The Media: Corrupt or Incompetent?

What other profession would get away with getting SO MUCH absolutely wrong … and pay absolutely no price for it?

How lovely it is to have a high-profile job in our major media institutions. Let’s say you completely, hideously muck up a huge story. Let’s say you spend three years wildly misleading the public. Let’s say that, at the outset of the worst public-health crisis in a century, you mock people for being afraid and tell them to go about life as usual. When you’re proven wrong, you get to tell the next chapter of the story anyway. And if you feel like saying, “No fair noticing we were wrong!” you know other members of the mainstream-media cartel will rush to support you.

24 Replies to “The Media: Corrupt or Incompetent?”

  1. The one thing they weren’t wrong about is that people should have kept going about their business. The sick should have been cared for and the healthy left to continue their lives as normal. Many are busy saying that, well, mitigation has worked, well, what are they using as proof is computer modeling, the same nonsense that they used to close everything down because millions will die. The media and the government are responsible for the biggest man made disaster on the planet, FEAR.

    1. Because of the over reaction and the unecessary lockdown that is killing small businesses, Reitman’s that owns almost 600 stores ( I think most are in the province of quebec? ) today has been put under bankrupcy protection

      all those people who may end up jobless for a virus that is no more a threat than the regular flu

      that is crazy

  2. What other profession would get away with getting SO MUCH absolutely wrong … and pay absolutely no price for it?
    Being a Liberal cabinet minister.

  3. Duh Embrace the power of AND.
    The media are classic progressives,for were it not for double standards,they would have none at all.
    That footage of the poor wee boy getting told by protesters was perfect.
    And instead of learning anything,he posts about his feelings,as if those are the news.
    Now most of us have had that experience of being witness to a tragedy,happening or such that the news media has turned up to exploit.
    Where when you sat and watched the news you were sure it must be some other story.
    Of late the “reporting has been all about the talking head and the 5Ws are all absent.

    Media people are so stupid,they proclaim how much they hate,despise and fear us,lie nonstop and then cry when we return the favour..
    Notice they have not Doxxed any more citizens since that ass hat editor got the favour returned.
    Rules for thee none for mee,turned into “OK we play by your rules”.
    I’m noticing they are slow learners,really quite thick,but they really don’t like the new rules,based on all their whining.
    Fake Newz..straight to the heart of the darkness.

  4. Blacklock reports that Great Leader has given his bought and paid for media, another bailout. Small weekly family owned papers are not getting any money, just large media companies that kiss Blackie’s ass.

    1. They run a few stories vaguely critical of Blackie and he gets the message and fattens up their envelopes.

  5. The dog that didn’t bark: Not one person in the MSM is concerned at all that Adam Schiff and Clapper and others clearly lied to the media and misled them about the Russia collusion story.
    Adam Schiff’s transcripts prove that they told two completely different stories when on TV and when they were under oath in Schiff’s committee.
    So where is the 24/7 media coverage of them misleading the press?
    Why isn’t that dog barking?

    1. That dog won’t hunt, but Barr’s hounds will.

      He’s been clear he will pursue criminal charges against those he didn’t say wouldn’t be charged.

      That would be, among others, Brennan, Clapper and Comey, the three miscreant musketeers of mendacity.

      1. And others, don’t forget.

        Barr chooses his words carefully.

        He said on Friday, “ the intelligence that he has -today-“.

        Tomorrow guarantees nothing for the conspirators!

  6. I think corruption leads to incompetence in many ways. So I would agree with the idea that we have both corruption and incompetence. The CBC, we can agree, is corrupt from top to bottom. So they have continually promoted reporter Katie Simpson, a drivelling incompetent.

  7. What other profession?
    1. The elected Government of Canada (bi-partisanly)
    2. The bureaucracy they employ.
    3. The judiciary they own.

  8. Why would anyone expect contrition from partisans. When your job, depending on the partisan nature or culture of your employer is to spin everything with a hint of political messaging to your side, truth, reality, conscience, ethics, honesty, humility are dispensable as rule one is, “the ends justify the means”. The media is a bifurcated propaganda industry with around 90% acting as agents of the left and the rest, a continuum ranging from the mushy middle to conservative or libertarian. Objectivity rarely exists and only in reporting on entirely non partisan events (sports possibly, certainly not weather anymore). Canada is likely the worst example in the western world where the only free press is a fledgling cottage industry that has to crowd source for funding. The rest have sold their souls to the greater soviet.

  9. Let’s see, utterly corrupt but luckily utterly incompetent. Unfortunately it doesn’t cancel out so they do great damage to society.
    Most of all, not a profession. In real journalism few of them would have jobs after their serial fake news runs.
    Ah but the 24/7 news cycle means never having to say you’re wrong or sorry.
    As a consequence they’re always wrong and never sorry.
    Which means we have to do their job for them of verifying information. They should pay us.
    They are no longer the 4th Estate, they’re the 5th column of DeMarxists insisting only they must rule.
    Where, depending on where Trump fits in, black is white, up is down and the truth is a lie.
    Their most hilarious and unfortunate feature is utter ignorance of science and math, courses in which few journalist could pass.
    That’s why they took journalism which still shows their overall illiteracy. If they read 1984 it should give them a feeling of deja vu.
    War is peace; freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Feel free to use their reciprocal for further application.

  10. Journalism is DEAD…has been since ~1970 when CBS Newsman Walter Cronkite opined on the Vietnam war.

    From that time on, FULL on creeping Communism.
    It happened earlier with the CBC..more like the days of Tommy Douglass.

    Now,..? its 100% Propaganda – 100% of the time & Always to the LEFT.

  11. Corruption is usually a symptom of incompetence, due to incorruptibility being a measure of competence.
    If one is not competent in their chosen field the temptation to ignore the rules or just make it up as they go along rather than take the time to follow the rules becomes too great.

  12. Through out our history it has repeatedly been noted,the stupidity of evil.
    Now it could just be that because evil destroys,that their precious schemes never quite seem to get the results they desire.
    Hating on people as you seek to stampede the mob,seems to eventually bring you to the mob’s attention,our Media Party has dug their own pit claiming to serve high principles as they go lower than any normal slime ball dares.
    Even human trafficers have higher standards than our Presstitutes .
    Our poor wee news gobblers are competing with politicians for the bottom of the barrel.

  13. Much of the US MSM is owned through shadow companies by the Chicoms (ex. NBC is owned by Comcast=Chicoms). So, when your boss’ boss tells you to jump you not only ask how high but you don’t stop until you’re given direction otherwise. In the case of the CBC, AKA the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party, we know that the Laurentian Elite (LE) are “owned” by the Chicoms’ largesse with donations and bribes (the LE are from Quebec–the most corrupt province in the Dominion unless you’re naïve, you can’t be surprised)–that explains why the CBC pushes the PRC line ALL THE TIME. Remember Psy Ops is the weapon that fires 24/7/365.