Pleasing Your Enemies Does Not Turn Them Into Friends

Stop Making Sense.

Step one is to understand the nature of the fight. It’s not one of right and wrong, though that’s how they like to disguise it. It is one of power. Give them nothing. Concede nothing. Stop trying to be reasonable with people who think a reasonable compromise is just impoverishing and disenfranchising you instead of stashing you in a gulag or worse.

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  1. Brilliant article.

    “It’s not about making sense. It never was. It’s about making you kneel.”

    Exactly, now what would be a proportional response to this?

    1. “Exactly, now what would be a proportional response to this?”

      Stand up to them. No concessions, grovelling, or apologies. Be reasonable always, but forget about using reason as your prime thrust. Instead, meet force with force. Expose the cowardice of politicians as what it is. Decry and expose the hypocrisy of the mainstream media. Be prepared for a long fight. Be prepared to defend the same ground repeatedly, to refight the same battle.

      1. Not going to happen. The time for massive pushback was weeks ago, and we’ve blown our chance. The whole mentality and behaviour of the Left is becoming mainstreamed.

        1. I strongly disagree. For sure we could have been better served by a strong stance weeks ago, but I am not ready to concede. Either we eventually engage in the fight, or we roll over and die (possible literally).

          1. Correct Woodporter. As I have said many times when I stand, I am always standing alone.

        2. Don’t agree either. Politicians are being exposed for the pandering sissys they are endorsing this nonsense and come ballot box time are not going to do well.
          That’s where the fight is, the ballot box.
          Are you going to vote for a leader who calls you racist and a part of the systemic racism in this country?
          These rioters are nobodies and need to be treated as such.

        3. Weeks ago would have been good. Years ago would have been better. Decades ago … better still.

          Things are not getting worse. More people are realizing that the institutions are corrupt, and have been for decades. Once a critical mass are awoken to the nature of the woke, will there be change.

        4. So lie down and be quiet, citizen Chinsota, keep out of the way of people who will try.

      2. For starters … don’t you DARE post a BLM logo in the window of your white suburban home.

        Oh, to be sure, all my suburban female neighbors (and their feminine husbands) carrrrrrre about “the black man”. They even saw one once, when they had their gutters cleaned. So, they cannot WAIT to display their woke compassion with paper symbols in their front windows. They don’t notice they are acquiescing to a false narrative. A narrative they WANT to believe … that all the neighbors (me) who don’t display the ribbon, err BLM logo … are racists, who keep the black man down. They believe that George Floyd was a fine upstanding citizen who had a “right to resist” … because “cops are killers”. They know nothing.

        I know that I live in a leftist bubble, and that my vote almost NEVER amounts to anything here in my leftist Bay Area enclave … but you’ll never find me on my knees, supplicating to the intentional chaos

  2. Yes.
    But be fully prepared with knowledge of when you can shoot.
    In general, with business premises or personal home, the looters / Antifa murderers need to be on your property. Don’t shoot anyone on the street unless you are under direct, close threat by a firearm.
    Different States have different laws, shooting in defence of property alone is not universally “legal”. However anyone being overwhelmed by a violent BLM/Antifa mob will always have the ‘100% self defence’ defence available whether property is involved or not. If anyone in that mob threatens to kill you, you are permitted to take that seriously, as a fact, and protect yourself.
    No-one has to submit to being kicked in the head into permanent brain damage to prove they aren’t “racist” as defined by the racist mob.

    If this is allowed to go on by Democrat governors and mayors I expect to see dead rioters just inside the door ….often.

  3. I read Kurt on a regular basis and have for a number of years. His articles are pretty much where my head is most days. I do however disagree with his ballot box suggestion. America will be lucky if 80% of the votes cast will even be valid. Voting fraud has been rampant in the US for several elections now and is not getting better. If Trump loses there will be a civil war in the U S but not because Trump supporters start one it will be because that is where the left is heading full steam ahead and a victory in the coming election will give them the “permission” they need to begin an all out assault on the Constitution and conservative Americans.

  4. An excellent article, the MSM (puppet) has taken great pains to make conservatives feel isolated and vulnerable, helpless to stop “natural Progression”.

    Far from the truth, opposite of the truth, if only normal everyday citizens woke up to the reality of it all, this dystopian dream of a few would go away for a few more generations.

  5. As with others, the article echoes my own, (for some time now), thoughts. ‘Everybody’ laughs at the stereotypical used car salesman spiel, (“Owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays”), but far too many believe the supposed motives of rabble and looters.

  6. I like Kurt but I think he’s wrong about the polls and the election. I fear that Trump’s victory in 2016 was primarily if not SOLELY due to the fact that Hilary – detestable, unlikable, loathsome Hilary – was his opponent. Had any other Democrat, even Biden, been the one on that ballot, Trump’s unlikable qualities would have sunk him. It was essentially a reverse of the “unstoppable force meets immovable object” paradox; neither candidate would have defeated any other candidate on the opposing side. Yet one of them had to win.

    Biden, for all his mental frailties, for the plain fact that he is not up to the job of being POTUS, simply isn’t HATED the way Hilary was. The pandemic is a God-send for him; it keeps him off the trail, away from the microphones, lets him conserve what little energy he still possesses. It also keeps Trump in the spotlight full blast, and between the pandemic and the riots he has his hands full and the perception is that he has NEITHER under control nor any obvious strategy to get there. Rightly or wrongly, he’s wearing the state of the country right now and you can see that in the polls. Significant Biden leads across the board.

    I suspect Biden will win 30+ states, but resign 2 to 2.5 years into his term, leading to the first woman president, assuming he picks one as his running mate which seems highly likely. If he manages to get through a full term he certainly won’t run for reelection. The presidency will simply kill him otherwise; it’s not a job for a soon-to-be octogenarian. America will continue to descend in its spiral toward – wherever it’s going. It’s nowhere good. Somewhere combining ultra-left woke societal views with financial subservience to Chinese interests. The Republicans will return to their preferred role as just one side of the Uniparty swamp. And Trump and anyone who believed in Trump will simply be shunned and exorcised from the party.

    And as goes America, so goes western civilization. As Cap likes to say — enjoy the decline.

      1. To you, too. I am no leftist. I loathe the Liberals, the Democrats, all of them. Have voted straight (C) across the board in this country since the Paul Martin days. What good has it done? Politics is downstream of culture. The culture in this country is left, left, and more left. And America’s trending that way.

        As for the Republicans, they are largely bought & paid for by huge multinational interests and tend to be happier when they are in the opposition; then they can wail about Democrats doing stuff without having to be responsible for anything. Look at how they behaved on Obamacare for the tell; they wailed & wailed about needing to stop it, to repeal it, etc. As soon as Trump got in the White House? Deer in headlights. They froze. Couldn’t repeal it. Got too scared to actually do it. Didn’t want to actually be responsible for it. And the swamp Repubs HATE Trump. They’d rather him gone. Biden’s easier to work with, for them. Screw the country as far as they’re concerned, they’ve got to get back to selling out to China.

        The next (R) POTUS, assuming there is one, will just be another swamp creature. Sundance has been pointing out that Nikki Haley is clearly setting herself up for a 2024 run, and she’s fully bought & paid for.

        Trump’s presidency is probably going to be the last interregnum from America’s spiral downwards into full globalism.

    1. I.M. what alternate universe do you exist in ? Biden will not last 2-2 1/2 years, he is that far gone already, and as to Trump’s likability, many don’t like his persona, they like his results, which are due to the fact he is very smart. Try stuffing your TDS!

      1. NME, I see you’ve added geriatrician to your list of accomplishments. Biden as president could last as long as he draws breath. The toughest jobs can be passed to cronies, and the press will cover for his shortcomings and gaffes. His candidacy is on life support, and could remain that way right through to victory.

    2. “I fear that Trump’s victory in 2016 was……..”

      Well fear not, the dynamics for the 2020 election are another Universe away.

      Voters will remember Trumps stellar economic performance before the Chinese Flu destroyed global economies alike, they will also appreciate a “Law & Order” president as the frothing left wantonly rips their cities and livelihoods apart.

      Trump only needs to strongly convey that message to the larger US working law-abiding population, and he will win again.

      *You sound like the FAKE MSM POLLS that had Hitlery winning with +90% in 2016. Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

    3. Bull crap.
      Biden will never be POTUS.
      He will be replaced by Mike Obama with Hillary as running mate.
      The Dems are trying to extend the virus, maybe even launch a new one to force mail in ballots.
      But if you can go to a grocery store, you can vote.
      I think they will get voter ID in to via SCOTUS.
      Trump will still win.
      All he has to do point to the Dem states and say riots or jobs.
      A clear choice.

    4. The democrats think that keeping the VP pick hidden will allow the “one” to escape vetting do they?
      Kind of hard to do when all the possible picks are either vile caustic Karen’s or complete unknowns.
      Or was that line about the vp nom going to a woman of colour complete bs?
      The history of the democrat party does have a habit of saying one thing and doing the opposite.

    5. Good analysis and I believe you are correct in the impact of the pandemic. As here with Trudeau it is a perfect setup with his programmed 11:00am lectures with no unscripted questions asked or allowed. To my lefty friends he appears to be in “control”, that word again and they fully support this direction.

    6. While many Americans hated Hillary, they still voted for her because they thought she was competent.

      While many Americans now dislike or even hate Trump they will still vote for him because they know Biden isn’t competent.

      So, yes Dems must engineer a mail-in election which we already know Dem minions will use to harvest DeMarxist votes.

      That’s also assuming no debates. Given the many millions of Americans who wonder if Biden has dementia, it will be difficult for his DNC henchmen to avoid. That will be bad for Dems for two reasons, Biden’s unevenness and socialist policies.

      The Democrats cannot allow that to happen; cue the rioters. But Americans are tiring of this power lusting brinkmanship.

      Add to that empty criticism from the Biden bubble, at risk for covid, hardly reassuring to those questioning his age and health.

      So in the final analysis, in the hope Americans will do the right thing, a ballot crushing could await Dems. So they’re all in.

      We can also count on more violent incidents before November, a terrorist attack or another cop daring to defend themself.

      The Democrats won’t go without a fight; like the RINOs and neo-cons, they also don’t want to have to look for a real job.

  7. As I learned growing up in a house that re-enacted “Lord of the Flies” on almost a daily basis, there’s a time to stop arguing on the merits and start fighting – and don’t adhere to the rules when you do.

    1. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Everyone should read this. I think this is the single most important takeaway:

      “(…) we’re not going to vote our way out of this. The politics of our age is just meaningless window dressing. Our late-stage democracy is collapsing in on itself. We won’t be able to paper over our problems with borrowed/printed money forever. Our system itself is degrading quickly and our culture is leading the way.”

  8. I agree with the thrust of his article. Like any abusive relationship this is all about power. It’s similar to the transgendered nonsense. If you can convince the sheeple to parrot that a man with XY chromosomes, testicles and a penis is a “woman”, then when the bread ration shows up half the size of what it was yesterday, you’ll join the mainstream media in cheering the “Increase in the Bread Ration”. Doubleplusgood!

  9. Not protests.
    Bands of marauding thugs in the pursuit of brigandage.
    No different than the thugs that inhabit the Kyber Pass.
    To go unmolested through territory you believed public, they expect payment. They only know force.
    You remove them by force for the sake of public safety,
    It’s this kind of scenario that the founders recognized that the individual needed to be able to protect themselves without some government agency limiting them by fiat.
    Governments, they observed would make arrangements with hostile forces to advance political objectives that ran contrary to the good of the people.
    So, they recognized in their constitution that the government had no right to limit the individual to arm themselves and organize militia to those ends.
    The so called protesters and their advocates either ignore this right, or are trying to subvert it.
    The ones trying to subvert it, know the law is not in their favour, so they depend on the ignorant to do their bidding as they know the ignorant have no knowledge that would govern their violent urges.

  10. Conservatism is failing in Canada because the party has no clear philosophy that can be communicated to citizens. The Left has a clear long term plan that even if the majority does not agree with will ‘go along’ as their economic needs supercede any reservations. What values in society cannot be breached? It appears none. Religious and parental values have been swept away and the subjective rule by progressives have established themselves.

    This progressive movement will fail. If those who are willing to forego immediate consumption and invest for future benefit fall by the wayside eventually society will consume itself. There are countless examples around the world of failed societies and even civilizations. As Ayn Rand predicted in “Atlas Shrugged” capital will go on strike. What progressives fail to consider is that it is not the supply of money that creates wealth it is the people willing to use it.

  11. “Conservatism is failing in Canada because the party has no clear philosophy that can be communicated to citizens.”

    Indeed. Canada’s Conservative parties shiver and shake in fear of the media – they are mired in cowardice. In consequence, every word, press release, action is designed with one thing in mind: don’t get the press angry. So the press, in fact, controls the Conservatives.

    And anyone in Conservative ranks who has the brains to realize that the press can be used, and has the balls to do it, is quickly dumped.

  12. Canada.
    Death by slow decay.

    It always takes “too long” for sane reasonable people to respond to violent madness.
    Always has always will.
    Because we ,the semi sane,do not want to have to act.
    Look to history,every evil rose slowly,most could have been stopped early at many crucial moments.
    But we refuse to be the butcher,based on suspicion.
    This gives the initiative to the fools and bandits.
    However that short term gain ,usually results in these sources of fear,aggravation and terror being made extinct.

    Nothing has changed.
    We are of the same nature as ever.

    So these frenzied fools believe that now is their moment.
    That the time is ripe for them to seize power using the age old methods of Burn Loot Murder,loosing the mob upon all who mock them.

    Conservatives do not turn up to riot.
    Cannot afford that luxury.
    So many more important,productive things to do,rather than waste our lives reacting to the empty bloviation of our progressive comrades.
    If you took every utterance of the chattering class seriously,you would live a miserable limited life,always chasing their tales.
    Which lead nowhere and produce nothing.

    Know your friends,keep your powder dry and observe.
    We live,enjoy life and family.
    Sure one must keep an eye out for changing weather,gathering clouds,crows and bandits.
    I am ready for whatever,at peace with me and mine.Skilled in the use of tools.

    Nothing has changed ,Kipling wrote “The Beginnings”,since renamed “When the Saxon began to hate” of this over 100 years ago.
    Every Epic Myth builds on the justification,the rational for why the civilized are going Medieval on their enemies butts..
    Cause we cannot have civil society if we kill our enemies on impulse.

    So the civilized always start at this disadvantage.
    What should we change?
    How should we “progress” to protect ourselves from the petty threats of fools and bandits?

    What we have been entertained with here for the last few weeks is street theatre,orchestrated by a few persons holding public office,who willfully abuse their authority,hoping for more power.
    I am all for giving them “more power”,like 40 000Volts DC.
    As a reward for their treason.

    Our Fake Newz crew are now full government employees,they are accountable to the taxpayer,even though they claim otherwise.
    Whatever they produce is “Government Product” consume accordingly.
    “Look Squirrel”,works real well on ignorant twits.
    Such as infest “Urnalism” today.

    1. Maybe it’s different this time, and I think it is, but throughout history our hesitation to confront evil hasn’t yet destroyed us.
      So there is hope for sanity to prevail as it always has, imperfect yes, but peace order and .. hmm, two out of three isn’t bad.

  13. Kneeling?
    Taking a knee is a very steady shooting position.
    Not a good thing to axe some people because they very well might.

    1. True Buddy,but only a competent rifleman would realize that.
      The non tool users are all about power,power without responsibility nor reason.
      Asking us to “take a knee” might bring out the axeman in us all.

  14. Schlichter correctly sees through the effects of Conservatism’s fatally compromised nature. The cause of which is more nuanced. The main cause is that in seeking political remedies for cultural pathologies, the ideological normalization required for political success (coalition building) results in the destruction of principles through compromise. The resulting “mushy middle” is still on the wrong side of the statist cultural paradigm and the result is to merely shift the so-called centre to the left to where the “mushy middle” of yesterday is the “alt-right” of today. The final proof would be a situation where one conservative party would run on sound (mostly libertarian) principles. Would its mushy contingent be on board or would they stay home? In Canada, I don’t think any conservative party can rule federally anymore as the LPC, NDP, and Greens are virtually indistinguishable, ideologically, and now also more conscious in voting strategically against conservatives. Harper was PM (in a parliamentary majority) because Quebec went NDP once.

    The best hope for conservatives is to work on the culture as the left implodes the economy. Write books, make movies, infest school boards, get into local politics (plugging leftist succession plans), exploit the underground economy, use dirty tricks, etc.

    1. Got to disagree John C.
      Until the money dries up nothing changes.
      A Wexit,creating a Western Nation,gives us somewhere to stand,defined borders inside which we can hang the thieves.
      And stops the flow of wealth to Ottawa.
      Confederation criminalizes every single way of stopping the stealing.
      And I bitterly resent funding the parasitic overload.
      I could support a Canada,that made taxes voluntary.