64 Replies to “The Libranos: Cutting Out The Middle Man”

  1. ” … the prime minister did not indicate any concern about a perception of conflict of interest …”

    And why the eff should he? 74 percent of Canadians have no ethical concerns about the mega-bkllions the little tit is shelling out to the detriment of future generations.

  2. And where are the regressive conservatives? Still arguing about who will lead (followed by the sounds of crickets, bullfrogs and the odd loon).

    To the regressives: being Liberal lite will not get you a win. We already have Liberals, Greeners, the NDP and the Bloc.

  3. Conservatives need to march into Parliament and vote down a money bill to collapse this Liberal government.

    It is ridiculous that a minority government can assume dictatorial power through side deals with other party’s.

    What the heck is going on?! How is this possible? Every legal avenue, every political means must be used to save the country from this guy.

    1. “Conservatives need to march into Parliament and vote down a money bill to collapse this Liberal government.”

      The CPC don’t have the votes. All Zoolander has to do is serve some NDP/Bloc interests in every money bill and they all pass.

  4. Pierre Poilievre and others have had plenty to say but who will hear anything about it.
    The bailout cash has placed Canada’s media in its own direct conflict of interest and they won’t say or publish anything to jeopardize that sweet deal.

  5. And it’s not as if one single conservative in Canada will do anything.
    Canadian mice like their captivity.

    1. What do you want the Conservatives to do yolo?
      Andrew Scheer has questioned shutting down parliament and the media accuses him of grandstanding and endangering the health of Canadians. Polievre has listed the corrupt nature of this government on numerous occasions and the Unifor led media accuses him of being a far right attack dog.
      What would you do as leader to get the message out?

      1. My fat-assed fellow Conservatives:

        WTF is wrong with you?
        Do you hate your children?” Your grandchildren? Yourself?
        You’re letting one of the most fortunate countries in the world be destroyed before your very eyes and you can’t move.
        Pathetic and embarrassing.
        Get off that fat ass and do something.
        And I don’t mean another whiny blog post.
        Not easy.
        But doing the right thing rarely is.
        There are endless options.
        Just look at what the bottom of the Bell slope is accomplishing.
        Math doesn’t matter. The destruction of history. Madoff financial planning.

        One would like to think that actual sentient high percentile concerned citizens could do much better if they JUST GOT OFF THEIR BIG FAT ASSES and did something. Anything.

        1. “But doing the right thing rarely is.”

          So what, in your opinion, is the “right” thing to do? Please keep in mind that conservatives votes in 2019 were only 34.3%.

        2. yolo, when a Canadian stands up he stands alone and the media make sure his stand is never recognized. Besides, Canadians are at least 90% socialist and agree with damn near everything their government masters do or tell them to do.

      2. nold, scheep should have not use the milk maid approach to win the leadershit race, when one is an idiot like scheep, recognize it, and act accordingly, politicians are public servants, and should recognize that fact in their conduct. Shitscheep just went full libtard to win. That goddamned fool was on my fake book page trying to explain that those who thought he was too young, were wrong, that he knew what he was doing> I told him directly that he was incompetent. Now if more people had abandoned the cuckservative party, they may have dumped the idiot, as they did Patdick brown clown.

        1. Well old devil (I know some call you good old devil but not me) sure Scheer was a sheep in sheep’s clothing but his main fault was his poorly prepared approach to the media attacks he had to know were coming; he seemed to have no answer for it.
          We know how the charisma-challenged Bernier fared; who would have done better than those two and don’t just say anybody?

      1. Start by getting off your knees.

        And if you’re too thick to think of a single actionable item, may I suggest watching the opposition.
        You know, those folks you’re always calling stoopid, who now seemingly have you cowed, silenced and frozen in fear; as they destroy your lifestyle with impunity.

        Conservatives need to start fighting back. And soon.
        Protests. Cancellations. Boycotts. Class action. Marches. Demonstrations.
        Use their tactics against them.
        Constant messaging.

        1.opposition parties
        2. media
        3. business
        4. institutions.

        But good luck herding those cumfy fur conservative cats.
        It’s a long road back and I’m pretty sure Canadians don’t have the right stuff.
        Get your little red book.

        1. I’ll tell you what. You print your own real name, name the time and place, and lead a protest march. How about that?

        2. Oz is right, you are being stupid. We live in a country of laws. Rightly or wrongly, enough Canadians voted to return the Trudeau Liberals as a minority government. Don’t like it? Neither do I. So choose a better leader for the CPC than Andrew Scheer. Work harder to persuade Canadians that your beliefs are the correct ones. Simply squealing in outrage here at SDA does not advance your cause. Put in any volunteer work for a party or cause you like? No? Then stop whining about “the right stuff”.

          1. Canadians are getting exactly what they want. I say let them have it. Tune out drop out and enjoy the decline.

          2. I’ve worked provincially and federally in 3 different provinces for Progressive Conservatives, Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative parties.

            I’ve been there and done that.
            I have no faith in Canadians collectively and obviously the election of the Spawn ends all hope.
            I come on here and try my very best to denigrate the Liberal Party and the Canadian Media as the most deserving of same.
            Real concerted collective action is needed and Conservatives are hopeless.
            My fellow conservatives have proven to be a 50 year embarrassment in my estimation.
            Poking them is just entertainment when the popcorn and Black Russians run out.
            Canadians tapping out in every respect is just so typical, yet no less embarrassing.
            And you two are poster boys.
            Canadians are getting and will get exactly the government they deserve.
            Good and hard.

          3. I tend, respectfully, to agree with with oz here. Conservatives have to become more active, and develop stronger organizations, to fight good fight in between elections. I agree, though, that elections are important. I will be giving modest financial support, each year, to SDA and other small, conservative media, plus a few good lobby groups. I will be voting PPC next time, and donating a little money to the Wexit party.

          4. Well David, being from NB, I’m sure that you, like myself, are waiting with barely concealed excitement for NB’s Big Cheese Conservative Rob Moore’s annual letter to the editor.

            This annual event is eagerly looked forward to by NB’s conservatives as the one and only media presence these past several years and even seen by some as actual evidence that the Conservative Party still exists.

    2. Well,oh mighty keyboard warrior, show us the way! Are YOU going to emulate Leon Czolgosz, or are you too comfortable?

      I’ve noticed a new breed arise in the last twenty years, internet warriors, guerillas and rebels,who are too chickenshit to even use their own name. But they all want someone else to do the hard work.

      In 2015 several of the wiser commenters here at SDA said we’d be stuck with Justin Trudeau as long as we were with his Father, Pierre Trudeau. They were right,possibly even optimistic as these predictions were made long before BLM and extinction rebellion.

      Btw, has anyone here seen the photos accompanying the many articles on Trudeau and the WE organization? I’m speaking of the side shots,not the head on photos.The guy SO obviously has Pierre Trudeau’s great big long nose it’s a fucking joke to claim his Dad was Castro. Justin didn’t get that schnozz from Margaret,or Fidel.

      We detest the sonofa-bipolar victim of an arranged marriage,but he’s PM for along time to come,UNLESS some keyboard hero does a Charles Guiteau.

    1. In other words, she’s doing what she does best: freeloading. Well, she certainly can’t make it as a singer, now can she? (That was supposed to be singing, and not hog-calling, wasn’t it?)

  6. In my opinion, an even bigger question is why we taxpayers should tolerate allowing the Keilburgers and their organization (or any other of similar size and scope) decide which “charities” are worthy of our money.

    1. Yes indeed.

      The WE organization is creepy, once you peel the layers back.

      One world government. Praising socialism without saying the word. Green Theology.

      The new Hitler Youth or Khmer Rouge. When will these miscreants start their neighbourhood patrols, reporting those awful adults, deviating from the proclaimed Green Gang authoritarian rule?

    2. why we taxpayers should tolerate allowing the Keilburgers

      It’s because they were social activists as youngsters and they’ve dined out on that image ever since. Then again, that’s hardly surprising, considering their social background:


      Yuppers, a pair of privileged brats who, like a certain prime minister we know of, probably never worked a day in their lives and who think that gives them the right to tell the rest of us what to do, particularly those of us from the wrong side of the social tracks (i. e., blue-collar working class).

  7. They’re not even hiding it anymore, just flat out arrogance and contempt.
    Corruptocrats, the whole lot of them along with their media toadies.
    And guess what? They’ll win the next election and we’ll revisit this once more.

  8. I did some checking on the WE Charity web site:
    — the site does not show a list of principal management or board of directors;
    — the last year of actual financial data us 2017/18, a full year late.
    Of course, none of this is important in this day and age.

  9. At least the Clinton’s tried, half heartedly, to conceal the true nature of their …Ahem, “Global initiative” .
    It really shows us how much of an amateur he is, (but we knew that anyway) Not only does he copy the Clinton plan, on a far smaller scale, he doesn’t even try to cover it up! Or, maybe, he’s so frigging arrogant, he doesn’t even care how blatant this is. Lets face it, we are so fortunate that he deigned us with his benevolence, to take time out of his fortuitous existence to have us enjoy his prime ministerial dictatorship, and set Canada on the desired path to be a post national state! Sarc off.

  10. This is an outrage. The Bong is freelancing, out of control. A scandal that should bring down the government.

    Get back to work. Recall government and let Canadians have there say on the policies of the government. The opposition, all of them, can’t be in agreement with crap like this.

  11. Stupid Canadians deserve their coming fate. Voting #LibCons for 50 years destroyed this once great nation, now a shithole. Real conservatives voted PPC.
    Enjoy Canadastan!!!!

    1. “Real conservatives voted PPC.”

      NO, they didn’t. A real Conservative would have accepted the results of the CPC leadership race. That is the point.
      Instead, Max Bernier acted like Hilary Clinton while idjits like you fantasized him as the Canadian Trump.

      1. Oz is part of the #LibCons problem we find ourselves in.
        Real conservatives voted PPC.
        Many voters who are conservatives get misled by a poseur party which calls itself “conservative” however panders for votes & have 0 platform.
        And Scheer is a joke
        Whoever succeeds him is also a joke. But keep voting CPC Oz. That has worked so well…

        1. Ray voted PPC and gets the Trudeau Liberal Party re-elected. Ray and his ilk are too stupid to recognize the reality
          that Max Bernier lost the only seat the PPC had.
          Instead of voting for the only party which could have unseated Trudeau, they wasted their votes on the PPC. Way to go, idjits.

          1. When Peter MacKay is done sucking up to LGBTQs, minorities & other diversity, out promising Trudeau and maybe becomes PM what do you expect?
            CPC has no platform; they are vote whores.

            BTW… Peter Mackay? Lol

            But to still blame Bernier of vote splitting is evidence of Oz stupidity.
            Erin O’Foole? I spent more time in Afghanistan than he in the RCAF…

          2. Ooz you fucking idiot, why don’t you find out who the dairy maids , the ones who put scheep over the top, voted for in the general election. And you will find that scheep is a liberal plant. You and unColon are a pair of dimwitted assholes

      2. Entirely right, Oz. Bernier chose to split the party. Surely the folks in Alberta have at least some understanding of what they got when the conservative vote was split in the provincial election in 2015. Abraham Lincoln said it best and it applies here today more than ever: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

        1. Blame blame blame.
          Perhaps the fault lies at the CPCs feet.
          Doctrinally a centrist party which purges its own right wing MPs into toeing the politically correct line would be ground zero.
          In any case Canadians are low info so they fully deserve what’s coming at them.
          It’s the #LibCons way

          1. “Doctrinally a centrist party which purges its own right wing MPs”

            Purges? Not true. Max Bernier quit, he was not purged.
            Bernier acted irresponsibly(not a conservative behavior trait) and was censured for it.

    2. There are no real conservatives in this whole country, except old white guy and me. Real conservatives don’t support socialized medicine. Socialists support socialized medicine. I work on the campaigns and vote for the nearest thing to a conservative that has a chance to win my riding. National and provincial party leaders have been such a consistent disappointment that I don’t believe a word they say.

  12. It’s the same reason that Morneau Sheppell is always found to be the only company with the “expertise” to assist the government in its programs.
    As for the federal Conservatives; why bother? What a waste of time, money and energy. There is only one decent candidate among them and she has no chance of winning.
    Canada is dead and I, for one, will not weep at its demise other than to lament for what it could have been.
    Mr. Hill, you have my undivided attention and I think I will be cracking my cheque book open very soon

  13. WE is filthy!!!

    SNC Lavalin is the only group that can do consulting, and WHO CARES that we have to buy Gadaffi’s son a Yacht or two??

    Cretin is such a fighter for Canada! WHO CARES if he is now working to export Canadian Jobs to China, the way he exported Canadian jobs to China when he was PM!?

  14. So they have billion dollars to give away at the Cash Corner rate of $10 a hour to students who don’t get off the couch for less then $20. The migrant workers are demanding that they get PR status to work in Canada, maybe they will access the cash by signing up for night classes. The program is a fail right off the mark by design and the cash will be eaten up by administration costs and advertising. 99% of Canadians couldn’t tell you a single thing about AD-Scam, this is just another version of it. The Liberals don’t even try to show some imagination in their cons these days. Pure evil.
    Alberta must separate!

  15. You folks don’t understand how contracting at this level is done. With a range of possible suppliers it’s easy to write a tender offer that selects against everyone that you don’t want. Defence contracting in Canada is done this way all the time. Why do you think that DND is such a disgusting shambles? The actual product and whether it works or not is only one variable in the government contracting business.

    And it’s always been this way in Canada for over a century. Go read about the Ross rifle:
    and then take a guess as to how many Canadian soldiers might have been killed in WW1 because of a defective weapon, all thanks to that miserable, corrupt long-dead SOB Col. Sam Hughes.

    Now that’s real corruption in action.

  16. The idiots will keep voting Liberal.
    Thank a teacher and the Marxist ‘education’ system.

  17. YOLO:

    “I’ve worked provincially and federally in 3 different provinces for Progressive Conservatives, Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative parties.”

    Exactly!! Where has it got you? It’s got you nowhere. Canadians like what they have, and don’t want what your selling. The best solution is to organize your personal life as best you can to make the most of what you have got, because nothing is going to change. There comes a time when you have to decide to stop trying to save people from themselves and go your own way. That’s the stage I am at. I will probably not even bother voting again.

    1. 3 years ago wife & I quit our careers, sold everything & moved on a lake isolated north of Kirkland lake.
      Best decision ever.
      We are on a vantage point to watch the shit show

      1. That’s exactly what I mean. Not possible for everyone, but some version of this is possible for most everyone. A lot of it is just the mind frame. Look a yourself as an observer rather than a participant. Don’t get worked up about things you have no control over.

      2. Now all you need to do it ditch your electronic access to the world and it’ll be BLISS all around.

  18. If voting mattered – TPTB would have made it illegal a long time ago. Voting Lib/Con is a false choice. NDP is a disaster waiting to happen – hey Alberta.

    1. NDP is a disaster waiting to happen – hey Alberta.

      The Dippers turned B. C. into an on-going train wreck ever since the days of “fat little Dave” Barrett nearly 50 years ago.

      Unfortunately, that province never seems to learn its lesson. It chucks them out of office every decade or so, only to invite them back in a few years later to continue damaging the place.

        1. I was nearly finished high school when “fat little Dave” (as he nicknamed himself) and his gang of Keystone Kommies were elected by Lotusland. It was almost as if the Bolshie Revolution was being replayed as just about every idiotic policy and idea that those reds had during the campaign was going to be implemented (e. g., government car insurance, land bank).

          Eventually Dave and the gang figured out that it wasn’t such a good idea.

          The Socreds booted them out 3 years later and stayed in office when they imploded under van der Zalm. After that, it was 10 years in, 10 years out.