30 Replies to “Your Government Is Here For You”

  1. It’s easy to say you made a mistake when you won’t be held accountable. The torch and pitchfork crowd should be marching in on these idiots.

  2. Quebec has 22% of Canada’s population, 60% of the Peking Pox infections, and 55% of the deaths from Peking Pox.

    That’s the border that needed to be closed. Then someone could teach those people how to properly wash their hands. For example.

  3. Teresa Tam, Patty Hadju, Justin Trudeau, and a host of others, are no doubt guilty of crimes against the citizens of Canada. There is no room in this nation for communism. The above mentioned people have lied and mislead Canadians. They should not just be fired, they should be imprisoned, their property confiscated, and tried for treason. I’ll bring the rope buttercup.

    1. Would make me very happy to see one of the above mentioned brought up on charges. Towing the UN/WHO/CCP line has brought this country to its knees.

      Fire them all.

    2. Earth to High yaz.
      Canada has been a communist post nation shithole for 4 1/2 years now.
      An unqualified man boy has been reelected by low IQ voters because “free stuff”.
      Scheer couldn’t take candy from Justin last October. The junior insurance sales clerk is still “leader” of a poseur conservative party which is powerless against a minority govt.
      Decades of #LibCons got us here.


    1. I believe Theresa Tam and Dr. Ho ( the TV shill guy) are one and the same person.
      Ever seen them both in the same infomercial? No.
      Same voice, same muscles, same crazed look in their eyes.
      I like Dr. Ho the best. He has never told me I should wear a mask.
      FU Tam ,you CCP/WHO see you next Tuesday.

  4. I’ve been telling liberals this for two months. I’m shocked that the government admits the mistake. Dr. Tam has made more flip flops than a live worm on a hot stove.

    It all comes down to RISK VS REWARD. We kill people daily by allowing highway speed limits greater than 20 kph. But if we took a vote, the vast majority would keep the current speed limit. Well, maybe not in Canada. Likewise, we can’t keep the economy shuttered until the risk of death from Commie flu is zero.
    1. RISK IS THE REWARD – COVID is allowing these nutters to break records:

    2. REWARD IS RISKY – Sweden looks foolish to MSM for not locking down everything – FOR NOW. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/sweden-in-deep-economic-crisis-as-per-capita-deaths-rise-despite-soft-lockdown

    Others disagree: “Stockholm’s population is expected to reach herd immunity early next month”. That would be a game-changer: https://www.thenational.ae/world/europe/coronavirus-sweden-s-controversial-herd-immunity-strategy-seems-to-be-paying-off-1.1022466

    Place your bets…

    1. They just want to get this out of the way now. Docile Canadians will forget this by the time parliament opens up anyway. The cultural enrichers will only pay attention when the election is called just to find out what freebees sock puppet will hand out. Besides most Canadian have been bought off now any way.

  5. There are quite a few things currently called racist that, after enough people have died, had their careers ruined, lost their businesses, and otherwise sodomized, will not be called that. The death and destruction, the rivers of tears and rubble of dreams only accelerates society towards the crisis that precedes necessary reforms.

  6. So?
    Canadiens are racist.
    Particularly Liberals.
    The May 1 property grab,once again spared one race and punished all others.
    The Apartheid System,known as Indian And Northern Affairs,we ,collectively,are so proud of this system,which has treated our natives as incompetent second class citizens for decades,sorry century now.
    By ensuring no native can attain full citizenship we have kept a huge central Canadian Bureaucracy feasting on their bones.
    The civil service call this good government.
    Liberals are so racist,they confuse a religion with a race of people,for in Liberal Canada it is breaking the law,hate crime against some race apparently, to refer to a full blown Allah Akkbar Killer as a Terrorist of the muslim faith…Racist chant the politicians,the presstitutes and the kangaroo courts..
    So CBC is right for a change,Canadians are Racist Bastards..
    The very people accusing everyone else of their own hatred and malice,our Liberal Style Critters.CBC themselves.
    Time to take out the racist trash.
    Banish them.

    Damn. That rant wrote itself.
    Sarcasm aside,the blatant racism is disgusting,actually writing laws of criminal import,based on racial ancestry..

    These are the same do-gooders,self righteous scum,who screamed at the South African and Rhodesian People,until they forced them to surrender power to the terrorists.Who now butcher the white citizens of nations in their homes..while these same Canadians deny them sanctuary..

    We really suck.We need a new country.
    One where I can challenge such scumbags to lethal duels.
    Or run them out of the country.

    How about Net neutral immigration,for every refugee we let in,two “liberal Style “creatures can go to replace them.
    For they keep insisting there are no “shithole” countries and who are we to deny an impoverished nation the benefits of a Liberal’s advice.
    The more I play with this meme the more I like it.
    Cause truth is indisputable..
    Liberals pass racist laws.
    Liberal judges make racist rulings.
    The paid media praises both.
    The purges at CBC will be awful,who started this
    “Canadians are racist”meme?
    Stunningly stupid,because it is true.

    1. You are so right. I was in South Africa then and got out because I saw what was to come.

      And now, astonishingly, I see the same mad capitulation to racial irrationality right here in my adopted country. What a fuck up.

  7. Learning by experience, which comes from the murder of thousands, is called criminal negligence causing death at best, Dr. Tam!
    I want you in prison for life. Well, what I really want will get me banned since cons have no balls.

  8. The current Liberal government of Canada and their boneheaded ‘experts’ are 100% responsible for the state of affairs, the deaths and the economic destruction.
    It was pure racism that they failed to close down the border when it would have done some good.

    There is zero excuse and plenty of blame for this disaster.

  9. Always remember that the Liberals believe in “Rather dead than Politically Incorrect” – that’s not them dead you understand, but you if you are not politically correct.

    The Liberals would rather have their subjects – us Canadians – dead than politically incorrect.

  10. Patty Hadju is so flamingly incompetent that there is a small part of me (a vanishingly small part mind you) that almost feels sorry for her. If I was that bad at my job, I would be embarrassed to stand up in front of the cameras and demonstrate what an imbecile I am.

  11. Help!

    I’m a geezer struggling to keep up with the memes.

    Is Patty a KAREN or what!?!?

    1. No. Karen’s are self righteous soccer moms 45 to 55 (or thereabouts) that complain and even report passersby or neighbors for some other infractions. These infractions are trivial and not something a normal person would do. Karens have had a field day reporting people for not self isolating or not keeping an appropriate social distance. They are officious busybodies.

      Patty is too cloying nice for that. She is just the plain and garden idiot out of her depth. Karen’s are verbally sharper and shrew like.

      1. Vuil, I stand educated. I see the distinction, thanks.
        But Patty’s HAIR is Karenish right?
        My gawd, I can be so shallow sometimes.

  12. Peking patty is a washed up poverty pimp who has exactly zero credibility. She brings nothing to the job.

    I guess she is not much different than anyone in bongo’s cabinet including The Bong hizself.