Meng Wanzhou Decision

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that a critical test in the extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been met, and the extradition process will continue.

Update: China responds

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    1. you kidding, he’s been suckin for quite some time now.

      on a more serious note:
      Is that they sound of a chinese special forces unit coming to rescue their CFO. Whatcha gonna do turdo when the chicoms use force to take her home? It will happen. We’ve nothing to stop them, nor would we even try.

      1. “you kidding, he’s been suckin for quite some time now.”

        Heh heh. That’s true. He’ll have to boost it up to turbo suck now.

      2. No need for special forces. Have a helicopter pluck her out of a neighborhood park at 1:00 AM and fly her to a Chinese ship 12 miles out to sea. Make sure they have a crap load of anti-aircraft rockets and something that will sink one of those toy Canadian coastal patrol ships if it gets in the way.

        1. – And what will Justin do? He has a two-pronged response all prepared and ready:

          1) call Canadians racist, and

          2) apologize.

      3. The RCMP will observe cautiously from a distance and keep threatening Canadians back; they’ve been practicing for it at rail crossings.

    2. He can’t do that. He’d violate social distancing conditions. And we know how strictly he observes the rules for quarantining, right?

  1. This judge kicked the can down the road.

    What a ridiculously lengthy process.
    Anyone who thinks this is normal is full retard.

    1. Not so. What part of “…the extradition process will continue.” did you not understand? The judge determined that the extradition can go forward.

      Next: “Anyone who thinks this is normal is full retard.”
      This is a critical moment in a collision between two superpowers, China and the US. Of course it was not normal and could not be normal. Canada’s role is complicated by the fact that China secured two Canadians as political hostages to try to force Canada to abort the extradition.

      What you seem to be missing is that this entire episode is highlighting the deep, fundamental weakness of character of the Trudeau administration. What you seem to be missing is that a number of Canadian companies, Telus being the most prominent, have mortgaged their technology future on Huawei.

      1. I agree with “CGH”, and the phrase “The entire episode is highlighting the deep fundamental weakness of character of the Trudeau administration” is PRICELESS! Please can I have permission to use that phrase?

        1. Gerry, use it as much as you please whenever appropriate. No permission needed from me in any event as this is Kate’s site.

      2. China is not a superpower. They are reliant on a loooong string of tankers from the Gulf all the way across the Indian Ocean and South Pacific through waters adjacent to hostile countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. China can be brought to its knees literally within minutes simply by exercising an oil blockade and sanctions against oil carriers.

        1. Not just oil, food too. They literately are just as vulnerable as Imperial Japan was during WWII. Except that imperial Japan had at the beginning a very competent navy, Chicoms do not.

          1. True about the navy. It can be destroyed instantly. As for food true but China doesn’t care if their people starve although that would lead to revolution and replacement with the next band of thugs

      3. Major upvote to cgh.
        Character..?? In the Trudeau govt.?? impossible, they simply NAZI’s

        Telus Indeed….Fascist bastids

        1. Thanks, Steakman, for that kind remark.

          There’s much, much more going on here. Remember all those Huawei ads on Hockey Night in Canada? Huawei has been conducting an advertising blitz across lots of Canada and Europe and various parts abroad like Australia in an effort to stave off the US ban on Huawei H5 technology. It’s been going on for a couple of years now, and as I noted at least one Canadian telecom, Telus, took the full glass of Koolaid.

          Huawei’s strategy was pretty straight-forward: put as much advertising in place as possible to make Huawei’s revenue indispensable to as many media-related organizations as possible. In Canada, that means HNIC became a major asset in the campaign to get Huawei technology accepted by at least one partner in the Five Eyes group (FVEY, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom).

          1. Long before this all became news, I ran into a bit of Huawei, called a thumb drive. It’s TELUS born and was designed to slip into a USB port and operate as a WIFI unit in computers not equipped with the latest, where WIFI was the only connection to the web. Park the truck, fire up the lappy with one of these thingamajigs and you were sending well data to downtown from well, some lonely road with cellular signal. Used it once. Norton AV at the time, had a cow. I turned it off and ditched it. Drove to a hotel to send stuff. I still have it, sitting in a drawer. A reminder. I used TELUS over the years for cell as they were better than BELL et al and I could use my account in Tronna, too besides Alberta, now BC.
            One used to be able to talk to TELUS, but not anymore. Never met a corporation not willing to make it easy to talk to them before. Not about to switch to one of the others, because they are just as bad. The devil you know.
            I found out from an ex TELUS dude that a lot of TELUS equipment is Huawei, so after a million or two or more, who is gonna change? I bought TELUS once at $9.00 when they had a bad year. Sold at high $40. They’re high debt now. Might have some in a CDN ETF, BELL is a better buy on it’s own, despite their Laurentian baggage. The devil you know.

      4. But one knows that there is a weakness in Trudeau and his equally useless government.

        This ruling hasn’t sent Meng Wanzhou to the US. It has only stalled the inevitable springing of her at a later date.

        Justin told everyone of his undying love for China in 2013. No one cared.

        Now, he behaves as though he is one of those rancid little emperors because China allows him and Canadians just don’t care.

        In a week, this will all be forgotten, just like those two gentlemen in prison.

      5. Untrue about mortgaging the future in Huawei.

        You shouldn’t talk about what you know ZERO about.

  2. I guess Xi’s minions didn’t pay the judge enough. Or couldn’t find a way to threaten him. If only Trudeau and his clown show weren’t so damned easy to buy off we might have a government that stands up to China.

    1. The B.C. Judge is a woman, so they couldn’t find leverage to use on HER.

      The government of Canada is lead by a guy that was raised to admire China, and add the fact every billionaire corporation in Quebec is heavily invested in China, and probably all the same from the Rest of Canader, and it’s clear it’s not possible to deal with China from a position of strength. (Not that we could EVER deal from a position of strength with any of the Big powers.)
      Chretien was right on this file, he said Trudeau should have had his people warn Meng off so she wouldn’t land in Vancouver,and would,in Chretien’s words, ” fly on to Mexico instead”. Da Little Guy would never have had this problem in the first place. Trudeau once again displayed his ineptitude.

      Little Canader cannot win in this situation, either piss off China or the USA, a competent leader would have prevented it from ever getting to this point. Now how bloody long will this charade go on? It’s already 18 months since she was arrested on Dec.1/18.

  3. I’m waiting to hear from The Bong…..maybe he’ll chastise the judge?

    Are the chicoms going to up the anti? Imprison another Michael? Put the screws to bongo?

    1. That’s a given.

      My read on this.

      The judicial branch knew where they stood with the current government and they don’t feel like being a crutch for bad government policy.

      If the minister responsible is smart, they should have the extradition order ready to expedite her ass to NY.
      If they make excuses about border closure I hope that Pompeo has his under secretary phone the sock monkey and “advise” him this trip is essential travel.

      This is now a perfect opportunity to stand up to the chicoms by proceeding with the extradition and the only possible reason they are not is they think it would be beneficial for Trump and not the people they are elected to serve.

      1. A Liberal minister, smart? Seriously? Just-ill wants to please his Chicom masters and not appear to be collaborating with the OrangeMan.
        Just-ill will do anything for his coveted UN seat………and he won’t mind stiffing the US if he gets his seat, while throwing this country off the cliff

  4. Does anyone believe Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig will ever return to Canada? Alive OR dead? What is it now? 534 days? It sickens me. The PM and his so-called government sicken me. Where is a Ross Perot when you need one?

  5. Juthtins bosses in the CCP will not be pleased… The CCP must wonder why Juthtin didn’t break the law, again, and pull a SNC lavalin type obstruction of justice… everyone knows he would get away with it and be cheered on by his ass sniffing Media whores… Juthtin and Heinrich Himmler Butts can break the laws with impunity and the chinks know it, so why didn’t the Turd do so now ? Weird… I think if the USA hadn’t been involved then Juthtin would’ve let the bitch get away with it… if only Mung Wazoo was a Queerbeker then Juthtin Butts would”ve broken every law on the books to set her free. I look forward to the Chinese Militarys reaction to one of their employees ( Juthtin the Turdhole) not following their explicit orders… maybe Juthtin promised to sell the whole Province of BC to the CCP… somethings not right though and innocent Canadians are going to pay the price.

    1. Trump has got more dirt on Justin (or maybe its just the same dirt) as China does. Canada has no choice now but to do what the US wants.
      Make no mistake, this is now a full blown Cold War every bit if not more serious than with the Eastern Bloc between the west and China. Trump has told Justin that you are either with us or against us. Thank God!

  6. My heart felt condolences to the families of the two Michaels. These delays just keep them in a tyrant’s prison that much longer.

    We should embrace their basic dictatorship and put her in a prison far away from the pacific coast, rather than her gilded cage in West Van.

    1. Nah. Just get the US Marshal Service to come pick up their trash. Seize her houses to cover all the costs of this circus.

    2. RCMP should arrest a bunch of Chicom infiltrators with high social credit scores and trade them for Michaels like US did with Powers. We have many more of theirs than they have of ours.

        1. Yes absolutely. This is why I said “should” like for example “they should work for Canadians” or “they should arrest themselves for the routine abuses they commit and for routinely perjuring themselves in courts.” unfortunately Chinada aka Trudeaupia is not a sovereign country of laws and therefore we have the RCMP we have.

    3. Shaughnessay not West Van, but you’re absolutely correct. I think we should also take a page from the Chinese Communist Party’s pandemic response and weld her doors shut too.

    4. She has a palace in the nicest part of the richest neighbourhood in Van, Shaughnessy, right close to the Chi-Com consulate. She also has a nice home just ten mins down the road twds UBC, in the Dunbar area (equally expensive).

  7. “The purpose of the United States is to bring down Huawei and other Chinese high-tech companies…”

    It is not, but why are you saying it like it would be a bad thing?

  8. Diefenbaker is smirking at all of us from his grave. This absurd farce is courtesy of his and his only!
    Thanks to Canada-hating German expat, Diefenbaker, we, the Canadian taxpayers, have to feed a horde of lawyers on all sides of the immigration, asylum, and extradition cases, all the way to SCOC. F k this s t!
    In any civilized country the process of extraditing a non-citizen must be a 1-step process: a competent authority approves the application as long as the request is not from a war-torn country. Period.

  9. Meng Wanzhou (and Huawei) will tie this up in Canadian courts for years and years and years, while spending her time in luxury. Hard life, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  10. Did anyone read the decision? It is a bit convoluted, but actually correct in law, in my view.

    Basically, the judge said, yes what you were accused of in the US would also be fraud in Canada. If one went to a Canadian bank in Canada and lied about your company’s network in order get an enormous loan, you would be putting that bank in jeopardy, as they rely on truth.

    Clearly, there was not political influence, as, if there were, the decision would not have been this. Meng would be on a plane.

    The BC Supreme Court does not always, or often, make good decisions, but this one was correct. She even cited the Schrieber vs. Germany case, where Germany’s tax laws were not the same as ours, but generally, we take a legally dim view of tax evasion.

    Of course, the PRC does understand democracy, so will continue to blame Trudeau, because waving his royal scepter does not always work here, thank goodness.

    It may be true that the USA started this mess with political intent, but even Trudeau would not dare to interfere with the Judiciary a second time. Either that or that particular judge is not briable. A good day.

  11. I think the little girlie crossed legged feminist poopsie is wetting the bed tonight, “it” helped, from what I’ve gathered, through our spy network, to spy on DJT, for the kenyan and his minions. Justy’s wanting to be bff’s with jugears mcfoodstamps, might have been a big mistake for peoplekind. This administration south of us has had enough of the nwo takedown of us, a close neighbor, and others, and the headlong decent into a communist hell that the “coward of the cottage” is all in on. Too bad Kenny Rodgers has assumed room temperature, he could have had another big hit song about Torontos hero.

  12. When this started I was worried that Trudeau and company would stick their nose in….they have not (perhaps SNC has them loathe to meddle in the courts again). The extradition is moving forward. You can dislike Trudeau’s performance all you want, but on this, he has done the right thing. He has stayed away and let the courts do their thing.
    I am more concerned about the Chinese response. They are used to being able to bully Canada, and this sets a scary precedent for them. If they push too hard, they may make Canada withdraw completely and lose their influence entirely (even Trudeau must have a line).
    If I was a Canadian in China, I would be getting the hell out right now.

  13. I’m really quite surprised that NO ONE in Canada is blaming the demise of NORTEL on the Chicoms…and holding their feet to the fire. The USA does the work that no other country can nor has the balls to do. God Bless the USA.