22 Replies to ““Welcome to John Tory’s Toronto””

  1. Big fan of Ezra, but this video wasn’t that great.

    Wannabe CHAZ activists who look like severely damaged kids are hostile to Canadian Alt-Lite online journalists.

    Cops want to run out the clock just like they did for the #OccupyWallStreet crowd ten years ago.


    1. “Big fan of Ezra, but this video wasn’t that great.”
      It’s Canadian content, as required by the CRTC, so there’s that.
      Something’s festering in Canada, and the Rebel is showing how deep the rot has set.

      Everything Old is New Again dept.
      January 13, 1964
      The Times They Are A’Changing

  2. Same ne’erdowells that wanted to “Shutdown Canada” by blocking rail lines before Covid and before JT settled with the fake chief.

  3. Well, the same people who voted for John Tory, are gonna vote for John Tory again. Those same people vote in every provincial and federal election.

    Seems pretty clear if you want a civil society, if you want rule of law, Toronto simply cannot be included.

    1. If you want a society that follows the rule of law you need one set of laws for all people and you need to refuse participation of all liberal socialists of all parties.

  4. Don’t see what the problem is.
    A majority voted for the politicians who support Antifa etc and that’s what you got.

    Remember….REAL power is being able to decide who to prosecute and who not to prosecute for exactly the same “crime”.

  5. L- Coulda had Mayor Faith Goldy, then the Toronto Police would have had back up, big time, and so would the Charter Right of freedom of the press.

      1. Canada has recently crossed the threshold of becoming nothing but another leftist Shit-Hole.
        Boycott Toronto first, then the rest of Canada if you can.

    1. You mean like the way you enjoy wanking off to pr0n and playing video games all day? You’re no better than the PantyFa idiots of your generation.

    1. No, we are living in the time of the ancient Chinese curse. May you live in interesting times. Of course that only applies to those who actually have a brain.

  6. Why does Toronto have cops from shithole countries acting like cops from shithole countries? Teach them how to read English and pass them a copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    1. Scar, they really don’t care about the country of Canada. The Cops are taught to take orders and are getting a paycheck. They serve the wishes of their Union overlords, they pick and choose the laws which suit them according how they are being ordered.
      The cops listened to the security guards (who are from said shit-hole countries where they make up laws to suit their mood and circumstances) ready to enforce their proclamation of declaring Rebel as “disturbers of the peace” , just because they said so. Not based on written law but by a verbal declaration. Written law is a hindrance to their feelings and emotions.

      Also, who’s paying the bill for those crappers? Anybody who is living in those tents? Highly improbable. Soros, highly probable.

  7. They need to put some sharp spikes on the front of their phone recorders to ensure no one puts their and over the lens. Call it protection, policing, a wall, whatever…

  8. The cops are either playing conservatives for fools or they’re pitting one side against the other knowing full well they’ll get a paycheque either way.
    Such Bullshit. Don’t call on us when the mob calls to defund your sorry asses.