38 Replies to “Say It Ain’t So, Joe!”

  1. he’s a total mess…

    …and they let him keep going on…..that’s the amazing part

    1. Fox News showed a poll, on this story today, suggesting that Dementia Joe is up by 8 pts on Trump.
      Which America was surveyed to yield those crazy numbers?
      Fox has definitely decided to shift to the L. E. F. T.

      1. At the same time in 2016 Hillary led Donald by 10 points or more in Fox and other “polls.” IOW so what?
        I count on them like I count on covid or climate change “models.”
        BTW, here is Biden video I posted on Readers Tips.
        Apparently he meant he’ll put his record on blacks against Trumps; the ones who are actually black? https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1263823678715789312

    2. Joe sure put his foot in his mouth. But then again, Trump does that every f#cking day. Every day, Trump says something stupid. If you disagree with me, then you are dumb as a post or Trump..

  2. Need some good laughs, check out Twitchy.com for the responses to this via Twitter. Apparently, later Sleepy Joe also claimed he was already to defeat Joe Bidden! You can’t make this stuff up, you would think it was fake yet there it is on video for all to see. Who would have thought an election could be a fun house of laughs. I can’t wait for the debates, if there are any as it’s hard to believe the Dems would let him go one on one with The Donald….would be better than a Seinfeld stand up routine, and free!

  3. Come back Hillary America needs you!

    I imagine that or something similar will be the battle cry of the Democrats, unless they are content to let Trump have to try to work America out of the current nightmare.

    1. I’m sure the Dems will think of that eventually.
      Biden/Clinton ticket and everyone knows who would “really” be POTUS, even if Joe doesn’t step down/get 25th Amendmented.
      I hope they do, because even if they try it Trump will still get re-elected.

      And, that would be the perfect setup for my fantasy – after Trump wins in 2020, to have a Pence/Trump ticket in 2024 and 2028…
      (Constitution says you can’t be elected president more than twice, but doesn’t prohibit your becoming POTUS via the VP route…)

  4. Even when Joe Biden loses, they could just tell him he won and he’ll never know the difference.

  5. Biden is secretly colluding with the Trump campaign. Democrat donors must be scratching their heads.

    1. What would you think about dropping the max on this campaign? Perhaps you got $$ to burn, but I gotta think there are some folks that care (that aren’t just buying access) who are wondering wtf?

  6. Silly Kate … you’re forgetting the RULES

    When Biden says these *ahem* … awkward things … they’re “gaffes”
    When PDJT says “China Flu” … he’s a raging white supremacist RACIST!!!

    Thank you legacy media … for setting the rules

    1. And Kenji, the subsequent legacy media Rule is now taking effect. Apparently Slow Joe is walking back his comment and the take is,
      “…isn’t it wonderful that finally we have a politician that isn’t afraid to apologize…”
      Liberal privilege.

  7. Re: The poll numbers. If you were a Trump voter in a blue state would you give someone you don’t know who claims to be a pollster a straight answer?

  8. China Joe is announcing his new campaign slogan tomorrow. Don’t Be A Dumbass Darkie, Vote Joe.

  9. This…

    “It used to be if your ancestors were from Africa and your skin was a darker pigment, then you were considered black,” said Ancestry spokesperson Sheila Reinold. “Times have changed. What really determines a person’s blackness now—beyond genes, DNA, family trees—is Joe Biden. Any other determiner of race is pure malarkey at this point.”


  10. Democrats like self-identifying as anything they feel like. Remember Bubba when he referred to himself as the first Black POTUS. Biden doesn’t need self-identification as he likely thinks he IS Black and one who is “clean and well spoken”.

  11. Strangely the Liberal corporate media are reporting this Biden-blunder (e.g., CBC news, the Globe and Mail). Look for a closed door meeting to push out Joe, and for a Hillary Clinton-Kamala Harriss ticket this fall.

  12. What pronouns do I now use for a formerly black person who does not support Joe Biden?

  13. “Tan”, Johnboy?! No longer black, but not quite right, er, white…!

    Actually, a Hillary with either Warren or that vile Stacey Abrams matchup would scare me. But Hillary doesn’t ever want a V.P. who’ll outshine her, and anyone picking her for a V.P. will probably get assassinated on the podium just before taking the oath of office… Either way, Hillary will then declare herself Empress, and her reign of revenge will begin.

    Besides, I thought Abrams could become the next Batwoman! She sure ticks enough boxes, and it’s not like she needs to be actually able to act…

  14. trump doesn’t need to spend one penny on ads. biden is writing them for him. they should ads with everything this mo-ron has ever said. it will be hilarious.

  15. “Come on man, you know what I mean. I mean if you don’t vote for me, Donald Trump, you ain’t white.”

    But decent, amiable and experienced Joe, my ass. Empty, shallow, venal Joe the Joke.