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    1. “Canada is Africa”
      No, we’re closer to Venezuela unless you’re only referring to (formerly known as) Rhodesia.
      The average CBC and CNN watching Kanuckistanian just does not comprehend just how close we are to becoming a fourth world sh*thole.

      1. Venezuela is more of a Russia/Cuba/Turkey thing with a smattering of China on the oil front. But the Chinese are wholesale buying African governments and economies and taking not just the energy but all the resources and business sectors, which is what they are doing to us. We don’t have a lot of Russia/Cuba/Turkey going on here.

  1. This story, along with many more that are coming with increased rapidity, demonstrates yet another reason why it is time to declare ourselves independent from Canada.
    We in the West stand with our friends, family and neighbours. We don’t abandon them for brown paper bags filled with cash.
    We do not admire basic dictatorships, we abhor them.
    We believe in the rule of law.
    Eastern Canada, especially Quebec, is very willing to overlook any corruption or tyranny as long as they get their fat welfare cheque.
    Who would want to belong to such a country.
    We will stand with the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand and not be a continual embarrassment on the world stage

  2. God stand between me and men who used to be important now demanding Justin Trudeau stand up to China, when not one of them dared do the right thing when they were in a position to do so.

    This clown was chief of staff to Mulroney. Mulroney could have reversed Pierre Trudeau’s decision to recognize Red China. He didn’t. He could have barred Red Chinese spies from entering Canada. He didn’t.

    Brian was too busy catering to French Canadian prejudice against the English and the Jews to bother defending Canada from real threats from the Red Chinese—who have little interest in preserving French Canada’s blessed “culture” as they do Tibet’s.

    1. Mulroney did not always take advice, so do not blame the advisors. I know, as my husband was seconded to the PMO. You, Ghost, on the other hand, know nothing.

    2. Old stock Canadians are low IQ.
      They vote Libtard then fake conservatives then libtard then etc.

      Stupid Canadians deserve Trudeau.

  3. The aim of the megalomaniac idiot in charge is the general secretary general, as is Canadian custom, of the UN.

    He will use as much of the working people’s money as he can get, will suck the treasury dry, if there is anything left, never bloody mind the consequences for the tax paying working people.

    A self-important, useless, drama queen, there is nothing more to it than that.

    1. Prime Minister Richard Pate’s entire life has been one of privilege and personal vanity.

      No doubt, he’ll whine about growing up in a broken home and that he deserves that appointment as compensation for his miseries. I know lots of people who did as well, but they, unlike him, became fine upstanding citizens. They overcame their adversity. He used it as a crutch to get whatever he wanted.

      He reminds me of a former boss who desperately wanted to be promoted into the upper echelon so that he could be one of the big kids. He was motivated by an inflated sense of self-importance and he told some real nose-stretchers about his previous experiences.

      But, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for that promotion. There wasn’t a superior’s butt he wouldn’t kiss. There wasn’t colleague he wouldn’t step on nor was there a subordinate he didn’t hesitate to toss under the Greyhound. Worse was that there wasn’t an internal rule or regulation that he had no qualms of violating.

      For him, the end justified the means.

      1. And 70% of Canadians will vote for him again.

        Can you detect mass hysteria of low information voters?
        It being the majority of the citizens and emigrants of Canada.

        It is quite shocking, the socialist/fascist dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao would have loved to have the spontaneous admiration.

        Here it is just given.
        Some well trained crowd.

  4. Project Sidewinder a CSIS and RCMP collaborative effort in ’97 detailed quite explicitly how China was neck deep inside Canada – money laundering, drug running, human smuggling, real estate, influencing Canadian politicians, inserting themselves in Canadian corporations, bribery and of course doing what China always does best: Ripping off Canadian nuclear medical and technological innovations/inventions.
    Y’know, for a nation that every self loathing white person likes to tout as being technological wizards only because they stumbled upon the invention of gunpowder some years ago, they sure spend a lot of time thieving from others.

    I digress – Anyways, Chretien’s advice to Trudeau? Stick a thumb in the U.S. DOJ’s eye and ignore the U.S. extradition treaty, fly Meng back home then send himself and other Power Corp. execs to China to make nice and all will be well. Chretien of course being quite confident he can stick his head far enough up Xi’s butt to receive forgiveness. And why not? He’s been a lobbyist and head cheerleader for the Chinese since he left office, so there’s that.

    Aren’t we the greatest?????

    1. If Ol screw face thinks the two Mike’s get released if Meng is allowed to get back to China he is mistaken.

      1 the Mike’s did not get detained as a bargaining chip, but as a penalty that has no recourse.
      2 if Meng is allowed to return home she will disappear or will “succumb to the virus“. She was always the sacrificial lamb that was there to do appearances and add her signature to keep the real operatives hidden from view. Unfortunately she does know enough to be deemed a risk, otherwise they wouldn’t care.
      3 Until the government does what the chicoms want the punishment will continue. The crime is disobedience and there is no chance the verdict gets overturned even if at the end of it all the chicoms get what they want.

      Put Meng on a plane to New York and tell the world that it was clear that even if we did release Meng, the chicoms had no intention of releasing the Mike’s.

      Of course it will never happen.

      1. Would you be willing to share your source for the relative importance of Meng to the chicoms Jo? Mine indicate the opposite but are unreliable.

    2. Yes burton beyond pathetic and Canada deserves and its entitled voters are going to get a very hard, hard lesson.

  5. “ Is it because of our overweening desire to win a two-year seat on the UN Security Council —”

    The pundit seems confused or is upset that it’s the other team trying to get the “seat”.
    It’s not an obsession except for those in the PMO and the fart catchers in Ottawa seeking favour from the cottage squatter.

  6. So I have a question for our FEDERALIST Premier
    Mr Jason Kenney.

    “It’s hard to stand up when you are continually Bowing down”.

    You call yourself a FEDERALIST Mr Premier. Is this the so called “Federalism” you support Mr Premier.?? One where every Federal apparatchik, the Bought n paid for MSM, Public servant, MP, Ministers of the Crown and the PM himself KISS CHINESE ASS on a daily basis….? that Federalism.?? One where we have left two innocent men languishing in a Chinese PRISON for the CRIME of Being CANADIAN.?? One where we apparently don't have the Courage to man up to our agreements with the US on Extradition.??

    Is that the kind of FEDERALISM YOU Support ..?? If so, I suggest you get out of Dodge Sir.

    Albertans are beyond FED up with this in yer face TREASONOUS activity and every other bit of insane Anti Alberta Garbage that has emanated from Ottawa over the past 5 years. AND it Will NEVER End – that is the Problem. THERE IS NO SOLUTION to this other than for ALBERTA to Secede and leave this Self Destructing CON Federation.

    So the Question remains Sir: Either you SUPPORT the people of this Province in their Quest for SOVEREIGNTY or you Step ASIDE…

    What's it gonna Be Mr Premier.?
    (sent to his official e-mail this AM)

    EVERYONE in Alberta (those that want a future for their kids), needs to add their voice to this Chorus. https://www.alberta.ca/premier-contact.cfm

  7. Yes turdo is suckholing for the UN seat. And yes, maybe a bit of the boot and arse-licking could be attributed to concern for the 2 jailed Canadians. But it boggles my mind and frustrates me to no end that no one – not even Mr. Burney – has the honesty or courage to point out the primary cause of turdo’s Sino-servility: he and his ivory tower trash friends, by virtue of their investments and favours received have irretrievably compromised their own Country. Simply put, handling the Chicomms the way they should be handled would cost them dearly.

    1. Jamie MacMaster .. yes I agree the elites have sold out the country to China , but specifically in Trudeau’s case I believe it goes deeper and further back to previous indiscretions and that the Chinese are effectively blackmailing him. Trudeau’s favoritism / grovelling to the Chinese is extreme.

      If the Indians have knowledge of such , then undoubtedly so do the Chinese.


      1. The Chicomms don’t need a compromising video of turdo la doo with a blowup doll or anything like that. They know his great weakness: retaining power to feed his narcissism. And the Chicomms have all the trash that keeps him there by the financial balls. They dont even have to threaten a squeeze.

  8. A brilliant article! Derek Burney was my husband’s mentor in the diplomatic core in Canada. I first met him and his family in 1975, when they invited us to dinner before we left for our second posting to Yokohama, Japan. As we entered their home in Ottawa, there were many children’s shoes in the foyer, Japanese-style. That was not a common practice in Canada at the time.

    Over dinner, he and his wife gave us many valuable tips, based on their experiences living in Japan. Derek, like my husband, was a trade policy expert, trained to speak Japanese, and we had a roadmap to their favourite sushi-San. I think they also served in China too.

    Later, in the early days of the Mulroney administration, Derek did a masterful job of trying to get the Mulroney and his PMO political folks, as Chief of Staff, to connect with the government bureaucracy. It worked. His work on the NAFTA File also secured an 1988 election go.

    I’ll bet that this column was written because he is frustrated to see how many mistakes the current government is making. Derek is a hugely competent hands-on manager too. I am not sure that he is especially political, as he successfully worked under both Liberal and Conservative PMs.

    Trudeau really must listen to his cogent analyses and sound advice. It is a sensibl plan to keep us out of impending danger.

    1. I’m sure you are very polite and proper but the gloves have to come off.
      Trudeau is a fucking idiot. Looking for cogent analysis from him is like looking for a nice place to sit in an off leash dog park.
      He took two million in bribes to his foundation from Chicoms because he’s also a fucking traitor.
      And he makes Joe Biden’s hair smelling and girl fondling look sweet and innocent.

  9. Do you guys begin to get the idea how much money we are going to have to spend to see these Chicoms off? Our military is a joke -for a reason- and this is probably the real reason.

    Imagine what it would take to put enough Navy in the water to turn back a determined Chicom incursion. Imagine the Airforce it would take to protect the Army and the Navy on the ground. Next generation is looking at a pretty big job, I think.

    First order of business, return all the manufacturing to Canada and fix our relationship with the USA. You can’t run a war by importing supplies from the enemy, can you?

    Dear Conservative Party of Canada, if you’re not running on the Divestment From China platform in the next election it’ll be an admission that you are saboteurs, just like the Liberals. Just so you know we can see you, boys.

    1. How long would it take to achieve all you suggest Phantom? How soon must it be accomplished if it is to succeed? Who will fund it? We are committed far beyond our means. Who holds our debt and when might they call it? We can not possibly get this stuff done fast enough. I can’t even convince most people that we should stop buying Chinese junk. Any suggestions?

    2. “Do you guys begin to get the idea how much money we are going to have to spend to see these Chicoms off?”

      A hell of a lot less than it will co$t us to stay subservient. And then there are those other values that unfortunately don’t mean much to most Canadians: freedom and independence.

    3. How about a Navy consisting of a dozen nuclear hunter- killer subs whose job would be to keep their carriers on the other side of the Pacific, Missiles capable of inflicting lots of tactical EMP (including anti-satellite) and a couple of refurbished EMP-hardened battle wagons to clean up the mess. An overseas ground war with the Chicoms is not in the cards nor anything Canada could entertain.

      Realistically, the only way Canada would be taking on the Chicoms alone would be if the Spawn has pissed off the US enough to stand back and watch but would they want the conquering Chicoms on their northern border. That would be possibly worse than the Spawn who is every bit the asshole as Xi but a mere poseur who has no military to threaten anyone with.

  10. At first I thought it said that Canada couldn’t stand up while BLOWING.
    Not sure if that was Freudian or just accurate. 🙁

  11. The Chicomms don’t need a compromising video of turdo la doo with a blowup doll or anything like that. They know his great weakness: retaining power to feed his narcissism. And the Chicomms have all the trash that keeps him there by the financial balls. They dont even have to threaten a squeeze.

  12. It’s not like no one knew about this in 2013.

    Canadians are vacuous, tunnel-visioned seals who will vote on reflex, not serious consideration.

    We belong to China now. The Chinese will dispose of Justin when they no longer have need of him.

    As for Meng, return her to China … AFTER someone tells the Chinese that she spilled her guts to the Americans.

    Her loyalty will be rewarded Epstein-style.