24 Replies to “Khmer Noir”

  1. “Sleeper Cells”

    Western countries have also been flooded with “sleeper cells” with Open Border policies with every grievance country or large hate group on the planet.

    Think Islam & China, if there was ever a War with China, forget about sending troops, we’d have our hands full of Chinese espionage agents, Muslim terrorists, and ANTI-FA type leftists everywhere.

  2. Social Engineering may be responsible for most of the Police violence in society… Try to eliminate all those things that are enforced by armed Police and we might have a polite society

    The Social engineering progressive Agenda
    1. Seat belts.. the first aggression in my memory….Large fine

    2. Cigarette Smoking & Excessive Taxation…..3 identifiable unnecessary deaths, since Ferguson

    3. MADD…. the White Mothers who want people locked up, no ride home…. Shot the bugger

    4. Uninsured Drivers insurance/Health Care paid by those with insurance….

    5. The UN dysfunctional agendas… AGW & International LAW… WHO incompetence

    Just get rid of all this crap….. DO NOT HAVE POLICE INVOLVED

    1. Was actually quite a thoughtful and intelligent discussion. The thought I couldn’t get past through their discussion was why with so many thoughtful & intelligent people around are we still dealing with this leftist shit?

      1. This is my problem with this as well.

        We can listen to these podcasts and deep dives into the mechanics and psychology and ideology all day every day…then what?

        They. Just. Keep. Progressing.

  3. Bret Weinstein’s story he is definitely a Democrat and would like to keep his elitism and his money and Blames Trump for all that is happening forgetting it has BEEN the DEMOCRATIC and DNC Party that is doing THIS to American’s and their COUNTRY. HE WANTED HILLARY TO WIN and his nose is out of joint that Trump WON. Yet Trump has proved himself he has made the economy strong. He is protecting Americans from open borders. He is bring back jobs to America and the list goes on. He shut down USA when China let the Corona Virus loose. The DNC has failed to say why the Democratic party made Floyd’s death (who was a criminal) the reason for all Black Lives Matter when it should be ALL Lived Matter….even when many other Black’s have been killed but NOT a word from the Democratic party. Remember KKK the Elites of the DNC Democratic Party they need to be pushed over edge to show their hand at destroying America. This is what it is all about!!! THEY WANT TO RUN AMERICA!!

  4. I don’t understand the infatuation with Weinstein. One thing really sticks out in this video….and that is willful ignorance. They spend over an hour pointing out the “doom of empathy,” the “doom of fiction” etc… and even provide a coherent connection to how group think and enforced outrage lead to these eventual downfalls. Essentially, they are defining the end game of enforcing cultural appropriation. They even go so far as to identify that the Democrat party is essentially made up a variety of special interest groups not necessarily beholden to any of the others in that Democrat alliance.

    What they don’t grasp (and it’s absolutely mind boggling that they don’t) is that this is all centered around fundamental identity politics. They fail to address the biggest, pinkest elephant in the room. The very concept of Black Lives Matter is identity politics. Heather starts the discussion by quoting a Professor (associate…btw) from Lewis & Clark College. Lyell Asher is his name…and that interested me, so I did a little digging to see where that professor’s ideology lay. He wrote an article using Tolstoy to point out that you shouldn’t take short cuts to acquire your knowledge because it’s going to lead you down the road to improper assumption. Tolstoy was a fantastic choice in that he liked to throw you curve balls about characters such that you thought you identified their motivation, only to have it turn on a dime when Leo dropped another nugget. Asher uses Black Lives Matter, as well in his discussion, and chastises the “alt-right” for seizing on the name to conclude that members of BLM don’t think other lives matter. BUT….that’s just the point. Whether they do or not (and I’m convinced that there are quite a few that fit the bill)…it’s immaterial in that the very name of the organization invokes identity politics and fails to take into account the individual merits, but exists in name as a generalization. Black Lives matter is a shortcut in itself. It’s a prejudicial lumping of all individuals into a sum, and if you’re not on board…well then, move on racist!!! It’s no different from the MeToo movement that generalizes in its position to “believe all women.” Generalizations and identity politics.

    Here’s the simple truth…and it is simple. Everyone on the planet (and everyone who was EVER on the planet) is an individual. No single person is the same as another, not even identical twins. Some are taller, some are smarter, some are more gregarious, some have more melanin content in their skin, some are more attractive, some are bigger assholes, some conform, some do not etc… Write this down: EVERY ONE WHO WAS, IS AND WILL BE IS A FREAKIN MINORITY (Korean Cloned Sheep excluded).

    And until people like Weinstein can toss away the over generalizations and grasp onto rugged individualism they are standing on top of a bucket pulling up on the handle and wondering why they can’t lift it. It’s infuriating that these two can sit there and point out the above, but not grasp that they are still propagating it’s existence. There is an actual moment in this video when I thought they might catch on…the woman (Heather) points out the folly of not being able to pontificate on anything relative to Weinstein based on him being male and Jewish…so only a male Jewish person could possibly have a idea. I believe the term they used was “lived experience.” Fine, that was the right track, but they stop short of pointing out that the very application hate laws contradict this very premise. And, I guarantee that both of those learned professors support such “jurisprudence.” In fact, the law itself contradicts the premise in that a Judge or Jury is never going to reflect the defendant in total via lived experience. BUT, here’s the tell. Just prior to this revelation, Heather uses a fiction writer as an example whereby the author wrote a book about a Mexican woman escaping the narcs and escaping to the US. Mexicans tried to get the publisher to drop the book because the author wasn’t Mexican. Ok…with me so far? Well, Heather pointed out that the author had a Puerto Rican grandmother as if that were a relevant fact in any fashion. To Heather, it was. After all, a Latina connection should have been enough…right? That’s the rub…isn’t it? She’s still wrapped up in identity politics while at the same time pointing a finger at even more egregious violators. Yet’s she’s using the same premise in her own position. I believe it was a Freudian slip that she even mentioned it. But it was telling nonetheless.

    Here is vintage Weinstein. He can’t understand the natural alignment of pro-business and those in support of the 2nd Amendment. Which gets to the root of his ignorance. It’s a moderately sized piece of paper called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In that ignored item exists the basis for a freedom that in turn encourages capitalism…and, also, supports the Right to Arms. Yet, to him it’s a mystery as to why those two diverging groups should join as allies. Somehow, he thinks there aren’t very many business owners who are also advocates of the 2nd Amendment and vice versa.

    Don’t even get me started on the “March through the institutions”….which these two didn’t even bother to mention even though Weinstein kept lamenting that he couldn’t name one aspect of life that hasn’t been infiltrated. This is like Anheiser Busch trying to explain to Budějovický Budvar how to make beer.

  5. I am at the 23rd minute and it appears the guy thinks these riots are spontaneous, emanating from the mass`s grief.

    1. … I know, same guy that talked for ten minutes about his fucking hair … worst podcast ever … I gave up after the dude started talking about the special relationship he needs to have with his barber …

  6. These are two comfortably off dementocrats who still believe, but don`t quite understand what`s going on. The fact that they appear to believe these people are quote demonstratinf, or rioting, for legitimate causes shows they are out if touch, even though they are surprisingly free-minded for today`s quote left.

  7. Listening carefully to people with whom you aren’t politically aligned can give you valuable insights into where you might find common ground. Otherwise known as “ALLIES”. Weinstein has more than observed the insanity of the woke mob — he and his wife were literally hunted by one.

    If you haven’t figured out that having people on both left and right speaking with one voice about the danger we’re in is is more effective and powerful than bitching to your friends inside an echo chamber — maybe it’s time to find a new hobby.

    1. Yeah, Kate. That’s where you and I disagree. I’m not interested in common ground with those two. I’m glad they’re getting a new education. But, they are still in the remedial class and I still find their curriculum offensive. The unhinged Left thinks 2 +2 = 567. These two think 2+2= 7. They’re both wrong. The latter is slightly less wrong….but still wrong. I don’t compromise on inalienable rights. I don’t compromise on common sense. I don’t compromise on science. There’s no partial credit on this exam. Compromise on these things, IMO, is a loss for me and a win for them. It’s a common negotiating tactic to shoot for the moon to acquire concessions. I’m not conceding.

      You are correct that “bitching to your friends inside and echo chamber” isn’t going to serve as much of a catalyst to correction. I think we are past that point anyway. Obviously, there are major differences between the US and Canada. I’m of the former and a STRICT Constitutionalist (and, incidentally, if you want to know how that philosophy is portrayed by the media companies, go ahead and google it…it will not show up in the findings. Instead, they will give you search results for Constructionism which isn’t the same thing). But, maybe we can find some common ground in there (eye roll).

  8. progressiveCons.

    What I call ’em. From global warming B.S. to intersectional B.S. All day, every day of the year crap spewing from con artists. Authoritarian. Nasty. Very cruel. Relentlessly slithering further into your life and your wallet. Control is the goal. Pretending to be on the side of “Good” – They “define” it in the moment. Big con-job. Growth industry these days.

  9. clif notes for those who like me do NOT have the attention span to listen to a long line of BULLSHIT. All the riots and BLM stuff is emotionally bases, and fMRI studies have shown that when the area of the brain were emotions are processed, is active, it shuts down the area of the brain were logic is processed. This also goes a long way explaining the battered wife syndrome, and disconnected liberal thinking!!!

  10. Well, if you’re only interested in listening to that which confirms your own biases, why are you here? Why do you read anything from anyone? You might encounter something with which you disagree, may even learn you were wrong about something. Perish the thought.

    It does make me think for the first time ever very seriously about shuttering this place. I have no interest in entertaining closed minds.

  11. As an addendum — to those of you who commented that you didn’t watch it past (blahblahblah)… why the fuck do you bother commenting at all?

    Scroll on by.

  12. I am completely mystified as to why you are so emotionally invested in these two people Kate?

    I’ve listened to two of these. It did not compel me to listen to a third.

    But I will out of respect for you.

    And then will comment further.

      1. I’d suggest we’re seeing Kate’s “Why do I bother?” moment. This blog (and some of its more obtuse commenters, self no-doubt included) must cause her a whole lot of ongoing frustration – and my only question would be, how on earth did she hold-on this long? If you want to see an example of somebody who’s far, far freer with the ban-hammer than Kate’s ever been, saunter over to Greaterfool and watch Garth in action.

        Hang in there, Kate! You are my #1 news source for at least a decade now, and I greatly appreciate you!

  13. Scott Adams said a couple of days ago that the left only hears one side of things while the right hears both sides because you can’t avoid hearing the left’s narrative. The echo chamber is therefore more a left issue. Both sides are firmly convinced that they are correct, but how can we determine truth unless we hear all sides of the argument? Thoughtful conversation is what I look for.

    1. I have observed that history reflects most opinion and argument and we can’t seem to prevent ourselves from repeating our past mistakes, no matter how many sides of an argument we hear. It seems that the more “civilized” we become the more likely we are to be destroyed because of our inability to take the needed physical action against ideas that ultimately will destroy us.

  14. Look, it’s somewhat gratifying to see such pillars of the Left start to grasp onto crumbs and ask themselves questions. I get that. The fact that people are getting excited about that tells you just how screwed up things are. But, if you’re looking for someone who was at one time extremely leftist that has virtually come over to the other side, why not post more of the interviews with Dave Rubin. He was in the belly of the beast (Young Turks) and has valid, useful insights that don’t stop short and don’t border on hypocrisy. If you’re looking for someone who has a incredible talent for presenting an argument that will resonate with some on the left while educating plebes like me on how to encourage it, post some videos of Bill Whittle. Some of his latest are outright fantastic.

    But these two (Heather and Bret) are just learning to walk.