10 Replies to “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”

  1. The question is not,

    is everyone in Trump’s team a sqeaky clean person with an immaculate record?

    the question is,

    why is it that Democrats get a pass, or a slap on the wrist when they do bad things,

    but Republicans get the book thrown at them???

    1. Partly because, beside between ruthless, dishonest hypocrites, Dems had already rigged the game for their exclusive use.
      The little people, or Republicans, are peasants for whom the rules apply, but never DeMarxists, on the side of “justice.”
      On a higher moral and intellectual plane, rules aren’t relevant and they know better than the people themselves know.
      That’s why they voted them out of office, it’s what the people wanted, but their know betters can’t fathom that.
      There must be some underlying reason besides their corruption and incompetence, it must be the Russians.
      After all Flynn and Trump actually mentioned and gasp, might have talked to some of them while, oh no, doing their jobs.
      Obviously a crime, doing what Dems don’t think they “deserve” to, plus exercising their legal privilege or access to a fair trial.
      Again, the little people don’t need that; if they do as they’re told by their DeMarxist betters, they won’t be “guilty.”
      Remember, if they’re shown your name, they can define your crime. So stay in line and elect sleepy, creepy Joe.

  2. I hope it doesn’t take Sullivan the whole ten days to get directions from Obama.

  3. What has not been reveled is that “Redacted” documents ARE NOT Redacted for Lawyers or Judges…..Everything was known @ the time…..The Republicans are as guilty as Obama, they let shit happen because they were paid off….Gangsters attach themselves to both Communisis & Crony Capitalist’s …. The Joe six pack gets screwed by both… WE don’t need the sick bastards to obtain our American Dream….let them stay in the HAMPTONS & MARTHAS vineyard forever.. The Communists/gangsters sure like killing old folks!


    1. I think the penalties for releasing secret (redacted) information would make being sent to the russian gulags seem like a stroll on a tropical beach in comparison. The question you have to ask yourself before leaking is: “will I be found guilty before or after they shoot me, my family and all my close friends?”

  4. Ever get the feeling the reason their side never sees malfeasance when their heroes are doing it, is because they fear the retribution they have dealt out to others will be dealt to them?

  5. What is becoming clear,is the whole bunch are unfit for purpose.
    Burn the buildings,throw the inmates on the fire and salt the ashes.
    Do not start again.
    Funny how our uncivilized ancestors got so many things about government right.
    If lying to official government spies is a criminal offence,should not their oath breaking be a hanging offence?
    We are not dealing with conscripts.
    These people sought out the positions they hold,for the power and prestige they would wield.
    Great power comes with great responsibility,they failed to perform the second ,while abusing the first.
    Death is too good for them.
    Now we all know by now,government protects its own,their motto is you cover my ass and I’ll cover yours..screw those loser taxpayers.
    “They don’t know how hard our work is.”

    As an aside when Trump fails,if Trump is not seen to “restore rule of law”,the USA will become ungovernable.
    Like Can Ahh Duh just did.
    Lying,oath breaking and using force of government to enrich/empower your kind are the foundational rot of civilization.

    1. In liars dice, you back up the people to your left and right; until it’s you or them. That’s when we’ll know if Dems skated on this.

  6. The only thing about Flynn that’s troubled me is his whoring himself out to these Turkish interests. And yeah … esp. on the brink of being named Trump’s DNI Chief … which probably netted him a bonus from his employers. I thought Trump had passed new restrictions on ex Federal Employees from becoming consulting whores after leaving government. This practice disgusts me … esp. when it is done for a shitshow that is Erdogan’s Turkey.

    Further … I am willing to bet that Flynn was actually acting very much like a Joe Biden. In that Flynn was using his connections to enrich his own son’s lobbying/whoring business. This kind of nepotistic enrichment as a “bonus” of your Federal Govt. “Service” is disgusting and needs to be curtailed. By ALL … both sides of the aisle. Are politicians and highly placed government operatives children so worthless that they cannot make their own way in the world, without daddies (or mommies) droppings? Have some PRIDE you little punks … and punkettes (this means YOU, Chelsea Clinton) … make something of yourselves … by yourselves.

    Well … I’ve read that Flynn copped a plea to … “save his son”. Stand-by … Joe Biden will be doing the same … very soon.

  7. This is why the punishments MUST include executions, for Treason.
    To be pardoned down the road by some future squishy president, would be outrageous.