17 Replies to “Educated into Imbecility”

  1. One of the most important ideas that Murray states in this interview is about those of us who rolled our eyes at the students getting degrees in Applied Wiccan Dance Therapy. We laughed at their parents for funding this stuff – because those kids were gonna hit the real world, $30,000 in debt, and be completely unemployable.

    We were wrong.

    They all got jobs in forward-thinking HR departments, and in media. And now they’re lecturing us on the level of wokeness we need to get a job in a big company, or to participate in a discussion of the political process.

    And we’re the troglodyte dinosaurs.

    As Murray notes, the only way to win this game is not to play.

    (Yes, those woke places are going broke, and will continue to go broke … cough Nike cough CNN cough … but there’s a lot of rot that still has to be gotten through.)

  2. If civilized society does not push back there will be no turning back as America descends into anarchy. IMHO the Democrats are encouraging this kaos for their own political advantage.

    1. Of course they are, and their multi-national billionaire funders. These are not spontaneous demonstrations, they are organized in surrection.

    2. Look behind the Democrats. It is geo soreass and his fellow travellers that make their money by bankrupting countries that are promoting this. Soreass once said that the greatest impediment to social justice was the USA. He doesn’t give a spit about social justice. The promise of social justice is one of the many cons aspiring tyrants use to deceive people.

  3. Give it 14 days, and many of the protesters will get the flu. That will shut them up for a while.

    Universities were rather elite when first opened. Then, they expanded, in Canada, to the competent. Unfortunately, now the expanded programs and watered-down admission criteria give credentials to inappropriate people.

    1. Universities are now money making machines pushing out worthless paper. Many should be shut down completely

      1. My alma mater must have more than enough cash on hand. I haven’t been pestered for a donation for quite a while.

        1. If it’s the same as mine (UofA), they are starting to feel the pain from Suzuki’s (Ron MacLean too?) honorary degrees. They have a shortfall, upping tuition and rationalizing numbers of faculties. It’s only going to get worse.

          1. Yes, it’s the U of A.

            For some reason, I was dropped from the alumni mailing list something like 10 years ago. I haven’t heard peep from the place except for the occasional reminder that the place deserves a “kickback” from me for all the money I made because of the education got there. (Yeah, right.)

    2. “Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.”
      — Thomas Sowell, Economist, Social Theorist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University

  4. Copied from the video comments:
    “You have just watched an interview which could never be seen on Canadian television. It would not be allowed because of our leftist system and the payoff to the media by Trudeau and his hench people (Henchmen is a forbidden word in Canada.)”

  5. I met a nice young checkout woman at HD this morning. She was confused when I gave her an extra few coins so that my change would include a paper? bill and cut down on the coins in exchange. I had to tell her what the change due was. She apologized and said that she was not stupid, just that she had not been trained to work out numbers in her head. She blamed (with my agreement) the education system where the teachers told her that all she needed was a calculator! I feel sorry for her. She recognized her failing. I do not think that she will recover from the lack of training given by her teachers. She may be able to if she starts anew, but that will still mean many years of training on her own or a year or two and much cost towards tutors.

    1. Agreed. If the cashier hits the total button too fast I ask them to hold on for a second, then (because the till is showing the change) I count the change up to the bill I want to receive as I place the coins on the counter.

      It hasn’t failed me yet, and half the time the cashier looks relieved that they didn’t have to do any math (or have to show that they don’t know how).

  6. Douglas Murray essentially said what Jordan Petersen has been saying for a while regarding the post modern nihilism that has been cultivated by the branch of the institutional left that masquerades as academia.

    The outspoken Vancouver Judge, Les Bewley said 40 plus years ago that “we should replace post secondary Liberal Arts faculties with library cards”. And he was spot-on.

  7. What is not been addressed is that they are backed by “full scale” Violent Communist’s…, It is not about Trump or Biden, although the Democrats have allowed the Communists to infiltrate their party…. Its not about BLM, or Police, or Statues.. It is a revolution that must be resolved by the Military… Treason is applicable, but Racketeering will also work… Time to recognize that this enemy wants to destroy America….

    Blathering about a Political Party advantage is worthless… Nothing but total elimination will stop the advancing Childish Hordes of “Neer-do-Well” (useless critters)…..


  8. The charming insults from our Progressive Comrades shall continue to their end.
    With delusions of adequacy,they constantly refrain that we would understand and respect their point of view,if only we were “better educated”.
    Like them.

    Yet these serial failures,insist they know better how to operate systems they have only heard rumours of the existence there of.

    Constantly demonstrate their intolerance of any POV that differs from their warm fuzzy self delusion.

    And destroy everything they touch.

    With decades of systemic failure and social destruction to their credit,they still insist they “know best”,when a sober analysis indicated they know less than nothing and are unable to learn.

    The universities are shells of what they promised to be.
    The hope that we might learn from history to stop our repetition of the madness of mobs,has crashed and burned.

    My father was a great believer in education,believed a better educated people might not fall for a “dear Leader and the propaganda used to stampede the masses.
    He and his kind supported the concept of Universities,free of State Control.

    Now the product flowing out from these institutions is a “Red Tide”,toxic to all it touches.
    Sensible employers avoid University Graduates like plague.

    Tax payer resent funding these abusive outposts of Wokenism.
    Parents are wising up to the corruption.
    As that is a lot of money for very restricted career opportunities.

    And even the core STEM degrees are dumbed down,I deal with Engineers regularly,the new graduates instill no confidence that things might improve.

    If these institutions of education continue the current trends, we will,in industry, be seeking foreign trained STEM students,just to maintain our existing infrastructure.

    Or forcing the requirements for Engineering oversight,out of the trades.

    The “Long march Through the Institutions” must have seems real clever at the time.
    What better a method than to seize a respected,valued institution..Kill it and use it as cover for undermining society ?
    Except they were too slow,the paying customers stopped funding the corpse.

    So Government had to take over.
    Which only sped up the taxpayers contempt for the institutional Corpse stinking up their society.
    Now Government is out of money and faces real consequences for attempting to steal more.

    Kiss the Dark Mills of Credentialism Goodbye.
    After the government funds stop.
    They die.

  9. As Mark Twain pointed out, it’s easier to con someone than it is to convince them they’ve been conned. At core, the anger of these “activists” comes from the fact that they’ve been swindled, big time, by big education. They have these absolutely worthless pieces of paper called, “degrees”, a mountain of debt they took on to pay for them, and at least four years of their lives wasted in the process. So rather than face up to the fact that they got took, and perhaps turn their anger on the university profs who swindled them, they double down on the nonsense and act like spoiled brats pooping their pants, throwing the toys out of their cribs, lying on the floor kicking and screaming and shouting at mommy and daddy, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” The correct response would be to put them in the corner for a time out, but gutless lefty adults find it easier to appease them in the absurd belief that this will somehow stop their nonsense.