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    1. De-funding is pointless, because the next Liberal Government will simply re-fund it. Break it up and sell off the pieces. Sell the buildings, sell everything.

    1. I’m not real sure what is going on.

      I knew most of the Canadian Media, like most of the Cabinet, resembles a clique of giggling junior high school girls, but is this really a Harrington Lake weekend with the Canadian Media assembled and ready to do some kissing?

      Or is this the new Canadian version of kiss the king’s ring.

    2. Anybody notice the buttnaked “Mountie” already used?.. Raped cop ,willing Poofterpm?.. Blockade/land claim success?

  1. Three only males in the photo are the nwmp officer, the chief, and the former Prime Ministers. That’s alot of fangirls.

  2. It’s not like we produce Monets or Van Goghs anymore. This culture aims for failure, ugliness and for cheap, hollow sentiment.

    Exhibit number one above.

    I hesitate to call the person who painted this an artist for that would elevate him to a level of genius he does not possess nor will I comment on the possible meaning behind this pulp because those would be minutes of my life I could not get back.

    I will say that the same culture that adores vulgarity instead of beauty (SEE: Monet, Van Gogh) also finds demeaning a trained economist over a snowboard instructor who blames others for his myriad of moral failures a humourous spectacle is a base and rotten one. The Roman Empire also experienced the same coarseness before it went belly-up.

    If one had to guess, what stage of the fall of the Roman Empire would we be at?

    1. “This culture aims for failure, ugliness and for cheap, hollow sentiment.”

      Yep, bankrupted, shallow, decaying and pointless. The parallel with Roman empire is apt. And it could have been so much more… and with every turd worlder it is less.

  3. No dog in this fight. Have at it.
    Media hypocrisy? Pfffftttt…yeah, so what else is new?
    I see we’re still going on about missing and murdered indigenous women, certainly a worthwhile endeavour and good on them for pointing it out, but I’m afraid it’s a mystery that won’t be solved until they screw up enough courage to ask indigenous men.

    1. The “armed” fellow looks pretty much indigenous so maybe the artist did get the point?

  4. Is it porn?
    But it’s art if it demeans a conservative.
    Got it.

    The one in the headdress looks like Pam Palmateer. Someone should asked her if she posed for the artist?

  5. Can’t help but notice how the Ceeb allows comments on one story but not both. Rather selective. Can’t have anyone commenting bad on The Dunce.

  6. They laughed and mocked Aladdin in India as well.

    What an embarrASSment this nobody of worth is to a once proud nation.

  7. I really don’t know where to go with it. Showing white men to be idiots while female natives are laughing, not so much art as criticism of others. Reverse the characters and tell me what you think.

  8. If Jeffrey Epstein we’re still alive (maybe he is …) … he’d be the high bidder, and put it next to his Bill Clinton Painting … the one with the blue dress. I’d look into the anonymous buyer of this painting

  9. I have to admit, I didn’t know that public viewings of sodomy were something that first nations people enjoyed in large groups. To each their own.

    1. Now you know why the “National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls” was so popular, at least in certain circles.

  10. So,like the vast majority of other “artists” today, this guy thinks any true work of modern art has to be a political statement. And he’s even failed at that – otherwise, turdo would be dressed up in courtesan robes serving tea to Xi.

    1. I think Trudeau uses his throat with the Chinese Communists. He saves his other parts for the indigenous.

    2. The CBC hitman on this piece is Austin Grabish. I hope that the artist will modify his painting to include Grabish.

      Why the upset about this painting, I wonder? By CBC standards it is nothing much. It is probably all the women laughing at JT – rapist is acceptable but not the other way around.

      The painting is a fine expression of the contempt most of us feel for Trudeau, and the CBC knows it.

  11. I don’t think Dear Leader’s reaction is that he’s going to get something you-know-where but that someone’s not observing “social distancing”.

  12. Of course a painting that promotes abuse of mentally disabled will lead to massive uproar.

  13. 1866 Fort C. F. Smith Montana, soldier James D. Lockwood observed and recorded Crows with a Sioux prisoner…

    “The sq*aws, with their prisoner, were in this flat, the poor wretch in the center, and the tormentors in a circle around.
    The chief’s warriors and children lined the cliff, from which they could obtain a full view of the entertainment. There was a small fire burning near. The prisoner was entirely nude. A long strong rawhide rope was around his neck, with four or five sq*aws swinging to the opposite end. Occasionally they would jerk the poor wretch to his knees or flat on the ground, and then he would be encouraged to rise by a woman running up with a piece of bark with hot ashes and coals of fire, which she would place on his reclining body; no sooner would he regain his feet, than he would be jerked this way, that way, slapped, beaten and kicked ; burning firebrands would be thrust into his ears, and in fact, outrages too shocking and horrible to recount, were perpetrated.
    This treatment was prolonged…they began dismembering him; cutting off his toes, fingers, ears asnd nose; no part of the miserable being’s human anatomy escaped their horrible attentions, and they were constantly encouraged and directed to greater cruelties by the warriors and children…Not long afterward, a party of warriors came riding up, dragging the limbless trunk of the poor prisoner, by means of the rope still fastened around his neck. The commandant, shocked and disgusted, drove them from the place.”

    1. What is the source of your quote? — if it’s from a book, I’d be interested in reading it. Cheers.

      1. “The Bloody Bozeman” by Dorothy M. Johnson, I picked up a 1971 hardcover at the flea market for $2, from “the prize-winning American Trails series”.

  14. I own one of his paintings. Couldn’t be happier except that he apologized. Keep it coming dude! Raise the price of those works!

  15. Well now that you post it up,the artiste capturers a look on the gaggle of female spectators that is timeless.
    So better artist than I expected.
    That look particularly on the lefthand group ,we have all seen it.
    Is that the term?
    That classic problem of the do-gooder,loving what they insist no one else should do?
    Rules for thee none for me..
    Otherwise I agree of course CBC and the prattling nitwits will vanish and banish that “art”.
    For it targets their GOD,the stumbling manchild retard.
    Now if it offended Christians and taxpayers..they would cycle it endlessly while pretending to be offended.
    Here they may end up invoking the Stupid Actress/singer effect.

  16. If the alleged artists only replaced Trudeau with Jesus it would be deemed “brilliant and thought provoking”.

  17. wow.
    lots of comments in 2015.
    None allowed in 2020.
    What was it that Voltaire said about making comments about our rulers?

  18. I see it as an allegory depicting the legacy of political botching of the Indian file in not addressing the inherent apartheid of the Indian Act but rather raising expectations (through the SCOC rulings) of reversing the apartheid such that anyone with less than 1/16 Indian DNA would be serfs in a land where the Chiefs and their “nations” communally control and “own” all of Canada. The resulting depiction is the Spawn representing Canada in its present culturally degraded apex and the new master race giving him his send-off. The Spawn is seen smiling so it must mean that he, like most of the white pimps of the Indian industry suffer from Stockholm syndrome and act like he’s on their side but he’s about to find out something different, or maybe he simply likes getting buggered.

    1. The artist, in a recent interview, stated that the Trudeau in the painting was a willing participant, not a rape victim.

  19. Real reveal here is CBCs no comments allowed.
    I found this gem on the Harper Mocking from 4 years back;

    “This kind of open mockery of political leaders is a sure sign of a healthy and vibrant democracy. Only those in league with demagoguery and fascism would feel otherwise.”

    Nice catch,of course our Media party is circling their wagons and squawking their fake outrage,
    Justine is their product,they manufactured him and sold it to Canadians.
    Inferior goods and false advertising,ain’t that something the CRTC exists regulate.

  20. Awful lack of social distancing here, could use an addition of Dr Tam with scoldy face.

    And where’s the Mask?

  21. As I mentioned earlier, the follow up painting will be Dear Leader orally cleansing the poo residue off the chief’s tom-tom.