33 Replies to “What’s The Opposite Of Diversity?”

    1. To be fair, some West African tribes may have known about inoculation against smallpox before Europeans did. The Chinese definitely did, no later than the tenth century. Possibly the idea spread along trade routes, from China through India and the Islamic world to Africa.

      A stopped clock is right twice a day, and witch doctors occasionally come up with something less likely to kill the patient than the disease. Not one could tell you how it worked, of course.

        1. Aww common– pangolin scales and rhino horn are great for erectile dysfunction. Please ignore the extinctions and mass viral casualties.

    2. The origins of inoculation
      Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

      There are two accounts of inoculation in the middle of the 16th century, one Chinese and one Indian, and each gives a specific place and name to the initial inoculators. Whether it was in use before about 1550 is entirely speculative. So from where and how did inoculation arrive in parts of the Ottoman Empire and Europe during the 17th century?

      Snip, snip.

      On the other hand, the marked similarity of the methods used in India and in many parts of the Ottoman Empire, argue that they share a common origin. It is difficult to see how the Chinese method could have been modified to produce it. But this still does not tell us where or how it was first developed. Since the claim that it was an ancient practice in India has been rejected, there is no reason to assume that it began there. Perhaps the traditions of the Ottoman Empire are correct: it was invented by the Arabs11 at some unknown time before about 1550, and then spread along trade routes through Africa and the Middle East to reach India.


  1. Want to teach “different ways of knowing”, have at ‘er. Science is not the only way of looking at life.

    But don’t teach it in the science faculty, for the same reason you don’t teach variational calculus in the English department.

    1. Don’t even get me started on that. One of the things I had to deal with while I taught at Armpit College was the educationist doctrine of “alternate learning styles”, and that was nearly 30 years ago. (Look that up on the Internet.) That eventually became 4 “official” learning styles by the time I quit.

      So, no, I’m not surprised at what’s described in the article.

  2. “ Newton’s Rape Manual “. We’re doomed. These people always get their way. Not enough black scientists? There’s something wrong with science. Infantile.

  3. Probably won’t be long before history is re-remembered to teach us that all the great inventions and breakthroughs were by non-racists and that racists are now on the hook for backpay to the non-racists.

    I’m getting good at newspeak. 🙂

  4. Reality is racist. And sexist. And transphobic. And homophobic. The Gods of the Copybooks Headings are stirring to life and it’ll get really ugly, especially for the reality deniers, before it gets better. Women aren’t men. Men can’t be women. Gay men have a higher rate of STD infections than heterosexual men. Lesbians experience a higher rate of partner violence than heterosexual women. Africans have a lower average IQ than other races. That’s reality. It sucks if you’re one of the above but forcing all of us to worship the dysgenic, dyscivilizational, degenerate gods will end these soft times. And when they end, the era of the hard men will return. That era will suck even more for the above named identity groups when it comes about, and it will. As in extermination level suck.

    1. Just about.

      A Latin American freedom fighter and statesman (anti-communist, of course) once estimated that the incorrigible leftist fifth column of his nation that would need to be put to death or flight to secure his nation’s freedom and prosperity was a good four to six percent of the population.

      If that sounds high, understand that that four to six percent won’t be satisfied until they’ve expropriated, enslaved and exterminated the rest of us. The Khmer Rouge killed a quarter of the Cambodian people before the Vietnamese managed to overthrow them.

      They know they are vermin. They know a free country where the law doesn’t mean whatever suits their whims has about as much use for the left as for a venereal disease—except as an example to be made for those greedy, lazy and crazy enough to consider following in their footsteps.

      So I suppose they have nothing to lose, or (not believing in God or the devil) at least are convinced they have nothing to lose.

    1. But global race war is what is wanted by those who wish to rule the world. A way to divide and subjugate.

    1. And people wonder why I brew my own hootch. Whether one can call Bud Light can be called beer is debatable.

  5. Holden Thorp is the worst editor-in-chief that Science has had in the years that I’ve been a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He doesn’t even hide his hatred and contempt for Trump.

  6. Federal Education Minister Mitzy Hunter was being interviewed last week on a Toronto talk radio station and stated that there are far too many white cis-gendered teachers and that the entire history curriculum needs to be scrapped and rewritten in order to put more emphasis on the important role blacks played in our history and the especially the founding of the country. She calls it the REAL HISTORY.

    1. No such thing as a “federal Education Minister” in Canada. You’re thinking provincial (ON).

      1. You are correct. She’s the former Education Minister and ran for the leadership of the Ontario Liberals.

  7. So the dude in the photo is wearing a kente cloth ,a garment worn by the Ashanti people of Ghana,Africa.
    Someone should tell the fcukwad the Ashanti were traditionally slavers, as in buying, selling and keeping slaves.