Leftists: America’s Dystopian Nightmare

Remember the good old days when Democrats cared about free speech, the rule of law, civil liberties, and due process? Those are ancient times for the political movement that now embraces guilty no matter what, cancel culture, and a totalitarian one-party state that decides all.

In his most recent essay, Matt Taibbi connects several dots to expose 2020 Leftists for what they truly have become:

Whatever one’s opinion of Flynn, his relations with Turkey, his “Lock her up!” chants, his haircut, or anything, this case was never about much. There’s no longer pretense that prosecution would lead to the unspooling of a massive Trump-Russia conspiracy, as pundits once breathlessly expected. In fact, news that Flynn was cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller inspired many of the “Is this the beginning of the end for Trump?” stories that will someday fill whole chapters of Journalism Fucks Up 101 textbooks.

Warrantless surveillance, multiple illegal leaks of classified information, a false statements charge constructed on the razor’s edge of Miranda, and the use of never-produced, secret counterintelligence evidence in a domestic criminal proceeding – this is the “rule of law” we’re being asked to cheer.

The same mistake is now being made with civil liberties. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses by government fiat, there’s a clamor for censorship and contact tracing programs that could have serious long-term consequences, yet voters only hear Trump making occasional remarks about freedom; Democrats treat it like it’s a word that should be banned by Facebook (a recent Washington Post headline put the term in quotation marks, as if one should be gloved to touch it). Has the Trump era really damaged our thinking to this degree?

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  1. Just because so many idiots are diving down dystopian rabbit holes, does that mean we need to follow them? I’m not sure if sanity, fiscal responsibility, and political stability will ever return to the West, but it sure is making our enemies pleased! By enemies, I mean Islamic terrorists, the Chinese communist party, elites, SJW’s, etcetera, and anyone you wish to add. They’ll see opportunity in this grand diversion of our lives and economies, and they will take as much advantage of it as they can, and we are so group myopic that we are letting it happen! The end result will not be pretty! I for one, plan to keep my powder dry, watch, wait, and will be ready when the collapse arrives, as it surely will, if we don’t reverse course real soon!
    Will I survive….probably not, but I’ll go down fighting, not grovelling on my knees for the government to take care of me, they have already shown they are unable to do that except to exercise control over us by shutting down our economies. I suspect it will never recover. Plus my dollar value will be cut in half! We need herd immunity, not sheltering in place, that will only prolong the agony, and leave our great grandchildren in debt for life. If we ever see any light at the end of the tunnel, it will probably be another political/elite, control train coming at us at full speed! WAKE UP!

  2. “Remember the good old days when Democrats cared about free speech, the rule of law, civil liberties, and due process?”

    No, Robert, and neither do you.

  3. Recent govt add
    “Phases of recovery,Nothing is returning to ‘normal’ until there is an effective vaccine.Everybody will still need to follow rules as restrictions are eased”.
    So is it still an emergency?
    I went along with the declaration of an emergency,that we must limit the spread to prevent our high priced healthcare collapsing..
    Now the goalposts move.
    Then over to Brazil where apparently there is little action taken to prevent the virus going viral, 212 000 known infected and 15 000 dead.
    If the virus fails to perform as predicted by our healthcare experts,worst case model,what can we conclude?
    And as the bureaucrats continue to adjust their projections downward,when does the situation no longer qualify as Pandemic?
    Is it just coincidence that our progressive comrades seek to hold on to the power granted by an emergency,well after there is no reason to do so?
    The comments on Matt’s post are quite something.
    Proggs can only see one side,in their world there is no other point of view.
    Only the truly evil and modern witches would dare disagree with their wisdom.

  4. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by hard leftists.The hijacking began at the ’68 Democratic convention in Chicago. Long story short…the party, in a brazen act of cowardice, lifted the flap on their already huge tent and allowed the Yippies who were masquerading as quasi classical Liberals to enter, whereupon they proceeded to wreck shop with their socialist claptrap once achieving some measure of success in the voting booth. Think Jerry Brown…Robert Hayden et al.
    Not in a million years did the party hierarchy ever think they’d be dealing with the likes of Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rhasida Tlaib and other leftist numbnuts years down the road. Now they’re in absolute fear of them. JFK would be horrified at what his party has become.

    And that they say is that.

  5. No matter how many hacks like Taibi claim otherwise, Flynn is still a crook who plead guilty to being a crook. I don’t approve of all the FBI/DOJ’s methods but guilty is guilty.

  6. “when Democrats cared about free speech, the rule of law, civil liberties, and due process?”

    It’s as hazy with the passage of time as when Republicans cared about it.

  7. The Deep State will disappear in short order & indictments will be served, or a civil war will be the only resolve. The French revolution was absolutely necessary & the Guillotine eliminated all continuation of the Corrupted Governing Class… That has to happen in the USA…..The level of Patriotism is exceptionally high… Be very careful you don’t light the fuse…The MSM will be the first to be eliminated.

    UnMe, what a useless BOT you are, quoting footnotes of drivel only works in the village of idiots…

  8. The thing here is that those that want to know, know how demoralized are the ‘Democrats’ and their press agents in the media cartel are.

    The challenge is, on just about everyone else, to spread the doings of the spooks crooks to the general public.
    One thing though is that there are many millions that are completely brainwashed to the ‘Democrat’ and media cartel memes.
    It’s interesting to note that people that grew under the conditions that the ‘Democrats’ and the media cartel, so called ‘Liberals’ in this country want to impose on north America, know that brainwashed brains are nearly impossible to restore to normal. You can parallel that to the televangelist preachers telling people that it they don’t send money they are going, for sure, straight to hell.
    Unless those people breakaway from the ‘Democrats’ and ‘Liberals’ propaganda, there is slight and none chance of stopping the slide into deep end fascism.

  9. Lev, great comment.

    Regarding the challenge of overcoming biases, brainwashing etc in society.

    Identitarian thinking & political correctness are major components of far leftist messaging, and have been used with devastating effectiveness against our western civic societies.

    Candace Owens, Brandon Straka are two examples of former liberals who now see through the identitarian facade. They are highly effective in collapsing identitarian messaging.

    The big target:
    Individuals who identify as centrist (centre left or right, don’t care) believe in civic duty, community minded, don’t want government to run everything, follow golden rule etc.

    Through internet alternatives to MSM, we can circulate the messages of similarly highly effective individuals (and there are so many out there)

    Most people are trustworthy & of good intentions, this must be true or as Jordan Peterson described, Ebay would have collapsed almost immediately.

    Democracy requires trust to function.

    We need to trust our fellow citizens in the big fat centre of our society (we all know lots of them) and help people like Owens, Straka etc reach them.

    Apologies for the length of this.

  10. The political extent of the march of the institutional left (temporarily) plateaued at the end of the Obama regime (Flynn, Mueller, FBI, etc) although one could argue that Trump’s merchantilism has altered some of the trajectory. The cultural extent of the march of the institutional left hasn’t missed a step. In Canada, cultural rot and political rot are perfectly synchronized as they are in most of the other western bankrupt welfare states. The Wuhan virus has accelerated the statist seizure of what is left of freedom and will result in a stagnant economic future where governments will act in desperation to fund the bloated leviathan monstrosities and debt servicing any way that it can from a decimated economy. The war on prosperity has victory in its sights.