12 Replies to “How Deep, Señor Maduro?”

  1. Canaduh!, in 10, 15 years when our present day homes run down with no resources to fix them, huge interest rates..Very sad to see these poverty stricken people. But I haven’t heard as much about food shortages there lately.. Perhaps with growing weather,there are more available food stuffs..

  2. That sounds like our communist Canadian Indian reserves only with more individual initiative. Our local governments these days are run by politicians mostly incapable of understanding, let alone interested in such mundane things as water systems when they campaign and are elected on such enlightened platforms as saving the planet from burning-up and “affordable housing” while continuing to add to everything that makes housing more expensive.

    1. The City of Edmonton has a quarter-BILLION dollar COVID hole to dig out of. It has unfunded drainage infrastructure worth three-quarters of a BILLION that needs to be replaced in the next decade. It has a couple thousand laid-off employees to deal with.

      So what did the Edmonton City Council do this year? Set-up a fund to subsidize electric-bike purchases. Give the go-ahead to a 3-Billion dollar LRT line for all future workers-at-home who will never need it.

      Don’t blame Maduro for anything. He is only acting like the average North American big-city mayor.

  3. The Apache Reservation that covers 3 states in the SW has a similar problem. I’m going by memory here but something like 40% of homes have no power or water.

  4. Power and water must be rationed among the plebes so that our fearless leaders will have the necessary energy and sustenance to get us through these times. We cannot begin to understand the tribulations they must endure as they strive to lift us from the shackles of capitalism.

  5. It is nothing. Going to a dug well with a bucket is not the end of the world.

  6. Venezuela ?
    I thought that was one of those forbidden words.
    Words that must not be spoken?
    Funny how those fawning articles of the “Great Revolution” have vanished from the Constantly Biased Corp..
    The crumbled infrastructure there will be taken as a target to achieve.Here.
    With Infrastructure Barbie at the helm,we too can reach such great goals is a matter of months.
    Soon enough only persons with “proper Liberal Credentials” will be allowed to hold jobs of great “social importance”,ensuring the totally useless and clueless will be in charge of our water and sewer systems.
    Water shortages,Typhoid and Dysentery are guaranteed to follow.
    Roads will be restored to their “original condition ,before the white men came”.
    I presume the Russian model will rule for air travel.

    Good times to come..

    1. Anybody remember that the Saskatchewan NDP government back in the 90’s had an actual program that converted lesser-utilized paved roads to gravel? I believe it even had a name like “Gravelification” or some such nonsense. Pavement was deliberately left to rot, crumble and fall apart. The urban progressives in Saskatoon had no use for farmers, or for any small-town folk. Just your typical left-winger philosophy. Maduro is doing nothing new, just following the same old tired script.