Decouple Now

It’s official: China admits to hostage taking.

A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry says that Canada halting its attempt to extradite Meng Wanzhou could affect the fates of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Give Trudeau some credit for rejecting it (so far), though he has plenty of backing.

Speaking of ChinadaA group of 19 former high-level Canadian officials, including a former Supreme Court Justice, former Liberal & Conservative cabinet ministers, and the former leader of the Federal NDP, have signed a letter calling on Canada to release Meng Wanzhou to facilitate a ‘prisoner swap’ for the two Michaels.

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    1. You got it Johnboy. This is not about de-coupling per se, although decoupling could help and should be done if it does help end communism in China. It’s about the continuing, current cold war between Capitalism and Communism. The Capitalist west has allowed China to get the upper hand. It’s so bad the current Cdn gov’t doesn’t seem to know what side it is on. Look at the pockets of communism we have allowed to exist here — Nathan Phillips square.

  1. Rock – China
    Hard place – USA

    You know, I have a hard time believing that had Scheer won, he wouldn’t be just as conflicted in deciding which master to serve. But, at least he doesn’t have a strong track record of negotiating with terrorists that encourages others to use this kind of blackmail.

    1. Correct, Trudeau has a long history of pandering to terrorists, 10.8 million to Kadhr for example.

      It’s Trump standing in Blackfaces way, noooo doubt about it. JT wouldn’t have arrested Meng in the first place and will always bend to his ideological masters and totalitarian friends.

      1. Trudy will be playing the same defer and deflect game he played in 2016.

        They all thought SHE would win.

        Trudy will again make the same play, hoping the Bad OrangeMan will be defeated, so that he can then make the swap, since Dementia Joe and the Dementocrat are OWNED by Chicom Inc.

        There’s no doubt that Trudy and his corrupt Laurentian have been told if they give up Ms Huawei, the border will be closed to commercial traffic, regardless of the damage. Canada’s economy is dependent upon 80% of its GDP from the US. Even a corrupt stooge like Trudy and his juvenile team understand the outcome from the complete closure of the American border. (I wish Trump would do that regardless, but that’s for another day)

  2. “If countries around the world, including China, realize that by arbitrarily arresting random Canadians, they can get what they want out of Canada politically – well, that makes an awful lot of Canadians who travel around the world vulnerable to that kind of pressure.”
    ~ Justin Trudeau

    What? How long have I been asleep? I had this weird dream where our PM bent the knee to Moaist agitators. Cant be the same guy…

  3. How about swapping out the little Black faced Dick-Tater. A win win, we get the real Canadians back and Blackie-two face gets the regime he so admires.

  4. If we still have a law enforcement agency in this country that hasn’t been coopted I would think they just got 19 new espionage investigations started.

    That being said

    If the Chinese are expressing that they want the extradition stopped, this means it’s an existential crisis if she is.
    There is no guarantee the men will be released even if she’s returned and furthermore as far as the chicoms are concerned she would be worth more dead than alive. Essentially letting her go would be signing her death warrant.
    She is safer in US custody than she would be in China.

    On a purely emotional level, there is a certain level of kharma going on here.

    1. Had Louise for a first year criminal law class at Osgoode Hall back in the late ’80’s. She liked to tell her classes a joke that managed to denigrate both rape victims and English Canadians. The joke was based on an actual criminal case of a French Canadian guy who had forced sexual contact with a women who, as it turned out, was dead at the time of the event. This raised a number of legal issues. The punchline to the story was that the accused argued in defence, that he had just assumed that the victim’s lack of response to his efforts was because she was an Anglophone.

      1. Yeah, that joke was coined by a Quebecois comedy group in the late 1960s called “Les Cyniques.” Arbour stole it. You can’t find Cyniques albums anymore, because they basically made fun of everyone: blacks, anglos, catholics, cops, teachers, Trudeau, Duplessis, hookers and Colonel Sanders. If they tried their schtick today, they’d get lynched by the diverse joggers. I still have a copy of their final album, Exit. The joke is on there.

  5. “Give Trudeau some credit for rejecting it”

    No. Meng is in custody and the USA wants her extradited there.
    Trudeau would be in violation of the extradition treaty and the USA, Canaduh’s main trading partner, would be pissed.
    Returning Meng to China is not an option, so NO Trudeau gets no credit.

      1. Indeed. With Trudeau not agreeing with him, Chretien might not be earning his bribe money — er, I mean, his China-lobby pay.

    1. Thinking the chicoms would exhibit compassion if we released her would require citing any time in the past where they demonstrated compassion.
      Millions of victims of communist aggression would beg to differ, but dead people don’t speak, …. they vote Democrat but otherwise they stay silent.

      1. He’s waiting to see if Sleepy Joe plays the blind squirrel game and ends up in the White House.

  6. That list of “negotiators” who wrote the letter to the Spawn is a who’s who of the Canadian left and personify what is wrong with this country. They built the modern disgrace of a nation from the ashes of the destruction from the Spawn’s father. China is today, what Nazi Germany was in the Thirties.

    We should extradite Meng Wanzhou to the US and then send these thirty lefties to China to negotiate for the hostages with their friends.

  7. They should all just wait for January 2021 the day after Inauguration of the next POTUS. David Axelrod is working on it. / s

    1. With David Axelrod you know it is dirty politics all the way. He is an Obama & Trudeau man money speaks LOUD!! GO TRUMP GO…GO TRUMP GO WIN AMERICAN AND MAKE IT GREAT ONCE MORE!!

      1. This particular gang of life-long Democrat Politicians have stayed LONG enough! There should be term limits in USA and for that matter, Canada too.

        (If that were the case here, JT would be retired. No one should have the baton too long and completely trash a Country like PMJT has)

  8. I think Meng defrauding the largest bank in the EU likely has more to do with Trudeau’s position than anything. Especially because it is, also, the 8th largest bank in Canada.

  9. Had a conversation one time with Ed Broadbent in the very early nineties. Told me without a hint of shame that “it should be incumbent upon every Canadian citizen to work towards global governance”. After I picked my jaw up from the floor I questioned him on Canadian sovereignty…he responded with some gibberish about how you can still be a Canadian and have global governance simultaneously.
    Huge watershed moment for me I must say.

    1. There’s a reason I saw a display in the lobby of Dorval Airport in the mid-1980s. Someone set up a table with a sign reading: “Help colonize space. Send Ed Broadbent to Pluto.”

    2. The Leap Manifesto David Lewis and his family along with Ed Broadbent NDP this has been planned for years and they have been working on it but it is all about the Elites and the take over of Canada…communism the rulers and the workers!!

  10. Those 19 traitors just weakened Canadas position and put a price on every abroad Canadians head. Shame on them.

  11. My late husband was a Canadian diplomat, so I know most of those former diplomats quite well. Several were mentors or friends. I am actually quite shocked by their view on this issue.
    Trading a likely criminal for two probably innocent Canadians Is a bad deal and will set relationships with the USA back even further and jeopardize our extraction treaty.

    Clearly, the current regime in China thinks bullying and blackmailing is the way to handle foreign affairs. This has been evident in their relationships with many 1st world countries. The comments above are likely correct. Scheer would have been in almost the same boat as Trudeau. The difference is that Scheer would not have intervened in the Lavalin process, so Trudeau is in a more precarious position, politically. And, Meng will not be very safe in China.

    The Supreme Court of B.C. is making good decisions in law, for a change. I think Trudeau will allow the next court appearance to go ahead.

    Whatever the outcome, Trudeau must decide to eschew China’s 5G technology. Never buy a cell from Telus.

    1. Meng is the daughter of Huawei’s founder…I don’t think she has a whole bunch to worry about in China.

      1. Actually I can’t recall when family relations has stopped the chicoms from doing what they do best.
        She got sloppy and got caught.
        They don’t like loose links.
        He may have founded Huawei, but the chicoms own it.
        I’ll reinterate my previous point.
        To entertain the perception that compassion would be bestowed on Meng on her return would require that a previous display was exhibited by the chicoms. Thus far their compassion is as evident as proof of global warming.

    2. Why L? What special knowledge do you have of Telus? Why do you think this company is compromised (ITS NOT).
      Let’s have a conversation and dispel the lies and distortions

      1. To my knowledge Telus has contracted Huawei to supply them with the necessary 5G equipment, Rogers and Bell on the other hand have decided to go with Swedish company Ericsson for their 5G needs.
        Now if you think Huawei is all that and a bag of chips, then I guess it all boils down to one’s opinion, which the last I checked we’re all entitled to.

  12. You would be much better off extraditing Meng Wanzhou to America, and asking US President Donald Trump to get your Canadians back.

    Donald Trump has gotten a lot of American Citizens back from lawless hell holes around the World, and he also has an effective relationship with Chairman and President for Life Xi. Additionally, the US has been rolling up a lot of Chinese Espionage plots, and we may have some tasty trade bait for China.

    Has Canada issued a Travel Advisory warning about China for your own citizens yet? When a foreign governments begin kidnapping some of your citizens, it might be important to warn the others? (Unless they really were spies, or Liberals just don’t give a sh– about your own citizens?)

  13. I’m not sure I understand why Meng Wanzhou would be safer to remain outside of China. She was a good little soldier. She defrauded the EU bank to allow the Chinese govt to circumvent the Iranian sanctions and (I might add) sell US made equipment to them via a separate but connected entity to Huawei (Skycom). Additionally, employees of Huawei were rolled up on intellectual property theft (trade secrets), and the indictment tied it directly to her.

    In the land of the Little Red Book, that’s celebratory.

    1. She allowed herself to be captured by the enemy that’s why.
      She is now a loose end, particularly because she has information the US believe proves that there was malfeasance going on.
      It’s one thing to get prosecuted in China, it’s another to have a high profile chicom put on trial in the US.
      It would also embolden dissident groups in China.

  14. This can be solved very quietly and in a typical liarberal fashion:
    1) A large brown envelope is passed to a local liarberal bag-man
    2) The liarberal party gestapo all get called away from watching Meng one night
    3) A boat is waiting in Vancouver harbour (or alternatively, a helicopter at YVR)
    4) A Chinese merchant ship is waiting just outside Canada’s territorial limits
    5) “Meng has escaped!” blare the headlines!
    6) Meng appears in Beijing in a couple weeks. In an interview, she speaks of her harrowing and daring escape from Canada.
    7) SNC Lavalin and Power Corp get brand new, multi-billion contracts from the PRC
    Voila, problem solved.

    1. 8) Forgot to add, Huawei is included in 5G in Canada
      9) The Five Eyes become the 4 Eyes (but hey! Who cares? Liarberal palms got greased!)

    2. 1)a Coincidentally 1,000 loyal Liberals receive $1,000 donation receipts which they use to receive a $558 tax refund. But this if fiction and Liberals are never corrupt.

  15. The Chinese have come right out and said it: they kidnapped Kovig and Spavor over Meng Wanzhou.

    Now, a normal country with a competent leader would have dealt with this ages ago. He would have deported Chinese consular officials, ordered all Canadian nationals to return home and eventually handed Meng over to the Americans.

    But we are stuck with Justin and his equally Chinese-financed friends.

    Expect more Canadians to be kidnapped. This government has made it open season on Canadians.

    1. “Expect more Canadians to be kidnapped.”

      If you want to be a dumbass and visit 3rd world shitholes like the PRC then you deserve what you get.
      These Canadians are being detained in the shithole of their own choosing. Their choice.
      If some ChiComs grabbed them in Hongcouver and put them on a boat to Shanghai then that would be kidnapping.

      1. Never in my life have I ever suggested that someone go to China of his or her own free will.

        Now, imagine that the Chinese decide to mimic the North Koreans and kidnap a Canadian national in a non-sh–hole country.

        Do you have an answer for that?

        1. “Now, imagine that the Chinese decide to mimic the North Koreans[…] Do you have an answer for that?”

          It’s your fantasy. Get back to me when it’s reality.

          1. “It is a reality. It’s called Michael Kovig and Michael Spavor.”

            IT is not kidnapping.
            IT is detainment in a country that Michael Kovig and Michael Spavor voluntarily spent their own money to fly to.
            You are not going too fast. You are going too stoopid.
            Get back to me when the PRC kidnaps Canadians from Canada or a third nation’s territory.

      2. Ooz, again as is usual for you, you speak out in ignorance. China is a very advanced country, and underestimating their capa bilities is both dangerous and stupid, butt then you do stupid so exquisitely. And stupid is why you voted for scheep

  16. All together now, sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. There ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure for stupid.

  17. There are some who suggest a prisoner exchange and once completed immediately sever all ties with the chicoms.

    Naive on all fronts. For openers the trade file. There is no way Canada can extricate itself from china. Our store shelves would sit bare. Our pharmacy’s would as well. Food?

    Trade goods going to china? Perish the thought. Canada would experience a huge drop in our standard of living.

    The librano brain trust is deeply embedded in china. They are not prepared to walk away from the cash cow.

    The Americans know all this. They have helped out Canada in small ways but The Bong and crystal freeland have so damaged our relationship with the US that they are prepared to sit back and watch The Bong squirm.

    1. May I prognosticate?

      I wonder if the US is waiting for a very public request for help?
      None of this back door private conversations crap.
      They want the sock monkey to make a public appeal to Trump for help.
      Much like how Trump has told any mayor and governor that he would clean up the violent protests if they ask him to.
      Such a sight would cause an immense disturbance in the narrative.

      1. May I prognosticate?

        Yes, but please close the door, flush afterwards, and wash your hands…..twice!

      2. Not gonna happen. This is all performance art and drama for the Low Infos.

        All Liebrawls and their fellow travellers are clicking their heels together, wishing that Bad a OrangeMan loses in a November. At which time, the LIEBrawls can resume their corrupt, incestuous relationship with the Chicoms.

        This is all a charade, TruDOPE is in on it.

  18. That’s a list of cowardly appeasers if ever I saw one. Gosh you’d think we had no leverage at all on the evil Commies such as the multi-billions they have invested here, the natural resources and food supplies they covet and need, tens of thousands of post-secondary students, the millions who wish to emigrate from there to here., etc.
    Immediate freeze on any business deal within our borders by any Chinese companies, terminate all visas, student and otherwise, stop all immigration, confiscate PRC-owned ppties, etc. unless and until those two men are returned unharmed. That’s what a leader would do; one that valued his fellow countrymen’s lives and not just the bottom lines of some Quebec corporations and individuals.

    1. “Gosh you’d think we had no leverage at all on the evil Commies such as the multi-billions they have invested here, the natural resources and food supplies they covet and need, tens of thousands of post-secondary students, the millions who wish to emigrate from there to here., etc.”

      Bang on. Yet all the self-serving corporate arguments to the contrary – that the chicomms hold all the cards and that trade and/or diplomatic retaliations would instantly and fatally cripple Canada – have been swallowed by our lazy and uncurious press and dutifully presented as incontrovertible fact.

  19. Anyone here, think any of these 19 notable Canadians would pen a letter for any of you? These two hostages are linked in. China wouldn’t grab a couple flat-lander tourists and think they could trade for this woman.

  20. I think we should trade these 19 A$$hole for the 2 in prison in China. Maybe they could learn a lesson or two the hard way.

  21. Additionally Canada should immediately evict each and EVERY CHINESE STUDENT in the universities! NOW. Not tomorrow. Round them up and onto the plane for Shanghai.

  22. 1. Advise all Canadians to leave China.
    2. Sever diplomatic relationships.
    3. Round up all high social credit score infiltrators within Canadian borders, put them in conditions they put prisoners back at home.
    4. Start trading hostages.
    5. If they execute one of ours execute ten of theirs.
    6. Deliver Meng with a prong collar around her neck on a leash, walking on all fours to US.

  23. Do not give HRH PMJT any credit for it. He is scared shitless of Trump’s retaliation.

  24. Its only a matter of time before we’re shooting at Chicoms in an old fashioned war in support of the Americans, the Japanese, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, India, Britain…pretty much everybody who hates the fuckers or is scared shitless of them.
    The sooner, the better because the longer they’re allowed to strengthen, fortify and develop their military, the worse its going to be for the world.

    1. Along the same lines we should be doing everything to support and push India in their conflict against Chicoms. Like you have said, the sooner the better.

  25. “Additionally Canada should immediately evict each and EVERY CHINESE STUDENT in the universities! NOW. Not tomorrow. Round them up and onto the plane for Shanghai.”

    We SHOULD do that anyway for deliberately flooding our country with fentanyl and deliberately unleashing covis-19 on the rotw.

  26. Nice to see 19 traitors in Beijing’s pay self-identify. Problem is, there are still many more in Parliament, the Liberal Party and the federal public service.

  27. These people that wrote the letter to Trudeau would be getting paid to do so by other elites! This is a dangerous move to let China Win is a big mistake there is NO guarantee that the Chinese leader would let the two Michael’s go. This is a game of Chess and China wants to win and China doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. For all Canadians know the two Michael’s could already be dead or at least physically dead. I don’t thrust the Chinese Leader Xi at all he is only for himself and if you don’t think that you had better rethink CCP!! The Covid-19 ring a bell they killed their own people and look at Hong Kong they are MURDERS!! NO TO HANDING OVER MENG TO CHINA. HAND her over to the USA if you want to hand over to anyone as this is a extradition…and Canada has this with the USA.

    1. What amazes me is that it took you a whole half day to blame Dairy Queen for the fuckups of your boy Blackie.

      1. unColon you voted for blackies stooge. Check and see who the milk cartel voted for in the general, and you will know that geritol butt’s plan worked. Probably recommended by david axeldork, you are like Ooz, stupid in overdrive

        1. Yeah yeah yeah, keep diverting attention in every possible way from the simple fact that every fuck up of Blackie is on you, you and your palls UnMe and Kevin. Bitching about people who are not in power, because of scum like you, does not cut it. The reason Blackie does what he does is because you helped make it possible, Remember that bitch. Own it. Swallow his load and gargle a bit while at it. You’re Blackie’s bitch. That is all you are. Bitch.

  28. Well then we better take those Pandas hostage. May as well torture them too.

    Mind you, anyone dumb enough to go to China can stay there.

  29. In the matter of the Meng affair, I believe that Trudeau surrendered to the US and Butts is working to send the exact opposite message to the liberal faithful.

    I still think that Butts is too calculating and too experienced to have dropped yesterday’s US tweet so casually, pulled it, and apologized so quickly. He is just not that dumb.

    Trump uses Don Jr. for the edgier tweets (yes it’s possible). Is Butts the libs Don Jr.? Did he simply say what the Libs are really thinking even as they established a contradictory policy?

    I know, I’m just guessing and certainly not a mind reader.

  30. The Beijing Nineteen.

    Does anyone need more proof that all of our major political parties and institutions are stained yellow?