The Libranos: All In Da Family

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WE Charity co-founder said PMO ‘called’ to award $900M student-grant program, contradicting Trudeau … Trudeau has maintained that the contract was handled by government bureaucrats.

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WE Charity, which has close ties to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family — and which will receive millions of dollars to administer a federal student volunteer grant program — has received a series of exclusively sole-source contracts from the federal government over the last three years, government records show. Sole-source contracts are government contracts that are handed directly to a chosen supplier, without the opportunity for others to provide competing bids for the government business.

Update: National Post has more.

According to the government’s online database of government contracts, WE Charity has received five federal contracts worth a total of $120,000 since March 2017. Four of the five contracts have been in the last 15 months, with the most recent — and largest, until now, at $40,000 — dated January 2020. […] The contracts were for vague services such as “Management consulting”, “Public relations services” and, in three cases, “Other professional services not otherwise specified,” according to the data, first brought to light by writer and activist Nora Loreto on social media over the weekend.

Purely coincidental: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday he would begin scaling back his daily press briefings

Huh. There are accusations about WE Charity. I have no idea if it’s legitimate, but the Kielburger kid always struck me as creepy.

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    1. It’s never a problem until someone in the food chain takes some of someone else’s take.

      I provide this supposed conversion from years ago that has no basis in truth for demonstration purposes only.

      Bagman:”hey boss we got a problem”
      Ol screw:”was up?”
      BM:”you knows da advertisin contract wees gave ta dat agency in dat riding?”
      OS:”ho Kay for dat, I perzonhally hasked for dat one”
      BM;”well you knows how dat woiks rite? Ise shows up wid da contract, an Dey cuts me a donation ta da party”
      OS:”yep, it’s gud to be da boss”
      BM:”Dey sez Dey already gave a donation why is we puttin da squeeze on em. I tink sumbudy isn’t musclin in on our game”
      OS:”I tink hi know who, maybe it’s time to call da cabinet together yo know, jus to make sure hevery body is hon da team. Sumbuddy get me dat husfull hidihat Kinsella, I tink I need sum dirt on sumbuddy”.

    2. What I love about the “WE Charity” is how how easily it can be flipped into the “Me Charity”.

    1. Why would he go? The bastard knows he can do whatever he wants with impunity and voters in the East will still vote for him.

      1. A girl can dream, can’t she?
        He and his unscrupulous friends should go to prison.
        I suppose even you too, Scott Chinsota, might dream of 5 pm when you might ‘meet’ Gin Intonic or Ryan Water, right?

  1. Years ago, I worked for a certain company which was working on some contracts for a certain federal government department.

    Those contracts were sole-sourced, the claim being that there was “nobody else” in the country that could work on them. Oh, there were invitations for bids, but everybody knew who was going to win.

    And, by the way, three guesses who was PM at the time…..

    1. That is very common when it comes to government contracts. The flip side is to “pretend” there is a competition, other contractors waste time and money putting in bids, but are never seriously considered. Politicians may be the culprits in some cases, but bureaucrats are also involved. You can appeal– but if you do, be prepared to be the target of bureaucratic anger ( it is just more trouble for them to have to defend their choice). You risk not getting future contracts. The system is rigged, but it is human nature — though Liberals are much worse at rewarding their friends than other parties. In the case of Liberals, some instances of cronyism are deeply corrupt.

      1. but bureaucrats are also involved

        And those bureaucrats care very little as to what a contract is all about. They’re only concerned about how much it’s going to cost and what “benefits” can be derived from it.

        At the aforementioned company, we had a number of meetings with representatives of our government client. In addition to those people being in attendance, there was someone from the old Department of Supply and Services. In other words, he was the token beancounter.

        He slept through most of the meetings, which were technical in nature. There’s no point in spending a lot of money on hardware that won’t do what it’s supposed to or, for that matter, lets one learn something if it happens to fail. Once in a while, our government counterparts would bring up the issue of money because they wanted certain technical changes. In industry, a question like that is concerned about whether there’s enough money left in the contract for something like that.

        But this was a government contract, so such an assumption was probably invalid. Budgetary constraints are, in such a setting, elastic. Mr. Beancounter would suddenly go from Rip van Winkle mode to absolute panic as it might mean having to add more to the contract.

        It was amusing, at times, to see him start sputtering as it mean he might actually have to do some work for a change.

  2. Re: ”Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday he would begin scaling back his daily press briefings.”

    For all he says, he could stay home. He’d be best to check the orders on his N-95 masks that till haven’t arrived and are still in short supply, 90 days after the fact.

    1. What he could do is stay at Harrington Lake or, better yet, a beach in Costa Rica and have a cardboard cutout conduct the press briefings. I’m sure no one in the fawning media would notice.

      Think of how that would affect Dear Leader’s carbon footprint….

    2. What will he do with his time? He no longer has the UN seat fantasy to keep him visiting third world countries. The PMO will have to come up with something to keep him occupied. I am pretty sure they don’t want him meddling.

      1. What will he do with his time?

        Shave his palms, maybe? Have his eyes frequently checked for impaired vision?

      2. Justin is already planning the election campaign.

        I predict a federal election in early September, or maybe late August.

        Justin will say he needs a majority to “better manage” a second wave of Corona.

    3. Announcing fewer Love-Ins was to see if the Kanuckistanian MSM would beg him to continue. I am certain all the heads wailed, grovelled and begged at his feet for more.

  3. Eff Justin. Embarrassing Canadiens votes for him.

    Blackface phoney. Like really. Kimmel and the other guy are run outta town and we are stuck with this?

  4. “receive millions of dollars to administer a federal student volunteer”
    If they’re student volunteers, and they’re not being paid, then why does the administration cost amount to $Millions?

    Additionally, since education was outlined the the 1867 Confederation Act as being solely a Provincial purview, why is the Federal government involved with students at all?

    1. the “volunteers” are being paid between $1000 and $5000 by the WE money laundering organization, which in turn is being paid $19.5 million to “administer” this program.

    2. a bigger question is once these “youth” volunteer for the WE foundation do they automatically receive an LPC membership? Or has that been taken care of with the CERB documentation?

  5. “This generation, generation WE, is the one that will disrupt the status quo and shake the foundations of patriarchy”: Keynote speaker at 2017 WE Day UN.”
    L- Well, there we have it. The Trudeau Liberal’s and Cult. Marxism, a case study of ideological possession.

    The $900 million of Canadian public money spent without so much as a by your leave or consent of the governed or elected representatives. That is more in keeping with a earlier form of government … reverting to absolute monarchy, e.i. Charles I or a late Roman Empire emperor e.i. Nero.

    June 30, 2020, the Canadian ship of state seems rudderless, in reality the Captain is a pirate.
    Where is a good long plank when you need one ?

    1. Another more recent leader did the same thing to his country. He and his wife, like Charles and Nero, met an ignominious end at the foot of a wall in Romania.

    2. Pyrates everywhere take great exception to ye remarks sirah.
      We may be a lot of cutthroats but by the seven seas we share no common cause wi the likes of that pretending fool.

      1. I thought it was an interesting piece too… the guy is afraid for his life… if you cross a globalist money laundering enterprise you”re putting your life on the line to expose the corruption. Brave guy. The stench is worse than the Clinton Foundation. Everyday we see further why BUttplug/Turdhole Government bought Media silence and complicity.

    1. The positive thing about the allegation is for money laundering to be successful, selling charity assets at vastly underpriced amounts to a non-arms-length private company is one way to do this. A negative thing: I googled the company (including quotes): “WE education for children, Ltd.” and could find very little outside of the accuser’s web page. If someone can find info on the private company, that would be great.

      1. I did google the name “Santai Kimakeke” with the word “Kenya”, and the man is legit. Numerous articles from Kenya and Canada identify him as a senior WE Charity officia, up to early 2019. Then he, with a partner, started up a cinema business in Kenya.

    1. You would have to be Justin Stupid to not realize that the Liberal Party is corrupt and will steal every penny they can.

      But who would of thought the Bloc Ndp and Greens would be the lookout and the Canadian Media the getaway driver?

      1. yolo, he is the guy who is smart enough to have people showing him how to steal. Sad eh, we actually think he is stupid.

  6. To be fair, daily press briefings to his loyal, drooling media are only necessary while setting up a dictatorship. Meanwhile his media are excited that according to polls, Great Leader would win a majority government if an election was held right now. But then we don’t need elections in Canada anymore.

    1. Even dictators and tin-pot generals eventually get tired of standing on the palace balcony every day, proclaiming this or that. Serious Liberal supporters must be getting tired of the thin gruel being spewed from the Cottage every day. That, plus the humiliating UN loss, and the grizzled, noisy, retired China-appeasers are probably putting the PMO into a big funk. The Libs must have some serious insider polling numbers that are not nearly as good as the public ones. I doubt we’ll be having an election any time soon.

      I think there is a civil war going on behind closed doors between the Trudeau PMO and the Senior Liberal/Demarais/Chretien factions. The UN seat loss and the Meng-Michaels China mess are convincing some of the Big Grandee Laurentians that Trudeau is past his prime and time is coming for Chrystia Freeland to take over the reigns.

  7. The post above, about Marc Kielburger and company, seems legit. The two e-mails seem legit. Also, one can Google the name of the WE charity, and “employment reviews”. A number of negative reviews mention that Marc K. is s hothead who berates younger staff on occasion, and is a micromanager. Also, the post makes mention of work being “all consuming” — code for huge amounts of unpaid overtime — something repeated over and over in the employee reviews. Note that the WE group forced the CBC to cut out references to the WE Charity (two cuts) in a documentary slamming “tourist charities”. So the WE groups does play hardball.

    Is the malfeasance in the post legit? I am interested in any money laundering and other financial issues. Note that the Canadaland investigation stopped suddenly in mid-2019, and the left-wing site has not updated any info, as to recent news stories. Did the WE group get to Canadaland?

    1. DM

      Canadaland is as left as anything we have in this country. They aren’t going to gore another’s ox. They were probably told to cease and desist.

      Notice wendy mesley ran to them to get her side of the story out.

      1. Agreed. Canadaland is far left. The reason why they declared war on the Kirlbergers was because the brothers started a private company to pair with the WE Charity, and that they had a disagreement with the CBC..

        1. WE is to charity as Scientology is to religion. A cult, that is.
          More boiler room or Amway salesmen than charitable organization.

  8. The WE Charity won the bid simply because they were the only one who could meet the criteria. Criteria determined by the goverment. Nothing to see here.

    That’s aside from the fact that WE is a cult whose goal in Canada is to indoctrinate kids.

    I hope that the dirty secrets and the money laundering all come to light. I’m not holding my breath, however.

  9. I guess we have to wait for Leslyn Lewis to become Conservative leader and then show the men how to take down the sleaze.

  10. The “Paper Bag” payoff scandal from years ago should have shattered most Canadians convictions about corruption in domestic politics. It is there and ongoing, IMHO.

    A question one might ask is why there are no ‘big’ drug busts happening? Canada is a major gateway to drug flow into North America and also the laundering of cash by global organized crime. Yet we hear nothing of the ‘battle’ by justice to stem the tide. Accountability does not exist and quite frankly there is no cry for it. I suggest that politicians and law enforcement are being bought off.

    1. It’s not even hidden. This is a country where normal operating procedure involves hockey bags full of cash arriving in casinos every night in plain sight.

  11. I went to repost this to my facebook page and Facebook will no longer let me link/post to articles. Anyone else having this same issue?

  12. Been saying this since the first time I saw that kid in the news. Creepy! And our PM just gave him a billion dollars of our money. Something very nefarious is going on. Too bad there is nobody credible to look into it.

    The Liberals would easily form a majority government if an election were held tomorrow. Toronto, Vancouver, Atlantic, and Quebec. Unbelievably they have 20% support in Alberta. Amazing!

    1. FYI, the Conservatives have at least 20% support in downtown Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.
      First-past-the-post distorts political support in this country.

  13. Liberals are very skilled at buying “charities” or non profits that then support the Liberal brand. Remember Karios? That particular “church charity” seemed to think it was a reasonable charitable activity to go after the oil sands. Ultimately, they were s lobby group with one or two miniscule activities that might have thelped someone. — breast feeding in Africa was thd msin one they would trot out whenever they needed to bolster their credibility. Nevertheless, they were funded by Liberals for years. Many more examples. It’s integral to Liberal corruption and they are at it again with WE.

    1. Just checked, and it looks like the Canadian government is once again funding the lobby group Karios– through Global Affairs and other agencies. CUPE and PSAC also contribute. The Karios agenda is of course social justice and ecological justice, and if you look carefully, much of what they promote follows the UN globalist agenda. Harper was clear that the Canadian government should not be using taxpayer money to fund lobby groups. Liberals disagree, so they funnel lots of money to their pet groups. It is corrupt, but media does not expose this sham. Funny, lots of publicity when a Conservative government tries to shut down this abuse (Who wrote the “not”?) I do not have any hope for Canada as a decent, democratic and honest country. Liberal corruption runs the show.

  14. Nice properties.

    If there were a real journalist in the CBC-CTV-Global empire they wouldn’t hide this from the public.

    But all those government “journalists” are on the take, they will step out of “journalism” for a couple of years, have their pockets stuffed at a Liberal “communications firm” and then step back into “journalism”.

    Social media, also controlled by corrupt liberals, must be used to shine light on liberal corruption. But how? At some point we need a viral liberal corruption moment. Plastering over billboards in the middle of the night is all I can think of…

    1. First we have to identify the enemy. Constantly.

      And would that be the Left? Liberals? Progressives? Socialists? Totalitarianists? Globalists? NWO? Communists?

      Personally, I think the Communists are just in a bigger hurry than the rest of them, but the ultimate goal ,and would get my vote.

      Next, address the Media.

  15. WEXIT Now…!!

    When it comes to Sole Sourcing, every rotten stinking department in the Cdn Govt can and will do this if possible. It’s easy as I was told by one of them many years ago: Write up your quote such that no one else in the industry could possibly supply an identical item.

    This was on a $ 375,000 Plasma-Oxy-Fuel cutting system/water table.
    We got the call….

    1. They certainly sound creepy. Not surprising they have a close relationship with Justin. The organization also sounds a bit like Hitler youth.

  16. The Canadian media, Liberal elites in corporate Canada and the Liberal$/ NDP alliance are all working in Perfect harmony to increase their grip on power in Canada and move us towards socialism.

    Debt to GDP is up 50 percent in the last quarter with no end in site.

    Canada’s credit rating has been downgraded from AAA+ to AA.

    It’s foot to the floor towards the cliff with Uncle Gerald and Smiling man-child JustUN.

    1. Do not forget Noddy with the turban,who has shown us all what Horvath made plain.
      Vote NDP you get Liberal.
      We need to retreat,to land we can make a stand on,because Canada has shifted right out from under us..
      Exit Now.
      Democracy morphed into Kleptocracy and now the producers fail.
      No host and all our entitled parasitic overload starves..
      So sad,too bad.

  17. Kate, you are not alone and you have good instincts. I too find Kielburger creepy.

    The whole We thing struck me early on as being a sort of cult, and I am pleased to report that my wife and I never let our kids get anywhere near it. At one point the school system here in BC was pushing non-stop We this, and We that, but we kept our kids away from it all.

  18. Oops indeed
    Video of the organization founder saying the sock monkey contacted them.
    HT Post Media

    So it wasn’t the bureaucracy that arranged this?
    Or is this one of those arrangements where the Clerk of the Privy Council tells someone “he really wants this done, and you know how he gets”.

  19. The Kielburgers are both married. I could have sworn they were queer. Maybe they are like Trudeau with Sophie as a prop in life’s theatre.

    1. Do the three kids that Sophie and Justin bore even remotely resemble Trudeau? Have a look.

  20. 900 million. I’m sure that goes to working class kids. Right? Or is it totally for lefty kids, even rich ones, to build the future lefty credentialed farm team? Oh and of course diversity leaders too, thank Allah.

    You Normies, with your normie kids, can kiss the butt ring.

  21. Who cares, just pile it on the rest of the stinking dung heap that the Laurentian Elites have created and the eastern welfare cases gobble up and ask for more.

    It is more than past time to leave the fetid mess

  22. Wasn’t one of the klingon bros a teenage know-it-all like that precocious Swede?

    I couldn’t be bothered to search it out.

  23. How is it that the opposition in Canadian parliament is not opposing this idiot and his henchmen.

    How is it that the fascist cabal that runs this guy is allowed by the parliament to dicktate (sic) and endlessly spend money that this country does not have. Without a vote, without a voice, just by dicktate (sic)

    Getting daily emails from MacKay and O’Toole.
    Asking them in reply, what the hell is it that they have done so far in the parliament. Of course they can’t answer that.
    Asking them why I have not heard anything about defunding the media cartel including CeeBeeCee.
    MacKay does not answer at all.
    O’Toole has got this ping sending immediate reply by a bloody machine begging for money, though one of his henchmen replied once that O’Toole said he would defund the public propaganda establishment. This is what they think about people, ignore and assume that the voter is an idiot that they can lie to, though there are indicators that these apparatchiks are right to a certain point.

    However one wants to do something to get the politicians to answer to the people that vote for them, its almost all for naught, the “strategerists” will not let them do it and they themselves have not guts.

    This is unfortunate situation for this country and its people.

    1. The NDP was bought off, and voted to allow the Liberals free-reign until October. The PQ was bought off, and voted with the Liberals to shut down any SNC-Lavalin investigations. Our Parliament has been bought off and silenced and there is nothing we, or the Conservatives, can do about it (legally.)

  24. Well, what’s wrong with the PMO calling. It IS the government and judiciary so clearly can do no wrong

  25. The real money in government is stolen through procurement and foreign aid.

    Think about it. Your in charge of buying things for the government with other peoples money (tax dollars). The opportunities for graft/corruption are endless. Contracts lent without vetting or competition……yikes.

    Foreign Affairs is a money pit. Who monitors the funds? It has always been referred to as, 3M
    diplomacy- monuments, machine guns and Mercedes.