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  1. Canada is stupid. Foreign companies that want to invest here – ratio should be 51% belongs to Canada, 49% Foreign Investor.
    So they bought a gold mine, watch them buy every failing company Canada has, and the scariest part – agriculture!
    Harper – as good a PM As Canada ever had – allowed this to happen.

    1. “ratio should be 51% belongs to Canada, 49% Foreign Investor.”

      FO slaver. Neither you nor the Canadian government have any business vandalizing the private property rights of Canadians.

        1. Let’s ensure property rights here in Canada, say, with a clasue in the Constitution.

          1. The FO was inflammatory.

            Thanks to Ed the Fed the Charter does not include property rights.

            However, I have to agree with the sentiment. Let’s let the market play as it must. Remember in the 90’s when the Japanese were buying everything. Capitalism always wins.

            The key now is bringing fairness to the international markets where China is concerned. Communist China doesn’t know fair play, they only know tyrany, suffering, and dystopian horror.

            Now that so many eyes are open, it is now incumbent on us to join with the US and other allies to fix that. Trudeau doesn’t have that strength, we may well be lost. Two Michaels clearly are.

          2. “The key now is bringing fairness to the international markets where China is concerned. ”

            Fairness is an abstract concept that will always be abused in order to introduce more regulations. The key is not to collaborate with an enemy hellbent on world domination.

          3. “Fairness is an abstract concept”

            Computer science is based on all kinds of abstract concepts that can ‘be abused’. That you can’t grok ‘abstract concepts’ is why you are and will continue losing. I’d recommend learning some Mandarin.

      1. If UnMe was in charge of Supermarine in 1940 he would sold Goering some Spitfires… because freedom and “FO slaver”.

        1. China murdered a generation through one-child and a historical bias against baby girls.

          They will “get old before they get rich” and their population will decline because they don’t permit immigration, in the long term they’re done.

          Keep them in the same international box that binds us all and the problem fixes itself.

          1. No box binds them.
            Their game is not a rich prosperous country for all.
            Their game is world domination by the elites of Chinese Communist Party.
            They really don’t care how many Chinese they will sacrifice to achieve that goal.
            They care about non-Chinese even less.

    2. Well I don’t go along with the 51% local ownership; therein lies croney capitalism.

      I also don’t go along with ANY state owned/supported/sponsored company ebing allowed to own any Canadian assets. This is because such state owned companies have an unfair and market distorting advantage.

      1. ” This is because such state owned companies have an unfair and market distorting advantage.”

        In their own captive markets, yes they can. Outside of ‘home field’ it’s quite the opposite. State owned enterprises are not known for being overly successful.

        Just be grateful anyone wants to invest in Canada right now.

    3. Nope, 0% to China, all Chicom property around the world needs to be confiscated as reparation for the Wuhan Plague.

  2. How could this happen?
    One asks.

    After Canadians were ever so happy to sell Nexen to the communist party of China and another company to some other Asian place, Harper changed the laws in regard of foreign governments buying Canadian companies.
    Don’t know the actual details though the essence of it was that it should not happen again.

    1. Actually the sale of Nexen to the chinese WAS an unbelieveable slight of hand gig…!!

      I’m pretty sure at this point in time, the CCP deeply REGRETS that purchase….A SAGD site that simply doesn’t produce what it was touted to.

      1. Shortly, just days, after the Nexen deal went thru, a couple of my next door neighbors kids were without jobs!
        The Chinese buyer CNOOK, I believe it was, replaced all of the Canadian employees with Chinese. The Chinese (not our local Chinese-Canadians whom I have worked with, and for) are this day, the worst predators any country can have in their country. Bar none.

        1. It’s remarkable that the “journalists” are not interested.

          Heh …. not really.

          They got their orders from the ministry or truth.

  3. “And who’s gonna stop them?”

    Hopefully no one. Anyone who actually tries to should be tarred and feathered by TMAC shareholders. They are the only ones with any right to determine who gets to buy their company.

    1. Jamie, I’m afraid you’re right. It’s an ‘it doesn’t affect me, so what the hell’ attitude. What I find particularly unsettling is UnMe’s response to open the doors and let them in! We’ve already got a Communist-inspired socialist government in Ottawa. Just think how much more influence the Commies will have, backed by big gold. And I wouldn’t expect them to have any respect for the environment, either. This should NOT be allowed to happen.

  4. I completely disagree with the idea of stopping a sale like this and the comments so far.

    So long as Canada retains sovereignty and in particular the right to tax either the company or it’s Canadian assets we have nothing to lose. Canadian owners get the money, the Chinese get the assets. If the mine is in Canada, what are they going to do, dig it up and move it to China? How is the government telling the owners of a mining company they can’t sell their property for the highest possible price not a seizure of value? How is it different from seizing semi-automatic guns?

    A company’s assets, including its intellectual property, are NOT your property or the government’s property. Everyone’s for free enterprise and the sanctity of property until some whim about a business they know nothing about causes them to start howling to have the business seized from its owners.

    If a business has let the government have some right or interest in its business, that’s different.

    Canada is already a shitty place to invest, why make it worse? I’m Canadian and my wife and I own a bit of mining stock. If nutty ideas like this get accepted not even Canadians will invest in Canadian miners. Why would we? So some government arsehole and a pack of know-nothings who made no investment and took no risks can tell us we can’t realize our maximum profit?

    1. But it doesn’t because a faction of the Canadian elite are beholden to China.

    2. So, what would you say is your biggest motivator: affinity for a cruel commie dictatorship; agreement with turdo that Canada is, after all, a post-national state; or something a bit more personal?

    3. “A company’s assets, including its intellectual property, are NOT your property or the government’s property.”

      Typical naivety, once Chicoms get to control them they become assets of the enemy regime.

      In 1947 Rolls Royce sold 25 Nene jet engines to Stalin. As condition for the sale Stalin promised not to use them for military purposes and then promptly put them on MiG-15s that soon deployed to Korea. This is what collaboration with enemy amounts to in the end. Plenty of similar examples are readily available.

      In short, if Chicoms want it, it in itself constitutes a perfect reason not to give it to them.

      1. “once Chicoms get to control them they become assets of the enemy regime.”

        Oft-stated never demonstrated. In any event it’s never been demonstrated that China is a mortal threat to the west. A problem yes but one that isn’t that hard to counter.

        1. Chicoms control their investors, that is true by definition. None is allowed to make money in China or to get a passport, never mind become an investor without being a good graces of the Politbiuro. And to be in good graces means to collaborate. That is how communist regimes always operated. Again, you have no clue what you’re theorizing about.

          As to the level of threat, Wuhan Plague and the subsequent control of WHO and Canadian government have already proven that Chicoms are a mortal threat. Threat that the civilized world should do everything in their power to eliminate. You of course are always ready to fellate every enemy of civilization. Partly because you hate civilization that reminds about your inferiority and partly because you think you can get rich by collaborating. You can’t. Not in the long run. You’re not one of them, they despise you and they’ll discard you.

          1. “That is how communist regimes always operated. ”

            No it isn’t. This isn’t communism.

            “Chicoms control their investors, that is true by definition. ”

            This may have been true a while ago but China has been loosening its grip these past few years. That’s why money is headed in. Pretty sure all that institutional money going into China knows more than you do.

            “Threat that the civilized world should do everything in their power to eliminate.”

            Cool story bro. We should start a betting pool for when you get bored of this boogeyman and what they next one will be.

          2. “This isn’t communism.”

            Yes for the purpose of the discussion it is. Go play semantics somewhere else.

            “China has been loosening its grip these past few years. ”

            LOL, millions of your beloved mooselimbs fed bacon and vodka in concentration camps, forced into marriages with infidels etc, but never mind that Chicoms are surely getting freer by the minute because baizuo said so.
            Look up social credit score. You can’t get a train ticket without it being sufficiently high, but you sure can get a passport, hop on a plane and become a foreign investor.

            “That’s why money is headed in. ”

            LOL Because international money never went to totalitarian regimes that despised the useful idiots that send it. That would be unprecedented. Oh wait: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

          3. That’s not semantics you mendacious POS. That’s just not communism, period.

            “LOL, millions of your beloved mooselimbs fed bacon and vodka in concentration camps, forced into marriages with infidels etc, but never mind that Chicoms are surely getting freer by the minute because baizuo said so.
            Look up social credit score. ”

            100% besides the point, which is that China is loosening its grip on capital flows. China’s restrictions on capital flows are a huge self-inflicted wound probably worse than any trade war and hilariously it’s Turmp who insists on removing them. Turmp is helping China help itself. And that’s in addition to alienating trading nations the world over and chasing them into China’s arms.

            “LOL Because international money never went to totalitarian regimes that despised the useful idiots that send it. That would be unprecedented. ”

            Also irrelevant to the point, which, as a reminder is the notions that 1) everything in China is automatically in the hands of the Chinese regime and 2) that the USG has some big red button it can hit to cripple China. Nope and nope.

          4. “China’s restrictions on capital flows are a huge self-inflicted wound”

            And again you’re showing your limitations. You do not understand the game they’re playing.
            The same limitations that show when you try to pretend to understand trade theory.

            “…everything in China is automatically in the hands of the Chinese regime…”

            Yes absolutely it is. If you are not loyal to the party you do not get to make money nor you get a passport. You don’t because the loyal to the regime competitor will have you removed. You’ll be lucky if you get to keep your kidney at the end of it. Again process the simple fact that you cannot buy a train ticket if you are not sufficiently loyal. Let that sink in.

            “Also irrelevant to the point…”

            Wrong, precisely on point. You’re glitching, cognitive dissonance is hard to overcome.

      2. Yes they do, because the Chicoms bought and paid for them. If the Canadian government, or you, want them, you’d damn well better pay for them, or you’re the same thief you seem to claim China is.

        And if there ever is actual war with China, we simply seize the physical assets back as happened repeatedly in the wars with Germany. And please, don’t even dream of suggesting that any intellectual property a mining company has is sooper, dooper, military grade, top security level, ultra seekret.

        The historical and economic ignorance around here, it is thick today.

    4. “Everyone’s for free enterprise and the sanctity of property until some whim about a business they know nothing about causes them to start howling to have the business seized from its owners.”

      And none has a right to prohibit IBM from transferring punch card technology to Dehomag.

      Wake up, this is what flirting with the enemy gives you in the end.

      1. “Your property isn’t yours to dispose of because Hitler and Stalin” -this is literally what conservaderps actually believe.

        1. Yes you literally cannot provide aid and comfort to the enemy. Really, you can’t. I know you want to because you hate civilization but you still can’t. No you still can;t even if you use the same argument Rolls Royce or IBM used in the past. If you do you’re a traitor, just like our PM.

          1. Yes China is a problem. And an enemy. Like I said before, compulsive masturbation with semantics does not impress me.

            Wuhan Plague and their subsequent manipulation of WHO and Canadian government have proven their enemy status beyond any doubt. Hitler formally wasn’t an enemy in 1938 either. Stalin never formally was. Parallels between these two and Xi aplenty.

    5. Thank you Fred Z for that. A voice of reason here. Sorta along the lines of oil moving to markets via pipelines. How’s that going for ya tax payer? Think of it this way…..the TAXES derived from this venture will help fund your schools, hospitals et al, just like pipelines do and the stuff they transport. Checked out what makes up that price at the pump eco geeks? It’s spelled out at the pump for you.

    6. If we had the military power to take back that which was sold in the event of planned biological attack maybe that would be OK.

  5. Patience. When we ask the CCP for reparations for the damage to our economy caused by the Wuhan virus and are refused, we can seize the Shandong assets, among others, as partial payment.

    1. That’s a fantasy, we’re pretty much a tributary state to Beijing. We need a clean sweep of government on all levels and parties. Running Dogs for the CCP are everywhere.

      Trump might as well seize Canada for Chinese reparations.

      1. “Trump might as well seize Canada for Chinese reparations.”

        Yes please. Just don’t give Canadians a right to vote. We’d be much better off as a US colony than a Chicom one that we are now.

      2. I’m in for the seizure! ASAP.
        Perhaps UNME can be parted out like the Uighurs in China. The brain is screwed but the rest may be of some value. He/she/it may get to understand the real issues in China.

  6. China sees the writing on the wall. They are going to need precious metals because they are going to shortly find a lot of their foreign cash cows vacating the Mainland. That’s going to tank their economy, inflate their currency and they will realize that the whole China Pox gambit didn’t work out the way they had hoped.

    When Apple vacates China I’m going to laugh at their hardship. Because every other foreign entity over there will follow that lead. Then it’s back to Third World shithole status for the Little Red Book club. Right now Ross, Mnuchin, and Lighthizer are establishing ways to encourage major US entities to pull their operations out of China. The advantage is that all of these organizations are at bare bones revenue and are going to be open to whatever the current administration offers. It’s going to be swift and painful for China…and I’m going to enjoy it.

    1. Another cool fantasy bro.

      This notion that the USG can just decide to put an end to China’s economy is adorable. And not happening.

      1. International Emergency Economic Powers Act allows the President to order US companies out of a foreign country. Before, it would have been considered an abuse of power….but, oops…someone got careless with a virus. Now, it could be considered sensible.

        That’s a shame.

        1. ” it would have been considered an abuse of power”

          And it is. Congress was getting uneasy about Trump’s trade wars before and there were some movements to clip the executive’s wings. Ordering US companies like a fascist and the ensuing Depression should certainly motivate people to clip those wings to nothing.

          1. Don’t look now, but Pete Navarro (Director of Trade and Manufacturing) was interviewed on Maria Bartiromo’s show tonight. Guess what the topic was….go ahead….guess. Here’s a hint…tax incentives for US companies to get out of China will simultaneously instituting retribution tariffs against China. What do you think that will do?

          2. “What do you think that will do?”

            Create another great depression like it did last time. Hopefully the combination of bad poll numbers and a worse economy will cow this president and spare us all that insanity.

            LOL at Japan throwing around piles of money to ‘return manufacturing’. Japan’s been throwing piles of money at its problems since 1990 with nothing to show for it but an ongoing quasi-depression. This’ll fizzle too.

  7. One day soon we’re going to be 13 provinces and territories of China.

    Lao Baixing!

  8. When China buys land in Africa for pennies, and grows crops to suit the Chinese market, then exports that product to China while the local africans figure out “what the hell just happened here to our food” … ?

    Know that the same argument for gold applies, and Canada and other bleeding heart western counties can decide how much they’re going to help bail out the continent with the lowest average IQ.

    lol… Oh wait, this is already happening in Africa.

    Want to really watch the leftist brains explode? Sell Sask-Tel to the Chinese. Sell SGI to the Koreans, Sell the Sask. Liquor Board to the Americans, Sell BC. Insurance to the Chinese, Sell all the provincial “family of crown corporations”. and then stand idly by and say, “Hey there are no property rights in Chinada” … especially for those who keep “assault” rifles or pistols hidden under their beds.

    What a shitty country you’ve built Canada.

    When’s the western separation referendum?

  9. I gotta think that PET did something right when he introduced the Foreign Investment Review Act.
    Of course that was a different time. He aimed it at the USA.

  10. “Who’s gonna stop them?”

    Not the running dogs of the Communist Party of Red China, who now hold power in Ottawa.
    Once the loyal prairie folk are enough disarmed, with a devastated economy, pushed off the land of the pioneers.
    Little Potato Justin will lease those three provinces to the People’s Liberation Army: agriculture, mining, oil and gas.
    The once proud prairies reduced back to a territory, then to a colony of the politburo.
    The great-grandchildren of the pioneers, ending as peasants begging in a wet market.
    While Multi-Millionaire Liberals, with trust funds, sing praises to the P.L.A.. Mao, Xi and the Cultural Revolution.

  11. The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

    Then the other people take everything you have and sell you into slavery—which was, of course, the goal when they bankrolled your once free country’s socialist movement in the first place.

    For a few years you were able to buy your children cheap toys to keep them quiet.

    After a long day of backbreaking farm work for which they are rewarded with a tiny bowl of rice and a few hours’ sleep in a kennel not fit to keep a dog in on a god-forsaken Chinese-owned collective farm, they will curse you, and their posterity after them, for selling their birthright because you were too lazy and greedy to work for what you thought you wanted.

    1. they will curse you, and their posterity after them

      No, they won’t. Your comment implies that they will have knowledge of how things were before the Great Enslavement. They will have been taught that those circumstances were a result of the actions of evil people and that what they are experiencing is, to paraphrase what Sire of Dear Leader once said, the universe unfolding as it should.

  12. The economy is broken, yet, Trudeau needs more money if he is ever to outdo his dad. Needless to say, China has our IOU and wants concessions in return. This is not the first and definitely won’t be the last. Drill off Newfoundland for China, but no pipeline for the west. Access to our rare minerals, diamonds, and of course gold. We’ve even let them take our a large section of the lumber harvest. The laws being passed are now originating in Bejing, and translated into French, then Aboriginal, and finally for the anglophones too.

    Justin caught Dad on the unemployment numbers, destroyed him with new debt, and only has to raise the mortgage rates back up to double digits and it will be like Pierre never left. Lockdowns, troops in the street, and talks of separation abound.

  13. Watching the right flail for enemies-Mexicans, The Deep State, Muslims, China-endlessly and pathetically makes it all so clear why they lose and will keep losing and should keep losing.

  14. SD has no idea about what they are getting into. China tried before at Izok Lake with negative results. No worries.
    RBullis CIM committee pre NI 43-101

    1. Any of you seen where Hope Bay NWT is? You’re gonna move gold outta there? Meet enviro regs to mill and smelt it on site? Cost of fuel will kill you. Shipping the ore out to mill/smelt it instead? Hmmmm. Which way you gonna ship it, east or west? Whose icebreakers? Kanadjian ones? It isn’t built yet. So, I’m guessing mill and smelt on site and fly the product out. How high is the grade and how much of it is there? Better be lots of ore to just pay for the operation. Any of you ever worked North of 60 in the winter? Winter is September to June, plus you need cat’s eyes to see for most of the year. Anybody posting here ever worked outside at -60 C and a stiff breeze? Sure, nice and warm underground and in a closed up camp. but what if a fuel line breaks or there’s H2O in the tanks. When the crew bus craters on the way from camp to mill/shaft, you gonna walk back to camp ’cause someone forgot to charge the radio batteries last shift?
      I’d say the Kanadjian outfit got lucky that Chinah bought them out. A literal money pit. Sinkhole comes to mind.

      1. Did some some more digging on this “prospect”. Here, chew on this assessment: “It would seem this is the best deal TMAC could get ,” said Barry Allan, analyst with Laurentian Bank Securities in a note to clients.
        “With the prospect of more than $600 million of capital [in] reinvestment to build a new mill and complete additional underground development, there was likely limited appetite for this degree of risk.”
        The only “Mining” being carried out with this POS property were the Chinah boys. 祝你好运 / 祝你好运啊

    1. Not to mention “consultation” with whatever native group might object to it.