What’s The Opposite Of Diversity?

Never apologize. They’re not offended and it only encourages them;

The US Department of Education has warned UCLA it could face fines if it disciplines a political science professor who read the N-word from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”
Lecturer W. Ajax Peris, an Air Force veteran, has been under investigation since early this month. UCLA Political Science Chair Michael Chwe and two others in his department had blasted Peris in an email, agreeing with students’ complaints that he didn’t “pause and reassess [his] teaching pedagogy” after objections to the N-word.
An apology from Peris did little to assuage students and faculty. According to Fox News, Chwe and company alleged Peris’s act of contrition “escalated the situation rather than engaging in […] thoughtful and open discourse.”

12 Replies to “What’s The Opposite Of Diversity?”

  1. “…Peris’s act of contrition …”

    Yup. Just what we need right now – another “cave” man.

  2. Yes, never, never apologize to the woke. they smell blood in the water and go into a feeding frenzy.

  3. Oh well. Peris is or was a Liberal, and I don’t mean in a classical sense. Given the current culture climate he of all people should have known uttering the N word in one of your lectures isn’t going to go over well, (unless you’re black of course). And this after being warned several times.
    Maybe he thought he’d get a pass based on his Liberal bona fides I don’t know, a poor decision on his part nonetheless so this could be another case of the left eating it’s own, so I’ll reserve judgement.
    I have more sympathy for the UCLA professor under attack for telling students to pound salt when asked to extend the deadline on final exams because of the Minnesota tragedy as well as showing compassion for those black students in his class. Um, no.

  4. Canada and America have turned into enormous crab buckets. Everybody’s tearing each other down these days, without mercy or compassion.

  5. It is truly sad how so many N. Americans aren’t just ignorant, but plain stupid about human nature.

    Bowing to the mob is NO DIFFERENT than negotiating with terrorists. You only prove to them that their scummy tactics are indeed very effective on the weak and thus embolden them to attack even more.

  6. Is it systemic racism when only one race can use certain words?
    They seem to have a hard time defining the term ‘systemic racism’.

  7. The White ANTIFA are responding to the Failure of these Southern Generals who don’t deserve to be on Public Statues…The losing Buggers should have WON & Black Slaves would be on the Plantations where they belong… Tear down that losing memory YEP!

    in all modern History the professional Solder has not been demonized, nor have their battle flags banned… but not in 2020….The mental drug induced dysfunctional Critters don’t see any difference….All those that lived are pillared for existing…Not long until they eat each other…..Yep! Hanoi Jane was right, everybody will become a socialist Cannibal…..

    The Feminists in Hollywood thought that removing Harvey would open the financial flood gates for them to dictate the Hollywood Art form… Nope! Crap doesn’t sell & steps on a mythical Ladder mean nothing… The Actors Guild is bleeding, lacking paying roles….Nope! get rid of John (the Duke) and then the brain dead public will follow the one-trick idiots… Nope

    Each generation can be Judged by the ART-FORM they leave….ZERO is near the end


  8. Universities are yesterday, they fully surrendered to the left wing mob years ago, any adults still working in them should keep their head down and extract as much money from them as possible. Reform is pointless, it won’t happen.

    Unfortunately that leaves social media as the only place for public discourse, and they’re trying to do to it what they did to the universities.

    Cowardly politicians are either letting these jackals do their bidding or not saying anything about the destructive jackals.