27 Replies to “Troll Level: MASTER OF THE GALAXY”

  1. And good on him. If he comes out of all this ahead, it will be an election night like no other, the left will be locked and loaded. When he wins, the result will be riots like no other. Going to make some damn interesting TV viewing.

  2. LOL! CBC and FOX both had headlines this morning about a million protesters and then those headlines suddenly got reformed to thousands of protesters. AntiTrump types were saying in CBC comments it was near a million, hundred of thousands, more than for Trumps inauguration. I heard more like 2000 from some social media on the ground. I wonder what the final tally was.

    1. Final tally from FOX. 200,000 if you count all gatherings and protests over all of DC. 2000 at the Whitehouse itself at Lafayette park.

  3. “Defund the Police”? Low information voters haven’t thought this through very well. Recall all the “atrocities” the military has committed. Socialist logic dictates that the military must go as well. Goofs is too good a term.

  4. Yes they have.

    In the meantime, law enforcement agents across America have learned who their real friends are.

    In particular, pampered, “woke,” self-hating whites pose at least as great a threat to the republic and to the rule of law as the owners of the black pudding they gorge on behind their fathers’ backs.

    Rest assured the men in blue, and their fraternal organizations, will now move heaven and earth to re-elect the president and relieve thug-loving politicians of their power as a first step to putting them away for good—and free the Minneapolis Four.

  5. This mastery stems from his long history of sparring with local politicians back when he was building his New York real estate collection. He would take the dispute public, often to favorable effect. He honed these skills 30 years ago, and he revelled in success in a public battle. Through this, he learned how to use public opinion to help win.

    1. His disputes with local politicians were frequent, as he would stand up to the bureaucrats first, and then to the politicians when he was stonewalled. This is a quality in him that I admire.

      1. He discovered early that his target for public support were the working class of the city. Skilled tradespeople, that could appreciate what his projects could do for them and the city.

        1. He subsequently learned how to talk directly to them, through the local press. He added a bit of bravado and controversy, primarily to capture attention. So the elements were:1. A simple to understand issue of contention. 2. A message couched in framework that appealed to employed folk, and 3. A public foe that was standing in their way.

  6. I think Trump is still holding back. He knows that if he launched a nationwide campaign against eating babies, the left would instinctively start promoting baby-eating.

  7. When the whole damn police department ??
    Resign over the way these 4 cops were treated, that has to say something.
    There not all racists. Like al sharpton, one of the biggest racists on the planet in my opinion, would have us believe.
    Now the way this guy died was terrible.
    But do some checking folks, he was no upstanding citizen either.
    But can you imagine the abuse the cops take every day?
    If someone called me a pig, spat in my face etc.
    Every day, I would stike back also.
    You couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop.
    But just watch the mayhem when we don’t have them.
    Which is just what sharpton and his ilk want.
    Can’t you just imagine what an unarmed public are going to look like then?
    No wonder billy Blair and bobby socks want us disarmed.
    After all sock monkey just turned a bunch of criminals loose.
    Well like they say if ya can’t beat em, maybe we should join em!
    Liebrals..corrupt as mafia!

  8. Damn good thing that only a ‘few thousand’ showed up. The survival instinct in the dems seems to be alive and well. ‘Chickenshits!’
    I cannot believe the storms this man has had to weather to continue in his efforts to “Make America Great Again” and I thank my Lord! As a close neighbor, we in Canada are so blessed to have the US as a close relative.
    The SOB ensconsed in Ottawa somewhere hiding under a bed is a total fricken EMBARRASMENT! – national and international! But thanks to Ontario and Quebec that is what we are stuck with.
    Until Alberta finally comes up with a leader – someone that can help us exit from the mess we call confederation!

    1. Please, please, please do NOT paint all of Ontario with the same brush. It is Toronto that elects him, certainly not those of us who live in the “boondocks”.

      1. Boondocks? Where, Guelph, Brampton, Oshawa? How about just up the road in Barrie? The “boondocks” as you called them vote NDP, a half step from commie. You folks in 905 need to march on Tronna and burn it to the ground, with their “woke”, imported denizens with it. Give us a call out here when you do. We have our hands full of the imported trash from Tronna since 1980. Take back Mr Nenshi while you’re at it.

        1. You seem to forget that Ontario is a large province and in our different areas we think for ourselves. I get so tired of PO’ed in AB and the constant blame game. Of what possible use would it be for the 905 area to march on “Tronna” and “burn it to the ground”? Make some sense PO’ed; you can’t be an idiot 24/7 so up your game.

  9. Sheila many more than Toronto voted liberal in the last election. The province if full of fools.

    1. Well, a glance at the electoral results map shows red and orange in the urban centers and rural Ontario painted blue.

      But so what, scheer-the-steer didn’t get his votes because he was offering some kind of a conservative alternative to turdo. So I guess your last point is made, OWG.

    2. I could say Amen to that OWG. Results for the Kingston & the Islands federal election show how permanently the “fools” are entrenched in that small area of Ontario: Liberal 45.76% ; Conservative 19.51%; NDP 23.25%
      Fortunately the solid red area has blue neighbours. Always wondered what percentage of its large military voter base supported the Liberals.

  10. I’d be ok with defunding the police because unlike leftists I can defend myself and my family. I want them to get rektd by their own policies for once though.

    1. What do the RCMP actually do? Every time we’ve called them with a problem, they claim it’s the municipality’s responsibility. Then the city says to call the non emergency RCMP number. You’re more likely to see a unicorn here than a police cruiser. There is little to no law enforcement going on any more. Disbanding the police here wouldn’t be noticed by many.

  11. Lets see now, a heavily armed population and no police, therefore no law and order. So, no control, out of work thugs with no moral compass, twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do for the day’s entertainment! Downtown businesses would disappear, and the burbs wouldn’t be much safer once the downtown is closed! OK, now I get it, that is why there are so many people prepping, and making the home a fortress! The TV entertainment value would be terrific, but eventually the sensible majority will realize that they need to cull the thugs and Antifa, to rebuild the country. Could take a while though. Stock up on Beer and Popcorn by the pallet load. I wonder if these idiots will eventually get what they are asking for? I’m actually pretty sure they will, good and hard! Sometimes you have to break down society and rebuild from scratch!