27 Replies to “Trudeau Should Focus on Criminals – Three Reasons His Gun Ban is a Mistake”

  1. I think sock monkey, lying billy Blair and the liberal ilk have an agenda.
    They are the criminals, and wouldn’t criminals want you disarmed?
    The sock monkey just released a bunch of criminals, that should tell ya something.
    And then turned around and with the stroke of a pen made honest gun owners criminals.

    Do you really think the bad guys are going to turn in their guns? Nope!
    And do you think the criminals are going to be worried about entering your house when they know you don’t have one?
    Wake up folks… liberals are idiots.
    Actually thieves and liars.

  2. Brian reports on this like it’s 1995 and these developments are supposed to be surprising or somehow out of the ordinary.

    Catch and release criminals? Illegal guns are the problem? Uh-huh. I get it. I’ve gotten it for years. Nothing changes except that the leftists keep incrementally winning.

    Brian will probably be doing videos about the handgun ban in 2024. Or maybe the total gun ban in 2030. Yawn.

    1. Jeff, good points. Lilley’s column must be one of those,” give us a column for the base today,Brian” type of orders,just as the liberal media gives us one of those “look how awful that Trump is,aren’t we lucky to have Trudeau” columns quite often.

      Trudeau and his ilk believe fervently in the “NO GUNS NO CRIMES” mantra peddled by the UN, and even more, the “unarmed peasants are easier to kick around” mantra. If he had the power he’d ban all privately owned guns in a minute,but he still fears a loss of votes in some constituencies,so he hasn’t gone all out yet. Now that Blair has passed handgun bans on to the cities, Trudeau won’t have to take the heat OR pay for any buy back program.

      Cheryl gallant’s E-mail this AM stated they expect Trudeau to call a “snap” election. I don’t know if that’s true or if she was just trolling for donations, but it would be a brilliant strategy to call an election for just after the CPC elects their new leader and win another majority. If he called an election before the CPC elects their new leader, he might lose a few seats over the unfairness outrage from some voters and only have a small majority.It’d be nice to see how well the CPC would do in a July election with Scheer still Leader, as SO many Conservatives believe he would have won if the election wasn’t rigged and Scheer would have made a great PM, etc.,etc.

    2. Brian is getting paid as long as there is polarization in the society. Were there no problems, he would starve.
      All of these establishment’s lackeys eat from the same trough, he included.
      Go peddle your self-righteous word soup to the senile twits who own one gun and use it once a year to hunt ducks.
      They are single, sick, senile, and have no one to worry about. We, who own arsenals of AR-15, are worried about our children and grandchildren, who thanks to our Dear Leader are going to be turned into cattle for our planned muslim overlords. Khanada is coming but only we stand between Canada and Khanada.
      You, Brian, is not part of the solution. Otherwise you, Captain Obvious, would have spoken and done differently.
      You could have asked the right questions to the right people, but no, you never do.
      All you do is follow some innocently written script full of cliches. We heard the same from Bruce Montague and Dave Tomlinson 20-30 years ago. We do not need these blatant truths repeated over and over. Do something for a change!

  3. The countries that have the most guns per capita in their homes are Iceland and Switzerland, well known to not have significant crime or murders.

  4. The problem with this argument is that it falsely assumes the liberals are acting in good faith and are aiming to reduce crime. They aren’t. The purpose of the measures is to signal to their supporters whose side they are on and to punish their adversaries. In this sense getting a vigorous response from legitimate gun owners is part of the objective.

    If they actually believed any of their own rhetoric they wouldn’t be exempting natives. They make a lot of noise about caring about violence against aboriginal women and indeed they are frequently victims of gun violence. The liberals then exempt natives from their earlier firearm registry measures and continue to do so now.

    Aboriginal women are especially vulnerable. These horrific military style weapons have no use for hunting and are only used for killing people. And we’ll let aboriginal men keep them. Sure.

  5. Like the last time, this is a deliberately stupid law designed to provoke outrage among thinking people with knowledge of the subject.
    All that the Liberal Party base will see is the backlash against this idiotic law that will convince them that Blackie is being ‘tough on gun crime’™. The bigger the backlash the more convinced they will be.
    It’s not a stupid law by accident, it’s a stupid law on purpose, designed to become a winning election issue for the liberals.

    Essentially Blackie is pissing on the graves of the victims of violence.
    What a nice way to honour and respect the victims of gun violence: Blackie uses their deaths as cynically and as dishonestly as possible for the Liberal Party’s political gain.
    Especially the native women victims of violence. Why are natives exempt?

    And the people who vote for him are too stupid and complacent to educate themselves about it.

  6. The problem is that all you do is talk. There are no men in Canada.

    PS: Your captchas do not work. Are you having fun?

    1. Capchas work perfectly. They do require above room temperature IQ though.

      More importantly, in the past I have asked what have you done to resit tyranny? You dodged that question. Perhaps you could share your valiant story now? Don’t be shy field marshal windbag, do go on, the floor is yours.

      1. COLON, “field marshal windbag”???? you must feel let down, some one is a bigger wind bag (loud mouth ) than you. So what have YOU done to improve the situation here in Canada????

      2. “Don’t be shy field marshal windbag, do go on, the floor is yours.”

        /*** Crickets chirping *** /

  7. What mistake? Is anyone still believing that the gun ban is in place to reduce gun crime? Seriously? The purpose of the gun has nothing to do with gun crime. The purpose of the gun ban is three fold.
    1. The gun ban is a finger in the eye of the demographic Blackie and his junta despise.
    2. The gun ban placates the millennial UnMe and the Karen demographics.
    3. The gun ban makes people less able to defend themselves.
    In other words: the gun ban serves its nefarious purposes perfectly. No mistake. None at all.

  8. “Trudeau Should Focus on Criminals”

    Trudeau does focus on criminals. Problem is, Trudeau IS a criminal. What? You’re expecting he’ll interdict his own kind? Pffft!
    Way to give the Criminal Cabal the runs Canaduh legitimacy, Brian. Pretending Trudeau represents Law & Order? Really?

  9. The new gun rules are designed to bait the CPC. It’s about making the conservatives look bad. It’s politics gurls.

  10. Last year the gun bill was a diversion from the SNC scandal. This time what? Camouflage for the connection between China and the libs? Stop questions on how much of the hundreds of billions are going missing? A divide and conquer movement before an election call? The only thing certain is that Trudeau has contempt for the little people and judging by the polls – it’s deserved

  11. He is focusing on criminals; you’re it. Criminals are all they see from the Peace Tower.

    The Peace Tower was never yours; you’ve believed lies your entire life.

    You’ve never voted for anyone who cut their own lawn, or didn’t have a nanny, or fixed their own car, or missed a meal.

    This is the only way it ever could have gone. But don’t worry, the next silver spoon trust fund baby you pick to lead the Conservative Party will fix everything. They promise. Just like the last 35 times.

    Start voting for people who have lived in your shoes. Or keep doing what you’ve been doing, and expect it to turn out differently this time.

    There is a reason they want running for office to require a party, and millionaires as candidates.

  12. Looks like one of the TO chappies in the video has a “Big Stick” mag in his possibly irregularly owned semi-automatic pistol, I thought they are prohibited.

  13. Trudeau is the Criminal, and like ALL criminals they want their victims disarmed and helpless, for obvious reasons.

    The first signs of any tyranny is the loss of Freedom of Speech/ expression and then the ability to protect it

    – Holy crap, when did people get so stupid, they knew this in the stone age.

  14. Bad Black Rifle Coffee,why this terrorist coffee has killed more Canadians than any number of pistols slithered across the border by the usual suspects.
    Must be true,why else would Dear Leader issue an Order in Council banning this evil brew,yet not pass any kind of law or enforcement effort to arrest gang bangers with guns?
    Or punish weapon smugglers?
    Or actually enforce existing law?
    Liberals and NDP have made no secret of their true allegiance.
    And if you contribute positively to society,it ain’t you they work for.
    Those cheering minions celebrating Dear Leaders victory,told you all you need to know.
    Ontario showed all who will look that the NDP are a wing of the Liberals.
    “But we have to give them hand out,otherwise they would just steal it”.
    A luvvie MP of the NDP .

    The anti gun do-gooders are well reminded of that old WW2 saga; Cause their turn will come.
    “First they came for the Roma,but I was not a Roma,Then they came for the Jews,but I was not a Jew,then they came for me”
    Last one left to feed the crocodile .
    Our progress comrades will never concede they form that beast.
    Something about when your paycheck depends on you not seeing?