16 Replies to “The Branch DeBlasions”

  1. L-Rudy Guliani drives up in a Batmobile… emblazoned with ‘land of the free, home of the brave’.

  2. Well the EAST river full of their Drug dealers may dampen the event….Lots of Ex-lax in the Pizza would work

    1. In places like Chicago 911 is likely a white privilege thing. I’m sure cops finish their lunch before going to a shooting in the South Side. I’m sure they visit domestic disputes the next day.

  3. they don’t even know what they are protesting any more….it’s become an excuse (cause) for out of work degenerates to convince themselves they matter

    1. I honestly think this is about a bunch of little Mussolinis drunk on having power over people. Wait and see what happens if the democrats get in this fall. Gonna get a lot worse. (Not that the Republicans, save for Trump have really been doing anything about it)

    2. That’s how the SA and various other communist thug organisations operated. BLM and Antifa are just modern day versions. A bunch of losers made to pretend they are important by intimidation.

  4. How much is the GOP behind all of this, too?

    Trump is fully exposed over this national upheaval and I get the impression many Republicans are also enjoying watching his rookie political ass trying to tread water in this very deep political swamp. And to that end, his decision to play games with the Dem-controlled traditional and social medias instead of crushing them may be Trump’s ultimate downfall.

    Also, I believe one of Trump’s flaws is becoming more and more evident. He is not very articulate. For example, I believe his fixation on the term ‘fake news’ has truly limited his ability to communicate the situation accurately. I have never once heard him explore the very accurate term ‘narrative’ to describe exactly how the media functions. Crap, he should be constantly challenging voters to pursue alternate news sources every time he’s in front of a microphone. Sure, he’s a spirited promoter who loves to be center stage and mostly understands his audience, but he still can’t seem to figure out the difference between marketing and politicking.

    Trump’s repetitive use of meaningless terms is also becoming more than annoying to me, and I suspect others, too. It is hard to share in his visions when every goddamn position he talks about is simply described as ‘better than you’ve ever seen before’. I find myself tuning out now when he starts leaning heavily into his bombastic rhetoric routine.

    Finally, for this proven action-taker to sit on his ass and not squelch CHAZ immediately was just plain wrong. So now, these agitators know nothing will probably happen to them if they illegally occupy and terrorize more and more of the USA…. as long as they leave the statues alone.

    Ha, despite these current concerns I can assure you that I have not contracted TDS, so I better stop there lest I start to sound like Ann Coulter.

  5. Thomas Sowell:

    “…One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain…”

    Very much a Liberal – Democrat thing to do no..?

  6. “The Branch DeBlasions” – LOL

    Only in this narrative there are no FBI with tanks and snipers to take out the flock.

    Instead you send up a SJW Bat Signal to the Social Justice Community Organizers to sweep in and stop the bad guys with boring repetitive chants that make them “see the light” give up crime and go home to smoke pot and meditate on the true meaning of race.