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  1. Transparency enveloped in a dark cloud shrouding an abyss.

    Where the government gives out numbers and the people pretend to believe them… 🙂

    Urn deliveries and Urn futures would be a far more reliable indicator.

    When do they start handing out “coughin’/coffin coupons”?


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. “Urn deliveries and Urn futures would be a far more reliable indicator.”
      Not even fucking close!
      Reports abound that bulldozers/excavators were working feverishly around the clock, as were industrial crematoriums (disguised as normal factories, plants, industry, etc. – (nothing to see here folks!), not to mention lock-down coverage of all apartment complexes or health care facilities, reports of infected persons routinely snatched and placed in triple body bags, just to be sure! never to be seen again.
      The sooner people get it in their heads that China is no friend of ours, and we have a cadre of enablers shilling on their behalf , the better off we’ll be!
      But won’t happen in my lifetime. GFY, you deserve it!

      1. So then it’s logical to conclude those “hospitals” that they built in record time where actually just someplace to hide the evidence.

    1. Colonialista – That’s a good one. Not as polished as Coronavirus Rhapsody but equally funny and a biting political statement that SDA readers can especially appreciate.

  2. Don’t miss the little asterisk link. Jesus!

    I simply could not believe the number of people who swallowed hook line and sinker the claim that Italy, with 3400 fatalaties, had surpassed China. That level of gullibility is astonishing.

  3. The MSM would be sceptical of China’s figures if it weren’t for its unhealthy hatred for all things Trump. They just clamp on to anything that will support its “Orange man bad” agenda.
    Anytime some news outlet advertises how trustworthy it is I shake my head. I don’t laugh anymore because it is no longer humorous.

  4. Communist China, likely the only nation remaining with striking similarities to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union in terms of human rights abuse, imperialist designs, concentration camps, organ harvesting operations, state / corporate / criminal, mutant, predatory trade practices, and aggressive international and domestic propaganda and censorship organs – would never think of not reporting accurate statistics to western or international bodies would they? Hey, the Spawn believes them as he fawns all over them.

  5. We are in the midst of an information crisis in North America and especially in Canada.

    You are right, it is no longer funny, the press and the PM can’t stop lying, and people are dying.

  6. All I got to reply to that is:

    Where are the owners of the 20,000,000 cell phones not being utilized….??
    Bulldozed perhaps..?? I would be the last person to be surprised at that…

    Seems to me they can fill those positions pretty damned quick..??
    Not sure if this will play…but WHAT DA F.???


    1. It wont link Sorry
      Ok…to fill in what that was about.

      A Large Gymnasium filled with some 3-400 Chinese Young folks all stark naked doing it Doggy style…in nice neat rows..!! With what appeared to be supervisors” Wearing clothes ensuring things were progressing as per CCP spec.

      That has to be the most BIZZARE thing I have EVER Witnessed – I instantly thought I was looking at some crazy “Sun Miyong MOON” thing from the 80’s. But the video quality was too good for that.

      NOTHING that comes out of that DEGENERATE Pile of Communist shit will surprise me.
      ….& 3345 Deaths….??? Ha ha ha ha ha – What complete BULLSHIT that # is. I’m thinking there’s likely some 20,000,000 million maybe.? And a shit ton of cheap used Huawei phones about to hit the market on WISH.

      I’d be very very wary of buying anything from that country now.

  7. Beijing is lying.
    Tehran is lying.
    Rome is lying.
    Madrid is lying.
    Paris is lying.
    Ottawa is lying.

    They’re all lying. That’s what globalists DO.

    We won’t have a clue about the real death toll until we have vital statistics for 2020. In Canada that won’t be till November 2021, if we’re lucky. And by then the huge spike in the death rate starting in April 2020 can be attributed to, uh, climate change, yeah, that’s it.

    The only important governments not lying about body counts are California and New York State—and that’s only because the taller the pile of bodies in the United States, the worse it looks on Donald Trump.

    1. Institutional lying is a contaminant in any endeavor.

      In the US Medical community, one of the more famous cases of fraud involves the “Polio Vaccine”, where the FDA and CDC manipulated data, misrepresented methodology, “bait and switch”, etc.

      As we now know, Polio was eradicated not through a vaccine, but through information dissemination, better hygiene, water treatment and sewage disposal – the miracle of modern plumbing and telecommunications.

      Like most enteroviruses, polio (and other diseases with paralytic symptoms) spreads through fecal matter contaminating the water. Perhaps the biggest cause of the eradication of polio (as opposed to the bureaucratic eradication of polio) was simply people learning not to drink from, or swim in, the contaminated streams, rivers, floating pools, etc. It may seem crazy, but yes, New Yorkers before and after WW2 commonly took dips in the Hudson River where sewage was dumped in ever larger quantities as the American economy grew (corresponding with the growth and concentration in population, and waste). And as foul as people think the Hudson River is today, it’s pristine compared to the standards (or lack thereof) during the War and post-War boom – which, in turn, was pristine compared to a lot of 3rd world rivers today, which range from “toxic sludge” to “hot caramel”.

      Of course, plenty of Communists in the media and polity before and after the war didn’t see it that way; “Nationalizing Healthcare” long predates Obamacare. The amount of money and power involved in mandating and centralizing a societal function, as old as Dioscorides, is the perfect rationale for a bureaucratic takeover of everyday life “for your own good”.

      In the Cold War, government-coerced vaccinations were one of the many fronts where Communism was fought.

      These were heady days when insurance and government programs allowed a new generation of Doctors and caregivers (the fruit of WW2 pipelines of medical personnel, officers, surgeons, medics and corpsmen who would become assistants, technicians, etc) to access a larger market of Patients (get paid for it, protect against liability, “malpractice”, etc).

      Universal government control of the medical establishment seemed to some a forgone conclusion.

      The existence of your private-practice Doctor, and the validity of their objections to whatever “government-mandated” drug or vaccine a drug company backed by the FDA and CDC (with all their incestuous relationships and conflicts of interest) was seriously questioned.

      Who has the final say in the Life and Death decisions involving your own Life?

      Does a “Doctor” (or anyone else) need your permission to give you something he thinks is “for your own good”?

      Can a government-sponsored “Doctor” (really, a bureaucrat with medical credentials), who knows nothing about you, override your objections (to say nothing about overriding your private-practice Doctor’s objections) in determining what is “for your own good”?

      And if you refuse, can the government-sponsored “Doctor” mandate your government-sponsored “treatment”?

      (Of course, that ultimately means using physical force, “violence”, if you refuse to be “treated”)

      The principle of “informed consent” was not as ingrained in the media imagination then, as it is today. These days, politicians and media mavens know better than to directly deny the right of a Patient to make decisions about his own Doctor and “treatment”.

      Fraud, especially research fraud as in the case of Salk’s “Polio Vaccine”, is one of the wider backdoors to deny informed consent. All the more reason to maintain firewalls against such fraud.

      The best way to mitigate research fraud and institutional deception is to prevent monopolization and centralization of faculties and industries. Fraud becomes very difficult when you have competing, de-centralized, independent interests without an overarching “Authority” enforcing dogma. Researchers who represent too many interests not only can’t be bought off reliably and consistently; those in on the scam are always at risk of being exposed by others they don’t know very well, or can’t pressure, thus providing a deterrent “Sword of Damocles” effect.

      This is one of the reasons why even the most seemingly innocent and inadvertent correspondence between researchers conducting trials on the same research project (in any field, from civil engineering to pharmaceuticals) is treated as “misconduct” with remedies similar to those of “fraud” – to say nothing of a failure to report such correspondence: the resultant data is marked unusable, corrupt. It’s the equivalent of a “Conspiracy” charge in legalese – “malice” is not the issue, the very fact that the “perpetrators” interacted AT ALL is the “Crime” – in this case, obviating the “independence” of variables in the project/experiment.

      For every Jonas Salk, there is a Herbert Rattner ready to drop a dime on the fraud.

      It’s one of the issues that gets brought up in the medical community regarding centralized Healthcare, NIH, research grants, etc. Primary care Doctors are always being contacted by snake-oil salesmen and bureaucrats, who either want to coopt Doctors (if they find the Doctor amenable to conflicts of interest) or get between the Doctor and their Patients (presuming Physicians who might be regarded as uncooperative). Sure, some of these characters might genuinely think themselves “do-gooders”, but it’s often the most self-righteous who don’t have any qualms about creating “moral hazard” and engaging in “unethical behaviour”.*

      Personally, I’m not sure I want those kinds of strangers influencing my Physician’s decisions. In fact, I am quite certain I want them to have as little influence as possible.

      It’s my Life.

      If anyone should have influence over these decisions, it should be me. Then my family. And then my Doctor. In that order.

      *Ask your Doctor about these dynamics and interactions with these kinds of third parties – every medical professional has them on a consistent basis; part of the professional ecology. Mine talked my ear off decades ago about this, impressing on me how big an issue it is, and how pervasive it is. Of course, as anybody moves through his profession, realizing the rationale of ethics and recognizing moral hazard (and avoiding the creation of it in others) is part of the maturation process. It’s clear that if your Doctor isn’t willing to be forthright about these omnipresent conflicts of interest in the medical world, he either hasn’t thought things through, or he’s open to – and possibly engaging in – conflicts of interest. Either way, his judgment is compromised, which is dangerous in any Principal-Agent relationship.

      And personally, I wouldn’t want him as my Doctor.

  8. Given that less than 20% of the Wuhan Bat Soup Virus Test Kits that the ChiComs are exporting to other countries even work at all,
    it should be understood that the ChiComs have Absolutely NO IDEA how the Wuhan Bat Soup Virus is progressing in their own country.

    And that’s if the ChiComs had any inclination or incentive to tell the truth about anything, which they do not.

      1. In that case they might know, …but they can’t be relied upon to tell what they do know truthfully.

        1. Oh absolutely, never believe an enemy until the confession obtained through waterboarding is independently verified.

  9. There was no famine in 1959 – 61.

    We shouldn’t have to guess at China’s Wu Flu number. Portable incinerators, more urns than expected, welding people into apartments, canceled tracking device uh, cell phone accounts. No one disputes these numbers as published by mobile phone businesses. It is entirely fair to question the why of it and look to March data when “everything is back to normal” to see if it reverses. Considering everything the companies know about the account users it wouldn’t be hard for them to know exactly what happened. The businesses themselves aren’t refuting it. It wouldn’t be the first time some non MSM source broke a huge global story only to be labeled conspiracy then proven weeks later. Thinking of the New Years mass gropings by migrants organized on social media for Northern Europe a few years back. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/03/24/21-million-chinese-cellphone-users-disappear-in-three-months-of-pandemic/

  10. Possibly…..To save face and keep the Chinese sheeple in line this lack of reporting is meant to support their schtick that they beat the virus (brought into the country by the US military- eye roll) and now foreigners have brought it back. Now their reported numbers will follow like other countries, to support their lies.