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    1. Good one Paul Harvey.

      Judy’s daughter Liza Minelli could sing as well. Her performance of ‘Cabaret’ stopped the show.

      “What good is sitting alone in your room
      Come hear the music play”

      A message for today as well

        1. It’s interesting to consider the setting of that film when fascism was emerging. Are we seeing the same thing emerging now with government indoctrination of what is good for us?

        2. Her mom died just three years earlier from an overdose and had been quite a boozer. Still Liza sang these cabaret lyrics with gusto.

          The day she died the neighbors came to snicker
          “Well, that’s what comes from too much pills and liquor”
          But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
          She was the happiest corpse, I’d ever seen.

          Tough ladies.

  1. https://twitter.com/JoshCoutu/status/1245433413907042304
    Today, FBI raided and arrested Baruch Feldheim in Brooklyn, after stealing and hoarding thousands of ventilators and 80,000 masks that hospitals needed and tried to sell at a markup of 700% (1000 masks for $12,000). Also is facing assault charges for coughing on FBI agent.
    Official notice:
    OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, March 30, 2020

    Let’s hope they follow up the Canadian connection:
    // Feldheim also received, on March 25, 2020, a shipment from Canada containing approximately eight pallets of medical facemasks //

    1. Hadju the walking talking Graphics Designing useless Cabinet seat warmer
      Theresa Tham modern days version of Cro Magnon “man”
      Justin Trudeau the !7th Century brain dead French Aristocrat
      (and you’ll note I am being rather nice to all three)

      Each one of these useless waste of skin have CANADIANS Blood on their hands.
      Each one deserves a Hemp Rope around their necks .

  2. The chief medical officer in Scotland has been given the high jump.

    After telling Scots to quarantine and not leave their homes she was photographed at her country home not once but twice.

    There will be casualties- lots of casualties.

  3. There’s going to be some dizzying reversals of position in the aftermath of this pandemic. The unspoken agenda of globalism was that all countries should be more like China, don’t ask me why any sane person would want that, but then globalists have not been acting sane for quite some time. Well that is getting to be an indefensible position now, so I think we’ll see globalists turn on China and try to rewrite their narrative along the lines of corrupt capitalists propped up the evil Chinese regime (which has enough of a ring of truth to appeal to the easily satisfied leftist mind).

    It’s much like these rather byzantine information wars going on between far left and right groups trying to pin things on each other. Basically nobody cares, but they can work themselves into quite a lather over it, as in, who really are the eco-fascists anyway?

    Probably the eco-fascists are the real eco-fascists. All twenty of them.

  4. The Liberal Party’s media is excited that a man in Winnipeg, has recreated Blackie’s daily press briefings in Lego. Let the jokes begin.

    1. Desperate times require desperate measures. The things people do to endure quarantine…..

  5. Not One Of Us

    Apparently the cops can stop you at the border and if you don’t state your business or if your business doesn’t meet their standard of essential then be prepared to be forced to turn around.

    The experts basically tell us that the armed guards – not directed by politicians – can limit your mobility for any damn reason because our charter is basically pulp fiction.

    1. Basically the Police State has arrived. Didn’t take long, did it?
      And most Canadians will strongly agree because they’re idiots.
      When do the city to city checkpoints start?
      “Let me see your papers!”

      1. When do the inner city ones start? I go to the local hospital every 2 weeks. It’s not COVID crap. Waiting for the road blocks and checkstops in the 22 km stretch to mine. Have to respond to “Papiers Pleeze” or be turned around/arrested for being “publicly at large”? I wouldn’t put it past the control freaks just itching to exercise their inner Stazi. I think I have the AHS note sent to inform to me of my appointment. Wife walked to get the mail yesterday (Super Junkmail Box). Papiers Pleeze? The old lady across the street calls the Fuzz for “people at large”.
        The whole” stay at home unless you have some urgent need to be out and about”, doesn’t account for asymptomatic carriers, like your grocery cashier or taxi driver, who I’ve noticed don’t wear masks. Haven’t seen any Cops wearing one either.

    2. Buddy freedom in Canada has become pulp fiction. It has always been this way it is just now showing it’s ugly head and ugly it is.

    3. Well, if you can still fly from one province to another, why can’t you drive? This is a huge violation and I am sure It would not stand in the courts. We need an emergency judicial decision on this.

      1. What you mean to say is if you can still fly into Vancouver today from London, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Seattle, and Los Angeles and Seattle today, why can’t you drive? Incidentally most the foreign points are hotbeds of the virus. Tomorrow Sichuan Airlines – Chengdu. WTF is this all about?

    4. As far as I’m concerned nothing has changed regarding the police as they can pull you over for no reason and ask for your papers or set up road blocks and have you perform like a monkey for them while they decide if you might be impaired all the while again you haven’t done anything wrong

  6. The Restaurants Canada survey was conducted from March 25 to March 29 with 655 restaurateurs who operate 13,300 locations in total. It found that 10 per cent of the country’s 97,500 restaurants, bars and cafés have already permanently closed. Another 18 per cent said they will be forced to close for good within a month if current conditions continue.

    Police State? Check.
    Economic Destruction? Check.
    Socialist Expansion? Check.

    Wait till inflation comes back like hammer.

    1. And the thing of it is…N95 Masks per se literally SUCK Balls. They are HOT and do not allow exhaled air to pass through very easily. So you end up rebreathing stale CO2 Laden air. I’ll stick to my bandana worn train robber style.

      Other thing on this note is the total FREAK out over a Pulp Mill on YVR Island that as per the LYING Media Insinuates is the “ONLY Mill in North America that produces the Pulp to make N95 Masks”, stating that the pulp K10s is only made there and insinuating that the Western Red Cedar only grows on YVR Island.

      First off, K10s is used for making SURGICAL masks and Gowns (PAPER Products that can Be incinerated)….a far cry from N95 MAsks. which consist of Polypropylene.
      2ndly, Western Red cedar grows most predominately in Washington and Oregon States, whom I will assume have plenty of Pulp mills….and i am sure could concoct a Recipe similar to K10s to make Surgical gowns and masks…??
      3rdly Eastern Red Cedar grows in nearly 1/4 of SE USA….
      So Its not like they don’t have FEED STOCK is it..??

      The bottom line with the MSMedia as always, is find an Angle to Blame TRUMP.
      Along with any number of Canadian Politicians and functionairies, they too have Canadian BLOOD on their disgusting hands.

  7. How to talk about the virus by WHO:

    DO – talk about people “acquiring” or “contracting” COVID-19

    DON’T – talk about people “transmitting COVID-19” “infecting others” or “spreading the virus” as it implies intentional transmission and assigns blame”


    To the IYIs in the WHO: “Acquiring” and “contracting” imply active desire on the part of the COVID patient. I think not.

    IYI = Intellectual Yet Idiot

  8. Some bad news: Swedish doctors are not seeing benefit to using chloroquine and have discontinued its use:
    (In Swedish, but the translation in Chrome seems pretty good.)
    This is unfortunate, but illustrates the perils of placing too much hope on a small study. I’m sure doctors are trying all kinds of off-the-shelf meds, and something is sure to take. I assume there are other studies going on that are looking at chloroquine’s effectiveness, so it could be the SE experience is caused by other factors than the drug’s effectiveness. We will have to be patient

    1. Another Leftist BS Paper Spewing Ingorance.
      ZERO MENtion of the fact that the FRENCH Drs used NOT ONLY Hdrochloroquine, but used it in conjunction with Azithromycin and Zinc Sulphate. As does the Russian Report as well

      Typical report blaming TRUMP “this shit don’t work”
      Not surprising coming out of Sweden, following Globalist orders.

      “…If it then turns out that chloroquine is good, then of course we should use it. But before that, we will not risk patients’ health by giving it… ”
      Let em die right..?? How about limiting their dosage..??

      This is exactly how the Globalists & their Media partners will paint Hydroychloroquine – “Ineffective”.



      1. Yes, the paper is staffed with lefties, and the doctor’s are all lefties, but my assumption is they put saving their patients’ lives over making the president of a foreign country look bad. They weren’t getting the promised results so discontinued the treatment. It would be good to know the exact details (i.e. what other compounds were applied), so this setback is far, far from definitive. More to come, I guess.

        Has Zelenko published any data?

        1. So if UnMe gets sick with the virus would UnMe take an “unproven” medication?

          If a doctor recommended hydroxychloroquine would UnMe refuse a treatment saying the Swedish study shows it doesn’t work?

          Would UnMe refuse treatment with a mechanical ventilator? The data says they are ineffective in over 60% of patients. Some studies even higher.

  9. GG, the only way to test effectiveness is to try something. I am sure we will find trying to shut down the entire country will be very effective at killing both jobs and people.

    1. This group of MDs tried it and didn’t find that it worked. Bad news. I’m sure they are trying other treatments, and something will take eventually.

      You seem to have taken the conclusions of the original French study as bedrock truth, but who have used the treatment aren’t seeing the same success. More work it required.

      1. READ the 2 above links my friend. Don’t be so quick to make a judgement based on a LEFTIST GLobalist RAG coming out of Sweden.

        This RAG talks only about 1 Drug. HydroxyChloroquine. ZERO mention of the actual cocktail used in the studies…right.??

        Such is the game plan to Completely Discredit HydroxyChloroQuine

        1. stakman: I read the links, but there wasn’t much information. What were the demographics of the people treated? What pre-existing conditions did they have? At what stage of the infection was treatment applied? What are the size-effects?

          I agree there is something to look at here, but don’t get your hopes up. Magical thinking is for hippies. We need to see the world as it is.

      2. GG, I take nothing as truth but not trying something is, well, just as effective as the lockdown and destruction of the economy.

    1. That’s a game changer. You cannot keep the animal population in lockdown, so may as well give it up. Your immune system is your best protection. I think the virus will run its course regardless of what we do.

  10. Incoherent Biden:


    This is the best the Dems can do?

    I think I read that James Carville said Biden could stay home and still win the election.

    If I was running the Democratic campaign, I’d have Biden read carefully crafted statements and not answer any live questions. Tell the public he’s working on a plan to restart the US economy. The maim street media will run stories about how presidential Biden is.

    But, what’s really going on? Democrats are plotting how to become the VP nominee. Deep down they know Biden, if elected, won’t last six months before he’s declared unfit for the job.

    1. “Biden, if elected, won’t last six months before he’s declared unfit for the job.”

      If Hillary is his running mate, he isn’t making it to inauguration – unexplained heart failure.

  11. National Post reports on how Typhoid Blackie is refusing to admit he uses counterfeit Chinese data. I’m sure his loyal, drooling, Unifor media will ask him about it at his daily rant.

    1. The Post point out that China drastically understated their case count.

      They forget that the body count was drastically understated as well.

      Sorry. I don’t care to see innocent people die because Postmedia’s ad revenue has collapsed to nearly nothing.

  12. Harry Chen PhD
    Even one of the poorest provinces in #China (Anhui) is flooded with western masks.

    Thanks North America!

    1. Maybe, if those guns had gone to a certain branch of the country’s military, there would be one more naval vessel afloat.

  13. Sounds about right, Trudeau seems committed to China’s 5G network here:

    “TORONTO—Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei’s footprint in the development of the next generation of mobile technology in Canada—where Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested on Dec. 1 at the request of U.S. government—has been a sore point for Canada’s relations with its intelligence and security partners, including the United States.

    There are also allegations that have lingered since 2012, when news broke that Huawei may have benefited from the persistent Chinese hacking and IP theft that experts say played a part in the eventual demise of Nortel Networks Corp., the crown jewel of Canada’s high-tech industry for decades.”


    1. Yup that’s what traitors do.

      Blackface has done everything exactly right to take out the Canadian economy and hand it to the communist Chinese since he took office. It’s unbearably sad that a once proud nation of rational free peoples would now allow these crimes to continue unchallenged, seemingly welcoming their own demise. Pathetic really.

      1. What is pathetic is western premiers are complacent in the destruction of Canada and their provinces.

    2. I find it annoying that people insist that it was industrial espionage by China that undid Nortel.

      I followed the company since the mid-1980s when it was still called Northern Telecom. Even then, it had dodgy management and a rigid and arrogant corporate attitude. It had a succession of lousy presidents and CEOs. It dabbled in things that it had no business even considering. It thought it could do no wrong, acting foolishly, impetuously, and recklessly, believing it could get away with it.

      I found out a lot about that first-hand through a number of interviews I had with different sections of the firm. I never did get a job there and, looking back, I’m glad I didn’t.

      But it was on a shaky foundation. Some 20 years ago, one of its major shareholders, Bell, dumped its holdings and the share price took a nosedive, as I recall, losing something like 50% in the following months. In its remaining years, it never reached the previous level again. Management and accounting scandals didn’t help.

      The aftermath of the company’s demise is still far from settled. An old acquaintance of mine used to work for them and he’s still receiving mail about it.

      No, Nortel did itself in. It didn’t need any help from China to do that.

      1. Yup finally someone with a clue. Nortel was something like the Bombardier of telecom but without the subsidies it got to the inevitable faster. Huawei is being scapegoated.

      2. Alledgely, there were some sticky fingers with pensions.
        Can’t remember my source. There were rumors.

      3. Bad management doesn’t explain away the theft of their intellectual property. It may have facilitated it but there are a lot of fingers that point to Huawei.

        1. My point was that Nortel was well on its way to running aground and sinking all by itself even without the theft of its trade secrets.

          It was only a matter of time. Frequent re-stating of earnings is not the sign of a healthy and robust company and that happened a lot in its final years. Evidently, Nortel didn’t learn the lessons of Enron’s demise.

    3. ” Trudeau seems committed to China’s 5G network here”

      We’ll have good company with Britain. It figures that one of the few good things Trump has overseen-dismantling Net Neutrality-would be effed up by Sinophobia. The campaign against Huawei is bullshit and there’s no reason to join it. The US can have at it alone.

      1. …The campaign against Huawei is bullshit and there’s no reason to join it…

        And that comment tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about you UNKnt.
        You are nothing more than a COMMUNIST POS.
        Oh, did I mention you were a Communist POS..No.?
        Well then, You are Definitely a Communist POS.

        Pretty soon you’re gonna start Calling Tom Quiggan a Propagandist and Liar too right.??

        About as Stupid a TREASONOUS comment as I have EVER read on this Blog.
        What’s your salary from the CCP.??

  14. Jason Kenney, Trudeau’s Bum Boy in Alberta shot his mouth off about Trump and 3M. Did not take long for Trump to respond. Keep in mind the USA supports Albertan Families more than Trudeau’s Gulag Canada. The USA buys 80% of everything Alberta grows or produces. Wheat, beef, oil and gas. Go back to the Swamp in Ottawa Kenney.

  15. The BBC report that Boris Johnson has been taken into intensive care as his Wuhan flu symptoms worsened.

    If he dies, expect every globalist, pro-China scumbag in the EU to insist that the heart he doesn’t have is bleeding—but that, of course, China is not to blame.


  16. True North reports that Zoom calls are rerouted to China according to university researchers. Well, I guess that university won’t be getting anymore Chinese money.

  17. And now a wrap up of today’s news at CNN. Trump is killing people with unproven drugs. White House in chaos! White House staff fighting among themselves. China is wonderful. And now the Canadian news. Trump is killing people with unproven drugs. White House in chaos! White House staff fighting among themselves. China is wonderful. Blackie is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Canadians are racist bastards.

  18. Rebel fact-checks Grope and Flail and finds that Trump has not actually blocked 3M from selling masks to Canada, while Canadian Medicom had their Wuhan factory mask-making supplies commandeered by Chicom.

  19. I can’t believe I’m saying this but UnMe has a (minor) point. Wuhan Flu is inaccurate. It’s not an influenza virus, it’s a corona virus. So we should probably stick with the The China virus, ChiCor, Socialist Medicine or one of the other more accurate names.

    That said I like calling it The WuFlu.