28 Replies to “The Kaepernick Effect”

  1. Wonderful news.

    I would celebrate if Nike went under. Their entire business now runs on virtue signalling and overpaying athletes to wear their silly logo.

    They long ago stopped focusing on the quality and innovation of the products.

    1. Heh, it’s MSM reported like Nike has a monopoly on the shoe industry with it’s “woke” business culture. Someone should tell them we will not be hand-making shoes at home if Nike fails.

      The employees have plenty of options in the wider “shoe market” to find more employment. Hell if they have some skills and grit maybe they have learned from Nike’s mistakes and can create & run some new start-up companies. Capitalism and all………..

        1. Aren’t Nikes just knockoffs.. $.48 worth of materials.. $.12 labor!.. $189.95 for the dumb.

    2. It’s totally surprising that supporting BLM while they looted Nike’s from all the retail stores has totally backfired!

  2. I love the language used by the company while trying to weasel out of acknowledging that they screwed up.

  3. I feel bad for the employees who are losing their jobs because their management is stupid. I’ve worked for very large corporations several times in the past, and the employees always have to be a little worried that management is going to make stupid decisions that will ultimately cost jobs.

    1. Their employees are all Left Wing A..holes – hope they f…ing die. The shoes are made in Asia and all other employees are in sales, finance and marketing and are Far Left Jerks.

  4. “….he and others felt the Betsy Ross flag is an offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery, the people said,”

    Heh, There are allot of things with a “connection to that era” – like food, clothing, farming, sailing, the list is endless.

    Does Kaepernick intend that we devolve back to 16th century Africa? Sorry to say they had black slaves then too.

    Possibly Keapernick should donate all his money and assets and just move to some obscure jungle village in Africa so as not to be reminded of all the slavery around him in the modern USA. Just say’n.

  5. Get Woke go Broke. That said how much are they paying Kaepernick and other pro athletes to endorse their products. I bet it is well within the neighbourhood of $790 million.

  6. “We are committed to showing compassion and respect for our transitioning employees through thoughtful and robust severance practices, consistent with our company values, our legal obligations, the competitive marketplace and individual employee situations”

    How many transgenders do they have in that company? Oh wait, “transitioning” means they got their butts fired.

  7. I’ve made it a policy not to purchase from such virtue signalling brands. Nike is on the list.

    1. “I’ve made it a policy not to purchase from such virtue signalling brands. Nike is on the list.”

      Heh. The way they’re all caving, we’ll soon be bare-arsed and barefoot.

  8. I believe the loss is largely due to the covid problem even if they say thats just part of the problem. As much as I wish they were going broke because of their stupid woke virtue signalling, I doubt that is really the problem. More than half of voters in the USA voted for Hillary. These people are still out there buying Nike. International consumers could care less about the wokeness and continue to buy.

    Either way, I bought a new pair of Nike runners every year for the past 30 years of my life. Since the Kaepernick advert, I haven’t bought any and never will again.

  9. Restructuring their over burdened matrix. Is that the new speak for finding even cheaper slave labour to make their overpriced crap?

  10. Nike athletes (Jordan, Tiger) used to be focussed on their sports and made apparel and shoes for all.

    They did not wade into the political realm, sports was something people used to watch to escape politics.

    Colin is angry and as a result, the brand now comes across as angry, militant and political.

    It’s social justice, all the time.

    This is not good for business as we are starting to see.

  11. This is what happens when free enterprise goes socialist propaganda.
    Maybe they will get out of woke chaos of ‘ims and back into selling shoes and athletic clothes.
    Would suggest here that this should happen to all woke business.
    I don’t buy Shell gas since they are against Alberta’s oil business, have not bought for years.

  12. When will the boards and executives realise hiring gender studies graduates for the marketing departments will always end badly.

  13. Layoffs?

    Funny term for such a ‘woke’ corporation to use when what they would actually be doing is freeing Asian slave-children. Also funny how the ‘woke’ media always ignores these companies when they are repeatedly caught trampling the same human rights that they claim to so proudly stand for.

    Lying scumbags who couldn’t give a flying f*ck about ethics or morality if they get in the way of making a buck or building power.

  14. The Kaepernick thing was truly odd. In 2016 he was the worst starting quarterback in the league (1 for 11.) i am not sure who’s hero he was. The knee thing was obviously an attention grabber for someone not long for the league.

    1. Why consider it odd? Make people believe that you’re a victim and you generate sympathy. At the other end of the spectrum is Alvin Law.


      Exceptional, you bet, but there are hundreds of thousands out there that don’t play the victim card, and succeed in getting on with everyday life no matter what their physical or mental disabilities are. Yet corporations, the media, Hollywood, politicians, all focus on the self professed victims, and the sheep all fall into line because it is blasphemy to tell these ‘victims’ to man up and get on with life. The present conditions in America is the absolute pinnacle of victimhood, and yet the majority in America cannot see past the BS pablum that they have been fed since the Sixties.

    2. I don’t follow American football but I had a vague feeling Kaepernick wasn’t very good at his job. Thanks for the details I had been missing.

  15. Thank you for the good-news post. I like the phrase “,,,restructure an overburdened matrix” — code for laying off many employees. One can hope for more bad news to this dreadful company.

  16. To my mind this “kneeling” phenomenon is a distortion of the traditional meaning of the word – kneeling is a signal of
    obeisance – defined as deference, respect, homage, adoration, submission, etc.
    Historically and traditionally associated with religious services or a hero being knighted by the ruler of the realm.
    Hardly a sign of defiance.
    Same goes for the juxtaposition of red vs blue – As I recall the original association of “red” was with Soviet communism, i.e., better dead than red.