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  1. Thank goodness we don’t have a first amendment in Can’tada. We might have people expressing non politically correct opinions and we all know where that might lead. SOCON! Alberta Independence is the only way forward.

      1. Did I even mention this incident? Don’t think so. Just making a random observation that should you express a non politically correct point of view you will lose your job and your income. How sad is that? As has been said before “I may not agree with your opinion but I will defend your right to express it”. The only time I ever encountered black vs white racism was when I had two fellows from Nova Scotia working for me. One was white and one was black. Both great workers and had my respect. They simply refused to get along because of their skin color. I gave them both a stern talking to and sent them back to work. They carried on their silliness so the both got fired. I don’t need racism dividing a crew. We are a team and each of us brings our own set of skills to the task. If you couldn’t do the task you wouldn’t be here but if you want to fight because his skin tone is different than yours – you are gone.

  2. “Day said systemic racism was not an issue in Canada and compared people’s experiences of racism here to him being mocked for wearing glasses as a child.”

    Yeah that’s dumb on both counts. Racism is absolutely a problem in Quebec and I think the Gladue reports are absolutely ‘systemic racism’ across Canada.

    1. It’s also a deliberate and gross mischaracterization of what he actually said.

      But you knew that.

      1. True Daniel
        …but from UnMoron’s viewpoint (communist), ONLY White folks are racist.

        As far as Quebec being RACIST..?? 100% true. Predicated on the fact that les Anglais are at the top of the scorn heep. All part of that Superiority Complex French people have.

        I’m just floored that Stockwell Day would FKN aplogize to ANYONE for what he said…?? THAT absolutely Disgusts me. What he said is what 95% of NORMAL Canadians believe.

    2. There is racism, but it is not systemic in Canada. Personally I doubt you will ever completely get rid of racism. It exists around the world, and I believe it is part of the human condition. People tend to favour their own race. The job of governments is to ensure that people are not treated unfairly based on race. Compared to many other countries, Canada does a good job there, but claims of systemic racism fail to acknowledge this.
      Day’s remarks were in no way racist. I felt they reflected the views of many Canadians.

      1. There is systemic racism in Canada, has been for hundreds of years. You could argue the Indian act is rascist in it’s very structure. Infantalizing a people, under the system of government, by race, is pretty racist.

        However, I’m baffled as to why we are importing BLM as a race issue.

        If I were an indigenous person I would be furious that the champagne socialists couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger. I guess there isn’t an Instagram worthy moment on the reserves.

        1. What laws in Canada are deliberately racist? That would be none. The reason the Indian Act has never been replaced is that most Indians seem to thrive on the dependence. Any government looking to change it has given up because of Indian opposition.

          1. I don’t know most Indians but I doubt they are “thriving” on dependence. But it does seem that many, perhaps most, don’t choose to try to escape that dependence.

      2. But what many, or even most, Canadians think doesn’t matter. He has incorrect beliefs, ones that don’t align with the standard set by the more enlightened among us and, thus, he must be punished.

    3. So when are you advocating for Blackface McSparklesock’s firing for being dumb on all counts? Day gets fired, PM Blackface gets a pass. You see the hypocritical response by the media and “progressive” supporters, don’t you? Or just a pass for the trust fund child?

    4. The charter of rights and freedoms, and federal law mandates that white men must be discriminated against. You can’t get much more “systemic” than that.

    5. There IS systemic racism in Canada.

      It starts with the Indian Act and ends with Big Aboriginal doing whatever the hell it wants at the expense of people who could be productive Canadian citizens.

      There are the Jew-haters in the Liberal Party and their voters who gladly re-elected a blackface-wearing groper who let everyone know that it was THEIR fault and not his.

      There is the balkanisation of Canada where people are not Canadian but are Canadian passport holders who still hang onto old prejudices and grudges. The bombing of Air India 182 is an example of how “successful” political multiculturalism is in keeping ethnocentrism and racism alive. Who saw the 331 victims as Canadians? No one. Everyone saw it as “India’s problem”. Now, even bringing it up is considered to be racist. Why remind Canadians about the worst mass killing in Canadian history and how people like Jagmeet Singh think nothing of canonising the people who carried it out?

      Yes, racism is quite alive and is kept so by the left.

      1. Exactly….one only need witness the constant stream of garbage emanating from the CBC, CTV etc so succinctly described by Ontario John that Canadians as a Whole are Racist Bastards.

        It is us, we that work OT, in the trades, in non unionized workplaces, in countless offices who are the ones being discriminated against. “Filthy Working Deplorables” ….being the mindset.

        To see Captain SkiDoo capitulate…and especially to Telus over this utter BullShit is beyond belief…Disgusted & Sickened I am.

        Wexit as soon as it’s reasonably possible…or a Union with the US…at least with them, owning firearms is a right, not a fucking criminal offense.

    6. There’s absolutely a racism problem in Canada. Just ask Uncurious, who has absolutely no evidence, because none exists.
      Remember this moron told us all for years Trump was guilty of Russia collusion, which he/she/it still believes.
      With, you guessed it, absolutely no evidence. Absolute ignorance makes people like Unthought absolutely stupid.

    7. *
      i’m with unHinged… police death squad in toronto… wait…

      The newspaper, citing unspecified sources, said that Korchinski-Paquet
      had barricaded herself on her High Park balcony by using a large appliance
      to block the door and ultimately fell to her death.


    8. UNweeeee when you try to shine a turd you get shit on your hands. in your case you are covered in it. Go get a bath you are stinkin the joint up. Now have a nice day.

  3. What’s kind of funny to me is that the Liberals have basically ran Canada for the better part of the last 100 years. If there is any systemic racism problem, there is no single entity that has been in a position to correct it more than them and, yet, it’s the leftist voters and organizations (who all support the Liberals) protesting. They are protesting themselves.

    1. There is institutional racism and bigotry in the Government of Canada and it was imposed by the Liberal Party. The Indian Act is as a racist as it gets too… Indians like it because of the endless pounds of cash and the power of the few over the many, a corrupt fifedom at best… “bilingualism” is a Government racket that keeps its grotesque costs secret and hidden from the public while granting favoured status to one group of people ( french speaking queerbekers) over everyone else… “The bribery of influence”… We know from the Gomery cover up that “bilingualism” is a known slush fund code word, the secret word for taxpayer money from the treasury without question or scrutiny. How about another Government funded racket that operates in the shadows… Multi Cult, another divisive anti Canadian, dare I say “racist” piece of legislation imposed by the Turdhole Liberals. Closing the borders during a supposed “pandemic” was labelled “racist” by the LIberals too. Turdholeland is institutionally “racist” and institutionally bigoted just as the Liberal Party designed.
      Are “Canadians” racists ? Well according to the LIberal Party and their cult leader there is no such thing as a “Canadian”, refusing a hyphen is “racist”, there is no core identity and we”re a “Post National State” so how can a people that don’t exist from a country that doesn’t exist be “racist” ? Blackface is full of shit.

  4. Maybe the head soy boy should polish his face up, and prance out and denounce racism, again. Of course, all of his supporters, virtuous as they are, are too daft to accept their complicity. Voting for an avowed racist implies acceptance, so it time for the tards to STFU

      1. They have to be in rainbow colours, of course. Must show solidarity with the alphabet people, right?

    1. First they came for Don Cherry and Canada/I said nothing.

      Then they came for Stockwell Day and Canada/I said nothing.

      Then they came for (blank) and Canada/I will still say nothing.

      Then they will come for me and there will be no one left to say anything in my defence.

  5. Of course there is “No systemic Racism” in Canada..
    Well except for the Indian Act.
    Indian and Northern Affairs in all its glory.(Whatever name it uses today).
    Except for affirmative action hiring.
    Except for CBC,no white guys need apply.
    And dozens of similar idiocies..
    Nope no systemic racism.
    Just like there is no massive national indebtedness.
    No “Hereditary Chiefs..”
    Just like there are no stupid people tongue bathing Liberal Style Creatures.
    Nor any media on the public tit.

    Can’t be systemic when the HR tribunals shove it down your throat and The Supreme Court of Canada imposes it.
    Inconceivable that legislation blatantly biased toward one race over another could be “Systemic racism”..
    So For sure Stockwell has this right.
    For he is almost as accurate as CBC.
    As a Canadian who feels his country left him,I embrace the mantle.
    Racist ,sexist and Idiot-phobic too.
    Canadians are the best,we have successfully used institutionalized racism to crush our natives for a century and a half.
    We are so good at this the ;Effete Elites think it is a good thing,they pride themselves on the number of their klingons they can employ,in the new middle class,crushing the spirits of our Native citizens.
    We boast about our racism..
    So Nope, nothing systemic eh?
    So when do we stampede?
    In the Nation of buffalo there can only be one class.

    1. Except for CBC,no white guys need apply.

      Except for academe where no white, heterosexual, conservative men need apply.

      1. Except for the RCMP.
        No white males need apply… trans-gay-wheelchaired one armed amputees are most welcome..especially those with extensive MS-13 Gang Experience.

        And I’m not making this up….

    2. On certain issues, especially false narratives and anything supporting identity fascism, being right is absolutely wrong.

  6. Stockwell Day complains about bullying and likens it to racism. Identitarians don’t like it and bully him off the stage. Wait… I thought bullying was a problem in Canada?

  7. Day is being pilloried for mentioning — simply mentioning — being ridiculed for wearing glasses as a kid. I think he was simply attempting to communicate that hurt happens in many contexts. He also appeared to drop the thought and just repeat his denial of systemic racism, possibly anticipating that his reflection would be misconstrued, and of course it was. His remark was not put forward with malicious intent — I think quite the reverse. The degree to which the left is totally unforgiving of every last mis-speak is heart breaking. We simply can no longer have conversations in this country. There is way too much intolerance of anyone expressing a different view.

    1. If past behaviour is an indication, what they accuse others of is directly relational to the odds that they are guilty of the misdeeds they so vehemently denounce.

  8. Even living south of your border, it’s quite obvious to me that his statement was not wanted or appreciated. The liberal morons of your country are just like the ones in mine. What they want to hear from conservatives is absolutely nothing. No Thing. They want us to go away and die, preferably soon. If they should get all of the power, they think they will get to choose when we die. I will not go lightly into that dark place. I will not roll over. I will not comply. I am thankful for the 2A. Come on down.
    It also doesn’t matter what duhMe thinks. He’s a pimple on Lenin’s ass.

  9. “ At McMillan LLP, we believe that systemic racism is real and that it can only be addressed when each of us — as individuals and organizations — commits to meaningful change,”

    Translation into deplorable

    At McMillan LLP, we have a financial stake in systematic racism ™ and keeping the victim industry humming along

  10. When do White people get to protest against the overabundance of violent Black criminals?

    1. Never. Silly boy. You, white people, are to shut up, sit in the corner, and keep sending in those taxes.

    1. You beat me to it Dwayne. 2 points about that webpage. 1. The lack of women on it. C’mon ladies strike a blow (or two) for equality. 2. Why doesn’t the Toronto Police Service make it shareable on social media.

  11. 1. There is most likely no systemic racism against blacks in Canada. I know there is no systemic racism against blacks in the U.S. If anything, in the U.S. we bend over backwards to accommodate blacks with so-called Affirmative Action.
    If there were, it should be laid at the feet of the Democratic power structures that control almost all our large cities and their suburbs. “Protests” have been sparked in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore MD, and Minneapolis MN, all Democratic controlled cities. At the time of the Gray incident, all the city wide elective offices in Baltimore were occupied by blacks.
    2. All those “protests” turn into riots, looting, and arson. This last one is nationwide on the same day, most on the same hour. It sort makes you wonder the “protests” are not really the point.
    3. Blacks commit two and a half times the murders against non-blacks as compared to vice versa. As Mr. Teach said above, when do we get to protest against that?
    4. I do know there is no freedom of speech in Canada, by this example. On that account, there really is no freedom of speech in the U.S. either, because I believe the same thing could have happened, easily, in the U.S.

  12. Poor Stock, what a shame. Oh well, wish I gave a damn. Ironic given that the same people who made his political life a living Hell are the same ones who stuck it to him after lulling him into thinking he’d finally been accepted by this nation’s Liberal cool kids. Hilarious.
    To make matters worse…he issues a lame assed, mealy mouthed apology afterwards, all to no avail of course.
    That’s the difference between guys like Day and men like Cherry. Cherry knew that they’d never rehire him anyways, so a GFY it shall be.
    Anywho, I see has a position on the board of directors of the Canada China Business Council along with Olivier Desmarais of Power Corporation so you just have to know they’ll do what’s right for Canada and Canadians.
    *sarc off*

  13. If Drew Brees can be cancelled, Stock has no chance. By the way – the Lancet paper in a previous post is officially retracted. I saw this on Twitchy.

    1. Dear Rex walked into a cesspit with that column. No white heterosexual male (WHM) is permitted to have an opinion on whether Canada is a racist country on the basis that white heterosexual males are never subject to discrimination and have no sense of the daily trials of people who are not white heterosexual males. If you are a WHM your place is to keep your mouth shut and listen respectfully to the wailing and carping of the woke and the downtrodden. Better yet, send more money.

  14. Typical behaviour of the “Conservatives”.

    The guy did not say anything, even remotely, that he should apologize for.

    These people are so brainwashed, I mean what the hell.

    I mean who you gonna call.

    The meme of Ms Kate is right on.

    These “Conservatives” have a string for backbone, wonder how they get around.

  15. Here’s a question for the Dear Leader. You claim that Canadians are racists. In Toronto, our largest city, about half of the population was not born in Canada. Are you accusing that 50% of Toronto’s population of being racist?

  16. There is this jerk on radio at 3:00 pm on CHQR.
    The idiot is fully into Canadians being racists.
    Don’t know how to write to him. If I knew, this is what I would say.

    You, sir, are an idiot.
    If a Chinese behaved like you, he would be an idiot.
    If a black behaved like you, he would be an idiot.
    If Jagmeet talks like you he is an idiot.
    And so on and so on.
    The ethnicity, color or any other characteristic that racists would like to attach to an argument to shut people up has no bearing on anything.
    It is you that have a problem.

    1. Lev, I agree. He was coming down on Brett Wilson, a successful Calgary businessman who happens to be conservative in his views and politics. Wilson made a comment to the effect that Calgary’s mayor Nenshi appealed to the ethnic Bloc in Calgary’s north east, thus propelling him into the mayor’s chair in the 2017 election. Nenshi (and other leftards) disagreed and trotted out the ‘R’ word. To this point, Wilson hasn’t grovelled or sought absolution. Nor would I expect him to. He’s not a coward.

      1. Of course you were wrong about groveling.
        Not your fault.
        Not many would have expected that.

        The society is going down the toilet.

  17. This on the heels of the latest dictum from Canada’s broadcast regulator. Sarcasm will be absolutely verboten when discussing Canada’s government regulations over the airwaves.

    Seriously…is this real life?

  18. Remarkable. The speed at which the progressive left and corporations are advancing their radical agenda is frightening.

    Embrace endorse and promote it or you will be destroyed.

    I have no pity for Stockwell, but for the precedent he is helping set to make all others fall in line.

    Corporate fascism is now the rule of the land.

    Which just happens to align with the LPC

  19. The left must be concerned, being down to the ‘Rs’, that they are about to run out of ‘isms’ to wail about. Oh, never mind, I’ve heard that AArdvark-ism, with whatever definition they assign to it, is about to be trucked out any day now.

  20. Let’s boil this down. The left took a scalp today and are in celebration. Now it’s time for the right to go get a scalp and even the scorecard.

    That’s what this is all about. It’s just the tribes in unending conflict. They are moving the Overton Window left left left and we must resist.

    1. “The left took a scalp today and are in celebration. Now it’s time for the right to go get a scalp.”

      We’re on the same page. But I was thinking more along the lines of now it’s time for the right to take ten thousand scalps!

  21. Stockwell Day.

    Yet another addition to the long and growing list of Great Canadian Grovellers.

  22. I have no sympathy for anyone who enters the enemy’s territory then starts speaking out their arsehole.
    But if you really feel you have to, prepare and give it to them with both verbal barrels and leave the fuckers gobsmacked.
    And make sure you stand up on your own and leave with your head high.

  23. Lucien Bouchard was right. Canada is not a real country. It stopped being a real country when Pierre Trudeau became PM. His wife’s son is merely finishing the job. I served in the Canadian Army for 31 years. At this point, I no longer pay respect to the Canadian flag or anthem. This is no longer my Canada, thanks to Liberal and NDP treason. May this country and its feckless citizens rot in hell.

  24. Quebec premier says there is no systemic racism in Quebec.

    “We have this discussion very often,” the premier said at a press conference in Montreal. “I think there is some discrimination in Quebec, but there’s no systemic discrimination. There’s no system in Quebec of discrimination. And it’s a very, very small minority of the people that are doing some discrimination.”


    And he hasn’t backed down.

    Premier Legault, and all of Quebec for that matter, are never “called out” by the CBC or anyone else in the English mainstream media because that would by anti-french language racism.

    1. This from the guy who outlawed the hiring of people who wear religious head gear. This from the guy leading a government that does not allow the English language to be spoken in any work place.

  25. Stockwell Day should say this:

    “In recent days I have made inappropriate comments regarding racism. I know know that we as a society need to be better than than that. You must work harder to purge the racist thoughts within yourselves. After all, you other Canadians are racist bastards.”

    Worked for 50 cent Justin, should work for Stockwell.

  26. I was gobsmacked to hear this news. Is it a crime now, are we to be persecuted, for simply not believing in racism?

    1. Here in (what used to be called) Canada, it started under Pearson. He was a toady to the French and elevated PET to his cabinet.

    2. Grouchy..

      Agreed, right alongside the Unionization of Public Servants across the Western Hemisphere.

  27. Never apologize to a fascist; they want to see your fear, now take a knew for peace or we will beat the shit out of you.
    All we have to do is defund the cops and the gang mentality can take hold beyond shooting galleries of Chicago and Baltimore.

  28. And Telus operated like any other politically correct organization in Canada, embracing the outrage of the day this time, usually its the depravity or immorality of the ABCDEFG+ wackos.
    This makes them just like most Canadian firms, soft and malleable, not wanting to offend any possible group, except the white population.

    Three strikes here for the cowards, one for Telus, one for the yellow bellied CPC, and the former law firm. Why don’t they all fly the White Flag, for surrender, of course

    1. Telus did back away from Huawei (Chinese spy agency) yesterday, so at least we can enjoy that.

  29. You know who’s mad right now cause he’s getting no attention? Ron McLean! Can you imagine if hockey were on, Cup finals right about now with lots of attention, how INSUFFERABLE he would be.

  30. Duh
    New country .
    Victimhood and identity tribalism go hand in hand.
    Banish both and all who attempt to play them.
    I am both appalled and amused by the celebration of one thug’s death and life,being used to ignore the murders and brutal beatings inflicted by the mob,demanding justice.
    Without double standards our progressive comrades have nothing.
    The virtue signalling morons,demand all signal their virtue ,just as they do..
    Any thing other is blasphemy..
    All must use the same rituals, all must pray to the sate idols..
    But State Religion is wrong.
    I believe the “never heard no” children are about to exceed the tolerance of strangers.
    So sad too bad.

    All must “see” the Emperor’s new clothes.
    That useless perv is not naked and ugly.
    Who are you going to believe?
    Us the virtuous Or your LYING eyes?

  31. The speed of leftist transformation is astounding.

    We’re at a point now where the standard agenda of the left is…
    #1. Completely destroy the oil and gas industry.
    #2. Defund police forces.
    #3. Tranny storytime in libraries.
    #4. Pride Month.
    #5. Demand that everyone view Canada as systemically racist.
    #6. Mass, unrestricted taxpayer funded abortion and all other views are beyond the pale.
    #7. Universal Basic Income.
    #8. 2/3 voting Canadians choosing Green, Liberal or NDP.

    I’ve probably missed some, but this is the NORMAL STANDARD BEARER for Canada in 2020. It’s just massive overwhelming leftist hegemony. It’s quite remarkable. This isn’t even hyperbole. It’s amazing.

    1. And in 2020, you’ve got us to August.
      #9 September Trudeau re-election
      #10 Yellowstone super volcano erupts
      #11 Simulation resets or Trump reelection.
      #12 Someone eats an undercooked bacon wrapped gator in Florida, the resulting virus FLOMAN-20 isn’t reported to the WHO (because the US is no longer a participant).

  32. Defund Police?
    If sane people can regain political power, its time to Defund the Universities’ Humanities departments. Entirely. Burn them to the ground. They are the birthplace of the Marxist/Identitarian idiocy.

    1. Before even the Humanities departments, I would close down every Faculty of Education to stop the indoctrination of children. I know it is wrong to burn books, but teaching children how works by Michel Foucault, Noam Chomsky, and Jacques Derrida can be used as kindling might be a useful skill to learn.

  33. Systemic racism is the stick that PM Black Face and his Good Squad conveniently beats the right with.
    To quote Hedy Fry, “Crosses are burning on the lawns of Vancouver as we speak!” That was a lie, but the stick is for realz.