The Latest from Texas

The state of Texas is an interesting “laboratory” for us all to watch right now:

As Texas reopens, a kind of normal is returning. Last week I was able to make an appointment and obtain a haircut, all perfectly legal. I went to a nearby lake this weekend and saw what looked like a pretty normal number of people, out fishing and kayaking and biking in the sun that’s known to kill the virus with its blaring UV light. It was so nice I took the camera and could have snapped enough pics for a wildflower calendar. Texas really is beautiful before the sun turns the state into a brick oven.

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  1. You should have seen the picture from Virginia Beach over the weekend, there must have been ten thousand people on the beach telling the gov. in their own way to stuff it. By the way you could have watched a few other states that are not experiencing any problems with cov2.

  2. Sweden is going to be interesting and it is important, right or wrong, that somebody did it their way.
    We can compare the results in Sweden in a year or two and learn from it.
    Did they get it right?
    Did they get it wrong?

    1. Stop being racist. I think that once we flatten the curve and find our New Normal that folks will progressively accept community spread and transmission from the incubation period via asymptomatic super spreaders who refuse to shelter in place and self monitor during quarantine or isolation an unsustainable but symptomatic refusal of social distancing and using PPE correctly in conjunction with N95 masks, washing hands and using 70% alcohol hand sanitizers. Your welcome, Greta.

      1. Paul, social distancing has already been debunked by doctors who actually practice medicine.

      2. Social distancing and the lockdown are 180 deg the opposite of what mankind has done the previous 500,000+ years….So please enlighten me as to why this time it was imperative..?? Cause some coding freak modeled it.?? And by god that Computer told him 35% will absolutely DIE if we don’t separate EVERY one of the near 8 BILLION HUMANS…!!

        CUE the screeching…!!!!!!

        In Doing so, we have simply tossed the idea of a “robust immune system” being central to our health straight out the window with “Karen” like ignorance. TRUSTING in GOVT SCIENCE to provide us with a CURE where NONE Has ever existed before.

        Sure glad I ate dirt, swam in some ‘”interesting waters” and mucked about in the woods as a kid. I can tell ya this: There will be no “mandated” needle penetrating my skin.

        And so to close……..It’s a bloody wonder mankind even made it this far.
        And yes, they most certainly want us all dead…it’s much clearer to me now you see….

        1. Most of the people I tried explaining that to give me something like “oh, well, what can you do about it?” (like my next-door neighbour at my house in B. C.), a “better to be safe” response, or a completely blank look.

          And, no, I’m not using high-falutin’ terminology with them.

          No wonder Dear Leader Prinz Dummkopf the Supremely Magnificent (Long May His Wisdom Shine Throughout The Ages) is turning the country into a dumpster.

  3. From what I can tell things returned to near-normal in TX (Houston area) about three weeks ago. People are out and about, office parking lots are filling back up, roads are getting crowded, masks are disappearing, and the crowds are thinning out on the biking trails. As an aside my employer’s (sporting goods sector) shops sold every single bike — the bike lane is picked clean, the way the ammunition aisles were in March. Many employers driven by consumer spending have furloughed their employees; these will be called back at some point. Karens are thin on the ground here, and people generally have their head screwed on straight when not driving. Can confirm about the heat and the sun.

  4. Florida isn’t so bad either.
    I’ve now gone to a restaurant twice, and I’m not dead yet. :o)
    I’ve also been able to work continuously through this without interruption.
    My only gripe? Traffic on the interstate is now nearly back to normal: very crowded.

  5. Hey!! Not ALL of Texas gets turned into a brick oven in midsummer… There’s parts that turn into a Turkish Steam Bath House (mostly lacking the “gay” part of that).