25 Replies to ““Well, this is one way that President Trump will get Nancy Pelosi back to Washington””

  1. Want to bet the that little dick-tater hiding under his bed pokes his head out tomorrow morning and invites the world to Canada again? You know, Orange Man Bad, we love you all, come to Canada, we have free health care!

    1. He’ll be phoning his mistress at CBC to discuss how this can be turned into a leading story. Somehow CBC will just happen to find someone that’s in the queue, for years and years that will have a tear jerking sob story and Justie will come to the rescue. Ya… that’s it.

      Watch as this is reported. The operative words here are “temporarily suspended” but they’ll be the most understated.

  2. Didn’t Biden’s recent attack ad complain that Trump didn’t act quickly enough, and even then he still let in 40,000 from China?

    Looks like Trump is out manoeuvring Dementiacrats again.

    Nancy won’t fly back until someone stocks up her Washington freezers with luxury ice cream.

    1. Nance is suffering from a choco-coma this morning …

      Remember when PDJT offered to legalize all the DACA recipients? And Nance turned him down? Yeah … sorry Nance, missed your chance.

    2. “Is there anything Trump can’t do?”

      Attain decent sustained economic growth. Run a business into something besides the ground. Put together coherent sentences.

      1. Yes, Trump’s growth rate for the economy was above and beyond what the usual governmental sources said was possible. Or are you saying he’s responsible for the WuHoo Flu?

        “Run a business into something besides the ground.” and he was worth how much when he ran for president? And you’re worth how much? And if everything he touches loses money (as appears to be your argument) then how is he worth anything?

        “Put together coherent sentences.” This from the master of incoherent arguments.

        Considering the source and the depth of thought you’ve brought to the table…

        Shush, the grown-ups are talking.

  3. Can someone tell me whether we are seeing a strong US president, or one who is trying to be strong.?
    I want to see strength.
    And fuck Trudeau….I am asking about real leaders.
    No sarc….please tell me those smarter than me who are on this site
    Is Trump winning or not?
    Oh, and China is asshoe…

    1. Too soon to know if he will win, but he’s definitely fighting like a winner while the left is acting like an entitled brat who is sure they are going to win because they are smart and stuff, not realizing that the rest of the country don’t see them the same way the sycophants in our propoganda outlets report on them. In other words, they have no self awareness and it’s like 2016 all over again.

  4. “Free trade” with enemies of western civilization, selling them the bullets to shoot us with. “Freedom of movement” of military-age savages into civilized countries.

    In the final analysis, who genuinely benefitted from any of it?

    The Grim Reaper.

    A few thousand parasites who already enjoyed obscene wealth.

    Nobody else comes to mind.

    President Trump, what took you so long?

    1. “In the final analysis, who genuinely benefitted from any of it?”

      Everyone. Literally everybody.

  5. Too bad Canada can’t understand the need to do like wise and to stop all immigration to Canada from all third world countries and eliminate all welfare immigration.

  6. If only our idiot boy Prime Minister would give the little people of Canada the same consideration, but he won’t, he’s got to keep his Chinese money flowing in…

    Does he think they’ll share the money with him when robots and artificial intelligence take all our jobs and there’s no one to tax?

  7. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a private audience Wednesday that the U.S. needs more immigrants to keep the economy growing, according to an audio recording of his remarks obtained by The Washington Post.

    “We are desperate — desperate — for more people,” Mulvaney said at the gathering in England. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”


    1. More immigrants would be good for Canada too, but not nonrandom people of religions that make them feel entitled to turn Canadians into servants and sex slaves. We need young, hard working people who don’t want welfare but rather want to become tax payers and raise future tax payers. (Thinking of my Filipina daughter-in-law who can’t get her hardworking family members here legally while the other type walk over the borders to free everything.)

  8. Haven’t seen an announcement yet. Wondering how long this will be for and will it affect professional athletes?

    Asking for a friend

  9. An incredibly predictably stupid move that destroys any chance of recovery any time soon. Hilarious from the guy desperate to get the economy going again in the vain hope that will save him.

  10. Beautifully done Mr President, although once the Wuhan Flu pandemic is over you should go back to start allowing immigration… from civilized countries only. Lock the shitholes out permanently.