38 Replies to “Cold, Quick Dick Hands”

  1. Well, he did protect Canada from the Black Rifle Coffee Company by banning it with this bill as well.
    So, no jitters from too much caffeine.

    Point of order though: From my reading of it Natives can still buy this coffee, because……. reasons and stuff.

  2. Other than Quebec, there hasn’t been a Provincial Premier who has bucked the proclamations of Prime Minister Whodeau.

    Even Doug who started out so well can’t bring himself to truly begin opening up the indebted jurisdiction called Ontario, in any meaningful way.

    So when nobody questions the authoritarian dictates of Justine on his ill-considered Cottage call to worship for the Wuhan Virus, why should we think that anyone will question his brilliance on the gun takeover.

    It’s the same guy with the same logic and the same fawning electorate.

    If we believe he is correct one one, it’s hard to question him on the other.

    Of course, he’s wrong on both accounts.

  3. What happened to hat tips, Kate? We saw this in the reader tips a few days back.

    I get the feeling that this blog is no longer run by Katherine McMillan. She used to despise and ridicule Twitter, but now all the does is re-tweets things. Has she sold the blog or been forced out through domain jacking?


    Since when domain name owners’ names are allowed to be censored?
    This smells like a dead fish, not like a dead marmot.

    1. I have had a private domain for 20 years. The owner’s information is a government requirement but it may be kept private for a fee. I don’t see domain information invisibility as anything particularly sinister unless you are a real fan of spam.

    2. Hey bug spray
      Your constant whining and insinuations toward our hostess is getting real old real fast.
      Be sure to start your own blog and show us all how to “properly” do things.
      A nameless wonder as rude as yourself makes a real nice guest.
      Especially given how free you feel to share your opinions.
      I can just imagine having you drop by for coffee.

  4. I look forward to the weekly, Monday QDM vid. He’s always spot on with a dose of humor.

  5. Found guilty by the Ethics Commission, time to take property away from Canadians with no criminal records. Seem like a connection here.

    1. Distraction is the best weapon of a criminal.
      RCMP in NS are criminally negligent of allowing a wife-beating alcoholic to progress to shooting people – let us ban legal guns.
      He was an ideal candidate, so RCMP could not allow a perfect crisis to go to waste.

      Just In True Dough stuffs Canada with infected refugees, people start dying – let us ban legal guns.

      I am the only one trying to keep the focus on the criminal history of our PM, but everyone else is becoming distracted with the frisbees that he keeps throwing in all directions. Focus on the main thing: bringing down this anti-human government!!! Oust the Scheep! Install either Derek Sloan or Erin OToole. Show in mass, in tens of thousands, to a protest and demand a criminal trial for Just In True Dough’s crimes. Whining and complaining on the Internet will keep getting us nowhere.

      1. Idiotic to think fake conservative #LibCons #CPC globalists can fix this shithole of a country.
        This is why we are fucked.
        Morons like citronella thinking successive libs then cons being in power.

        Fuck Canada.

  6. I’m still waiting for Kenney to do something. How long does it take to kick out the old federal CFO and bring in the new provincial CFO? How about declaring Alberta a Sanctuary province that refuses to enforce any of these draconian bans as a minimum starting point? I may not agree with anything Trudeau is doing, but at least he’s doing something as repulsive as it is. Trudeau, along with his/taxpayer $2billion propaganda machine is beating all these “conservative” premiers into submission and they are looking absolutely weak.

    Please let a separation party come up with a decent credible leader.

    1. Kenney is just the same kind of opportunistic parasites that Canadians keep voting for.
      Each of our conservative politicians is either a lawyer or a real estate agent. What do you expect from them?
      At least liberals are honest about their agenda: drugs, sex changes, open borders, and cash for the downtrodden. The way they achieve their goals is by allowing total chaos and showing up with cute slogans and wads of taxpayer cash to save everyone.

      Cons are in it for free advertising of their law firm or real estate agency. What do you expect from them?
      All that cons are interested in is more immigrants who will keep buying houses and paying for them with the suitcases of cash, which they bring in from overseas, or more criminals to defend in court, or more lawsuits. The way they achieve their goals is by doing virtually nothing to the chaos created by the liberals.

      Until people rise up and purge either from the face of the Earth, nothing will change. Keep doing nothing, but do not whine. You are only entitled to whining if you do something. But there are no men left in Canada.

      1. Hey Citronella please follow your own advice. I’ll repeat the most important piece.

        Keep doing nothing, but do not whine. You are only entitled to whining if you do something.


        1. I am doing more than all of you combined and I do not recall me whining.
          But whenever I comment about it on this blog, the host/hostess, whoever they currently are, blocks me and deletes my comments. Guess it is conservative to protect the status quo. But of course! If Canada’s problems suddenly and miraculously went away, this blog would instantly become totally unnecessary.

    2. johnboy

      what exactly would a new provincial CFO be doing different from the present federal CFO? I’m asking. Legit question.

  7. We have TWO YEARS to throw this guy out of office. TWO YEARS. I would vote for anyone who promises to repeal it even Scheer.

    1. Scheep can only baa-baa. Oust Scheep before he helps Chicom to bulldoze us into the Arctic Ocean.

  8. The Liberals led by Blackie have attacked most of the fundamentals of a free society and nation.
    They won’t stop until they are stopped.

    The majority of Chinadians are in favour of private property confiscation.
    85% will willingly call the authorities to fine you because you stopped to tie your shoe in a park.
    Comfortable people like myself won’t do anything more than sign petitions or send an email, two entirely useless “actions”.
    Fairly depressing to watch such a rapid decline so enthusiastically cheered on by The Sheeple.

  9. Hey Dick! Get OFF all that fancy diesel powered farm equipment … and do the RIGHT THING! Hire 100 Salvadoran immigrants to do that same work. You’d be saving the planet from your carbon fuel exhaust … AND … be creating a new generation of leftist voters. UnMe taught me this …

  10. Anyone know the number of legal firearms used to kill residents of the GTA since May 1st ?

  11. Can someone please tell me where I can buy unicorn farts and fairy dust? Justin needs a bunch to repack his backside for the next pearls of wisdom he plans to crap on Canada! Bill does the packing, but after May first, he’s fresh out!

    1. Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but I can get you some genuine dinosaur sunshine at a reasonable rate.

      That’s right, solar power from over 80 million years ago. Concentrated. Distilled.

      Focused by geothermal energy and powerful, mysterious geologic processes that have brought us many crystals that are pure and transparent and thought to have healing properties.

      An energy form which yields Gaia blessed, life-giving gasses that have been locked away for millions of years.

      Just don’t call it coal or the greenies will never let you use it.

      1. How much would fit up Dear Leader’s orifice at a time? Bearing in mind Bill uses a backhoe to load with, and please, what is this “Reasonable rate” you mention? I need to know what to budget for, as this one will NOT balance itself no matter how much he leans on the scale!

  12. This “Gun Ban”
    Or Racist,instant law, by order in council during a declared emergency due to pandemic,is priceless.
    What was the emergency ,requiring capital expenditures likely in the billions,that required an immediate order?
    Why was this so imperative that our members of parliament were denied the chance to vote?
    And thus allow us citizens to see who willingly would betray us.

    First every hold out against registration and licensing in any form is confirmed in their judgement.
    Every politician currently in office is shown to be a racist,liar and thief.
    Every law abiding property owner has been served notice.
    This is what compliance with stupid rules gets you.

    We are granted a window into Emperor Justine’s divine wisdom,due process,rule of law and property rights are non existent in Post National Can Ahh Duh.
    Our “law and Order” types are shown as fools.Obedience is senseless.
    For law will be whatever our Masters chose,whenever they chose.
    Past or present.
    Citizenship is worthless,some citizens are more equal than others.

    Justine’s and Bobblehead Blairs Gun Grab is a gift,as we are all Metis Now.
    Self declare,something about great granddad and a bear..
    Now that we are forbidden the right to defend ourselves,it shall only be fair to hold the police and politicians accountable for any damages.
    If lives of loved ones are lost then it becomes your duty to declare vendetta.
    Not against the poor wee criminals,but upon those who enabled and protected them.
    For they have defacto declared themselves our protectors or declared us defenceless,it comes to the same thing.

    The final irony is their focus on firearms.
    A weapon is of course anything an attacker/defender choses.
    Just as Ram A van reminds us every year.
    The non-tool users have declared war.
    War on the tool users,where they know better than us how tools should be used.
    Cause they have seen that there tool on a movie somewhere..
    Parasites one and all.

  13. Based on the restrictions Canadians already have on owning guns, does it really matter what Trudeau is doing now?

  14. And what about mass refusal by all gun owners to comply. Just say FOAD. Like NZ did..

    1. Tax boycott, and organise runs on the banks. The only two things they give a shit about.

      Tear up your mortgages. When they try to evict, stand together, and add Hydro to the list. Then vehicle insurance. Inform them that until Trudeau resigns, escalating economic vandalism will continue.

      Having seen what Covid-19 has wrought, you have no excuse. Conservatives can get effed. You whine and bish, and yet not a single one of you is prepared to REALLY kick these f00knuggets where it hurts them most. In the effin’ wallet. They will bury you because they stand together, while you all fall as rugged individualists.

  15. So according to Trudeau and his Liberals, assault weapons “were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.” So we must ban them.
    What about abortion clinics, which we fund? Same purpose. Just asking.

  16. Below is a comment by Charles Bosser that was posted in the National Post.

    We call on The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, as a show of solidarity and understanding in relation to the May 1, 2020 “military style” rifle ban to hereby relinquish and consider as banned the 1960 Mercedes Benz 300SL owned by Mr. Trudeau.

    1. The maximum speed limit anywhere in Canada is 120 Km/h, a Mercedes Benz 300SL can achieve 257 Km/h far in excess of the legal limit. We believe that no one needs a race car to go buy milk.
    2. This vehicle looks like it will go very fast and looks like it was made to serve no other purpose than to participate in illegal street racing. Street racing has cost many lives in Canada and there is no place in Canada for a vehicle who’s only purpose is to street race.
    3. Drinking and driving as well as impaired driving under the influence of drugs is a major issue in Canada and in particular the use of race car style vehicles has been shown to be a major factor on Canada’s roads.
    It does not matter that Mr. Trudeau is a lawful driver, may not over-speed, may not drink and drive, may not be on drugs, may not street race.
    It does not matter that the confiscation of his vehicle will not stop street racing, drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

    Options for Mr. Trudeau:
    • A buy back program (price to be decided by a low-level bureaucrat who knows nothing about vehicles).
    • Surrender without compensation.
    • Grandfathering (no use, transport, sale of the vehicle to be permitted)
    • Deactivation (engine compartment to be encased in concrete, door and trunk welded shut, “Boots” applied to all wheels and welded closed.)

    We thank Mr. Trudeau and fully believe that he will want to participate in the banning and confiscation of his beloved family heirloom for the safety of all Canadians.

  17. Ha ha HA! The joke’s on the Criminal Prime Minister.
    He isn’t going to be able to buy back my guns because, …now get this… , he Never Sold them to Me in the First Place. Ha HAAA
    what a Frog speaking dumbass. no comprehension of the English Language

    1. Oz you hit on something there.
      What is an “Assault Style Weapon” in french?
      Maybe that is what the confusion is about.
      Cause the French have a history of surrendering so fast they never need to know what type of weapons they issue,style is all that counts?

      And not only did the Hair not sell us the guns,his money is no good.
      I want real currency for my now priceless toys..
      So now 12 gauge pump shotguns are prohibited?

    1. Yes.Our institutional “help” is working.
      The Democrats in the USA have been “solving the negro problem” for years.Exactly as our Liberals(In every form) have been “helping our native peoples”.
      Huge bureaucracies getting bigger and ever more self beneficial,as the people they claim to be protecting are destroyed.
      Canada instituted the Apartheid System,our Liberals still boast about how great our “help” works .