22 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. I won’t know what to think about this story until I hear back from Snopes, the ultimate arbiter of truth.

    1. C_Miner – Your wish comes true for this other Babylon Bee article: Check the Editor’s Note:


      Sweet Saint of Andreas -TRUMP AUTHORIZES NUKING CALIFORNIA TO PREVENT FUTURE EARTHQUAKES. The last line sounds true.

  2. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a decent reputation for political predictions – he called it right on Trump’s presidency well before the Republican nomination contest was over.

    He is now saying that the power brokers in the Democratic party will find a way to knee-cap Biden and to replace him as a candidate before November.

    If they don’t, it will be a slaughter. Before the election there will be a lot of stuff surfacing on Biden’s Ukraine and China irregularities and indictments from Durham will make anyone connected to the Obama administration look really sleazy. And how do you think Biden would stand up in a debate with Trump?

  3. Get your POPCORN before it goes the way of Toilet Paper…

    **Joe Biden was the nominal choice of Democrats to become the party’s nominee. But as Biden struggles to remain relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, and Bernie Sanders supporters lick their wounds, many Democrats are casting about desperately looking for an alternative.
    A majority think they’ve found one in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.
    Cuomo has received doting, even loving coverage from the national press for what he’s done during the coronavirus crisis. This is something of a mystery because New York has three times the number of infections and five times the number of deaths as other states. The second-worst state is New Jersey, but I don’t hear a groundswell of support for president for Democratic Governor Phil Murphy.**


  4. I have the same problem as Greg.
    Sure it is The Bee,but the comment is pure Joe Biden.
    This is the problem with the Progressive Cadre,the Cult of Calamitous Climate and the other signallers of great virtue..they are beyond parody and beneath contempt.
    Why do we dare to let them still stalk amongst us?

  5. Now that Sanders is out, I wonder why Obama hasn’t endorsed his old VP Biden.

    Maybe because he wants to shoe horn in Michelle ?

    1. Could be a Michelle Obama-Kamala Harris ticket! The Hollywood/news media cartel would love that!

  6. I think they would need a Medical Team on hand should that occur.
    I too think the Dems will turf Joe – MAH-SHELL Obummer…they’re secretly drooling to get her into this…methinks.

    1. I always thought it was “She don’t like” cocaine. Thanks for the correction Nancy Ross.