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  1. Dr. Fauxci receives a BASE salary of $417,000.00 … thank you, taxpayers … he’s worth an estimated $10M

    Not the kind of man you want making decisions for the lives of the commoners. Ironically … it is $Billionaire PDJT who understands the common man …

    1. He earned every penny.

      ” it is $Billionaire PDJT who understands the common man …”

      Turmp has not demonstrated an ability to understand anything except how to grift a mark. The Common Man, being a stupid peon, makes an easy mark, so your statement stands.

      1. Once more Unbrain totally misses the point, or ignores it to launch into their default TDS lunacy and bigoted hatred.
        It’s not about “earning every penny,” it’s about people with no financial skin in the game stopping others from earning.
        That this has to be explained to you shows you’re act like an obtuse Trump hating waste of rations; but this is known too.

      2. Unme has more in common with the Ceasescus than he realizes.

        -Views the common person as a peon who should have no say in how they are ruled
        -Thinks that all rural dwellers should be forced into shabby tenements within the cities
        -Wants censorship and total control over how people think
        -Arrogant, stupid, thoroughly disconnected from reality

        1. And probably inflated xim/xer/xit’s educational credentials just like Elena Ceaucescu did.

          She was a poorly-educated shop clerk who murdered and canoodled her way up the communist pecking order. She claimed to be an engineer with a doctorate and had many publications to her name, but had absolutely no clue what they were about.

        2. “-Thinks that all rural dwellers should be forced into shabby tenements within the cities
          -Wants censorship and total control over how people think”

          Please stop lying about me.

          “it’s about people with no financial skin in the game”

          We need expertise, not ‘skin in the game’. In any event Fauci hasn’t stopped anyone from doing anything. He is just a really excellent advisor.

          1. Well LOLcow, I should point out the numerous points where you spew hatred about rural dwellers and whine about people expressing viewpoints contrary to yours’.

            Typical tankie. Praises totalitarian regimes like the Chicoms, but wants to punish people who disagree with you.

          2. Un…have you not been paying attention

            Fauci has been all over the map with this….he has been the worst advisor

      3. Yeah….like a politician who has done nothing other than being a politician for most of his life knows the first bloody thing about the “common man”. Or a trust fund millionaire who happened to have a (perhaps) famous father (who was the second worst PM in Canadian history) would know anything about the “common man”. And by the way, you are well below the intellect of “The Common Man”.

      4. Because you’ve been successful in acquiring elite properties, financed by soft kitten insurance companies, large banks. And then you know your way around zoning, lawyers, design firms, steel and concrete contractors, engineers, union labor and turning a profit to pay hundreds of millions in tax, right?

        You bench toad.

    2. The Six figure Base salary, Plus 6 figure expense Account, and a 6 figure Bonus….Yep Dr Fauci is well over a Million before he gets the stock options from the lucky Drug Companies….Off -Shore numbered Accounts to hide his largest….

      We need these types of Experts like a hole in the head….Getting ride of the vast majority & replace them with AI…..that BOT may learn the principles of practiced physics…. without the hemorrhaging of money….


    1. “new normal” — heard it twice today on two different calls.

      Often found in combination in ads with “we’re in this together” and sad piano.

      New Normal is a cliche that seems to have displaced the nauseating “it is what it is”, so it is an about even trade.

      1. Social Distancing Slogan: “When we stand apart, we stand together.” Saw it at Cabela’s yesterday. Wanted to piss on it and then I thought, no, I should find the twat who came up with it and piss on them.

        1. And, remember, if you do that, you must practice social distancing.

          1. Hmm…I have not noticed every second urinal being closed…??
            If and when I do, expect me to lose what’s left of my shit to lose….

            Theres a campaign for ya UnNicolae..

        2. back in my younger days i once won a $12.00 pot at deer camp for peeing of the porch into the snow. i won with a pee of 12 ft. the guys said it not so the distance i did, but drilling a nice hole in the snow. i was so proud. oh well.

          1. Oh my I’m so scandalized, cis-male braggarts. I’m sure some of you snipers are ‘real’ women.

          2. Haha! Writing your name in the snow is probably a lost art as they don’t teach cursive writing in the skools anymore.

      2. Hahaha ha … sorry, it’s not funny … but you’re right … “sad piano” (love that description!) … and the “new normal” of sitting in chalk circles, masks, and empty seats separating diners. Sad piano indeed …

        1. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

          The feds even have different versions of sad piano in the anthem behind their covid ads.

    2. People who are not getting heart operations because of this lockdown are not the same as people who aren’t.

      So there’s that.

      The next person who utters that ridiculous slogan should be punched in the throat.

      The sentiments of “togetherness” and “lockdown” will be popular in Canada until barbecue weather becomes an issue and when the welfare money dries up (which it will).

    3. The crowd that spews out ‘were all in this together’ has a hidden meaning. We will all cheerfully load into the box cars to take us to the Virus Protection Facilities. What history teaches is that people don’t learn anything from history.

  2. My thought exactly and one I’ve stated before. I’m tired of the talking heads on CBC, all of whom I’m sure are earning more than $100,000 per year plus generous benefits, telling others to stay home off the job. The same applies to politicians (more so to them).

  3. The real winners during this pandemic are civil servants, many whom are staying home and getting full pay and benefits. Let’s also not forget the free ride teachers are getting.

    1. devil’s advocate – teachers are still teaching in Calgary, from an online basis. The number of hours involved directly with the students is much lower, but my kids are still learning and finding that they can do all their schoolwork within 2-3 hours a day. So we parents have added to their learning streams with extra challenges and selections from our home library.

      No disagreement about the civil servants. My boss has commented that our (professional problem solving) group’s productivity seems to be higher with work-from-home than it had been when we were socializing in the office.

      1. I read average at home productivity among office workers in March was April was 2-3 hours higher and certainly reduced socialisation would be part of that. I think fear of letting the team down might have been part of it was well (or plain media / government driven fear).

        I have noticed lately productivity seems to be fading a bit. In my oh-so-deep three months of home office experience weak managers / clock watchers seemed to have faded. Several of my friends in tough marriages have taken up running during the day. (You know the old story about runners, running from something or running to someone).

        My kid was the only one who showed up to his on-line high school class today. I watched a couple of classes for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure the teachers were doing their best but everyone online was struggling. The lack of preparation was obvious. I agree that parents need to help.

        Ancient habits meet the fully formed connectivity of things. I wonder what will happen as we continue to adapt to work and learn from home. Have we really fundamentally changed work or school? I hope so, such changes provide great opportunity for innovation, so long as we can keep big government of of it.

      2. Agreed, C Miner. Have a teacher in our family who is going in to the school regularly to do what can. Given this teacher’s specialty is Industrial Arts, there’s a serious limit as to what can be done on line. Spouse’s suggestion that the next project should be that the students punch a hole in their bedroom walls and then repair same was not well received. Cannot understand why.

  4. The best phrase I have heard is “We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat”. And typically, politicians don’t have a clue how the real world works and why they are the LAST people who should be listened to in a situation like this.

  5. I don’t support continued lockdowns but people without steady income shouldn’t even consider kids anyway.

    1. You don’t get to decide for others, which is a good thing given, by your comments anyway, you’re a fully functioning moron.
      Unknown, it is “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”
      Note to SDA readers: I know, too late for Undone.

      1. Many of us are adopting an “ignore the idiot because it has shown no ability to learn” approach.

        UnMe: shush child, the grown-ups are talking.

    2. Hey freako: Eating sushi doesn’t make you smarter. It just shows you eat raw fish.

      By your logic, I must be a racist because I like to cook my fish.

      1. Fish is good for the brain.

        “By your logic, I must be a racist because I like to cook my fish.”


    3. UnMe’s parents probably didn’t have a steady income as, obviously, they couldn’t afford prophylactics around the time xim/xer/xit was conceived.

    4. Awesome! We agree. Now let’s send home ALL those illegals who show up on our borders with 3 kids, a pregnant wife, no job, no papers, and no prospects. Turn them right around in Tijuana and point them South.

      1. If they didn’t have job prospects they wouldn’t show up. In any event most don’t bring their families with them.

        1. Sitting at home and collecting government welfare is a job? Then again, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?

    5. “but people without steady income shouldn’t even consider kids anyway”…totally irrelevant to this conversation. What we have is many people who DID have steady incomes, incomes which they have lost (some probably permanently) through no fault of their own (i.e. businesses forced to close through government edict). The focus of this discussion is people who are not suffering financially at all during this pandemic making decisions that are costing other folks their livelihoods.

    6. George Orwell answered that question about a hundred years ago in Road to Wigan Pier. Educate yourself.
      Short explanation – men and women in a relationship will do what they will do – of course, none of that hormonal activity applies to you.

    7. What do you define as a “steady income”? Remember some 40 plus years ago a tale I was told by a friend. She worked in a small town as a social worker and had in front of her a young couple. They had been prudent, saved up, and then bought a house and started a family. The income was steady until it wasn’t and they were going to lose everything they’d saved for. There was no help from social assistance: rent could be paid but not the mortgage.

      Too many hard-working men and women have lost everything due to circumstances beyond their control. We were fortunate; spouse managed to dodge a fair few “contractions” so we were able to keep going and bring up the offsprings. Back when we started that particular enterprise, we had a “steady income”; we were fortunate that spouse dodged many lay-offs until was ready to retire. Just wish our offsprings would be graned that luxury.

    8. Is that a fact UnNicolae..??
      Good thing we won’t allow Marxist trough feeding trash like you to decide who is “allowed” or not allowed to bear children…eh.? You of course preferring Somali – Nigerian – Islamic LOWLIFE to illegally enter our country so as to “procreate” (usually via RAPE), rather than us Euro Centrics having kids right…?? diversity and all that BS…Hmm??

  6. Gad Saad is 100% right. I keep saying that since Blackie and his junta decided that 2K is enough the salary of every publik sektor “employee” starting with Blackie himself should be reduced to 2K for the time of “emergency”.

  7. No amount of experimentation can prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.

    I can’t think of a single “experiment” that has proven any “expert” right. Not social distancing, not quarantining the healthy, not quarantining the most vulnerable, not herd immunity, not masks.

    It appears the bigger the pulpit, the bigger the BS.

    Tuning out “experts”, the media, and our elected leaders is the best medicine I can recommend.

  8. We have to be very vigilant that this COVID lockdown isn’t allowed to morph into a soft revolution de facto climate emergency economic transformation imposed on a society that refused to vote directly for the party that most unambiguously supports that (the Green party). There appears to be some sympathy for the Green agenda in Liberal and NDP circles but they didn’t present quite the same program to the voters, probably knowing it would cost them votes.

    The only answer to all this is an early election followed by a conservative majority government and even better, under a new leader who was in the same head space as the PPC so we could have reunification or at least co-operation on the right. It’s a lot to ask, but I’m asking for the sake of our economic future.

  9. The way to deal with lockdowns is for the politicians in any jurisdiction that put them in place should NOT be paid until the lockdowns come down. No back pay, nothing. That way, they can feel the pain of society.

    The one good thing about this gong show is that there are going to be a lot fewer public sector workers because the private sector can’t carry that wasteful segment on their back as it tries to get back on its feet.

    1. In Justin’s case maybe also get rid of the nannies and make him either kick his estranged wife out or shack up again.

  10. The same people that cry bloody murder when they are exposed to wage freezes.

    My sympathy level has now reached zero. Bring on some actual austerity programs Alberta! 1 teacher per 5000 kids online for a start.

    1. green, I have been out and about every day since this shit show started. I even said in here the Commies have their model. This Fauci clown has $$$$$ tied up in this shit show. And can’t be trusted one bit. And now we are seeing that gates is behind much of this

  11. There needs to be at least a 10 to 15% reduction in the public service at all levels to help cover the costs the taxpayers are facing with the atrocious spending of the Liberals during this plandemic. Mr Cookoo clock needs to pay attention.

  12. UnMe is so special he sits on SDA everyday spouting his nonsensical BS, thinking he’s “special”. LOL.

    It’s takes all kinds, definitely a special headcase to be sure.

  13. Bill K @6:03
    “But you’re a common man yourself”
    Hah Ummie is “Above Average” he sits at a “Wet Bench” and has a pseudo sciency degree..and disdains common labour and all who engage in same.
    We know this how?
    Well it so claimed such skills.
    “Life Sciences”
    Oh Baby.
    I sorta recall life sciences was what “Social Studies ” was renamed,sometime back in the 80s.
    However it is great that it comes forth spewing the “Wisdom of the future” at random.