Social Disease

Project Veritas;

Project Veritas today released one of the most damning undercover investigation reports—this time insiders used hidden cameras to document rampant censorship occurring at social media giant: Facebook.
Recordings captured Facebook content moderators bragging about deleting posts and comments supporting President Donald Trump and conservative causes.
“Zach McElroy’s story raises serious doubts about the Capitol Hill testimony of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who gave lawmakers the impression that his company only takes content that could cause harm, such as relating to terrorism or hate speech, but never for politics,” said James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’ founding CEO.

Video at the link.

13 Replies to “Social Disease”

  1. How can someone smart enough to make a successful rich company be so stupid as to support communism????

    1. Ynot, ……..marx hitler, alinsky, sosrass, trotsky,zuckerberg, lerner, madoff, schiff, nadler, boomberg, thunBERG ,what do they have in common?

    2. Fascist totalitarianism/communism is how they keep their competitors from getting off the ground.

      Making lots of money doesn’t automatically mean you’re a capitalist. Sometimes it just means that you’re greedy and crooked.

    3. Because he is a NAZI
      …not a Communist.
      And like Nazi’s everywhere, A lying Sack of shit.

      Break it up…into a gazillion pieces….

  2. Gee, (rhetorical question alert) why doesn’t any of the old style media ever do any exposes any more?

  3. This is what socialism / fascism looks like, though in this particular case its pushing toward fascism.
    You got a company, the bureaucracy and machiner of the government has your back and you can do your flavor of propaganda and inhibit the opposing views.
    It is propaganda. No doubt about it.
    You got to give the head boss some room, he obviously does not know what is going on in every office of the company.
    There is this idea though that he lets it happen and if nobody appeals, it stays that way, like baseball. He can always fall back on ignorance or can’t recall.
    Nothing is lost.

  4. This is a nothingburger. Big Social Media is made up of private companies that have the moral and legal right to control the content on their sites, just as much as Kate does. S.230 of the CDA explicitly grants them this. Everybody knows Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. controls user-submitted content in arbitrary ways.

    It’s the unlawful collusion in pursuit of restraint of trade where they’re vulnerable, although federal law is a very blunt, very capricious instrument. Repealing or even modifying S.230 would be an absolute disaster for the Internet. I’m not sure what a massive, Microsoft-vs-the-DOJ antitrust suit would do. It’s very likely that by the time the suit was settled technology would have moved on to the point of mooting any of the issues involved.

  5. The fact that Project Veritas does such great work is completely overshadowed by the fact that no conservatives ever take any meaningful action on their findings.

    If these social media giants aren’t immediately challenged, there will be virtually no conservative voices left on their platforms before this November’s election. The purge is already well under way.

    1. Conservatives are useless twat monkeys. All they do is make sure the madness brought into being by progtards is never rolled back. Expecting conservatives to do anything is as retarded as expecting progressives to suddenly understand reality. The nationalist alt-right is inevitable, but first, western societies must hit rock bottom, Weimar-style.

  6. hahahahahaha, everybody is freaking nuts. Does anyone on this planet know what individual freedom is all about?

  7. Zucker was lying?
    What else is new?
    Users of his “free service” knew they were the product from day one.
    Yet they signed up in droves.
    If Face book had chosen an open forum,they would be even more wealthy.
    Instead they have chosen Wokeness and the Brokeness will follow.
    Given special protection from a publishers liabilities ,as they were a “forum” they then chose to become editors and act as publishers.

    Called crapping in your own nest.
    Something only (Liberals) the mentally ill do.

  8. Have been released from Penury of Facebook;
    Probably this would not; or could not be attempted by the Thugs and deliberately kept ignorant by the CBC & Central Canada smearedia; because they would not have shown up.

    REBELNEWS.COM David Menzies and the Other Journalists of Rebel News are One of the Brave and Honest Persons of Canada’s Media in Ontario. The one exception and only other Ontario Journalist GROUPS in Ontario, are Free North.

    Thank Mr. Menzies: I have shaken hands with You a couple of times in thanks for Your Professionalism and Conviction — Freedom of Speech — is the only peaceful method to disagree with the’ entrenched Bureaucracy’ Leadership of Government Bureaucracy. Such entrenchment normally means an agenda contrary to acceptance by the general population. This is quite evident in the now defined__ semi- Sovereign Ordinary Average Person*__ in English Langauge Culture of Canada._ The Citizens who recognized and never accepted or ratified the flawed version of the — CA 1982 — ‘finagled’ through untransparent, if not recognized as a nefarious process of returning to a European Anocracy and/or an Asian Dictatorship. Which is increasingly recognized daily as the typical failed Communist concept and can only be maintained through Brute Force.

    Democracy is and has been, the greatest fear of the Courtier Class, now identified as the Bureaucracy Leadership in every Tyranical and Theocracy dictatorship of the World. The size of the Country by population is immaterail: whether a Tin Pot Dictatorship controlling the S*** H**** of the World or the Largest Population Country without a Viable Social Contract for the Ordinary Average Citizen slides steadily into an abyss or sewer of corruption designed for those with access to the Tax-payer Funding Faucet.

    Beginning in the – smidgeon of time – 10,000 Years, after the most recent Ice-Age __ .002 % of the understood and arguably existence of Our World there has been an Evolution of ‘Homo Sapiens Sapiens ‘ as being Humans. This ‘ Step by Step ‘ evolutionary movement towards a Civilization which will provide equality of place; through a viable Social Contract. The understanding to be reached between those entrusted to administer opportunities of gaining such a goal of human rights & responsibilities for each and every individual human: will always remain liquid between’ freedom speech’ and individual effort.

    The present ‘ Step ‘– in this ‘Step by Step’ process is the “Great Experiment ” advancement of the North American Demcocracy. settles on the foundation of the Constitution of the United States of America

    Such a process over the 10,000 years has expanded the inherent necessity of compromise as both the process and the goal. Such is the Individuals wont and is why S.O.A.P. remains the only precept acceptable process and goal to the Sovereign Ordinary Average Person recognized as an American Citizen. All other sophistic attempts remain the ‘Buzz of the Sewer’

    The ‘ Buzz of the Sewer ‘ is the interminableness of the Political Arena and the rubbing off of Ego & self=service: it remains the gathering at the ‘Cracker Barrel’ – the ‘Coffee Clatch’ – and wherever the process of individualism springs forward. However it is education: experience: integrity which will resist the inevitable parasitic class of sophistry. It is the ignorance of the Individuals which; contrary to present ‘Buzz of the Sewer’ which will defund the Cash Faucet used to pay salaries and benefits of the Courtier/ bureaucracy leadership class.

    The ignorance of the nefarious agenda(s) of today, whether the agenda of the -{ P.C.O }- in failing to recognize, the traditional Exceptionalism of North America, was partially enabled by a constructed to be perceived as cruelty, of the Scottish Highland Clearances immigration to Canada; became the supporting venues and brought some of the ‘Athens of The North Wisdom’. Pearls of wisdom for building or adding to the “Great Expereiment” of North America. Gaelic & Celtic culture steadily permeated the advancement of North American Culture.

    English Langage Cutlture is steadily advancing with following the Legal Fair Immigration Process. Such will be the means of advancement toward enhanced lives of Canadians, long time and Legal New Citizens.

    Such is the Recognition which an expanded population can provide for a pending S.O.A.P. community. ___ [ E.C.L. ] Citizens will nae accept -second class – status nor accept making Monuments of Great Canadians as [P.M.O. & P.C.O. ] collusion playthings.

    Contrary to the present example of ignorance, recently practiced in Kingston as Thuggery; to be promoted and propagandized, as truth. The use of Brute Force: both as the means to sensationalize and damage a Historical Monument; Or merely supporting nefarious individuals with an agenda. Whether the nefarious component agenda; is merely a part of the standard agenda of an Anocratic bureacracy,