19 Replies to “Early Christmas Shopping Idea!”

  1. A COLOURING book. How racist. Remember, Trump is always wrong, and a liar who made up the Russian collusion hoax.
    No wait. Systemic racism.

  2. I’ve got just the guy for this….I’ll add a cpl Orange Crayons as well..or maybe delete them out of a new pack..!!

  3. Hey my neighbor bought me one of those after Trump was elected.Bought me crayons as well.
    I cherish them.

    1. You win.

      (I was going to make a comment about crayola defunding burnt-orange was being racist).

      1. Nah. It should be in rainbow colours, considering how chummy he is with people who are, well, you know…..

  4. For any comic book boomers in this group, that looks very Jack Kirby inspired.
    I am a pen and ink guy, and I wish I had penned that great rendition of the Trumpster.

    1. How can you not LOVE that BOLD magic-marker outline of Super-Trump! Awesome! Screw that pastel Hope and Change poster.

  5. A good Coloring Book for once now how about a Obama Paper Doll which comes with a Orange Jump Suit with Number as well as a Ball and Chain