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    1. UN membership, isn’t that the same group that had 3rd world soldiers bartering internationally volunteered food aid for sex from underage girls in disaster zones (Haiti comes to mind)?

      This is so minor it won’t get any traction.

    2. Because it wasn’t a little boy, this person will be fired… P.S. If you haven’t signed up to Parler,what are you waiting for?

  1. Watching some Bill Whittle tonight. Many gems, too many to mention. Trying to distill some of it down…

    Anyone who brings up cultural appropriation better be of European ancestry or they can’t get their food at the supermarket. Refrigeration? check. Electricity? check. Delivery by diesel trucks, diesel locomotives, internal combustion powered ships, heavier than air aircraft? check. If you agree that we can use bits from your culture, then you get to benefit from the melting pot. If you really want to tear it all down, then start with your (not your neighbourhood’s, just your) power lines.

  2. Good choice, Kate. Many thanks. Their take on “Rolling in the Deep” sent shivers down my spine.

    When I saw the Fossil T-shirt I thought it was Fossil Oregon, home of an annual bluegrass festival. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    1. I thought the police were remarkably restrained. I personally would have broken their kneecaps with the billy sticks.

      I HATE people who bully and pick away at you and then scream “brutality” when you strike back. Something like that happened when I was in Grade 5 – this one family on the street had nasty children who liked to hide behind fences and then whip your legs with a skipping rope as you walked by. I and my brother got them good one day and of course, they went crying to their mother. She came to berate our mother and our mother said “Serves them right! after what they have been doing to the neighbourhood children” They never pulled that stuff again, as they now knew we would retaliate and would bring it back to them twice as hard.

    2. Heh…to me the cops were beyond “restrained”.

      I think the US Should buy DEVILS Island – dump every one of these assholes off there and let them ROT.
      You want your own autonomy..??
      Well here ya go kiddies, it’s all yours.

      1. We’re in the right season to start a “Survivor – Ellesmere Island” with Antifa members. Military live-fire zone for aircraft and ships coming into the zone (anything they make on the island they can use) around the island for 2 months. Any survivors that want to go back and become law abiding citizens will be picked up 2 months after the day they are dropped off.

        Bookies would have a field day.

  3. In case anyone is wondering, Great Leader is having a wonderful time at his Harrington Lake resort.

    1. I’m so relieved! I was worried that he might not be comfortable or enjoying himself in any way. I was terrified at the thought that he might actually have to get by with only 49 different flavours of ice cream and that he might be depressed and distraught because of such deprivations.

      Nah. As far as I’m concerned, he can stay there for good and let someone else run the country. Oh, wait a minute–that’s already the case, isn’t it?

      1. And we let him use it out of gratitude for all his love, wisdom, and guidance, right? After all, he toils endlessly for our welfare, with no thought of personal reward or regard for his own comfort.

  4. HRH PMJT committed $300,000,000 to COVID treatment of foreigners abroad. That is how many more dead at home?
    Life in prison, dude! Remember: you will get life in prison.

    No one who respects human intelligence would use reCAPTCHA.

    1. I know this must seem like a silly question, but where’s he getting all the money? Might be a good question for some enterprising journalist to ask.

  5. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/lainey-gossip-apology-racist-homophobic-posts_ca_5ef4c0d3c5b66c3126836409

    Lainey Lou is trending with #FireLaineyLou after she threw Ben Mulroney’s liberal wife (Jessica) under the bus. Allegedly Jessica didn’t want to promote BLM on her program and after being pushed to do so by the niece of Marcy Ien in a private chat that got leaked online. Background, this is the same Macry Ien who claimed Toronto cops were racists because they followed Marci when she rolled through a stop sign. Jessica was forced to apologize and got cancelled. Macy Ien and Lainey Lou are cohosts of the ultra liberal CTV talk show “The Social” where all of the women on The Social threw Jessica under the bus and helped promote getting Jessica cancelled. However karma kicked in after alleged racists and homophobic comments surfaced from Lainey Lou resurfaced. Hence people are pushing #FireLaineyLou given the hypocrisy and to teach these “cancel culture” people a lesson about what’s good for the gander and goose.

  6. And now a wrap up of today’s news. Trump and Putin conspired to kill American troops. Trump supports the KKK. Homosexual sex is wonderful. Indians need more money. Its ok to gather in large crowds in Canadian cities if your protesting something. Trudeau is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Canadians are racist bastards.

  7. The “Abolish The Police In Canada” rally in Toronto was a huge success. Hundreds of people showed up in association with Pride Toronto to demand that police forces be abolished.