18 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. “the world needs to be cleansed from racists, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, and misogynists. I say we put you all in gas chambers.”

    There goes the mass immigration… oh wait, this of course applies to whitey only.

      1. Yeah he was into that “world cleansing” thing, wasn’t he? Also, didn’t he like the idea of population replacement?

      2. If he wants to send bigots to the gas chamber, I suggest we start with him. I’ll hold the door.

  2. As the virus fades they they will strive for their lost prominence and eventual dominance.

  3. So is Mark Elyas reading from the internal advanced copy of the Liberals Red Book 3.0?

  4. It makes me think: maybe there was a reason why through most of history they were kept in the closet.

    1. When Muslim immigrants tip the scales at 30+%, life as a deviant starts to become much more … discrete. When last did gay couples feel comfortable walking hand in hand in the immigrant sectors of Amsterdam and Brussels?

  5. I’ll say it again, our modern-day domestic “socialists” are perfectly capable of matching or exceeding the atrocities of their historical predecessors.

  6. Don’t worry Mark, the equivalent is being considered by our governments for those who don’t social distance themselves from the paranoid and the terminally stupid.

  7. 1. Swamp HRC with complaints.
    2. Once you have a confirmation that your complaint is accepted, file charges with police.
    3. Let them sort out among themselves who does what.

    100% participation is required! No sitting on your butt.

    1. I edited my post before the counter expired, but the edit did not occur.

      “He said that White males are sexual abusers. This is discrimination on the basis of race and gender.”

      This was the edit in the preamble to my comment.

  8. That is the inevitable result of socialist/fascist ideology.

    You see, among 1 million people are 1 million ideas, the socialists/fascists want every one of the 1 million to have only one idea and they will make it so if they have to kill you.

    That’s the way it always worked and always will.

  9. They call themselves Liberal because they hate that we have our liberty in our society and want to take it from us.
    (And across the aisle there’s a bunch that call themselves Conservatives because they can’t be bothered to conserve whatever we have that is good.)

  10. Pretty easy to make threats while you’re being protected. And I hope those “friends” she threatened aren’t her friends anymore.

  11. In the queer world, this is all it takes to get you to the gas chamber? Thanks for all the tolerance. Is this part of the Liberals platform after the gun amnesty runs out?