26 Replies to “WHO’s Your Daddy?”

  1. Love me some MY President!

    Now, I won’t have to prorate that deduction from my 2020 taxes! As I threatened to do in prior pages.

  2. We can only hope that Trump acts according to the report. Next he needs to end the funding for the entire UN.

    1. Absolutely. UN legitimizes the voices of Turd World Shtiholes and as such undermines civilization.

  3. Beautiful, in order to be allowed to apply (not receive, just apply) for US funding WHO should be required to publicly execute that Ethiopian murderous commie that runs it now.

    P.S. He is not a doctor.

      1. Waste of time his is a Chicom bitch… just like the rest if WHO/UN/Laurenitan elites.

          1. But we must not rush to judgement. Anyone who criticizes an Ethiopian communist on Chicom payroll who plays a doctor on TV must be racist.


  5. L-Watch to see, if any of the Canadian political parties do or advocate suspending the funding of W.H.O. , too.

    The politicians or parties who don’t must be asked: “Why do you *kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party ?”
    But will not be so asked by those members of the MSM, who do likewise.

    *Kowtow- definition Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    1 : to show obsequious deference : fawn kowtows to the boss
    2 : to kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in token of homage, worship, or deep respect
    Synonyms: Verb – apple-polish, bootlick, fawn, fuss, suck (up), toady, truckle

    1. I wouldn’t put it past our virtue signaling Prime Minister Trudeau to counter with increasing Canada’s contribution. He’ll think that’ll be a twofer, getting his coveted UN seat and snubbing Trump.
      Bonus: bankrupting Canada even faster.

  6. Gawd, I love that man!
    Treating bureaucrats as if they were in the private sector – you screw up this badly, you lose your job.
    We need more businessmen in government!

  7. Screw the WHO, Trump should also pull funding from the UN while he is at it.

    It’s another international swamp who is no longer even remotely concerned about their mandate.

    They’ve done a brutal job through this and should all be fired.

  8. I am certain he will be roundly criticized. You know he is the reason our healthcare workers don’t have masks. Of course if you blame him you don’t have to take responsibility for this.
    https ://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-public-health-canada-failed-to-look-after-strategic-stockpile

  9. Science has not learned that crying Wolf (like AGW) when no wolf exists, has destroyed credibility across all disciplines… Forming LOW level herd Groups (lacking decision level access) is not a leading scientific strategy… The cowardness displayed by senior members to risk been wrong by hiding behind an uneducated consensus has the stink of political BS…Folks that don’t belong in the chain of command are the problem

    “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” Sack the UN


  10. What’s that saying, “When you’re getting flak, you know you’re over the target”? Bombs awaaaaay!

  11. There are 196 countries recognized by the UN, the USA, and Canada, should they decide to remain as members, should each be paying 1/196 of the budget.

    When the western Canadian provinces separate, we hopefully will decline membership in the above club.

  12. I haven’t watched any of our Cuckoo Clock PM “press” conferences but I’d pay to watch his performance answering questions about this. Tough questions with follow ups.
    Ya I know. Ain’t gonna happen.

  13. Just discussed on Hannity with Dr Oz.
    Interview starts approx 10 minutes into the show.
    Out of 9 Million people they sampled through insurance companies they found 14,000 people with Lypus.
    The Lupus patients take 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine 2x daily.
    ZERO (0.0) of those Lupus patients have Covid19.
    Yet they should have it because they are immunosuppressed.
    So they are putting the word out that they WANT to hear from someone taking 2x200mg daily that DID get Covid19

    1. Dr Oz interviewed Dr Wallace who practiced in Africa and is in America now on his show today.
      The risks of taking 600 mg for a day loading dose for 30 to 60 days then continuing with 400 mg / day showed no danger to people.
      5% of the population will get an upset stomach or allergic rash. Nothing life threatening and no blindness.

  14. Does that mean the US states should not fund the US federal government, given how they completely dropped the ball with the test kit rollout? How many lives will that cost?

    1. Reported infection rates per 1M population:

      US: 1,210
      Spain: 3,036
      Italy: 2,243
      France: 1,671
      Germany: 1,285
      Switzerland: 2,571
      Belgium: 1,915
      UK: 814
      Netherlands: 1,143

  15. Don’t know how many of you are familiar with Amazing polly who is doing an incredible job of digging into the corruption associated with the world of viruses, pandemics, vaccines and what have you. She exposes the linkages between all the power players- Bill Gates, that snake Fauci, Dr. Brils (and her planted spawn in influential positions), the WHO, Soros, Feinstein, and the whole deep state cabal. Sickening!

    Just check her latest expose- she’s really good!


    She does a regular youtube posting and lays it all out very nicely. Check out her earlier ones as she breaks it all down.

    1. Just a comment, When Feinstein’s driver was identified communicating with a china Spy… The CIA obtained a FISA warrant and bugged her Congressional office & all her Staff,,, When she found out (most likely a Democrat Mole told her) she went nuts… The problem with the CIA investigations is that everything is secret & you never find out what they found… They are under no obligation to report criminal activity unless it involves a “foreign” security risk…..

      Immunization (exaggeration on my part) it is important that the human DNA is not modified in a way that results in existing protection been lost….The natural form of Anthrax is found in all soils, but it’s Large size does not allow it to enter the (small gates) in the human lung ,,,. you breath it in and right out without harm.. The weaponized version reduces the size of anthrax such that it can enter the lung & you are dead…

      JMHO exaggerated