22 Replies to “The Peoples Temple Policing Project”

  1. Andy Ngo: “George Floyd deserves justice, but so do countless American journalists, and others victimized by militant extremists who use us as human shields”

    Democrats: “You’re welcome”

  2. The moment Chauvin dragged already handcuffed and locked up Floyd from the back of the squad car and back onto the pavement, it became a premeditated murder. Quit hiring imbeciles with criminal tendencies, and you will have no problems on your hands. Quit letting murderers walk, and you will have no problems on your hands.
    Robert Dziekanski
    Tony Timpa
    Buddy Tavares.
    Police kills about as many people as criminals do. We could do 2x times better w/o these idiots. There are plenty smart, decent people, who get rejected when they apply for a job with police, because their IQ is too high and the brass is afraid they will displace them. Cowardice and greed rule this society.

    1. Premeditated murder? The autopsy said he died of heart failure with up to 90% artery blockage and a normally fatal dose of fentanyl. His throat was undamaged.

      1. Scar,
        The Democrats have promised the heathens that they will get Justice…. Republicans better stay clear of the carnage when they fail to get a conviction, or even get a Court hearing without a valid murder Charge… The Hordes want social justice determined by a cluster of Village Idiots… Guilty! now

        Democrats will make sure a Republican Judge is assigned to the Case.. and blame Trump

    2. Chauvin worked with Floyd as after hours bouncer.. There is a history here.. The area is controlled by muslim gangsters and is in Omars area.. Great history of a area in deep trouble.. saw it the other day. Mind is going so can’t remember where.. Maybe here.. They want Sharia patrols there.

      1. History? That means Chauvin might have been aware of the persistent drug abuse and senseless violent crime of Floyd. No wonder he was scared.

      2. There were two pallets of counterfeit US One Dollar bills that were sent from China, landed in Vancouver, BC, shipped by train to the club they worked in.
        Don’t forget that Floyd was being arrested for passing a counterfeit US $20 at a convenience store. Did he steal that money from the club? Was this actually a hit for stealing the cash and the execution a warning for others who were compromising the operation?

        Also remember that the first fires in the whole country were the destruction of the club, the cop shop (was it housing evidence that required scrubbing – drugs, guns and the counterfeit cash) and the radio station called La Raza (The Race) owned by a Somali War Lord on either side of the Police Station.

        Chauvin was running guns and drugs from Florida where he and his wife were known as realtors, nobody knew he was a cop. That city was a hub for people moving their cars by rail from Minnesota to enjoy the winters in the south during the winters, then returning for summers in the north. It is well known that there are a lot of drugs and guns shipped in those cars via rail.

        There is a lot of dark underworld that the MSM won’t touch about this story. This is just a bit that is out there.

    3. Stick to motorcycles because you don’t know squat about what constitutes premeditated murder. More people are killed in Chicago by criminals in a moth than in a year by cops in the entire United States, Get lost.

      1. I am sure it matters that it is per capita.
        You adjust the figure for the number of cops on the beat, you get a different perspective.
        It pretty much follows the mortality from doctor malpractice.

    4. Police kill a few hundred people a year in the U.S. There are 11,000 murders per year. The FBI’s data on justifiable homicides by both police and civilians and all murders are readily available online.

      1. Isn’t it amazing … that even with all the search engines available at our fingertips … posters like citrus-boy will just make shit up and post it with the “authority” of an “expert”?

        1. It is indeed amazing. The Old Timer above made an attempt to explain it, but who cares when you can just engage in poo slinging?

          Per capita, US cops kill more people than civilians do. Like you have rightly noted, all of that data is in the FBI crime stats available to the public.

          And you are lying: I had never made any claims of being an expert or holding an authority.
          Me signing as “fire hydrant expert” is an allusion to the fact that this blog uses an obtuse, insatiable reCAPTCHA, courtesy of Google-the-champion-of-censorship-and-deplatforming. Boo hoo!
          I am not going to address your sex/gender assumptions.

          1. citrus-Xe … there, I fixed it.

            Your math and statistics are fuzzy. My sleepy town of 25,000 has no more than 3 – County Police officers contracted to provide safety for our citizens at any given hour. 3 … 25,000. “Per capita” statistics are utter nonsense when it comes to police activities. 3 officers … 25,000 citizens. Yes. Our city is SAFE. There have been ZERO police officer killings in the last 35 years … and only a few murders: (drugs, domestic or euthanasia). So our stats are: 0-0 Perhaps the question should be WHY … aren’t all cities in America as PEACEFUL with so few police officers as ours? Hmmmm ?

  3. Antifa uses Andy Ngo as a punching bag, not a shield, Antifa doesn’t need shields, they’re liberals, they do what they want.

    1. AntiFa are Liberals…?? BS.
      They are full on Committed Communists … but I wouldn’t argue against all liberals being Communists either.

      1. Progressive liberal communist socialist fascists perhaps?

        Meh. Distinctions without difference in today’s world.

    1. Yabbut, they were chanting slogans and stuff!
      They’re special!

      What kind of adult chants a ten word mantra over and over again like a trained seal?
      How stupid are they?
      Can’t they think for themselves?
      Thank a teacher.

      And yep, I could watch it all day too.

  4. Andy is one of the brave ones. Many here are heroes at the keyboard. But Andy went into the fray, risked his life, got horrendously beaten, and went back into the maw of the beast, knowing that nobody would help if he was caught.

  5. “CHAZ “”Security”” Reportedly Involved in Death of Black Teenager”

    So let me guess this black life don’t matter? But we’re still supposed to act as if grievances of the Black Looter Mob were legitimate?

    Self cleaning oven.

  6. In three weeks the Antifa thugs have killed two men, both of them black. Black as in Black Lives Matter. If the 14 year-old victim dies, that will be one black life a week. Neither CNN nor the NYT mentioned they were black in the articles I have read so far.

    One hundred percent of their victims are black. I think this is the example of systemic racism that Scott Adams was looking for. He needed look no further than Antifa in CHOP, Seattle.