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  1. This is Canadian ‘journalism’, take note, the ‘ism, so its all good.

    Do actual men ask each other what shampoo is the other one using? What an idiotic question.
    Then, of course the mass media cartel will ask stupid questions and they will demand answers.
    It is rather surprising that the ‘journalist’ put this nonsense onto the platform where every body can see it.

    Guessing here, just another day in the propaganda business.

    1. Lev, The MSM is so deep in the tank for this idiot, they don’t even realize how bad/silly/stupid, this looks in the cold light of posting on a platform for all to see and hear! Journalism is as dead as the Dodo bird. It’s all feelings and smug virtue signaling! They think, or feel, (if think is an operative word in this context,) they think that everyone in Canadah feels all warm and fuzzy over Justhin and his socks! Yep, it makes my blood boil too! It makes me cringe.

  2. To this day I still refuse to believe that this punk is our prime minister.
    I won’t accept it.
    Dear Canadian electorate. What in the hell are you thinking?
    I’m ashamed to be a Canadian.

    1. My shame at being Canadian goes back even further, starting in 1968.

      1. Even as a young person, back in ’68, I wondered what all the fuss was about with this plain looking man, Pierre Trudeau.

        When conventional footwear was Oxfords or even Brogues, Pierre showed up on the Hill in sandals. I knew then, that he was an anti-establishment sort. I thought, watch this rogue, he’ll rock the boat! I was eventually right.

        You can always tell a lot about a person when you see their choice of footwear!

        1. “…back in ’68 I wondered what all the fuss was about with this plain looking man, Pierre Trudeau.”

          Yup. Reminds me of my Uncle’s comment about turdo la first and his era: “He was just like a goddam big rotten fart. At first there was a big noise, and everybody got excited, but now all we’re left with is a stink and a stain we can’t get rid of.”

          1. I would have said the same thing, but I might not have been so polite.

          2. And we all know who that stain is! Our current PM is a stain on the character of Canada!

        2. You can always tell a lot about a person when you see their choice of footwear!

          Since I generally wear what I think are still called civil war boots, I’d be more of a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood “man with no name” type.

    2. I, too, am ashamed. Canada is the only “nation” in the world governed by a high school student.

    3. I cannot help my eyes … that immediately notice your PM has the ‘shoulders’ of a 9yo girl. Seriously! The video of him scrunched into a tiny cock pit (..ohhewwohhhewhhooo! that must excite him) is just creepy looking. No grown man looks like that. It’s like looking at Nancy Pelosi’s face … everything in my human DNA just screams … stay away! There’s something creepy about these people! Warning! Stay away! … at least that’s my DNA’s reaction.

    4. I’m an Albertan. Doesn’t carry the negative connotation of “canadian” since Mcblackface got elected.

      If you get your news from global, cbc, ctv etc you are the kind of person that would vote for a racist PM that mocks people for the color of their skin.

    5. Wadda ya mean? Canada is such a peaceful prosperous dominion that we can afford to have Clown as Prime Minister … a real Mr. Dress-up with the most elaborate costumes.

      Why, he has everything from gaudy East-Indian Matrimonial attire right down to a Minstrel Show Black-Face Zoot Suit just for laughs.

      His idiocy is all inclusive.

    1. Carriage rates from cable bills guarantee their ongoing support to provide Laurentian propaganda 24/7.
      That’s what sunk Sun News, the powers that be disallowed them to receive those rates.
      Under the Harper government, of course…..

  3. Canadian journalism: the best unbiased reporting that $2 billion from the government can buy.

  4. I know Putin has already done it, but maybe his loyal media could show Blackie riding bare chested on a horse. Rosemary Barton would have a heart attack. In related news Blacklock reports that Unifor president Gerry Dias is demanding more money from Great Leader for newspapers.

  5. Jun 2, 2020, 12:12 PM
    He is ‘Premier Doug’ to me. I have not spoken to Him, but during a Niagara Falls campaign speech I was one of the Persons sitting about 3 rows back and became one of the individuals Doug Ford was speaking to, as all first time campaigners are trained to do. The friendly faces who want the speaker to explain what He or She is about with body movements and genuine interest in helping.

    Doug Ford became Premier and actually was the instrument of the Ontario Voters to diminish the standard, and steady liars of the Liberal Party of Canada to non-existence in the Ontario Legislature.__ No! I have not made a mistake.

    The Citizens of Ontario learned the Liberal Government for the previous 15 Years was actually a Branch Operation of the Liberal Federal Party as have been every Liberal Provincial Government since the Ottawa/Hull Bureaucracy started its collusion with the N.G.P.P. during the 1960’s when Western Canada and Ontario said ‘Its enough!”. — There is no reason for there to be retaining the Bloated Wartime Bureaucracy except as means to provide Careers for the next generation of Ottawa/Hull Bueaucracy. The term Mandarin Class circulating among the Media Minions and the Natural Government Political Party [N.G.P.P.] Liberal Party of Canada. Premier Ford became “Premier Doug”.

    I now ask of this latest blurb, from somewhere deep in the Central Canada Smereardia of setting up the latest Campaign to bring back the N.G.P.P. ___ WTF is a 4″ squirt like You attacking the Decent Man, very concerned about the Lives of the residents of Ontario, He stepped forward to lead away from the pack of lies spread by the N.G.P.P. Libranos and the Media Minions of the Central Canada smeaeredia.

    We will not let people controlled by the Federal Liberal Party, once again anticipating they will be unable to maintain their ‘Clutch on Power’ and need another Ontario Government to help the Privy Council Office. “Premier Doug” understands very well the likes of the Toronto SCAR crowd’s cruelty.

    “Premier Doug” has stated the Ontario effort, which No Modern Premier of Eight Million Citizens has been required to hold a bastion of N.G.P.P. bureaucracy appointees Accountable: Will begin On June 9th,2020.__ Sooo! The Ontario Voters will not believe 4′ Squirts such as this one of the CBC and the other providers of the Subsidy promised Central Canada smearedia will be trying & as always betraying the Ontario Citizens — it was they THAT opened up the quarantine; NOT!

    1. Michael, please simplify. I thought I was bad for awkward and clumsy sentences. I have no doubt that I probably agree with you, but holy mackerel.

      1. Yes, the guy possibly thinks that everyone else is living in his brain.
        Or something.
        His screeds are hard to comprehend.

      1. One would expect a statement like this from the accused during a show trial from Stalin’s purges or Mao’s cultural revolution, after which the condemned would be taken out and shot.

    1. I’m going to make an odd comment, but here goes…

      Listening to all the white folk stand up for, hold hands with and speak for their black friends/coworkers/community members, I get an off-putting feeling.

      It sounds a LOT like the language people use in reference to my son with Down syndrome. Everyone pats themselves on the back when they are his cheerleaders, they like to speak for him and guess what he might like because they truly believe he is incapable.

      Could Stratford not have found one of those black people they apparently can’t do without to make a creative statement, or do they think they are too disabled to speak for themselves? I look at a black person as an equal peer. Lots of things I’m reading and seeing seem like most people really do see them as lesser and needy folks.
      “Look at my black friend here…you shouldn’t treat him badly”. Who sounds superior in this?

      That said, I have seen some black people who have caught on to this, and it’s not sitting well with them.

      1. “they like to speak for him”
        Yes, that’s what the white socialist aristocrats like to do.
        Speak for black, that will give them a lot of excuses to exploit them.

        Thomas Sowell is explaining the same idea as you proposed in this clip with some socialist aristocrat.

        “Thomas Sowell Dismantles Egalitarianism (Frances Fox Piven Edition)”

        The essential point is at 2:47.

        1. You gotta wonder who is telling the white students that black are completely helpless.
          Would not that qualify as major racist point?
          They are people, just the same as those idiot whites.

          That is quite unbelievable.

    2. I hope all the donors and the government art grants are all cut off to these self-admitted racists. Until they can judge individuals for their own worth, independent of immutable characteristics, they are not worthy of support.

  6. If you aren’t interested in Prime Minister Trudeau’s hair, you ain’t female!

  7. As a proud, occasionally black, man, he should’ve said; ‘whatever works best for my fro…bro’.

  8. When do we see Sophie-Hypen and BlackFaceBeard together in a current photo?
    Aren’t they a couple?

  9. Laugh all you want at how effeminate Trudeau is, but the truth is the vicious little bastard just up and banned millions of legally owned firearms, right in your face, by decree. If only there was one other Canadian politician with the balls to oppose him and raise hell about this…. But no. He’s an effeminate little punk with little unicorn socks, but he still rules the roost.

    1. “If only there was one other Canadian politician with the balls to oppose him”

      You guys had Maxime Bernier but he was deemed a “distraction”.

      Enjoy your shithole now.

    2. Heh. Good luck enforcing that decree.
      What he did is exactly how cowards operate.

      1. I agree Mr Teach, do you think they will consider it strange that there were virtually no non restricted semi automatics actually handed in? Just like the last time, (C68) when they had to cut the estimates by 60%, of how many firearms were in the country, just to make it jive with the number of new PAL holders! They’ll be jiving again soon. There must be a heavenly magic mountain of ten million gone guns somewhere, and it’s gonna grow again, if we can’t turn this POS out with a no confidence vote real soon! Eventually, if we ever get any sanity back from all of this, they might magically re appear from the magic mountain. If not, they will continue sleeping until they are needed.

  10. Let’s not be fools folks.

    Folks make no mistake here.

    Trudeau and Butts are two of the most cut throat globalists in the business.

    They will not stop until we are all riding on mass transit, unemployed and reliant on the government, decimated all of the private sector, with millions of refugees from poor UN member nations pouring into our borders.

    They will not stop until the UN and LGBT flags fly in Ottawa in place of the maple leaf and every city and town across Canada is renamed diverse-city.

    This is all out and for all the marbles folks.

    We need to vote him out or Canada is over as a country.

    1. I fully expect canadians to give trudeau a majority government next election.

      And I hope that your are correct that canada will soon cease to exist as a country. Time for Alberta to leave…40 years too late…but better late than never.

    2. So true B&P, I would bet that Butts is in permanent residence in the cottage, he just doesn’t come out cuz he’s only wearing his slippers and a housecoat. I’m sure they stroke each others ego’s, as well as stroking a few other things! I bet he knits socks in his spare time. I do agree, they are both evil and a threat to all of us! However, it’s to late, they have made fools of us all.

  11. I could comment, I want to comment, but what’s the point, anyone sane enough to read and post here, is pretty much like minded, except for one or two idiotic exceptions! Kenji is right, my first reaction before I even started rolling the video, was noticing his shoulders. I too am ashamed, not of being an actual Canadian, (I emigrated from the UK in 82) but ashamed of what I have witnessed over the years, and what we have for a Prime Minister! More than ashamed, I am beyond sad, deeply saddened, of the direction Canada is going, and for that matter the US as well! That POS has destroyed Alberta, allowed thousands of miscreant peoplekind into the country, given away ten million to a terrorist thug, bankrupted our economy and devalued the currency, and is now working on the gun lobby, in the most undemocratic way possible! The latest I’ve heard is, a thirty percent tax on firearm purchases, and a fifty percent tax on ammo because the “Gun lobby” is the biggest threat to the country! He has no scruples and no honor, and we should be ashamed that we even tolerate this sorry excuse for a political leader! Someone above said they think that the son may be worse than the father…..Think? I detested PET, but at least he had some intelligence and political moxie, all his spawn has is nice hair and a vacant stare, plus the wide open real estate between his ears! Oh, I almost forgot, he has silly socks as well. Initially I thought, “How could Sophie marry that?” Then she opened her mouth and started singing! Then I understood! Damn, why didn’t he stay in India and join the Bollywood actors permanently!……There, I commented anyway!

  12. The Liberal Party is the party of white guilt. Therefore it will probably be with us forever, the number of white people who wallow in guilt seems to be constant at about 30% (50% of women plus 10% of men).

    The m.o. of the Liberal Party is simple and unchanging. You position yourself between the harder left and the softer left of the Conservatives. Then you pander, pander, pander non stop to every “racialized” group (their term) promising redress for real and imagined grievances. Sure there may be some real grievances, people are not perfect, and that includes white people (or non-racialized) but hey, we’ve apologized to this group and that group, never seems to mean anything, most of the injustice is in the past and done by those who have already passed on. Nor is there any balancing against the tolerance of modern Canadian society, the opportunities it provides, and the general non-discriminatory nature of the people and their society.

    Instead, this puke political party stirs up old grievances and tries to make them permanent. Sanctimonious utterances abound, each Liberal leader trying to outdo the previous set with new and ever more elaborate weasel words.

    The only way this could stop would be if the voters gave the Liberals such a trip to the woodshed that they would never, ever, try this again. The closest we came to this was perhaps 1984 and 1988, but that was perhaps partly because we had a Conservative leader who could align himself with the best international conservatives who ever took office in recent years, Reagan and Thatcher.

    Trump is a harder act to emulate. Some of his appeal to American conservative voters is not easily transferable to our politics. We have nothing much to make great again, we need to become great for a first time probably, although I’m not knocking the accomplishments of the first decades after Confederation. By and large this country has coasted along with a mediocre second-rate culture that is largely based on envy of America and Britain as big brother type social orders that we cannot hope to surpass. It does not help that routinely the best and brightest of Canadians are forced to flee this country for somewhere their talents and abilities might be fairly recognized, and we wallow in this perpetual “poor little Canada, who will take care of us” mentality that leads straight to charlatans like Justin Trudeau, the illusion peddler supreme.

  13. He could have gone from journalist zero to journalist hero if he pushed the ponce out at 5000 feet.