Joe Biden’s Less than Enthusiastic Support

This is far from a scientific random sample, but here are some interesting comments about Joe Biden over the past 24 hours. Warning: Most every single person here is afflicted with the fact & logic crippling brain disease known as “TDS” so be nice:

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Senator Tim Scott has some thoughts for Sleepy Joe.

25 Replies to “Joe Biden’s Less than Enthusiastic Support”

    1. I don’t know about others, but I cannot get that print big enough to read. When i zoom it, it’s so blurry than I can’t make out the words.

      Any chance of putting a better scan up there?

  1. Sadly it is true that people vote for party regardless of the policies or personality. This is true on both side of the aisle (or however many sides you want to think Canada has). There are a lot of “my parents voted ______ so I vote ______” out there too, and there are a ton of people who will vote AGAINST something rather than FOR something.

    It is politics. Do you want to effect change? Run, but don’t expect anything to be different.

  2. This could be Biden’s “deplorable” moment. Time will tell. There seem to be a lot of chatter out there that this will force his hand into selecting a Black woman for his VP pick which could be played – and will be – as more pandering.
    BTW. Obama’s silence over this is again telling. No?

  3. Yep. They’re upset. So upset they’re voting “not Trump”. Democrats have been saying that all whites are racist for a long time now and Biden simply fits the narrative. They’re mad at what he said but indifferent about what he is because they presume it of all white people anyway.
    I also couldn’t help but notice the Sanders / Russian interference narrative and there was a fat dollop of antisemitism in there too.
    What a stunning set of confirmation biases these people have. It’s Biden for them. None for all and all for none. Splendid.

  4. Every political leader has flaws. Informed people who can honestly talk about their preferred leaders flaws are people who are making rational decisions. People who insist that their preferred leader does nothing wrong and label critics as mentally unhinged are not making rational decisions.

    If TDS is a thing then ODS and HDS is a thing too.
    Perhaps we need a label for the serious and crippling disease: Trump Sycophancy Syndrome or TSS which is the belief that Trump is an infallible god and anyone who criticizes him is evil and irrational.

    1. Ummmm, these people are not discussing their preferred political leader. If they were, there would be no discussion. In fact these people have yet to recover from OSS, which is a thing.
      Thanks for offering this perspective.

    2. Timmy, when you grow up some day , maybe you will discover that a lot on the right support results more than personalities. I never liked Trump before he decided to run, and was shocked when it was as a repub, but started to like the results as things moved along. Now like the fact he is outing the lying press, and also the malevolent lefties. Most of the push back on over bearing authoritarianism is against lefties, or haven’t you noticed. So I like the results of Trump’s actions. Also we have the Flynn shit show, were a lefty judge now has hired a lawyer to push his agenda , something unheard of. So why is that, an innocent man being hounded by an activist judge, who is behind this, soreASS, klinton. O’Butthole, DNC, who??? There was no action like this when Eric O’Buttholder dropped the intimidation case against the New Black panthers. So this is another double standard thing that is being exposed by Trump being in authority. Or do you not notice the left leaning criminal activity that is in full view. You are a typical stupid partisan libtard!

    1. I believe you are correct John. Far too many are willing to ignore history even if they are aware of it.

      1. I don’t know about others, but I cannot get that print big enough to read. When I enlarge it enough it’s so blurry I can’t make out the words.

        Any chance of putting a better scan up there?

  5. I’m riding with Biden because he’s not blumpf and believes in science. We need a scientist in charge and Biden used to be one jack. His best down of corn pop is legendary too. That and his black ancestry makes him the best choice.

    1. Three things the Canadian Media never mention.

      1.The Trudeau Foundation
      3.Public Service Union pensions

      Of course, taboo topics are extensive and a Canadian Media specialty.

      Censorship by omission is more common than a Canadian with their hand out and feet up.

      But then again , biased, partisan, co-opted, agendized, corrupt media is de rigueur in Canada. 153 and counting.

  6. High Energy Joe beat Corn Pop and he will beat Trump, especially with VP Stacey Abrams on the ticket!

    1. The corn pop thing is pure comedy gold. This election is going to be awesome. The 2016 election was great and then 2020 said hold my corn pop.

      1. Can you just imagine the debates? Will Joe wear an earpiece with someone prompting replies to Trump? Imagine him saying,
        “What, what, what”?

        (There are new T shirts out — btw
        “I’m not black”)

  7. Tonight Greg Gutfeld said Joe should just stay in his basement listening to his record player with his sweater on having an Old Fashioned.

  8. Somehow I think Joeballs support is a mile wide but only a 1/4″ thick. Many dems are going to have a tough time voting for him. You can almost see them staying home and taking a pass on voting day….or doing what they did last time- vote for Trump.

    1. The Demonuts better hope for a gargantuan grim reaper wave 2 wuhan flu.

      Joe unbridled and unbasemented will be like watching the rope-a-dope with no comeback on the menu.

      Joe Who has to stay Joe Hidden and hope for lots of American deaths.

      Can the U.S. Media kill enough Americans to get Joe to the finish line?

      Will the Canadian Media lose their Trump and actually have to write stories about Canada’s Dope?

      Biden and Trudeau. Grope-a-dope. Who is which?

  9. If I had a dog in this fight I would be telling dementia Joe to start looking for a secure residence so he doesn’t get lost on the way home. The man is obviously suffering from dementia.