy.

  8. Here’s an interesting way to run a justice system.


    Key point here is that half of all immigrants choose (or are socially engineered) to make Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver their place of residence.

    So with BC being one of the money laundering capitals of Canada along with Montreal and Toronto, why would the RCMP have NO FEDERALLY FUNDED RCMP officers dedicated to its illegal money laundering detail in BC as of April 2019?
    Is that because the Libcomms like to buy votes there, both over and under the table? Obviously the feds have told them to look the other way.
    I wonder how many officers are there on money laundering in Montreal and Toronto?

    Very strange when you consider they had the officers able to damage and break into secure homes in small town High River for no apparent reason other than to make illegal gun seizures. But BILLIONS in money laundering is of no consequence? WTF?

    Clearly justice is not being administered evenly in this country and needs to be fixed by the adults.

  9. Kenji,
    It does not make sense, City sandwiching that demolition of Liverpool between EPL losses to Chelsea and Southampton. They must have been really motivated in that game, because it is Liverpool, but going through the motions in the others. I don’t know what happened to Liverpool. I am not going to watch any replays. I am not a masochist.
    However, I believe Koulibaly is rumored to be joining City next season. He is the 6-5 inside defender from Napoli who garnered the second most votes in his position (second to Virgil of course) in the Ballon d’Or. Coupled with a healthy LaPorte, City has turned its glaring weakness into a great strength. The weak interior defense made City susceptible to counters this season, and is the root cause of their weak record. But with these two, and with Rodrigo at defensive center midfield having a year at City under his belt, I believe City can maintain offensive pressures with their strong set of outside midfielders (deBruyne, Silva, Silva, Gundogen, Foden) while paying much less penalty for their up pitch adventures than they did this year. I am sure they will make great improvements in their record next year, and give Liverpool all they can handle in the EPL race.

  10. Wuhan Flu

    The NYT even admits it finally. Wuhan Virus spreads by airborne transmission. Of course that also means the 6 foot social distancing rule is baloney too. It can spread much longer distances.

    Other information buried in the story: Fomites, i.e. Surface transmission is also very unlikely. So all those store employees scrubbing down the conveyor belts at the register are likely just wasting time as they go through the motions. Maybe their is some good if the evaporating chemicals will kill some airborne virus particles?

    No mention of other ways of spread, like the fecal route.


  11. And now a wrap up of the Canadian news today. Trump is Hitler, Justin is wonderful, Canadians are racist bastards.

  12. Gary Allen wrote in 1971:

    If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.

    1. In other words, it’s a return to good old-fashioned feudalism.

      1. True. Whom do the Communists hate the most? The bourgeoisie. In the Spanish Civil War, the Communists were royalists. The Renaissance saw the rise in power of the middle class of merchants and artisans, and a decline in power of the aristocracy. The latter has always hated that, and has sought to restore the world to its proper order ever since.
        And which country most exemplifies the bourgeoisie? Why, the United States. In fact, it is a country pretty much absent both the aristocracy and the serfs (slaves and indentured servants aside, they were never more than a small minority and they have disappeared since the Civil War). Americans come from mostly very humble stock. Old Europe fear us but do not respect us, they call us the vulgar nouveau riche. The EU is infested with the old aristocracy, and as yolo said, our billionaires and self anointed elites want to join them. The media, and the bureaucrats in government, industry, and academia hope to derive power from the ruling class.
        Some people may have been surprised by the vehemence of the NeverTrump “Republicans” like the Bushies. I am not. I have always known the politics of the left was to squeeze the middle from both ends, from those who feed from the public troughs and those who manage, or fancy they do, the troughs. When I was young, I remember they had a survey which asked Americans whether they belonged to the upper class, middle class, or lower class. 90% of the people said middle class. And it was true. Riley the factory worker of Life of Riley was in the middle class, and so were his managers. That America voted Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan into power. The left has been trying to push the lower end of that middle class into the lower class beholden to them ever since. The tax structure was an illustration of that. And there is no better proof that the Trump administration wishes to restore that middle class by his flattened tax structure, with a whopping $27,000 standard deduction (for a couple over 65). The beholden lower class don’t care, they don’t pay income tax anyway. The elite sneer at any standard deduction, as they have all kinds of shelters. But it is a great boon for those of us in the middle class, or struggling to stay there.

  13. B A :

    I really enjoyed the John Ford Western “The Searchers” featuring John  Wayne on TCM the other day. The exterior shots were wonderful. When they showed some winter shots I got curious about those locations. They were from your neck of the woods.
    Very neat trivia, I thought. Check out the list:


    1. Partly filmed around Edmonton, eh? Interesting…..

      I know there are bison in Elk Island Park, so that might have been the location. The only other place I could think of might have been Al Oeming’s Alberta Game Farm, but I can’t find if the place was open when the movie was made or if he actually had those critters there if it was.

      Back then, the Edmonton area was still rather wild and woolly. The location of Yellowhead Trail used to be the north edge of town. I remember when my parents and I were at the old Municipal Airport and we could see the trees from there.

      1. I saw the same movie and my first thought was Elk Island, after they rolled the credits. Only place where large numbers of Bison congregate in the wild today or back when the movie was filmed. Well except for the Bison ranches SE of me in Calgary or west of Edmonton and up around Fort St John BC. Hwy 16 runs right through it, it’s also pretty flat around there and the herd usually congregates along Hwy 16, at least any time I drove by. I drilled a few wells north of Weskatenau one time and took 821 down through Elk Island, just for a change of scenery. Didn’t see any beasties that time. Lot of water birds.

    2. Further to Ben Mankiewicz’s comment that the movie was considered just another western when it was released, I had the same impression when I first saw it in the mid-1960s. One of the theatres in the area where I grew up showed it and I thought it was OK at the time.

      I recall seeing it on TV once or twice after that but it wasn’t until many years later when I got the extended cable package (which included History Television, back when it was worth watching) that I began to appreciate it as a cinematic masterpiece. Anne Medina’s comments explained a few things for me and I was quite impressed after watching it.

      Then we got TCM and the movie slowly became a personal favourite. I’m one of those who believes it to be John Ford’s best western.

      1. It was rare, at that time, for the late 50s, to have had Westerns in color and with some humor. (The spaghetti Westerns weren’t out yet). The characters had meaningful dialogue in “The Searchers” and, like Ben Mankiewicz said, no scene shots are wasted. Ben also thought it to be a masterpiece as well, but only in later years.

        Personally, I hadn’t ever seen the movie, at least, that I could remember, so from my point of view, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

        1. On TV, I believe still in black and white, but with a lot of humor … Maverick.
          IIRC, in Bonanza, Ben Cartwright’s boys kidded around, mostly the two older ones had fun with Little Joe.
          We hardly had the finances to go to the movies, but we sure watched a lot of TV. On one family trip across country (putting up tents in state parks rather than motels) , my little sister and I challenged each other to sing theme songs for Westerns to stay awake for night driving. We were amazed at how long that game lasted.

      2. I would imagine that from an historical point of view,
        Anne Medina would’ve commented on the Natives’ understanding of the prohibition of consanguineous kinship within a common ancestry, thus leading to the theft of women from another tribe.

        Do you recall her comments? I would be interested in knowing them.