May 23, 2020: Reader Tips

Tonight we take you away to one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Amalfi Coast in Italia.

As for your tips, if you got ’em, we want ’em. Please connect the dots!

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  1. NYC didn’t use many of the emergency hospitals erected in NYC.

    $21 million for this one.

    The article also says the US Army Corps of Engineers spent $350 million on field hospitals that had little or no use.

    Yet Andrew Cuomo sent elderly patients with COVID into long term care facilities where they infected thousands and a great many died.

    All because Cuomo believed Biden’s ‘science’.

    1. Looks like people weren’t dying in the streets. Ho hum, another seasonal flu. The only thing different about this virus is the political use made of it. There are constant stories, and they are stories, about all the amazing and unusual things that are happening to people’s bodies from the virus, in-depth research, ground breaking might I say, about everything. Three months of insanity and no one has caught on yet?????

      1. Last year, we had some 85 Deaths in Alberta from the Flu
        Deaths from Covid…? 148 to date. All because the Fkn NAZI’s in our various levels of Govt, deemed it necessary to subject them to a closed Environment – virtually ensuring 80+% would die.

        Now we get NEanderthal THAM tell us “gee sorry, we didn’t close the borders early enough”. I guess this Cunning Stunt is unaware that 2 points of entry have remained open since jan 01: Every Airport in the Country that handles overseas flights (from CHINA), & Roxham Rd.

        Seig heil…
        Every time I even see her punching bag face or listen to snippets of what PM groundhog has to say, my blood boils.
        TRAITORS the Lot.

      2. Apparently not, OWG. MSM bombarding us with how we all have to sign on to tracing apps and we will die if we don’t let government track or every move. Full disclosure, I don’t own one of those electronic soothers, but if I did I would never accept such garbage. Would rather go to jail, at least you would be with nicer people than journalists or politicians.

  2. Things you won’t see on the CBC:

    Well, 22 May 2020 marks the date that Canada surpassed the PRC in total “identified” COVID-19 cases, wherein Canada has suffered about fifty (50) percent more deaths, despite having about 1/45th of the population of the source country, and nowhere near the population density (Canada’s land mass is larger than China’s).

    I infer from this information that one of two things (or both) must be true:

    – Canada’s “health care” system must be inferior to the PRC’s (despite, basically, our having bankrupted our country over it, since, oh, I don’t know, 1968, at the behest of the Liberals and their allies), and/or

    – The PRC is lying about the penetration of the disease within its borders.

    So, leaving aside the “I admire their basic dictatorship,” blah, blah, blah routine, perhaps we could muster an opposition sufficient to compel a believable reconciliation of this conundrum from the current Liberal administration (not technically possible, in my estimation).

    Aside from that, there is, naturally, a growing list of other conundrums that need to be reconciled (RCMP — lack of — performance (since 1971), firearms regulations, Air Canada bailout, etc., etc., etc.: surely the opposition could make a go of it in the time we have left together).

    In the meanwhile, Conrad Black @ National Post:

    Most round here (Perth-Wellington) will go for O’Toole.

    1. D S, ctv was saying about 6500 fatalities in Canada, if you can believe that? About 8500 died from the season flu according to statscan’s numbers a year or two ago. Time to look after the sick and get back to normal NOW!.

      1. – and D S, I will not vote for O’TOOL. I was unhappy about the leadership race that saw Andrew Who elected – and the Party has become ever-more closed and restrictive since. Jim Karahalios was ejected from the race – and the Party Exec told him they were keeping his $300,000 entrance fee – and after a judge slapped-down their ejection, well, they just took him back in and immediately ejected him again.

        This sort of high-handedness bears all the hallmarks of the Liberals – remember da’ imperious little guy from Shawinigan, and his punishing the three Liberal MP’s who voted against Allan Rock’s gun law because their constituents told them to? – and far too much of the Exec’s effort seems focused on (1) quelling anything other than faceless conformity among the candidates and MP’s, and (2) insisting that the Party must out-Liberal the Liberals if it wants to suck-away the leftist vote and win election. It’s exactly the wrong approach, IMHO – why would the voters bother to vote for another Party that is exactly like Little Potato’s incompetent corruptocracy in look, word and deed?

        And O’TOOL is who got Jim Karahalios ejected from the race in the first place. O’TOOL needn’t ask me for my vote, now or ever.

        Let the members decide – I’m fed-up with shadowy little cabals insisting they know more about us than we do. Like, say, Sockpuppet’s PMO.

        1. So perfectly typical of Big Government in the Information Age. “WE know what’s best for you – now send us all your money and shut up! Or else…”

          And if you don’t shut up, or you demonstrate conclusively that they DON’T know what’s best for you – or that they seem to focus exclusively on what’s best for them and their cronies – you get the “Or else…” Or you just disappear – and if you’re in mainland China, most of you disappears; a few selected bits are sold to wealthy foreigners.

    2. Mckay..? LMAO, another Groveling sack of Eastern shit…lining up to kiss Laurentien Elites’ Ass. These so called “conservatives” blew it last election to the point I am beyond disgusted with them. defacto Liberals.

      WEXIT – there is NO other alternative.

      1. Just hold on a minute there.

        Are you saving all your great, amazing Conservative leaders for after Wexit?
        Or any leader for that matter………Nenshi, Notley, Clark,Redford, Goodale, Lewis etc,etc,etc.

        Not a single contender from the West for the current Conservative leadership.

        Andrew Scheer, current ineffective at best Conservative leader, represents Regina, rumored to be in Saskatchewan which is rumored to be in the West.

        The Great Disappointment, Stevie H governed for years, also rumored to hang out mostly in the West. One would assume he would be familiar with and trying to achieve Western aims.
        Apparently, Western aims were mostly, easily reversed(see trudeau2) boutique tax cuts, accompanied by the usual obeisance to Liberal sensibilities.

        So take your ball and go home.
        Just don’t expect any real change.

        You have already proven that you are just as easily fooled, lied to, manipulated and owned as every single one of those dumb Easterners.
        Imaginary internet toughness aside of course.

        The Laughing Laurentions (east or west) got your do nothing Canadian ass (east or west) well figured out.

  3. Everybody who has drank the kool-aid needs to be taken to the woodshed. We are not all going to die from the flu.

    1. Liberals are never wrong. They will shoot from the hip and paint the target around wherever the bullet hits, thereby guaranteeing a bulls-eye every time.

      It’s still Harper’s fault because he over-funded it in the first place. That’s why whatever the Liberals pay seem like a cutback.

      And if one recalls anything different, it’s because they mis-remembered the “truth”.

  4. I see on ctv earlier that Trudeau the imbecile is now talking about testing and tracking. Ok, how many of you patriotic Canadians are going to line up? How many are pissed about not be able to travel interprovincially? Want to see family, no go. It is time for people to start getting angry about this. I now have lost all respect for cowardly Canadians. What hell has happened to us?

    1. “Trudeau the imbecile is now talking about testing and tracking”

      If we are going to try to stop the disease rather than manage it, the moron might have stopped dozens of daily flights from China when the Chinese themselves prohibited travel between regions. Turdeau is as stupid as the North Korean guy looks.

    2. OWG:

      I find, as I get older, I repeat myself a lot.

      The Laughing Laurentions (east or west) got your do nothing Canadian ass (east or west) well figured out.

      1. yolo, I find I have to say the same things over and over, yet still am unable to get anyone to understand where they are headed. Being ideologically hidebound is a very serious problem for Canadians, who are for the most part ignorant socialists who want something for nothing. That is why they are more than accepting of a Chinese takeover of Canada. The people who post here tend to be the few independent, thinking conservatives in Canada, yet many of them still embrace what could be termed a soft socialism/fascism. Canada for some time now almost is the definition of fascism.

        1. Well, current Canadians are certainly a Charmin people.
          Charming? Gaia no.

          Charmin. As in soft as the Spawn’s head.
          As in not too swift.

          Sadly, another Canadian trait.
          Which is why the Velvet Fist fascism works so well.

          Descendants of bended knee Loyalists and the French.
          A despicable Media with 153 years of lies.
          Liberals who love Communists everywhere.

          No sunglasses required for that dystopian ending.

          Although I am waiting for someone to definitively prove that jellyfish descended from Canadians.

          1. yolo, my problem was that I inherited the American independent spirt but was not UEL being from the east. I still have family and interests on both sides of the 49th but I am equally irritated by the US faction as the Canadian faction. At my fairly advanced age I was planning on one more run to the US and wind things up, now I am not so sure.

          2. Charmin. As in soft as the Spawn’s head.

            More like the wood pulp used to make the paper rather than the finished product.

    3. Exactly. The Chicoms are running the place, or is anyone noticing? Oh, Raptors will be playing soon and there’s still beer at the Beer Store.

  5. Covid-19 has turned this democracy into a virtual socialist state, the longer it goes on the more ingrained it will become. The oft mentioned second wave of Covid-19 is the next step to that end.

  6. The Mail service in Canada is beyond Sick… It takes 2 weeks to get from Toronto/Montreal to Winnipeg where it is logged into the Postal System and tracked…..Looks like the Paper work takes the LONG trip & Bonded items are held until they come together in Winnipeg….Getting a USA Address in North Dakota gets free shipping… ON TIME… but the 2 week quarantine every time you cross the Border is a bit much right now…..

    In the USA the USPS (United States Postal service) actually use the UPS for it’s 2 day service… The USPS trucks lineup @ the UPS service centers every morning @ 8:30 AM… USPS special service costs 2X the UPS rate……Why fake the service…. Golly! all those postal jobs……2-3 day, 1st class mail service is normal from anywhere in the USA…

    1. Our mail service is a disgrace. It’s pony express and the pony got lost. It’s taking weeks to months to get from shipping to the designated address? I’m betting it has never this bad in our history.

      1. Our Public Services/Government Funded Services have yet to mature to the point of a 2 year wait for utilities, like their euro brethren, but give them time.

      2. I just sent our Tax Return(s) via registered mail. If it doesn’t get there, or on time by June 1st, too bad. I have a receipt. Usually send it via internal mail at the local Fed Gov. building, here in Calgary…Harry Hayes. This year the doors are closed. The COVID. Never will file electronically, hard copy only. Make ’em work for their daily bread. Mail to Winnipeg takes as long as it takes to Tronna….a week.

    2. Don’t know what’s happening in the USA, but UPS has quarantined all shipments in Calgary, and that without notifying either sender or recipient. An accountant discovered this by accident when trying to figure out why a client in the US had not yet sent some tax papers. Turns out they were sent but were being held for an unknown length of time.

  7. SDA reported a week or so ago on the CBC attack on Epoch Times — a Chinese-Canadian run newspaper advocating against the totalitarian CPC rule in China. Thus the unwarranted attack on the dissident newspaper by CBC News.

    As well I mentioned a few days ago on a “Readers Tips” thread that CBC News censored a report by Amnesty International and the Canadian Coalition for Human Rights in China, detailing recent moves by China to intimidate Chinese-Canadian dissidents in this country (most national media covered the story). Given that CBC News has essentially gone over to support the XI communist regime, I undertook an official complaint to the CBC Ombudsman, which can be seen here:

    Jack Nagler, the ombudsman, emailed me back refusing to consider the above complaint, writing:
    “I write to acknowledge receipt of your email. However, as CBC’s Ombudsman, I would not weigh in on your particular complaint. While I assess whether CBC’s coverage adheres to the appropriate standard, the choice of what stories to cover is entirely up to the judgment of the programmers and editors. I have no say in their decisions on what stories they tell”.

    So there you have it. CBC News is free to censor anything they see fit.

      1. Buddy you are 100% correct. The lie by omission is unbelievable these days. I don’t think I have seen a single news item that is in any accurate except when they tell us what Twadels or one of the provincial Twadels is going to do to us to continue reducing our freedom because of a flu virus. Now how many have come to realize that that is just what we are dealing with? The whole world is nuts.

    1. Gee, the CBC acts like you are free to unsubscribe if you don’t like their practices. Given that its “private sector ” clones are now also on the public teat, I guess we just accept our soviet press or soon a Gulag will be reserved for us. How easy was that – just elect the Spawn (and his Hitler-Rasputin minder Butts).

    1. I shall await with bated breath.

      Here’s my guess, This guy (Wortman), was ACTUALLY an ex-RCMP or some kind of undercover agent gone Rogue-Nuts.

    2. Perhaps there is a lot more to this story than anyone could imagine. It is interesting to note that the Mexican government is now demanding an inquiry into the Obama/Holder Fast and Furious gun smuggling escapade. Funny how the guns used in Nova Scotia were all attained illegally. The murders worked well to advance the gun grab attitude of the Liberals, but perhaps a little digging might, just might indicate that they could be linked to Fast and Furious. Knowing how well the ‘friendship’ of Obama and Trudeau blossomed it could be a considered opinion that Fast and Furious could have had an impact both here and in the States for the governments of both countries to implement a simultaneous gun grab. The fly in the ointment might well have been the election of Donald Trump. Consider also the Benghazi debacle, was there a Fast and Furious chapter written by the Hilary State Department and the CIA? Questions that will never see the light of day much less the answers, but should be considered none the less.

      1. Trudeau AND Obama?

        They could strangle puppies on Parliament Hill at high noon and the unbiased, non-partisan, non-fake Canadian Media would report it as the two them helping to save the Chinese from starvation.

    3. Cheech @10;57
      Yup,the cone of silence has every indication of Police Informant,useful criminal or police relatives.
      Or all three.
      What is the case load of missing and unsolved murders of women in the general area?

  8. Southgate Shopping Centre here in Edmonton opened up for the first time in several weeks. Not all the stores were doing business, but there were definite signs of life. There were, however, still warnings about “social distancing” all over the place and people wearing masks.

    I suppose that can be considered progress….

    1. It is the fervent desire of all comrades that Dear Leader have a restful time at his retreat. His comfort and relaxation must come first and foremost for he toils so selflessly on our behalf, freely dispensing his love, wisdom and guidance, while seeking no reward or thanks for his labours.

      Let us all rejoice that he can seek and find solace, away from the cares and troubles of a ungrateful world.

      (I’m getting sore arms from shovelling all this horse manure….)

      1. BAD R perhaps we should call his country cottage his Dacha in the old Soviet tradition.

        1. He certainly treats it like one. But, of course, back then, the proles either weren’t supposed to know about them or, if they did, how luxurious those places truly were.

  9. Why Didn’t the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy?
    Hint: It’s the Lockdowns

    The 1958 pandemic killed twice as many people as COVID-19 has so far. Yet, the economy in 2020 has collapsed far worse than either in 1958 or the far worse pandemic of 1918

  10. In Blackie’s dictatorship Liberal MPs don’t have to reply to members of the public in their ridings. Bono at the Toronto Sun reports on a voter who has been trying for months to get his muslim Liberal MP to respond to his daily inquires on the two Michaels in China. She for months has ignored the inquiries, and finally responded with a terse letter to contact the prime minister or foreign affairs minister and not her.