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  1. Come on now, we all know the libs are in the communists pockets and the communists also have us in choke hold.

  2. It can’t possibly have anything to do with some pretentious politician with the mental maturity of a teenager trying desperately to gain favour of the communist dictatorship of China in the hope they would vote in favour of Canada for a temporary powerless seat on the security council.
    Not one bit.
    And if you agree with that statement you would believe that Jeffrey Epstein must have killed himself.

    1. GAIN FAVOUR..??

      How about Fully BOUGHT n PAID for…?? With at least a cpl Million into his personal Trust Fund. He damned well will do PRECISELY what his CHINESE COMMUNIST MAsters tell him to do…
      As will his entire party – Fully in lockstep with their psychotic vacuous messiah.

      3/4″ Hemp ROPE….lots of it along few Dozen Carpenters – 10 loads of lumber.
      An open area in from of Parliament.
      & let the festivities begin….I volunteer to operate the levers.

      Its what you do with TRAITORS.

  3. Benito Trudolini and his ChiCom-loving Party of Canada prefer kowtowing to Beijing instead of standing up like true patriots. The liberals are undemocratic, unpatriotic and unCanadian, as is anyone who votes for the LPC.

  4. Chinese LAP DOGS! Makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian. We must understand that leftists and globalists are our true #1 enemy. Look at the corruption in the Obama administration that is coming out.

    1. That’s not corruption. For the Libs/Dems it is just business as usual. It’s what they do. They’re entitled.

  5. Foreign Minister Phillippe-Champagne is a flunky of Jean Chretien. He got his start in politics through the uber-corrupt prime minister, and Mr. Chretien is a known go-between between China and our Liberal government. Just looking at the pansy, height-challenged Champagne, one can see that he was installed as our foreign minister to act as a doormat for the Xi dictatorship.

    1. Good point, David.
      The Chicoms would really appreciate the shrunken shit’s physical deference.
      And no I don’t think that short people are lesser beings but I bet the Dinks do.

  6. You have to wonder if the CCP has something on Justin above and beyond just the nation to nation, politician to politician pressure common in international affairs. With the CCP’s intelligence capabilities within Canada I’m beginning to think it’s something personal as for instance why he got was dismissed mid term from a private school at which he was “coaching” the girl’s soccer team.

    1. “You have to wonder if the CCP has something on Justin above and beyond just the nation to nation, politician to politician pressure common in international affairs.”

      Turdo la doo and his ivory tower trash friends are hopelessly compromised by the billions they have invested in China. That’s all the chicomms need. They don’t need a video of Justin dressing up his blow-up doll.

    2. Justin does not really call the shots. He is just a figure head. He is told what to do and he does it. If a scandal around Trudeau came out, the Libs would get rid of him, but continue with their protection of China. I believe Libs have made a deal with China to give themselves leverage. China is now buying property in Sask. and has recently purchased a Canadian mine. We are so in bed with China, there is no escaping. China’s interest in us is fostered by It’s ambitions to dominate the world and by our strategic position with respect to the US. We are a pawn. Liberals perhaps anticipating this cut a deal with China (via Chretien, Mo Strong, and other Liberals. ) China now owns the Liberal Party and Canada’s interests are secondary.

      1. DrD, the canadian courts can not silence the chicoms, but they silenced our nutless cpc, and andy 2% scheep!!

      2. Linda,and libtards hate the USA, specifically now with Trump at the helm, so helping chicoms subvert USA is a win win for the libs

  7. China definitely has something on him but what ? Castro?Groping proof?,Sudden departure from a school where he was a part time teacher,Proof he actually is a communist? I expect that Chinese lady that was arrested and detained is actually another favour for China they want her out of the way for some reason

    1. Terry – Is it so hard to believe that he, and the LPC is simply a de facto criminal organization?

    1. Any day now, one suspects that the Canadian Media will have a big expose on how Conservative MPs have an inordinate fondness for Chinese Takeout, clearly a front for Communist kickbacks, whilst simultaneously featuring a week long feature how Canada’s dashing PM was being used as a model for the new James Bond.

      And just where are the Media-Watchers in this country?
      Surely, it’s time to expose the tremendous Conservative bias in our Media.

  8. Why can’t @FP_Champagne thank Taiwan for it’s donation of PPE to Canada?

    Why can’t anyone in the OLO learn basic English gramar – such as the difference between “it’s” and “its”?

  9. “Why can’t anyone in the OLO learn basic English gramar – such as the difference between “it’s” and “its”?”

    Ahem. Grammar. Double m.

    1. Grammar – The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

      Punctuation – Saving seniors from cannibalism every day – “Let’s eat, Grandma!” “Let’s eat Grandma!”

        1. I had to deal with stuff like that all the time while I was teaching. I’d correct someone’s spelling only to receive a tongue-lashing for doing so. (“This isn’t an English course, you know.”)

          1. Tell such ignoramuses that if they cannot write, they cannot communicate.

            A mistake here and there is nothing. A run-on sentence with several mistakes is sign of something seriously wrong.

  10. I don’t know why Opposition Politicians use a tactic like this. When asking a question that should be answered with a simple Yes or No response and after receiving a long winded answer of Bafflegag, The questioner should just say “Then that’s a NO then”

    In general I don’t know why media and others don’t use this technique at all, When receiving an answer to a simple Yes or no answer and getting back bafflegab one just has to say, “Then that’s a yes then” or “Then that’s a No then”

    It would force them to take one side or the other rather than the political spin. They use the bafflegab as a technique to appear to be answer a question without offending any of their base. I don’t know why opposition members won’t use this technique.

    By the way Ralph Goodale was a master at Bafflegab. He would take 10 minutes to answer a simple question which required a simple yes or no answer. By the time he finished everyone including the questioner forgot what the original question was,

  11. ….. we will continue ….. Canadians expect us to do, we will continue to do that ….. we will continue, Canadians expect us to do that …. we will continue ….

    That’s all the 77% of Canadians want to hear ….. and will continue ……

    Yeah …. we will continue ….

  12. We will have crap like this as long as there is only lefties in Ottawa.
    If we ever have a truly con/r-wing party in Ottawa Canada my survive.
    Somebody is going to shout PPC.
    Their leader is from Quebec. End of story.
    It pains me to say WEXIT. Take BC with you. We can clean house by surrounding the lower mainland and south Island and offering free transport to Ontario east.

  13. The wastes of skin haven’t answered a question in 5 years. Even when they know the question ahead of time.