One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

Not drawing any conclusions from this, but yet…

The preprint is here.

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  1. Interesting. Is the conclusion then that this virus first appeared in a configuration that is more akin to a virus that has been through many optimizing mutations, thus reflective of a virus at the end stages of its epidemic genesis? Am I interpreting this correctly>? Another piece pointing to Made In China?

    1. If true, 330000 global deaths from a single lab.

      If proven, what are the consequences?

      1. Well, 330,000 deaths falls millions short of the seasonal flu. Still not a pandemic and 99% recover. If it is supposed to be a weapon it is one of worst ever developed. Other than the irrational fear generated by inaccurate computer models and insane actions of the media and government this would have passed through as what it is, a damn flu.

        1. I don’t buy into the MSM hype, hell I’m still flat out working everyday. What concerns me are reports of this “weird” virus from various medical facilities. The way it affects some but not others, is trans-communicable to animals, how it affects organs including brain function in “some people”, reports of long term effects and on & on.

          That’s not saying this is nothing more dangerous than the seasonal flu, it’s saying we really don’t know what we’re dealing with here until all the facts and testing are in.

          To me if you want to go hang out at crowded parties go for it, but if you want to be somewhat cautious and stay self Isolated that should be fine as well. I haven’t had a flu in over 40 years, don’t want one of those either.

          1. Paul when the narrative begins to flag they look for something else to gin up fear. Nothing like this was ever done with regards to other flu viruses. I will wager that you will find the same odd ball items with any virus if that is what you are looking for.

  2. Made in China is the best scenario possible. If it’s from lab it’s not coming back next fall. We should nuke Wuhan to be sure though

  3. And our press has no curiosity about why the CCP went into panic mode to suppress any info about this virus, and sent it out to the world…. and suddenly began hoarding PPE and meds?

    1. China’s reaction is the most troubling issue to me.

      Pretend this had been an accidental viral release from a lab or natural source in France or Germany, what would we have seen differently in response? Quite a bit different response we could be comfortably assured.

      So it all begs the question, why has China looked so much like the cat caught with the canary in it’s mouth?

    2. Our Press along with the ENTIRE Fed Govt is bought and paid for by the CCP.
      Canada is owned by CHINA.
      Just wait n see, Once 5G is fully implemented, there’ll be ChiComm troops in the streets before too long. Assisted by their Vichy friends, the RCMP and the CAF.

  4. So. The CIA in conjunction with their counterparts in China, developed a deadly virus which has killed millions and brought the Trump economy to a sudden HALT! Why not? The CIA had surveilled Gen. Flynn’s phone calls … to spy on him and set up the muh-Russia pretense. This was the … re-insurance policy … to Strozk’s insurance policy. The LAST chance they had to STOP Trump. February’s Stock Market was reaching new Highs … the economic news was nothing but bullish. There was NO WAY our 17 Intelligence Agencies would let PDJT cruise into Nov. with the 4th year of an ever expanding economy. And now LOOK at the Deep State Leftists scream and cry for a lengthy SHUT DOWN … this is the re-insurance policy

    Why not? Hanging in the balance was; 1) $Trillions in globalist profits, 2) Deep State bureaucratic control of the USA. 3) A message needed to sent to all the ‘rogue’ voters in the US … to never, ever, vote for an ‘undesignated’ candidate. A candidate that cannot be controlled by the bureaucrats. How DARE we actually ‘believe’ this is a government … made for the people … made by the people … and answerable to the people. Can’t have ‘rogue’ thoughts like that.

    1. It’s hard to deny the plausibility, given all the coincidences stacked up like cord wood.

  5. The Chicoms are evil.
    From a wet market and or through a lab, accident or on purpose, nothing changes about the Chicoms desire to rule the world – that is the plan.
    And they’re winning the propaganda war with the tremendous help of the socialist MSM as it attacks the Trump-led US from every corner of the globe in an almost surreal endgame of Spite.

  6. I believe it was a planned release with Hillary as president. Can you imagine the lockdown we would have had if Hillary was president? It truly would have been the end of everything. The timing of the release of the virus and lockdown would have guaranteed her a second term. The virus was just novel enough for the media to manufacture the most outrageous scare stories but not too dangerous because they themselves don’t want to die. Enemy of the people. Yes, Buddy, Chicoms are evil but Democrats are eviler.

    1. I found her somewhat credible as well.
      The amount of Absolute Bile that was thrown at her over the past 3 weeks makes me VERY VERY suspect that what she had to say had significant validity. As did the Dr who touted our Immune system and ALL those saying Hydroxychloroquine had some serious efficacy against Covid.

      Your typical Full court press by the PRESS.

  7. It just suddenly emerged, out of nowhere, fully able to infect humans?

    I wonder what those samples that the Chinese collected in December and January would have told us? Nobody knows, because the Chinese Communist Government ordered all the Coronavirus samples and notes destroyed. The Chinese Communist Not-So-Secret Police also ordered anyone and everyone to shut up, and deny everything. Since then, many of the people that knew died fighting the disease, and several others just disappeared, including doctors, researchers, and journalists. Heck, they even ordered that all the bodies must be cremated.

    Maybe it didn’t come from a Chinese Communist Biological Lab? But every thing the Chinese Communist Party and Government has done sure makes me very, very suspicious of them.

    One BIG Tell: The Chinese Communist Government allowed Wet Markets to reopen in Hubei Province and nation wide. If they really believed the virus that killed all those people came from an accident in a wet market, every wet market would have been permanently closed down.

  8. Remarkable article. The best part of the full PDF (in my opinion):

    “The CoV that is most closely related to SARS-CoV-2 is RaTG13, a bat CoV that was identified at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and originally isolated from the Yunnan Province of China (45)….No evidence as yet points to the adaptation of SARS-CoV-2 for human infection in pangolins or the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from pangolins to humans.”

  9. The virus, each time it proliferates in a human, is self selecting for the ability to infect humans. Those strains with a slightly more effective ability to replicate in human tissue will come to be the dominate strains. Each time this passes from human to human it becomes slightly more effective at infecting humans. What this news story indicates to me is that the disease has been circulating longer than we thought and that it was being studied and replicated using human tissue for longer than we thought.

    Basically, it has evolved to infect humans. This could have happened in the lab or in Wuhan province, but it happened, and for longer than people have been speculating. Given my experience with Chinese quality control, I am going suggest that basic incompetence and lack of giving a shit leading to an accidental leak is a far more likely explanation than a malicious release.

    The CCP is still responsible for a lot of harm. I speculate that they were very frightened that they *had* leaked a bio-weapon. Which was where the reaction came from. This in turn fed some of the west’s reactions – it was a plausible worst case scenario.

    Now that we know (and have known for some time) that it is not a deadly bio-weapon (but it is still serious) we can perhaps roll back some of the more intrusive government interference and let’s have people make some of their own decisions about risk control again.

  10. Right, let’s list the major myths WHO/Chicoms/Libranos have been peddling so far.
    1. The risk is low, like a flu, all under control, it is not a pandemic.
    2. No human to human transfer, masks are not necessary (except in China).
    3. It did not came from wet markets.
    4. It did not came from bats.
    5. It did not get to the markets from the Wuhan lab.
    6. It did not spread all over the world due to Chinese flying out of Wuhan at the time one could not walk out of Wuhan.

    Myth currently dying:
    7. It is a naturally occurring virus not grown in the lab.

    Possible future myths yet to die?
    8. It is not a bio weapon.
    9. It was not released intentionally.

  11. MODERNA: The Biotech Company that says their Covid vaccine is 100% effective……ONE HUNDRED Percent no less…!!!! in 3 months No less. It’s a M I R A C L E

    Funny that eh. Have we not all heard for months that a ‘Vaccine” may take at Best 6-9 months, a few years or even it always seems…yet they’ve got one cooked up in 3 months…???

    Where’s your DATA Moderna.??
    How many folks worked on this supposed Vaccine
    WHO Bankrolled it.???

    This is their “technology” (from their Website)

    “…Moderna is attempting to insert synthetic mRNA into the living cells of patients that would reprogram their cells to create their own therapies and vaccines, rather than being created externally and injected as with conventional medicines…”

    So they want to put some man-made Fully Synthetic SHIT into your body and get it to make antibodies against the virus….? uhuh.

    I smell GATES/ Fauci et all in this garbage.

    ALL my personal opinion of course…but something smells like dead FISH to me with this one… Check out their Webpage:

    There’s something off about it & FAR FAR too Investment type Slick for me.