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    1. I assumed the guy was black. Then I went to the link and saw his name was Daniel Clarey, and thought I had made a mistake and the guy was white. Nope. I was right in my first assumption.

    2. I know a judge would never allow it but all those cops recently framed for murder should show this at their trial. Things can go bad really quickly. Why would a cop be forced to fight with scumbags. Just shoot them.

  1. I started listening to the audiobook of The Madness of Crowds. Douglas Murray predicted everything that has happened. The Woke Army has only just begun to dismantle everything. It is going to get much worse.

  2. Tomorrow night, Turner Classic Movies will show films that feature the stop-action animation work by the great Ray Harryhausen. (Now who could pass up a chance to watch Earth vs. the Flying Saucers?)

      1. You’re welcome. You may recognize the lead actor, Hugh Marlowe. He was in a number of movies, including The Day The Earth Stood Still, All About Eve, and Twelve O’Clock High.

  3. Small story in the media today that China will be forcing birth control on its muslim population to control its numbers. Why no outrage from the media, politicians, and muslim countries? Just asking.

  4. And now the Liberal Party’s CBC this morning. Heart breaking story of a muslim migrant with a bag over her head and her six or seven children who have been told by Habitat Canada that they have to pay interest on part of their mortgage. She is joined by other muslim families who are outraged that they don’t get everything free. Habitat Canada in Edmonton is obviously full of Islamophobic bastards. Also in Edmonton the CBC reports that the Eskimos football team has fired a black player for not agreeing with homosexual marriage.

    1. The local Habitat is having financial problems. It is reportedly $ 27 million in debt. The ignorant immigrants among the new homeowners may not understand bankruptcy. They sign the loan agreement with payments less than rent or banks and contractors own their house and they get nothing. I’s sure a bunch of shyster lawyers are egging them on.

      1. Gee, maybe someone should offer housing loans to people who people who can’t possibly pay them back. Yeah, it’ll be a great success, won’t it? (Uh-huh…..)

        1. BA
          Now where oh where have I heard of that happening before….???
          To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of “Habitat Canada”…?

  5. No Good Deed

    The Ottawa Citizen explains how shitty white Canadians make the “racialized” community take shitty jobs, and therefore get shitty housing and also get shitty Wuhan Flu which hits over 54% of immigrants who were apparently shit-free before they landed.

    I think if shitty white Canadians had any compassion they’d stop immigration and let these “racialized” foreigners stay in their wonderful, non-shitty countries where I’m sure disease is very colour-blind.

    1. Do you mean that illiteerate goat herd from Baluchistan isn’t allowed to become a bank manager?

  6. From Wattsupwiththat



    In the absence of a change in trends, it seems likely that the epidemic will peter out after a thousand or so more deaths, implying an overall infection fatality rate of 0.06% of the population (0.04% excluding COVID-19 deaths of people in care homes). This is broadly comparable to excess deaths from influenza infections over two successive above-average seasons, such as 2016–17 plus 2017–18.[17]

    The absence of a lockdown order, with the government largely trusting people to make their own individual decisions regarding their behaviour, informed by their particular circumstances, has enabled life to continue with less disruption and reduction of people’s autonomy in Sweden than in most other western European countries. While this has also meant that COVID-19 deaths to date have been higher than in some (but not all) other countries in which a lockdown was imposed, the wider spread of the epidemic in Sweden means that the future COVID-19 outlook there is better.

    The herd immunity threshold is likely lower at present than it would be if people were behaving completely normally; it may also be seasonally lower. However, the continuing spread of infections since the peak of the epidemic, particularly among young people, should provide some margin of safety against its resurging when behaviour returns closer to normal and summer ends. That is, there is less risk of a second wave of the epidemic next winter. And if a second wave occurs, fewer measures should be needed to control it than in other countries.

  7. All the “peaceful protesters “ need to read this. The problem is that most of them do not have the intellect to understand it.

    This letter is a response from Oxford to Black Students attending as Rhodes Scholars to remove the statue of Oxford Benefactor, Cecil Rhodes.

    Interestingly, Chris Patten (Lord Patten of Barnes), The Chancellor of Oxford University, was on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 on precisely the same topic. The Daily Telegraph headline was “Oxford will not rewrite history”. Patten commented “Education is not indoctrination. Our history is not a blank page on which we can write our own version of what it should have been according to our contemporary views and prejudice” Rhodes must fall ????

    “Dear Scrotty Students,
    Cecil Rhodes’s generous bequest has contributed greatly to the comfort and wellbeing of many generations of Oxford students – a good many of them, dare we say it, better, brighter and more deserving than you.

    This does not necessarily mean we approve of everything Rhodes did in his lifetime – but then we don’t have to. Cecil Rhodes died over a century ago. Autres temps, autres moeurs. If you don’t understand what this means – and it would not remotely surprise us if that were the case – then we really think you should ask yourself the question: “Why am I at Oxford?”

    Oxford, let us remind you, is the world’s second oldest extant university. Scholars have been studying here since at least the 11th century. We’ve played a major part in the invention of Western civilisation, from the 12th century intellectual renaissance through the Enlightenment and beyond. Our alumni include William of Ockham, Roger Bacon, William Tyndale, John Donne, Sir Walter Raleigh, Erasmus, Sir Christopher Wren, William Penn, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), Samuel Johnson, Robert Hooke, William Morris, Oscar Wilde, Emily Davison, Cardinal Newman, Julie Cocks. We’re a big deal. And most of the people privileged to come and study here are conscious of what a big deal we are. Oxford is their alma mater – their dear mother – and they respect and revere her accordingly.

    And what were your ancestors doing in that period? Living in mud huts, mainly. Sure we’ll concede you the short lived Southern African civilisation of Great Zimbabwe. But let’s be brutally honest here. The contribution of the Bantu tribes to modern civilisation has been as near as damn it to zilch.

    You’ll probably say that’s “racist”. But it’s what we here at Oxford prefer to call “true.” Perhaps the rules are different at other universities. In fact, we know things are different at other universities. We’ve watched with horror at what has been happening across the pond from the University of Missouri to the University of Virginia and even to revered institutions like Harvard and Yale: the “safe spaces”; the? #?blacklivesmatter; the creeping cultural relativism; the stifling political correctness; what Allan Bloom rightly called “the closing of the American mind”. At Oxford however, we will always prefer facts and free, open debate to petty grievance-mongering, identity politics and empty sloganeering. The day we cease to do so is the day we lose the right to call ourselves the world’s greatest university.

    Of course, you are perfectly within your rights to squander your time at Oxford on silly, vexatious, single-issue political campaigns.

    (Though it does make us wonder how stringent the vetting procedure is these days for Rhodes scholarships and even more so, for Mandela Rhodes scholarships) We are well used to seeing undergraduates – or, in your case – postgraduates, making idiots of themselves. Just don’t expect us to indulge your idiocy, let alone genuflect before it. You may be black – “BME” as the grisly modern terminology has it – but we are colour blind. We have been educating gifted undergraduates from our former colonies, our Empire, our Commonwealth and beyond for many generations. We do not discriminate over sex, race, colour or creed.

    We do, however, discriminate according to intellect.

    That means, inter alia, that when our undergrads or postgrads come up with fatuous ideas, we don’t pat them on the back, give them a red rosette and say: “Ooh, you’re black and you come from South Africa. What a clever chap you are!” No. We prefer to see the quality of those ideas tested in the crucible of public debate. That’s another key part of the Oxford intellectual tradition you see: you can argue any damn thing you like but you need to be able to justify it with facts and logic – otherwise your idea is worthless.

    This ludicrous notion you have that a bronze statue of Cecil Rhodes should be removed from Oriel College, because it’s symbolic of “institutional racism” and “white slavery”. Well even if it is – which we dispute – so bloody what? Any undergraduate so feeble-minded that they can’t pass a bronze statue without having their “safe space” violated really does not deserve to be here. And besides, if we were to remove Rhodes’s statue on the premise that his life wasn’t blemish-free, where would we stop? As one of our alumni Dan Hannan has pointed out, Oriel’s other benefactors include two kings so awful – Edward II and Charles I – that their subjects had them killed. The college opposite – Christ Church – was built by a murderous, thieving bully who bumped off two of his wives. Thomas Jefferson kept slaves: does that invalidate the US Constitution? Winston Churchill had unenlightened views about Muslims and India: was he then the wrong man to lead Britain in the war?”

    Actually, we’ll go further than that. Your Rhodes Must Fall campaign is not merely fatuous but ugly, vandalistic and dangerous. We agree with Oxford historian RW Johnson that what you are trying to do here is no different from what ISIS and the Al-Qaeda have been doing to artefacts in places like Mali and Syria. You are murdering history.

    And who are you, anyway, to be lecturing Oxford University on how it should order its affairs? Your ?#?rhodesmustfall campaign, we understand, originates in South Africa and was initiated by a black activist who told one of his lecturers “whites have to be killed”. One of you – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh – is the privileged son of a rich politician and a member of a party whose slogan is “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer”; another of you, Ntokozo Qwabe, who is only in Oxford as a beneficiary of a Rhodes scholarship, has boasted about the need for “socially conscious black students” to “dominate white universities, and do so ruthlessly and decisively!

    Great. That’s just what Oxford University needs. Some cultural enrichment from the land of Winnie Mandela, burning tyre necklaces, an AIDS epidemic almost entirely the result of government indifference and ignorance, one of the world’s highest per capita murder rates, institutionalised corruption, tribal politics, anti-white racism and a collapsing economy. Please name which of the above items you think will enhance the lives of the 22,000 students studying here at Oxford.

    And then please explain what it is that makes your attention grabbing campaign to remove a listed statue from an Oxford college more urgent, more deserving than the desire of probably at least 20,000 of those 22,000 students to enjoy their time here unencumbered by the irritation of spoilt, ungrateful little tossers on scholarships they clearly don’t merit using racial politics and cheap guilt-tripping to ruin the life and fabric of our beloved university.

    Understand us and understand this clearly: you have everything to learn from us; we have nothing to learn from you.

      1. Sorry – this was not published by Oxford – they didn’t write it. It was written by Dellers (James Delingpole) as a suggestion of how Oxford SHOULD respond to the students – in truth, Oxford caved to them and meekly did what they wanted.

      1. University of Cape Town achieved a rank of 198 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings, a rank of 156 in the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and a rank of 201-300 in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, making it the highest-ranked African university in these rankings. In 2015 its Rhodes statue was removed.

        South Africa, of course, is now the 3rd most dangerous country in the world. 1 in 3 women will be raped there in their lifetime.

    1. Brilliant. And let me add … that when English/European civilization arrived on this continent … we found native peoples still living a Stone Age existence, with no real written languages. Reminder: this is the exact existence the global warmists want a return to. We are “sorry” we conquered you and took your land. Uh, no … not really, because that is how the world works and progresses (you lefties like that word, yes? … progressive?). We Europeans have made the greatest country ever created out of the raw materials we found here. The PROGRESS we’ve made since 160-something has been spectacular.

      And in doing so, we set-aside lands and treaties (albeit some broken) and $funding for you to “preserve” your culture … or not … as you so choose. Sadly, too many of you have chosen the easy way out. Collect your government checks, sit on the res. drink and eat it all up … and maybe deal some drugs on the side. But not all of you. Some have become like (for example) Japanese peoples who have both embraced European PROGRESS … and kept their ancient culture. Both can be compatible… but pretending the world hasn’t advanced is not really an option. That’s called willful ignorance. And anyone who encourages that doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

  8. A new article at justfacts.com on the virus. I know everyone here likes the truth so I suggest a quick read.

    1. They better abolish the name of the university as well. Fraser worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Oh, and the Fraser River (and, for that matter, the Mackenzie) need to be re-named as well. Alexander Mackenzie worked for Fraser’s competition.

      And, why leave out the town of Mackenzie, B. C. Not only was it named after an obvious racist, colonialist, and killer of cute furry creatures, it’s main business is–horrors!–forestry. It was established to process the deadheads that came to the surface of Lake Williston after the reservoir behind the Bennett Dam started filling. Williston, Bennett…. nope, those names have to go as well, as they destroyed the pristine environment with that dam.

      And, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of that dam as well. Vancouver can finally get its electricity from renewable sources now.

      See what one lousy name can lead to? Big things have small beginnings…..

  9. Money for nothing:


    You SJWs want to end poverty? How about you stop your war on the resource industries which generate revenue, create jobs, and lead to prosperity?

    I’ve been on “basic income”, back when it was called unemployment insurance. No, thanks. And, yes, SJWs, the government got more than the money it paid me back…. through taxes…. which I paid because I was earning and income…. by having a proper job.

  10. I have heard talk of a new movement making its way out of the Canadian hinterland in reaction to the anti-racism puritan hysteria being whipped up by government and industry: MOOSE, the Movement to Oppose Systemic Erasism. What is systemic erasism, you ask? It is the deliberate and concerted effort to erase the historical Canadian nation which has worked plenty fine up till now and replace it with an ideologically-driven multicultural social engineering project with a lousy global track record. It is basically opposition to population replacement and, as such, is not confined to the Canadian context. Is it racist? It is perhaps the most racially egalitarian movement on the planet. It affirms that all the different races on the planet have an inalienable right to preserve their secure demographic majorities in the sovereign nations in which they have historically constituted those majorities. Indeed, that is seen as vital to the preservation of the singular cultural characteristics of those sovereign nations and peoples. For instance, MOOSE would be equally opposed to reducing the people of Japan to a racial minority in their historical homeland as that would surely signify the erasure of unique Japanese culture and civilisation. What does MOOSE consider a secure demographic majority? Opinions may differ but surely no less than 80% of the national population. That guarantees a general cultural norm across the nation which is conducive to stability, cohesion and peace and which also ensures a high level of tolerance and acceptance of minority groups who can pose no demographic threat which has always been the inevitable source of resentment and conflict in multicultural countries. But doesn’t that racial and cultural normality lead to social stagnation through conformity and lack of diversity? No. How stagnant and uncreative has white European civilisation been through the millennia? How about the Chinese, Japanese, etc?
    There is no membership in MOOSE, no registration, no fee, no leadership, not even a website yet. People simply declare themselves a part of it and do their bit in their particular private and public lives to promote the cause. Indeed, in these days of outright persecution and blackballing of dissidents, overt membership in a counter-multicultural organisation could get you in a heap of trouble with the authorities and your employers and most MOOSE supporters are regular working stiffs who have to provide for their families. It’s up to each individual to find the safest and most effective way to join the fight against systemic erasism. MOOSE apparently is on the move.

    1. Thank goodness nothing like that can ever happen in (what used to be) Canada. (sarcasm = off)

  11. FOX News is now reporting that NYC Mayor di Blasio is going ahead with a $1-billion cut to the city police department. This is in keeping with the d4mands of radical activists.

  12. I see the Bureau of Land Management has finally decided to remove 200,000+ feral horses from BLM land.

    It’s about time. There is no such thing as a wild horse in the new world. These equine are vermin and are destroying natural habitat.

  13. Sunday morning coming down

    Listening to a show on the SiriusXM Grateful Dead channel last week, I heard one of the announcers mention that Nicky Hopkins played with the Jerry Garcia Band. Hopkins was a fantastic English pianist whose session work is virtually ubiquitous on great rock recordings of the ’60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Take a look, for example, at this Nicky Hopkins discography.

    If he wasn’t quite everywhere, everyone wanted his services. His contributions to Rolling Stones recordings are notable. I have included a couple below. I loved his work with the Jeff Beck Group on their first two albums and with Quicksilver Messenger Service on a few of theirs when he was named member of those bands


    From the comments:

    “Your mention of the “Dead” reminds me of a sort of a joke I heard one time about them.
    What did the Dead Head say when his buzz wore off?
    This band sucks!”

  14. Team Trudeau gives municipalities permission to dump raw sewage for 20 more years.


    Wasn’t the infrastructure funding supposed to fix sewage dumping? Oh sorry, Catherine McKenna is in charge.

    As a minister learning her infrastructure ABCs, she’s learned about airports, bridges, and culverts. Apparently it will take her another 20 years to get to the “S” as in Sewage treatment.

    1. This should’ve been taken care of decades ago. They mislead us into thinking that everything is done and they have to now take care of other countries. Liars, the lot of them.

      The Minister of the Environment should be let go and the Department dismantled. What a joke this ‘Canada’ is!

      Must be about the kick-backs and only the kick-backs.

      I’m sure that Quebec must be the worst of the lot, B A.

      1. I’m reminded of the scene early in the movie The Man Who Would Be King when the chieftain Ootah explains to Peachy Carnehan (Michael Caine) and Daniel Dravot (Sean Connery), through the Gurkha soldier Billy Fish (Saeed Jaffrey), what his grievances were.

        Aside from being attacked and robbed by surrounding hostile tribes, there were those who chose to relieve themselves in the river upstream from Ootah’s village when his people were bathing. Throughout the rest of the movie, each tribe and habitation that Peachy and Danny encountered had a similar concern.

        (Trust me, it’s much better on screen.)

        1. Ha!
          Rudyard Kipling probably lived through that scenario. Movie is based on his book. I don’t remember if I saw the movie, likely not. Where have I been?

  15. I accidentally caught Tucker Carlson this afternoon featuring this story on mob violence in St Louis, Miss.
    He ripped the news media big time, IE, the NY Times and Washington Post. for fabricating a totally BS line about what really happened here. They made the home owners to be the bad guys which was totally wrong.


    If you can, I highly recommend watching Tucker on FOX telling the truth about what happened.
    The moral of the story is that if candy ass politicians and police allow the third world mentality mobs to get away with destroying public and private property at will, then don’t be surprised when the citizens start taking care of the situation themselves.