Two Birds, One Stone

Washington Examiner;

The Trump administration plans to revoke thousands of visas held by Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States, escalating its crackdown on the Chinese government’s theft of intellectual property.
Those with direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army will have their visas canceled, American officials with knowledge of the discussions told the New York Times. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the matter with President Trump on Tuesday at the White House.
The expulsions could affect at least 3,000 students, according to some estimates. Though it’s a small percentage of the approximately 360,000 Chinese students in the U.S., it is likely to spark pushback from universities that rely on full tuition payments from international students and critics who say the administration’s crackdown is contributing to anti-Asian racism.

Emphasis mine.

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  1. Here’s a thought for consideration.

    As the second preference for chicoms to infiltrate North America, Canadian universities have become dependent on the international tuitions to fund their institutions.
    I’m less interested in a debate about post secondary education and for this point specifically more interested in how Canada continuing to grant student visas will effect US Canada relations.

    1. Yes; certainly the most important decision for Canadians, at least the English Language Culture Canadians. There really is significant decline in understanding by the E.C.L since Justin Trudeau and His Senior Special Advisor Greald Butts moved in Proximity to the Laurentien Elite.

      1. “..moved in Proximity to the Laurentien Elite…”
        Say what…??

        They ARE the Laurentien Elite, along with the Desmarais Family, Mcleans, Westons, Bronfmanns, All the previous PM’s and to a man, fans of Maurice Strong while good friends with the Rothschilds.
        NAZI SCUM the lot.

        As for Donald TRUMP… this guy continues to make me SMILE..!! The first and only COMMON SENSE – WORKING for the GOOD of his PEOPLE Politician I have ever seen, Ralph Klein notwithstanding….No one Else Even comes close.

    2. Canada is already screwed by Canadians. maybe the U S can wake one or two of us up.

  2. Perfect move! Long overdue. As a Vancouverite, I have noted the increasing corruption in our society here, driving older Canadians into bankruptcy level conditions by taxing our savings and making it impossible for Canadians born here to ever be able to afford a home for their children.

    It is well known that PRC students are harassing other Chinese and spying. The money laundering continues. We have a lot of great Chinese immigrants here, many from Hong Kong, some of whom actually pay taxes in Canada. They share our work ethic and other values. As for the cheap stakes who park children and wives in Canada, and work overseas, I hope that you fish or cut bait, now that Hong Kong is becoming unsafe. Sell your Canadian property or rent it.

    UBC and other universities should focus on educating Canadians, not foreign students. If they have to cut staff, do it.

    1. UBC and other universities should focus on educating Canadians, not foreign students. If they have to cut staff, do it.

      When the baby boomers started going to university during the 1960s, universities expanded their facilities and staff in order to meet the demand. However, since then, fewer people are attending partly due to cost and partly due to job prospects, even in fields that aren’t “studies”.

      The result is that universities have a lot of empty space that needs to be filled and faculty that need to keep busy. Since having a degree carries a great deal of social status in China, and since not everyone can get into the elite schools over there, bringing those students over here by the planeload provides a solution.

  3. More of those students who would have attended in the U.S., will now apply at Canadian universities,,, and we will allow them in. Remember Blackface’s tweet,,, Canada takes all people.

  4. If we look in Canada at the potential extradition of a Huwei executive and we look at scenario where the feds DO NOT interfere with the independent judiciary, one of the punishments delivered against us by the tyrants in Beijing would be the barring thousands of Chinese from attending Canadian Universities.

    The loss of milk cow of Chinese students paying foreign tuition would be a financial disaster. Post-secondary institutions will start screaming for more subsidy rather than delivering efficiency (and fewer ‘studies’ programs). It would be interesting, but impossible to ever learn how hard the Universities are lobbying the federal Justice minister and Mr. Socks to intervene and send Meng back home.

    I frankly believe that the Liberals will interfere, there now the SNC precedent where they get away with such it, and besides, they can always blame Harper. Appeasement always works, right?

    1. “..The loss of milk cow of Chinese students paying foreign tuition would be a financial disaster…”

      To Who precisely..??

      THAT my friend would not bother me one bit. Long Long overdue to trim the sails of University Presidents and other assorted TROUGH FEEDING Unionized arrogance that is grossly overpaid selling GARBAGE Degrees and allowing ChiComm bastards to steal our Technology.

      Bring it on….
      But I fear you are right, This country under current quasi NAZI – Fascist Control will continue to be SOLD to the CCP 1 acre, job, company, science seat at a time to the utter detriment of all True Canadians.
      Only 1 of about 12 Million reasons Alberta and Sask MUST Leave this Fkd up joke of country.

  5. We need this in Canada too. As a Vancouverite, our major universities rely on funding from foreign students, who end up being fast-tracked into citizenship, with no oversight by CSIS.

    We also know that the PRC is active on campasses harassing other Chinese. We also know that many Chinese household heads leave their family here, earn income abroad and never pay Canadian taxes.
    Meanwhile, we also have money-laundering, with people from all over the world paying cash for our real estate, thereby making our own Canadian young families unable to buy a reasonable property.

  6. So, 3 000 Chicom Jugend getting their eviction notices, eh?
    We can rest assured that America’s loss will be Canada’s, ahem, gain.

    1. Its already out of control. I seriously resent the tax subsidies these universities get to educate foreigners and not more Canadians. Is there even any Canadians enrolled at Waterloo? there is a reason they call it Water WU.

      1. Universities should be required to bill out 100% of their cost of operation including amortizing capital expenses. Government should then subsidize Canadian students’ tuition. The only scholarships universities should be able to grant are from specified donated money and only to Canadian students unless the gift or bequest specifically named foreign students. There, I solved the problem of foreign freeloading leeches.

        1. Go ahead and raise tuition for the foreigners. It won’t make much difference to many of them because they come from rich families. It simply means they might have to drive a cheaper luxury car instead of a brand-new Beamer.

          1. Bingo. When it comes to infiltration and subversion, money is no barrier to the Chicomms.

  7. The cries of racism put me in mind of the run up to WW2 when Noel Coward wrote a satirical tune called
    “Please Let’s Don’t be Beastly to the Germans “

  8. Kate; I have poached your descriptive of Chinada. So much better than any I tried. I am working on another effort of commenting to the several, many is an exaggeration, where my comments appear. This will have proper identification of the, I believe will become the “Classic” term for the Trudeau legacy; junior league group.

    Michael McCallion
    3 hrs ·
    James Carafano: China’s coronavirus bullying – US must keep pushing back. Here’s how
    Watching Fox News & Friends this morning the disabling power of ‘political correctness’ is now part of FOXNEWS.COM policy. Except the words being used are ‘social distancing; and ,mask wearing.
    Good grief– If the vaunted ‘still unafraid’ of FOX is to mean more than Bumpf is it not time to improve commnication by eliminating the new Buzz Words for not saying anything. ‘social distancing’ & mask weearing’ as current meme.
    Seems the death quotient is conventrated in the Elderly and especially in those with underling health concerns; such as Me and My Wife. The attempt to add the long past – compromised vulnerability to immune citizen(s) apparently never rose to a level of protest expected by the -Social Warrior Clutch -.
    Therefore it comes back to Our generation of pre-& early Baby Boomers. The early baby boomers have either expired through excesses of living style. Not a critiscim, just a fact with an occasional regret of missing some cool stuff – Or- being in the leading age group for a long time and surviving should mean reaching a comfortable retirement scene of lower vulnerability.
    Sooo? ___ Having set the stage and brining forth observations from living for eight decades; __ a). is it not time to build the “Herd Immunity” among the generations which will need it longer than the pre- & early Baby Boomers? __ b). the Bad Decision(s) by Liberal Governments-: both Federal & as Provincial Branch Operations on Lousy and Chinada advice from P.C.O & P.MO. Staffs of approximately 800 bureaucracy frightened about losing their Careers.. __ c). if any of the Agenda driven Liberal M.P.’s Or the M.P.P.’s acting for the Federal Liberal as a Provincial Branch Operation & expect to be building a Voting Bloc__ without asking whether:– ‘The Elderly and vulnerable Persons want to sacrifice the Jobs & Buslinnes & Careers of The Elderly and vulnerable Persons are willing to Face Their limited time futures by — Ending The Quratine(s) — Now!
    __ My reasoned and involved understanding is __ Stop Using The New Social Warrior — political correct substitution words! June 1st. is Two Days — Too Late.

    1. Michael, is it possible for you to stay on topic … JUST ONCE?!?

      And why does almost every single one of your posts have to be a long screed???

      Asking for MANY friends.

      1. MICHAEL Scallion

        How about some proper punctuation.?
        How about some proper Sentence Format.?
        How about using “PARAGRAPHS” to separate your commentary and then leave a LINE SPACE between said paragraphs…or where you missing in Action in Grade 5 ENGLISH Class..?

        I’m sure you have something of value to say Michael – but your writing technique leaves me (along with 99% of SDA members here), to completely skip your verbal diharea..sorry buddy, but you Need to clean that up somewhat…??

  9. Let the administrators avail themselves of the safe spaces they created. They can hug puppies, colour in colouring books and count snow flakes.

  10. Racism presupposes the adequacy of all cultures and worldviews. There are some that are abhorrent to “western” notions of liberty.

    They are incompatible and a country has a right not to be watering and fertilizing it’s hanging tree.

  11. I figure the Covid Panic demonstrated how useless and outdated the University concept is.
    Work from home.
    Learn from home.
    Have money rather than a debt as you graduate..
    So what purpose do the Brick and mortar of the Houses of higher learning serve?
    Higher learning about sums it up too,the indoctrination is so thick and the fixed belief in so many impossible things so deep that only a drug zombie could “graduate”.
    Would you higher a recent graduate?

    The credential Mills are bankrupt,morally and spiritually ,their bank accounts will follow.
    Other peoples money is in very short supply.
    Thanks to the “Expert Wisdom” of credentialed idiots,the economy that they feast upon is dead.
    Government has no money.
    Universities will soon be on their own,as students cannot afford their “services” and alternative learning methods abound.
    A half decent commuter and an internet connection are a damn sight cheaper than attending university classes and motivated to learn students prefer self learning.
    Faster and much less posing required.

    The beauty of our progressive comrades “great march” through the institutions,is they destroy all and everything they touch.
    Having captured so many of the institutions of society,they are appalled and shocked that the public(Those who pay) are abandoning those institutions.
    Evil is stupid and stupid becomes evil.
    If evil is defined as destructive to life,growth and beauty.

    1. Bottom line..?

      Go TRADES… Not only will you EARN $$$ while you apprentice, any of the building trades leads you into areas of other building trades. What you learn will put you or anyone you know in good stead for such time as you purchase a home and need to fix something – Anything. And as such you will also SAVE $$ there as well.

      Geez, just think, you could actually change a lightbulb, or clean out a dryer vent..

      your welcome…

  12. Make the college and university administrators and professors vouch for and sign for each Chinese National and hold them criminally culpable for any espionage they may engage in, whether it’s industrial, military, or security related.

    Then make college and universities cosign student loans, too.

    Time to end the collegiate gravy trains.

    1. Make the college and university administrators and professors vouch for and sign for each Chinese National and hold them criminally culpable for any espionage they may engage in, whether it’s industrial, military, or security related.

      I’m pretty sure my Ph. D. supervisor was having an affair with his favourite grad student, a brilliant young Chinese lady. I don’t think he would have held her responsible for that sort of thing.

      Then again, I think he was a lefty, though we never talked politics in the few discussions we had.

  13. The same universities that cry racism are the same universities that actively discriminate against Asian Americans in their admissions. Just saying.

  14. Wee Justin needs to get into China’s good graces since our legal system failed him, so Justin will no doubt offer these poor, downtrodden individuals who have been abused by Bad Orange Man a place in Canada. I would take bets on him doing this.

  15. Down East, Cape Breton University has at least 50% of its student body made up of international students, most of whom are from China. Were there any justice, CBU would be the first of a number of universities in Canada that would be better turned over for affordable housing.

    1. I have just learned that Cape Breton University exists… and offers a degree in Cape Breton Studies. Just think about the wide range of career opportunities this degree opens.

  16. There are 360,000 Chinese students in the US. It has taken Trump over 3 years to kick out 3,000 of them. Continuing at this rate it would take over a century to expel ChiComs from the land of the free.

  17. This is completely batshit insane. For one thing, a massive violation of due process. For another, extremely damaging to research. There loss should be Canada’s gain-rev up those Visa machines.

    EDIT: Kate we get it: you hate educated people. That doesn’t give you or the USG the right to break the means of educating people. It’s also the reason you’ve lost the culture war so very brutally.

    1. You’re just bitter because you know that in the end, every man in the toxic masculinity video would get laid long before any woman (or man) would even look at you.

  18. Not gonna happen.
    Watch the universities raise super massive propaganda.
    They love the Chinese money, that’s all that matters, ever mattered.
    Money is the first and the last, everything else is peripheral.
    The communists know propaganda, the whole system is built on it, they will take care of running interference.
    The poor locals are out of luck.

  19. That is truly good news for America
    But bad news for Canadians, as Trudeau has allocated $6B for foreign students during Covid-19
    So the Yank Chicoms shall simply go to Canada and collect the $6B.

  20. The chicoms own Canadian universities. If the tyrant revoked the chicom students visas the system would collapse.

    1. The chicoms own Canadian universities.

      I noticed that more than 20 years ago. I would guess that at least a third, if not more, of the students at my alma mater are from the PRC. I shudder to think what the proportion would be in grad studies in engineering.

      And, yes, if the Chicoms were booted out of the country (yeah, right), the university system would indeed collapse. Not only would it run out of students, it would lose much of its professoriate. It started going off the rails after I finished my B. Sc. more than 40 years ago and, if it ever did implode, I wouldn’t be in the least bit sorry.

      1. “at least a third, if not more, of the students at my alma mater are from the PRC.”

        The horror! THE HORROR

  21. Lets round up all those Liberal Democrats and sent them to live in some other Nation who can stand their stupidity