19 Replies to “None of us saw this coming, eh?!”

  1. I am willing to bet that 640K is also an order of magnitude understatement. The true number is probably in millions.

    1. If China were able to destroy the American economy and much of the EU by sacrificing a few million of it’s own rodents .. er .. people … they would jump at that chance to be Numero Uno economy on the planet.

      It appears they are attempting just that.

      World domination through … Walmart. Which may be the only major retailer left … after the idiotic shut down.

  2. From todays CTV news report China had no death in a month and only 4 new infection. China is blocking all foreign travellers from entering the country. Is it that the Chinese communist party are the real racists?

  3. Still missing two zeros from the Lying Chicom Republic of China’s numbers. Anyone who trusts what’s coming out of the PRC is either retarded or working for the Chicoms – but I repeat myself

    1. China deflates America inflates, eh, and in Canada, well we just run around like our hair is on fire.

  4. The Chinese Communists must think everyone is as stupid as Little Potato and his Liberals. If the US has a million-plus, the Chinese must have at least 30 times that. Straight extrapolation.

    1. Most Canadians are as stupid as the little potato. They voted him in twice already and I don’t see any opposition on the horizon, so …. we will get stupider as time goes goes by.

      Canada is not a real country.

  5. I heard the other day the chicomies have a vaccine and our traitor spud in chief want them to test It on our military’.
    If this is true –
    It would seem to me the chinks would have enough ginnie pigs of their own to try it out on.

    What a disgrace this country has become.

  6. “…at least 640,000…”

    So likely lots more.

    Deaths from the virus approaching 50,000 in the city of Wuhan alone, according to an earlier article with leaked info.

    1. Yep likely lots more, they have realized that their 80K figure looked ridiculously implausible so they cooked a new and carefully leaked it. I expect further revelations slowly trickling in. Decades from now, scientists will be looking at China and trying to estimate the actual infection and death counts. I expect infection counts to run in millions, possibly tens of millions,. Deaths? Who knows? Million something would not surprise me at all.

  7. No, I totally did not expect that a socialist country could lie about their strategic assets, such as morbidity, mortality, and population.

    Coming next, from the “Captain Obvious strikes again” department:
    Breaking: China does not have 1.4 trillion people, just like India does not. These two countries at war with each other are absolutely not motivated in bloating their figures, to prevent another one from attacking.
    Breaking: Asian and African countries are being ravaged by COVID while not having tests or staff who could perform them. The true number of cases and deaths is unknown even to their dictators.
    Breaking: African donors of Western food aid do not have hundreds of millions of people. Food aid is a money-laundering scheme.

    What else is f…n new?

  8. Compare and contrast this:
    NY Post, a supposedly conservative newspaper, blocks Tor.
    NY Times, a clearly liberal newspaper, does not.
    What message is this supposed to send? Yes, that nothing is what it looks like at the first glance.
    What is this blog in reality, when Kate bans everyone who does a bit more than whine on the Internet, such as proposing real solutions that might work?
    What are you, Kate? Come clean.

  9. Will the Canadian Media, make a big deal when Canada’s numbers surpass China, which will happen soon as were at 77.2, China’s number of cases is 84.0. Can we finally say that China has handled thing better than the Trudeau Liberal Government! ???

    On a second note, how can anyone be racist against a country in the 21 century? especially with all the migration going on in the world now days. Perhaps another question might be,,, how can anyone country, in the 21 century, have such a uniform population of,,, ONE RACE?