82 Replies to “The Deplorables Must Be Crushed!”

    1. Don’t forget ….

      ‘One woman’s terrorist is another woman’s freedom fighter.’

      I think the left is starting to grok that they don’t have a chance to win. The American people are not blind, they see what the left is up to.

      They see that Sleepy Joe is nothing but a bag of left-over creepiness and stupidity, backed by evil psychopaths …. such as … Obama, Soros, Clinton, and in spirit … Mussolini, Mao, Stalin.

      The shooting may start even before Nov. 4th.

  1. Showing up armed is incredibly stupid! It gives the impression that they’re inviting violence, daring the police to challenge them. It just makes the irrational and insane government of Whitmer look good. She was self destructing, now this makes her and her idiotic policies look good. Whatever happened to the common sense calm and peaceful Tea Party protests?

      1. “Shall not be infringed” refers to GOVERNMENT restrictions on the right to bear arms. I’m talking about PEOPLE showing up at a demonstration armed to the teeth, thus hurting their own cause by giving a bad impression that the left and media will exploit to the max. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

        1. Legal gun owners in a legal to carry state.

          Otherwise the Gestapo would be in a firefight.

          No one is pointing weapons. That’s crossing the line, so, they are holstered or slung in a non-threatening position.

          Otherwise a typical Liberal wets their pants with the mere mention of GUNS, let alone seeing one.

          The US Constitution is clear. Too few are familiar with the actual words of it (Hellary), will wrap themselves in it like fish wrap, then burn it at the first opportunity.

          The actions of both the demonstrators, AND the police, by laying low, speaks volumes about a real PEACEFUL PROTEST!

          1. “…typical Liberal wets their pants with the mere mention of GUNS”

            They don’t have a problem with pumped shaved headed wannabe militarized cops with roid rage pointing them at white taxpaying Americans.

        2. Sorry Dirtman, I gotta disagree! Their Constitution gives them a number of “Inalienable Rights” Such as, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to peacefully assemble, the right to pursue happiness, and so on! Their governor has infringed on their right to lawfully pursue work or run a business! Therefore, I see this protest as showing they have the right to exercise those constitutional rights, and she may have the authority, but does not have the right, to infringe on that particular item. They are showing they are exercising their rights, and the governor works for the people, or should, as she was elected to do that, and is failing to do so! Also as stated by “John” there are no reports of harm or injuries, as it also was with the Tea party assemblies! However, the left always seems to assault, damage and destroy as part of their protests. Clinton stuck her head up, out of the swamp to make a statement on this protest, but neither she or any of them ever appear to scold their base, when they actually do enlist violence as part of their protests! Blatant hypocrisy at it’s finest!

          I also second, Dan of BC’s comment above as well.

          1. I don’t need a gun to go out and protest a government when a politician is infringing on my rights. What is the possibility that the state isn’t taking pictures of those individuals bearing arms? Sometimes it is better to keep certain things low key. What the state doesn’t know wont hurt me. Why expose to the corrupt government what is in your possession. Keep it hidden and expose it when it is most needed.

          2. Sure Gerry, they have rights and they’re exercising them. That’s not the point. Showing up armed to the teeth is bad optics. They hurt their own credibility by doing that. If the left and the media (but I repeat myself) had tried their best to come up with something to discredit the protesters, they could not have found anything more effective!

        3. But you and all of your fellow liberal/socialist/marxists fuuctards have never had any issue with masked antifa thugs basing people with clubs and steel locks or hurling stones and molotov cocktails.
          Not one person was harmed in any of their protests. Nothing damaged or set on fire.
          Just STFU

        4. dirtbag, I agree, they should have come with 500 HP john deere’s, and flattened the legislature!!

        5. Been there tried that.
          Being nice, understanding, accommodating is so… HW Bush.

          Trump is as much a rejection of the old , roll over and die, doormat GOP as anything.

          Cankles needs to worry her back boobs over falling down steps, into vans, or over empty fifths of vodka.

          1. Paul C – Exactly. Has Hillary lashed out at *former* President Jug Ears for his attempt to overthrow the new, duly elected President? She should brush up her skills at standing upright, without crumbling like a stale cracker.

        6. Don’t worry about their automatic weapons;

          But When they show up with Lynch Ropes liberal cabbage heads better get out.

        7. Dirtman ….

          It sends the message …. “we are free people and we will shoot you if you try to destroy our freedoms.”

          What the hell is wrong with that? So you think the government will respond to a harshly worded letter?

          Americans are not the sheep Canadians are.

          1. The European example is clear. Confiscate the guns and make life safe for dictators and their thugs. If you make life perfectly safe for dictators you end up with 50 million dead from direct war action and maybe 20 million more indirectly killed by famine, disease, and poverty.

            A peaceful show of force is a very gentle reminder it will not happen here!

      2. I like Scott Adams’ approach. When there’s a conflict between order and liberty, the benefit of the doubt goes to liberty.
        At least their weapons are visible with no violence, as opposed with idiots with bike chains assaulting Trump supporters.
        Check out this cowardly attack. Apparently this leftist was justified in defending himself hitting someone from behind.
        The only saving grace is this “former professor” is no longer infecting college students with his intolerant inclusiveness.

        1. You seem to think that conservative thinking is relegated to passivity and kow-towing to the Fascists.
          When government is no longer scared of the people they will do exactly as the Michigan political machine have been trying to do. Herding the sheeple into submission and fear and cowering in their basements is what a lot of Democratic leaders are attempting.

          You have consumed their koolaid of being controlled.

          You are now part of the problem. Look in the mirror, decide whom you wish to stand with.

          Freedom or slavery.


        2. I disagree Dirtman. Progressives show up to chant and break things that don’t belong to them and poop on police cars. Conservatives show up to talk. Conservatives in fact insist on their right to talk, and bring along tools to ensure they’re allowed to talk.

          Conservatives aren’t trying to project their power only others like Progressives do. Nothing not belonging to the Conservative individuals will be damaged (though some lunches are sure to be eaten, Conservatives tend to plan ahead), as long as the Conservatives are left alone.

          Progressives have no skin in the game, and will disperse into the background when the tear gas and water cannons show up. Conservatives do have skin in the game, and want to be left alone to talk about it. Free speech in the US only exists as long as the 2nd amendment is in force.

        3. Sorry Dirtman. You seem to profoundly miss the point.
          There is no violence and no state nor state agency(read antifa) overreach when the citizens turn up prepared to defend their rights..
          No littering,no stupid posturing and no attack on the citizens exercising their right to tell politicians “You are wrong”.
          Only a fool would openly carry without considering their responsibilities.
          I would trust those people any day anywhere,where as our Progressive comrades have shown their true colours,every place and every time the State forces provide them cover.
          As Kate used to say”Turning up to riot”.
          It is an open indictment of the forces of Law and Order,that the protesting citizens have to provide force,to allow order.
          Also a very blunt and unsubtle message to the LEO’s.
          Did you understand the message of the election of President Trump?
          Deplorables love law and order,they demand it.
          And they will impose it if forced too.

        4. What credibility is that? The expectation that Conservatives will bleat and then roll over obediently to be sheared?

          Yes, I would say that “credibility” has been greatly harmed in Michigan.

          Meanwhile in Canada, gun owners are being sheared again. Bleat on, Dirtman.

        5. Credibility with whom? The left? The media? College professors? ANTIFA?

          Fock credibility. This is about sending a very clear message to some focktards that needed to hear it.

    1. Don’t agree. What everyone else said and
      Its a reminder that the power lies with the people not the state.
      Whitmer the fascist and needed a reminder. Boo fucking hoo. I hope they have nightmares the rest of their days.

    2. It gives pause to the armed thugs that they surround themselves with. Try it any other way and you just get tasered and dragged out. They are, for some reason, a little more reluctant to employ thug tactics against these people.

      Also reminds the elected representatives that they are just that, and who they work for.

    3. if we don’t go and show our willingness to fight for our rights, we will lose them just like you are in Canada. stand up and show some balls for christ sake. !!!
      go patriots! we are keeping our country, not let it be stolen from us.
      common sense does not work any more.

    4. I think that you’re a conservative in the David French and Jonah Goldberg sense. People like that love to bleat about “muh principles” but somehow seem to side with leftists on every single issue.

  2. doesn’t count when moveon, occupy, etc riot, burn cities, destroy business and property…..block roads, threaten people….and even kill people or send them to the hospital

    1. There’s a double standard as we all well know. We all well know the media won’t even report on the violence and hatred promulgated by Antifa, moveon, occupy etc, but they’ll shriek condemnations of conservatives for inappropriate appearances only. Conservatives need to avoid giving them ammunition to attack us with.

      1. Fuck the media. Less and less people are watching or believing the. You can but you are another useful idiot.

      2. “Conservatives need to avoid giving them ammunition to attack us with.”

        You are locked in your house and all your guns are illegal. You are kicked off social media because you said something Conservative, and the cops are stepping on your kid’s neck over a plastic toy space blaster.

        Conservatives need to start attacking -them- instead of cowering in case they might attack us. Maybe we could start by supporting OTHER CONSERVATIVES when they show up to riot, instead of tut-tutting that they overdid it.

        Seriously man.

      3. Because they won’t attack us anyway? Because they only attack us when we give them ammunition? If you aren’t on their side you should be, you’re better at serving their cause than ours.

  3. Hillary feels threatened we should be scared.

    Did Hillary just phone the Detroit suicide hotline and place an order for domestic terrorists in Michigan?

    1. She doesn’t feel threatened. She just recognizes a golden opportunity and is making the most of it.

  4. SHE seems to be operating from the same basement as Creepy Joe Biden. Must be Radon poisoning.

  5. I am a Canadian , not American but it seems to me that this is EXACTLY what the framers had in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment. Maybe one of our American friends on this blog can expand on this. Kenji??You can only push the people so far and in the case of Americans they have the ABILITY to fight back.
    Canadians take note as the govt. moves to take away our guns.

    1. ” this is EXACTLY what the framers had in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment. ”

      Exactly right. This is an exact illustration how to oppose tyranny.
      The socialists/fascists want to take the guns from people to rule over them.

      The guy that laments would like the people to just roll over and play dead.

      1. Yes. It’s “If because we are armed you can’t govern us the way you think we should be governed, you want to govern us the way we don’t want to be governed, and we aren’t going to have that.”

      1. But that was only because of a YouTube video they found offensive. Wait until they really get mad!

  6. Considering how many people the Clintons put in body bags, her pontificating seems a little Seth Rich

  7. Poor Hillary, she must be lonely, gotta be tough being cooped up with Bill. No doubt when things open up we’ll be seeing her on Ellen or some other Hollywood TV offerings.

    1. I bet it’s a lot tougher for Bill being cooped up with her. (But he made his choice, I don’t mind if he’s suffering the consequences.)

  8. The American Revolution was started by the British attempting to disarm the American militia. All American males were part of the militia. Perhaps a demonstration of what they might have to face is appropriate should they decide to start acting like Nazis and treat the people like slaves. Why isn’t Hillary locked up in Guantanamo?

  9. Coming for the Hillary,this is pretty rich.
    Funny how those used to throwing the weight of the State around,fear an armed citizenry.
    Was reading up on Ruby Ridge and the other more recent standoff with ranchers..
    Turns out the govt sent in snipers with orders to kill on sight.
    In both cases.
    Lawless does not even cover this.
    Before the second standoff even began,the State had sent in snipers.
    At Ruby Ridge, the murder of the pregnant woman went unpunished,because they were just following orders and that other lie,that minions of the state are exempt the law..Even when committing a crime..
    Oh right welcome to High River.
    Me thinks the fear our Progressive comrades have of gun toting citizens,is self projection.
    They know what they would do if holding a weapon and presented with persons as evil as themselves.
    Self control.Personal responsibility?

  10. Maybe it’s because I’m not a paranoid tinfoil hatter like so many lefties, but when I see someone carrying a gun I don’t lose my mind. Millions and millions of guns in North America and by and large they are used incredibly responsibly. The vast majority of gun crimes are committed by…wait for it…criminals. I bet over 90% of gun crimes are committed by people who are “known to police”. Funny, we never see lefties clamouring to ban criminals. They want to get guns out of civilization, but welcome the criminals that use them illegally into our midst with open arms. Some people just want to be scared I guess.

    PS: I also don’t start crying every time I meet a car on the highway at a closing speed of 200km/hr, because very few people are actually “out to get me”. (ymmv)

  11. So, Dirtman, we should all act exactly as the left expects us to act, lest we be accused of acting improperly by the left? That’ll work.

    I loathe the media. First order, roam around until you find something, anything, that can sensationalize and distort, in order to support your objective, which is anything but truth and accuracy. Like two guys with long-arms with a crowd of pretty regular people behind them who simply by being there themselves, are an admission that all of them must be gun toting crazies.

    I took a local CTV reporter to task last week over exactly this crap. He set up his camera at a slightly higher elevation to encompass an entire beach at a local lake. Beautiful day, warm, sunny and of course many people having been locked up for months, took advantage of the opportunity. As a professional photographer, I knew instantly what his objective was – which was to accuse the ‘public’ of not following our social overlords on ‘social distancing’.

    A different angle or choice of lens would have shown that not only was social distancing being maintained, there was actually plenty of empty space throughout the beach area. But hey, that doesn’t make a good 6pm story. Gotta keep that fear-mongering level high or nobody’s going to be watching.

    1. No, No Guf, we should not play into their hands. Remember the Tea Party rallies? Half a million strong, no violence, no property damage, no litter, a complete contrast to any lefty demonstration. The media tried real hard to make them look like a bunch of radical right wing extremists but they couldn’t do it because there was nothing to exploit.

      Showing up armed like this IS playing into their hands, just what they want, they ARE portraying this as a bunch of dangerous extremists. It isn’t true but they don’t care about the truth, they couldn’t make the Tea Partiers look bad but they sure can make these guys look bad and they are.

      1. Ten thousand should show up, that should set the communists hair on fire. Man up and arm up. The communists are pushing real hard. By the way that is what they are communists, all the euphemisms for the left all come down to communism.

      2. These folk really get under Hillary, the unindicted felon’s skin, and that is a very good thing. Another very good thing is letting people see normal, non-threatening people exercising their rights. Compare these citizens to the left’s brownshirts, “ antifa” who beat Andy Ngo simply for reporting on their ultra-violent rioting in Portland.

  12. If your realistic options include either Chile or Venezuela, guess what? The Chilean solution— overthrowing and liquidating the leftists, and taking the ten to fifteen years required to purge institutions of leftist influence enough to make restoring the republic feasible—will look pretty good.

    If it comes to pass that a few good Michigan militia members commandeer a chopper and toss a heavily sedated Gretchen Whitmer into Lake Erie, I’ll cheer.

    So, doubtless, will President Trump, who can be expected to immediately recognize the provisional government of the State of Michigan until truly fair elections free of globalist fraud can be held there.

  13. “Government of the People, by the People” – These are the People.

    Clinton would rather Benghazi the People. She is the reason why they Bear their Arms.

    1. I think the complete phrase was “Government of the People, by the People, for the People.” Unfortunately there is something in human nature to the effect that when people spend too long in government jobs (including elected office) they tend to prefer a Government of the People, by the Government, for the Government. And we have too many people here who have spent too long in government jobs, including that very low-ranked job “voter, dependent on government.”

  14. You gotta admit, didn’t see any ANTIFA running around beating old people with bike locks.


    1. Hey Paul,
      I must admit, I didn’t think of that angle. You are correct. When there is a chance they could be stopped by a legally armed citizen, the Antifa crowd prefer to cower in their basements safe from those gun toting wild men. Other things I have observed over time were, when Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington, and when the Tea party held dozens of meetings, they were called thugs and racist bigots by the media, but there was not even any garbage left to be cleaned up by authorities, let alone any violence or disrespect of any kind. Queue the Progressives and Antifa, and they destroy and damage property, beat and attack their opponents while hiding behind their masks, and the guy who swung that chain and padlock was a professor! It is high time we started to push back, and our side is, but still we remain civil. This of course is still a threat to the left, who never accuse their side of anything and condone the violence! Unfortunately, I see nothing good coming from this, and expect to see the violence escalate, to the point that we will push back hard. This is precisely why Justin Trudeau wants to disarm the public here in Canada, while we have guns we cannot be controlled or herded like sheep. However, It is to late for that, as when they first tried in the nineties, there was an estimated 12 to 20 million guns in Canada, and once all the Canadian gunnies had duly got a license and registered ALL their guns, there were only 7 million guns left registered in Canada afterwards! Gee, I wonder where all those mountains of surrendered guns are? I sincerely hope there will not be a civil war in either the US or Canada, but if there is, it will be the gunnies providing their neighbors with all the spare guns they have! Ditto for the US! This the only reason why the left fear us and continue to call for gun control, it is the final firewall that free a people have, to stand against oppressive political edicts from tyrannical governments! Unfortunately it is hard to wake a sleeping giant, while the toads continue to slowly boil the reasonable and complacent frogs! If legal gun owners were the problem, I guarantee they would surely know it by now, but they keep up the pressure because a lie repeated many times becomes perceived to be the truth! I guess we’re all on sleeping pills, but if they ever do collectively wake us up, they will regret it!

  15. Your continued existence cannot be tolerated after so many felonies that would land anyone else in prison for many consecutive life sentences, Ms. Clingon. A snake will bite you soon. That snake will be the first one in history to receive a Medal of Honor.

  16. Gerry
    Query your number.
    7 million?
    The Registry was bragging as, Harper shut them down,about 2 millions registered firearms total,including RCMP side arms.
    And the estimate was 21 million long guns,prior to the long gun registry.
    Now as a worshipper of St Alan Rock,I have my own suspicion as to where those 19 million long guns went.
    Bill Blair is bucking for junior sainthood as a foulup.
    Under St Alan it was said”Never before in the history of Canada,have so many cached so much, in munitions and guns..”
    As evidence look at the amount of ammo the High River Robbers collected and destroyed.
    Cracks me right up to hear Blair bellyaching about Military assault rifles and tools designed for military use..
    Then banning coffee suppliers,websites and 10 gauge shotguns.
    Funnily enough I recently inherited a .303 Lee Enfield ,short the bolt.
    The military assault rifle of the Empire.
    Dad brought home an 8mm Mauser (out of a German tank he said).
    Both fit the criteria Blair condemns.
    And Blair blithers on,demanding we ban tools he apparently does not even understand.
    How did a critter so stupid ever rise to lead armed policemen?

    1. Rhetorical question or what John? These armed policemen of which you speak are they the same ones that took down the Storm Trooper armed with a blaster last week? Yeah I know dumb question, but I felt compelled to ask it.

      1. Yah you got me.
        However every now and then I am surprised anew by such as Blair,reaching an even higher level of idiocy.
        Just as I always underestimate low our progressive comrades are willing to go.

    2. John, The “Estimate by competent people in the industry, was 12 to 20 million manufactured and imported over the years! The 7 million was all that ended up in the registry with approximately 2 million owners also registered. That leaves 5 to 13 million gone guns. Split it in half, say 7 million unaccounted for. (A very lowball estimate)They were not sold, or handed in. That means there should be a few high piles of several million disappeared guns across the country. The liberal answer was that they had miscounted the approximate total of firearms in the country to get the number to jive more closely with what they had in the registry, they simply had them disappeared to look good. In other words, they did the typical liberal route, and just decided those firearms no longer existed. Three computer system crashes and 2 billion dollars wasted for Allan Rock’s 2 million dollar gun registry. If they had actually collected them all, they would still be cutting them up now! Instead, they just magically “Disappeared” them. Easy math. As usual, they just needed to show their base they had done something concrete about the “Gun problem”.
      Now, they say it was not enough, and so plan to do more. Twenty years from now, this current theft of our property will not be enough and they’ll want to do more! I left the UK in 82, and in 87 I think it was, due to the Dunblane Massacre, they pretty much banned everything except single and double shotguns. Now, they have firearms crime worse than ever before….Go figure! It’s not about controlling criminals, it’s about controlling us, keeping the criminals out there to keep us fearful, and needing the government to do something to save us!
      Sorry I rant so easily these days, thanks for your reply.

  17. I learned something new today: Obama has a brother that is a big time anchor at CNN.

    Jake Tapper and Wire Tapper.

  18. So who voted her the arbiter of what is proper and what isn’t in a democratic proceeding?
    Oh that’s right…they DIDN’T!!

  19. Always amuses me when some people get upset about demonstrators obeying laws of the state they’re in. MI is a constitutional open carry state hence, had someone without a CCW showed up with a concealed pistol on their person, that would be illegal, but carrying it openly in a visible holster would be legal. Somewhat difficult to conceal a rifle (unless you’re wearing a burka and that would be illegal in MI). In AZ one has constitutional concealed carry as does NH. FL allows concealed carry but not open carry in public.
    Cops are armed and I have a lot more reservations about this than I do with civilian gun owners carrying openly. Having been on ranges where cops are doing their annual recertification in pistol marksmanship, their incompetence needs to be seen to be believed. While 95% of them are unlikely to hit anyone more than 10 yards away, being armed makes them much less likely to be attacked. Similarly, when people who have a dim view of statist excesses are protesting government policies armed, they’re much less likely to be attacked by antifa and similar groups of crazies funded by globalists. What I found very reassuring when I was visiting in US was knowing that in CCW states, a lot of the people around me were armed and competent with their firearms. Somewhat different in Canada as I’ve had to limit myself to just wearing steel toed boots in case things got ugly, but never had to use them.

    1. Heh, have to agree, most of the cops I’ve witnessed on public ranges are the worse pistol shooters there. Not trashing them personally, their usually pretty good guys willing to hangout with non-cops. They just don’t practice much.

  20. I wonder what Hillary thinks of armed men sneaking onto shipping vessels at night and destroying consumer goods?


    Here’s a thought… George Washington was a domestic terrorist, in her book.

  21. I know this thread is curving away from it’s original line, but the continued discussion is also interesting! In reference to Loki and Paul above, I too, have witnessed the shooting ability of our LEO’s, or the lack thereof!
    I have seen them on both sides of the same bench, loading and closing actions, and then holstering handguns, while facing each other! I cringed on that one!

    I also spent an afternoon on the range with a pleasant young female officer that had just received a replacement S&W double action only, nine mil pistol. Apparently her original pistol was beginning to malfunction after her first six months with “The Force”. Observing her gun handling abilities, it was easy to understand how her first pistol had begun to malfunction. When empty, without a magazine, she would drop the slide by depressing the slide release. Every time there was a loud thunk, as the slide slammed into the empty chamber, and she did this a dozen times through the afternoon. Then when loading with a full mag, she would pull the slide back to release the slide lock, and gently lower the slide into battery! To any non shooters reading, this is the direct opposite of each action required.
    (When empty, you lower the slide slowly, to avoid battering either the barrel hood or the firing pin face. When loading a charged magazine, you use the slide release or pull back on the slide and release it, to allow the weight of the slide and the forward force of the spring to strip a round off the magazine and shove it into full battery, fully closing the slide behind the barrel) This is why her prior firearm was malfunctioning, and I advised her of that. Her answer? That this is how they instructed them to do it at the academy!
    She then asked if I was interested to try the firearm out! Well no gunny is gonna refuse that offer. She had a large target sitting out at about 7 – 10 yards. This was one of those huge gorilla type forms about four feet high and four feet wide, and it was peppered with a couple of dozen bullet holes spread all over it. I said yes please, to her query, and she promptly offered me a fully loaded and chambered, safe on, pistol, but at least kept it pointed downrange! I refused to accept the pistol until she unloaded and cleared the firearm, and then hand me the pistol. She seemed puzzled by my request, but did as I asked with an Oh, OK. I then proceeded (easy at seven yards, even with a double action firearm) to place ten rounds into the center of the gorilla’s forehead, with about a 2″ hole! (I was a lot younger then and had eyes and skills)
    The reaction, on her face was priceless, she was either impressed or dumbfounded! I dropped the mag and cleared the chamber, as with a LEO magazine, they can load more than the civilian ten round capacities we have! We then spent two hours with simple drills and she went away with some vastly improved firearms handling and shooting skills, and loading correctly as well!

    The moral of this story is, They, at least then, 30 years ago, did not give them much training or range time. I think the officers, if they have no interest in firearms, treat firearms just like they would a notebook or pen. Just part of the equipment! At least she had taken the time to take her new gun out to the range to check it out. (Locally the LEO’s use our club range for their annual firearms qualifying.) I also am not sure how much ammo they get, if any, for further training. They probably need to purchase it themselves. Personally, if I were carrying a gun as part of my job, and if I might need to use it one day, I would darn well learn how to use it properly!